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模块2.2 学生Wish you were here(练)-2016年高考英语一轮复习讲练测(译林牛津版)(原卷版)

考点-1 arrange 【教材原句】I've been quite busy arranging my holiday with my older brother, Colin.(P22) 我最近一直忙着和哥哥科林安排我们的假期。 【例句研读】根据英语句子完成汉语句子 ①I've arranged for Mrs. Smith to look after you

for a few days. 我已 来照顾你几天。 ②I have arranged to meet her at ten o'clock. 我 十点钟去见她。 ③We were asked to make arrangements for everything. 我们被要求 。 ④We arranged a big party for Debbie’s birthday. 我们为黛比的生日 ⑤Arrange the chairs in a circle. 一圈儿。 【自主归纳】 安排某人做某事 为??安排/准备好某事 为??作准备/安排 【即时巩固】单项选择题 ①Tom is indeed a good child; he often helps his parents clean and ________ the bedrooms on Sundays. A. move B. manage C. arrange D. serve ②In their efforts to persuade us to buy the product, shopkeepers have made a close study of human nature and have ________all our little weaknesses. A. divided B. arranged C. classified D. separated 考点-2.spend 【教材原句】Colin and I plan to spend a few weeks travelling before he goes to university. (P22) 我和科林计划在他上大学之前花上几个星期去旅游。 【例句研读】根据英语句子完成汉语句子 This book cost me ten dollars and I spent one month reading it through;in other words,I paid $10 for this book(=I bought this book for $10=I bought this book at the price of $10) and it took me one month to read it over. 这本书 而且读完这本书 【自主归纳】 cost/spend/take/pay 用法辨析 cost 花费,主语为物,不用人作主语,宾语为金钱、精力、生命等,可以接单宾语,也可 以接双宾语 spend 花费,主语为人,宾语为时间、金钱、精力 常见结构为 sb. spend...on sth; sb. spend...(in)doing sth take 花费,主语为事件或人;而宾语为时间、精力等 ,而且我 。 读完它;换言之,我 买的这本书 (不可以说: 安排做某事 .) 。

常见的句型是:It takes sb. some time to do sth; Sb. take(s)some time to do sth pay 花费,主语为人,宾语为人或金钱,常与 for 连用 常见的结构为 pay sb/money for sth 另请注意:buy sth. for money, buy sth. at the price of money 我花了 20 元买这本词典。 The dictionary =I =I =I =I me twenty yuan. twenty yuan on the dictionary. twenty yuan for the dictionary. the dictionary for twenty yuan. the dictionary at the price of twenty yuan.

【即时巩固】单项选择题 ①It ________ me 5 hours ________ from here to Edinburgh. A. spend;driving B. will take;drive C. took;drove D. took;to drive ②Mr Smith ________ $ 30,000 ________ the new car. A. takes;on B. costs;on C. pays;in D. spends;on 考点-3. advance 【教材原句】Since we’ll be walking for almost two weeks, I’ll need to buy a large backpack in advance to carry my supplies of food and water. (P23) 既然我们要步行 大约两周时间,我需要事先买个大一点的 背包来装食品和水。 【例句研读】根据英语句子完成汉语句子 ①He is far in advance of his class. 他在班上 。 ②W e benefit from the continuous advance of civilization. 我们得益于文明的 。 ③He advanced many reasonable proposals. 他 许多合理的建议。 ④The date of the meeting has been advanced from Friday to Monday. 会议日期已经 。 ⑤Please give us advance warning of any changes to the schedule. 工作日程如有改动, 【自主归纳】 advance n.前进;进展;进步;提前 v.前进,促进;提出;使提前 adj.预先的,事先的 advanced adj. advance on/towards sb/sth in advance(=beforehand=ahead of time) in advance of... make an advance in(doing) sth 【即时巩固】完成句子 ①Our soldiers ②America is one of the most 考点-4. supply (向??前进) the enemy bravely. (advance) countries in technology. 。

