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河南省信阳市第四高级中学2014届高考英语 专题训练 单项选择(8)

河南省信阳市第四高级中学 2014 届高考英语专题训练:单项选择(8)
l1. It was not until the end of the meeting_____________. A. that she turned up C. did she turn up B. when she turned up D. had she turned up

12. Towards ___________ morning, _________ heavy snow began to fall. A. the... a C. a...不填 B. an... a D. 不填...the

13. I told you that you shouldn't waste your time playing the computer games,_____________? A. didn't I B. did I C. should you D. shouldn't you

14. She suggested to the police in the police station that__________. A. Mr. Smith stole the necklace C. Mr. Smith had stolen the necklace D. Mr. Smith steal the necklace 15. --____________? --He is tall and strong. A. What do you think of your monitor B. How about your monitor C. What is your monitor like D. How do you find your monitor 16. Helen is much more kind to her youngest child than to the others,________ ___ of course, make the others unhappy. A. who B. which C. she D. that B. Mr. Smith should steal the necklace

17. --Could I use your bike, Jack? --Of course, you____________. A. can B. may C. could D. might

18. We must keep our room clean. Dirt and disease go ____________, you know. A. from time to time D. one after another B. hand in hand C. step by step


19. During the ten-day vacation, they traveled to France their own expense A. on B. with C. at D. in

20. If human beings had been a bit less greedy and cruel, more birds and animals dying out. A. ought to avoid C. should have avoided B. could have been avoided D. might have avoided

11.A 这是强调句的形式。 12.A 句子意为“清晨开始下一场大雪。”前一空为特指,后一空为泛指。 13.A 此题考查反意疑问旬的使用。 14.C suggest 在此题中意为“暗示”,不需要虚拟语气,suggest 只表示建议时才需要 虚拟语气。 15.C 答句中描述的是外形特征,所以用固定句型 What is+人+like? 16.B 本题是非限定性定语从句,which 替代前面整个一句话。 17.A 本题是情态动词的考查。cou ld 在问句中指的是语气上的委婉,并不是过去时,回 答时还得用 can。 18.B 本题是关键是理解句子的含义。“我们必须保持屋子干净,要知道灰尘总是伴随疾 病。(灰尘和疾病总是手拉手。)”故 B 项符合题意。 19.C 本题是介词的考查。at the expense 是固定用法,表示花钱。 20. 本题涉及虚拟语气的使用, if 引导的从句分析可以知道与过去相反, D 从 should have done 表示本来不应该但实际上干了,不符合题意。 **********************************************************结束

16. They produced two reports, ______ of which contained any useful suggestions. A. either B. all C. none D. neither

17. Som e young people these days just ______ go out of their homes to contact the real world. A. mustn’t B. won’t C. mightn’t D. shouldn’t


18. You’d be exposed to a lot ______ pollution if you moved to a town with pure water and air. A. more B. most C. less D. least

19. I’m sure you will do better in the test because you ______ so hard this year. A. studied C. will study B. had studied D. have been studying

20. The banker was found in a remote village after ______ his office last Thursday. A. leave B. being left C. leaving D. left 21. I have no idea ______ the journalist could have got his information from. A. that B. why C. why D. where having been

22. A lot of people often forget that oral exams ______ to test our communicative ability. A. design C. are designing B. are designed D. are being designed

23. Viewers con tinue to watch TV ______ they complain about the quality of the programming. A. even though B. as if C. as long as D. unless

24. Mike found his missing car in the street outside his house, ______ newly cleaned and polished. A. looked B. to look C. looking D. to be looking

25. There are fewer teaching positions left in big cities, ______ at the same time there are shortages of teachers in small towns. A. or B. and C. so D. for

26. ______ in 1955, Disneyland in California in regarded by any as the original fun park. A. Opened B. Having opened C. Opening D. Being opened


27. Faye’s fondest memory is of last year, ______ the club gave a tea party for her birthday. A. that B. which C. where D. when

28. The result of the study indicated that it was the type of fat ______ made the difference. A. that B. what C. who D. as

29. ______ comes will be welcomed to the open-air concert. A. Whatever B. Whoever C. No matter what D. No matter who

30. Harrison Ford is thought to be one of the few movie stars ______ as a carpenter before. A. to work C. to have worked B. to be working D. to have been working

参考答案 16-20 DBCDC 21-25 DBACB 26-30 ADABC ************************************************************结束

31.He was very busy, and _____ he didn’t go to the party that night. A.however B.otherwi se C.therefore D.anyhow

32.His sacrifices for the country were never officially _____, which made all of us feel discouraged. A.acknowledged B.appealed C.recommended D.commanded

33.After her son’s death , the old lady _____ sit at the window, deep in thought. A.would B.should C.could D.might

34.You job here is only _____, for you will be removed from it when we have a proper post for you. A.permanent B.contemporary D.fundamental 35.—Would you be able to go to the party ?



I have to pick up my friend at the airport. B.I’m afraid not. D.Why not?

A.I’d love to. C.Absolutely!

36、.He can imgine ___ his sister has been living since her husband died. A. what a lonely life the life 37、.How many more deaths will it take ______ the authorities of the need to test these drugs ? A. convincing B. to be convinced C. to convince D. being convin ced B. what lonel y a life C. how a lonely life D. how lonely

38、.There are many things we need _____ before we buy an experisive product. A. taking into account C. to be taken into account B. to take into account D. to be taking into account

39、Our parents work hard to support us so as to make us a knowledgeable person! We should _____! A. not to let them down let them out B. not let them alone C. not let them down D. not to

参考答案 31-35 CAACB 36--40 ACBCA



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