【教材原句】Since we’ll be walking for almost two weeks, I’ll need to buy a large backpack in advance to carry my supplies of food and water. (P23) 既然我们要步行大约两周时间,我需要事先买个大一点的 背包来装食品和水。 【例句研读】说出下列句中 supply 一词的意思和词性 ①The manager promised us fuel, but can she guarantee its supply? ②Planes are carrying food and medical supplies for flood-hit areas. ③An American soldier supplied hundreds of secret documents to a website. ④In summer, electricity can’t supply the increasing demand in most cities. 【自主归纳】
supply,provide 和 offer 作动词用都有“供应,提供,供给”之意,三个词的主要区别在于其搭配 的差异。

为某人或某地提供某物 主动为某人或某地提供某物

= =

【即时巩固】一句多译 媒体每天为我们提供大量的信息。 ①The media every day. ②The media eve ry day. ③The media every day. ④The media every day. 考点-5. scare 【教材原句】Our guides will have guns with them for defence — they can use the guns to scare the animals away if they come too near.(P23) 为了防卫,我们的导游都随身带枪,如果动物靠我们太近,导游就 可以用枪把它们吓跑。 【例句研读】根据英语句子完成汉语句子 ①I was scared to death when I found I was alone in the big building. 当我发现一个人呆在这栋大建筑物里时,我 ②They managed to scare the bear away/off. 他们设法 。 ③She was scared of going out alone. 她 一个人出去。 ④People are scared to take the buses late at night. 人们在深夜 乘公交车。 ⑤Local businesses were scared into paying protection money. 当地商家 只能付保护费。 ⑥The terrible noise scared her out of leaving her room. 恐怖的声音 【自主归纳】 把/被??吓死 把??吓跑 吓唬某人做某事 吓得某人不敢做某事 对??感到恐惧, 害怕 害怕/不敢做某事 【即时巩固】单项选择题 = = 房间。 。

①Seeing the ________ fire spreading in the building, she was too________ to cry for help. A. scaring, scared B. scared, scaring C. scared, scared ②T he fierce tiger _________ but she succeeded in_________. A. scared her away, scaring herself to death B. scared her to death, being scared off C. scared her to death, scaring it away 考点-6. view 【教材原句】Take a night train to Fenghuang to view a traditional way of life.(P33) 乘坐夜班火车去凤凰城,去观看传统的生活方式。 【例句研读】 ◆说出下列句中 view 一词的意思和词性 ①The new building ruins the fine view of the Swan Lake from our window. ②A good thing about mini-blog is that you can hear different people’s views. ③The famous footballer was shot in full view of a large crowd in Madrid. ④We can take a night train to Fenghuang to view a traditional way of life. ⑤The practice adopted by the city appears to be viewed favorably by most people. ◆译出下列句中划线部分 ①Most educators hold the view that children should be given enough time to play. ②Soon after we arrived, my father’s car came into view. ③In view of the nuclear leakage, many tourists cancelled their trips to Japan. ④She is viewed as an ideal candidate for the job. ⑤In my view, he is the best person for this job. 【自主归纳】 在某人看来 鉴于,考虑到 进入视野 把??看作??

[来源:学§科§网 Z§X§X§K]

D. scaring, scaring


D. scared her into dying, being scared out of dying

【即时巩固】根据括号里的汉语提示用 view 短语完成下列句子 ①___________ (我认为), the Internet has changed the way we ___________ (看待这个世界). ② Suddenly the pyramids ___________ (出现在面前). ③___________ (鉴于) these facts, it seems useless to continue with the project. ④Li Ning ___________ (被认为是) a very successful gymnast and businessman. ⑤___________ (我认为) that our dietary (饮食的) habits determine the health of the body. 考点-7. bury 【教材原句】Take a bus to Qufu, where Confucius was buried.乘坐公共汽车去曲阜,那里葬着孔子。 【例句研读】根据英语句子完成汉语句子 ①She buried her face in her hands and wept. 她 而泣。 ②Since she left, he's buried himself in his work. 自从她走以后,他 工作上。 ③Buried in reading his newspaper, he didn't take notice of his dad. ,他没注意到他的爸爸。 【自主归纳】 be buried in主语往往是人,说明人所处的状态,并不表示被动,类似的还有:

be lost in ... be caught in ... be devoted to ... be absorbed in ... be occupied in ... be involved in ...
此类词组常考查去掉 be, 以非谓语动词形式出现在句中作状语。

【即时巩固】单项选择题 ①________ deep down in the earth, the dead forests rotted away and became coal. A. Burying B. Buried C. To bury D. Having buried ②When ______ to work, which he often was, he would forget all about eating or sleeping. A. caught B. buried C. devoted D. lost

考点-8. common 【教材原句】 Today, Shangri-la has become a common English word meaning heaven on earth. (P38) 如今, “香格里拉”已经成为指代人间天堂的常用英语单词。 【例句研读】根据英语句子完成汉语句子 ①This is just common sense. Anyone with head knows it. 这是 ,任何有头脑的人都知道。 ②Despite our disagreements, we can find some common ground. 尽管有很多分歧,我们还是能够 我和珍妮没有 【自主归纳】 common, ordinary, usual, normal, average 的区别 common:共同的,常见的。指符合或具有全体所共有的特征,强调经常发生,司空见惯, 不显赫或不特别 ordinary:普通的,平常的,平凡的,常见的。含有“仅仅符合一般标准,并无非凡或独特 之处”的意义,强调等级和类属方面普通。 normal:“正常的;合乎标准的”,强调在正常情况下应有的。 usual:“通常的;惯常的;惯例的”,强调依照某人的常例来判断,有“遵循常规”之意。 average: 平均的,一般的。强调平均水平(指的是能力,类型,特征的一个平均水平) 。 用上述词填空 ①He is an ②Jack is a ④Tom is an ⑤My worker with outstanding thought. English name. . student while Jack is an excellent student chair has been moved from its usual place. 。 。 ③Jane and I have nothing in common./I have nothing in common with Jane.

③After the earthquake, everything returned to

【即时巩固】单项选择题 ①Even students with ________ intelligence can be excellent students after bettering their study habits. A. average B. unusual C. splendid D. popular ②Calling an adult Mr. or Ms. signals the adult’s authority. When a kid uses a grown-up’s title, it shows that the adult is ______. A. in common B. in turn C. in charge D. in height 考点-9. announce

【教材原句】 In September 1997, the government of Yunnan Province announced that Zhongdian was the Shangrila of Hilton's story.(P38)1997 年 9 月,云南省人民政府宣称,中甸就是希尔顿小说中描 述的香格里拉。 【例句研读】根据英语句子完成汉语句子 ①Everyone was silent as he announced the winner of the competition. 当他 时,大家都静静地倾听。 ②It was announced that new speed restrictions would be introduced. ,将有新的速度限制出台。 ③Silence please!Mr. Dave has an announcement to make. 请安静!戴夫先生 。 ④The accident was announced to his family by telephone. 已将事故 。 ⑤Fighting has been going on for a year, but war has not yet been declared. 仗已打了一年,但 。 ⑥The chairman declared this meeting (to be) closed. 主席 。 【自主归纳】 announce v. 宣布,宣称→ n. 广播员;宣告着→ n. 公告,宣告;通告 make an announcement It is/was announced that ... announce 与 declare 的辨析 announce 更接近于汉语“公布”、“告知”的意思,它所涉及的是一件对方原来不知道的事。 如: The date of his visit has not been announced. 他来访的日期尚未公布。

declare 含有庄严宣告或交代清楚的意思,含有“正式地,来自官方”的意思。比方说“宣 战”就得用 declare,宣布会议、仪式、典礼等开始或结束也用 declare。它所涉及 的事不一定是对方所不知道的。如: The accused declared himself to be innocent. 被告宣称自己无罪。 以上两句中的 anno unce 与 declare 不可互换。 但有时两个词用在同一句中都说得通。如: The government announced(declared) the danger to be past. 政府宣布危险已经过去。 declare + sth/sb + (to be) adj/noun (其中括号内的内容可省略),而“announce”则没有这种用法 The leader declared the meeting (to be) open. (to be 可以省略)领导宣布会议开始。 announce 后面只能接名词和从句作宾语。而 declare 没有这个限制 【即时巩固】单项选择题 ①In order to increase their vote, they ________ another candidate a traitor to the country. A. announced B. declared C. thought D. conquered ②While doing shopping, people often can't help purchasing the goods ________ through media. A. advocated B. announced C. advertised D. competed 考点-10. reflect 【教材原句】Below the mountains, the sunshine reflects on the many lakes, making them shine like diamonds against the rich countryside.(P38)山脚下,阳光照在星罗棋布的湖面上,使它们在富丽乡村景色 的映衬下,如钻石般闪耀璀璨。 【例句研读】根据英语句子完成汉语句子 ①She angled the mirror so as to reflect light from a window. 她为了 而把镜子摆成某一角度。 ②Their questions forced me to reflect on why I made the choice I did. 他们的疑问令我不得不 。

③These subjects reflect their daily lives. 这些题材 最近的失业数字 小猫看到 。 。 ,感到很好奇。 ,我决定亲自前往那儿。 【自主归纳】 考虑,反思,反省,思考,仔细考虑 对??有好的/坏的看法 经再三考虑,经深思熟虑 【即时巩固】单项选择题 ①(2010 高考湖北卷) Just as the clothes a person wears, the food he eats and the friends with whom he spends his time, his house A. resembles his personality. B. strengthens C. reflects D. shapes ④The latest unemployment figures reflect badly on the government's policies. ⑤The cat felt curious when she saw her own reflection in the mirror. ⑥On/Upon reflection, I determined to go there for myself.

②Your performance as a student will be excellent if you develop a habit of ______ how you learn. A. depending on B. basing on C. reflecting on D. relying on 考点-11. think of 【教材原句】Can you think of any other exciting places to visit?(P21) 你能想到别的令人兴奋的参观地? 【例句研读】根据英语句子完成汉语句子 ①We should think of a good way to solve this problem. 我们应该 他那样自私,他 我 来解决这个问题。 自己。 我的家一样。 ? think of a(n) way/plan/idea What do you think of…? 注意与类似意义的词组的区别 think out:认真考虑出(计划/方案等),侧重于思考结果。 think over:仔细考虑(侧重过程) ,over 为副词,接名词宾语时可前可后,接代词宾语时 只能放当中,如“think it over”。 think about:思索;考虑到。about 为介词,宾语只能放在 about 之后, 如 “think about it”。 【即时巩固】用 think 的恰当词组填空 ①We can do nothing until we have ②Why don’t you it a new plan. and give me a call in a couple of days. ②He is such a selfish person that he only thinks of himself. ③I think of this place as my home. ④What do you think of the film we saw last night? 你 我们昨晚看的电影 【自主归纳】 think of think of…as… think highly of

③We’ll it and give you a reply this Saturday. ④This picture makes me _______ my childhood.

考点-12. be busy doing 【教材原句】I have been quite busy planning my holiday with my elder brother, Colin. (P22) 我最近一直忙着和哥哥科林安排我们的假期。 【例句研读】译出下列句中划线部分 ①He was busy/occupied with his homework when I came. ②Prof. Hopkins is busy writing a report on his research on DNA. ③The coming final exam keeps the students busy going over their lessons. ④Tom was kept busy practicing typing on the keyboards as there was a typing test the next day. 【自主归纳】 忙于某事 忙于做某事 使某人忙于做某事 被迫忙于做某事 【即时巩固】用上述词组的正确形式填空(注意尽可能多地给出答案) The students for the coming mid-term English exam. 考点-13. set off 【教材原句】They set off at 9 a.m. and would reach the airport an hour later.(P30) 他们上午九点动身,一个小时后就可以到达机场。 【例句研读】译出下列句子中的划线部分 ①If you want to catch that train we'd better set off for the station immediately. ②Be careful that you don't set the fireworks off by mistake. ③Whatever you say will set her off crying. ④She set aside her book and lit a cigarette . 【自主归纳】 be set in set an example to sb. set out set aside set up 【即时巩固】用含有 set 词组的恰当形式填空 ① ②We need firecrackers a traditional way to celebrate the New Year in China. finding a solution.

set about(doing) s et fire to (= set…on fire)

③This novel ④The police have

London in the 1960s. to look into the case.

⑤The police hasn't found out who the storehouse. 考点-14.be tired of 【教材原句】Are you tired of seeing the same view out of your window?(P38)你厌倦了窗外相同的风景吗? 【例句研读】译出下列句子 ①I'm tired of the endless advertisements on TV. ②She is tired of what some socalled famous stars have done.

③He was tired out from/with the long walking. ④A tiring journey will makes you tired.

⑤At last he got home, tired and hungry 【自主归纳】 be tired out (from/with ...) be tired of 【即时 巩固】单项选择题 ①(2009 高考浙江卷)_______and short of breath, Andy and Ruby were the first to reach the top of Mount Tai. A. To be tried dog. A. being tired 考点-15. reach to 【教材原句】Hilton described a beautiful kingdom where three rivers joined together, steep mountains reached to the sky, and fields of long grass covered the earth.(P38) 希尔顿描绘了一个美丽的国度,那里三 流 交汇,奇峰高耸,深草如茵盖大地。 【例句研读】译出下列句中划线部分 ①When will they reach Los Angeles? ②An agreement was finally reached between the two sides. ③This street reaches to the beach. ④Tom's salary reached to 5,000 dollars per month. ⑤The boy reached out for book on the top of the shelf, but couldn’t reach it. ⑥I keep the medicine on the top shelf, out of the children’s reach. 【自主归纳】 到达某地 延伸到某处 伸手去抓/够某物 手不能及 达成协议 伸手 力所不能及 伸手可及 B . tiring C. tired D. to be tired B. Tired C. Tiring D. Being tired from work, I will spend some time walking my ②(2009 高考湖南卷)Every evening after dinner, if not be tired from/with ...

特别注意:tired and hungry 等形容词短语作状语以及上述词组中不用“be”被省略的情况。

【即时巩固】单项选择题 ①The boy ________ the apple on the table but couldn’t _______it. A. reached for, reach B. reached, reach for C. reached, reach D. reached for, reach for ②Please leave matches or cigarettes on the table out of the ________of the children. A. hand B. reach C. space D. distance ③I would like to put my dictionary _____. A. out of my reach B. beyond my reach C. within my reach D. reaching me ④This new model of car is so expensive that it is________ the reach of those with average incomes. A. over B. beyond C. within D. below 考点-16. in harmony with 【教材原句】In this peaceful land, people live in perfect harmony with nature far away from the noise and worry of the outside world.(P38) 在这片宁静的土地上, 人们和大自然和谐相处, 远离外界的喧嚣和烦

恼。 【例句研读】译出下列句中划线部分 ①The harmony of sea and sky makes a beautiful picture. ②The sky and the sea make a harmonious picture. ③They have Been living in harmony with each other for many years. ④They are out of harmony with each other. They often quarrel. ⑤The new building doesn’t harmonize with its surroundings . 【自主归纳】 harmony n. 和谐,协调,融洽→ adj.和谐的,友好和睦的 → v.使??和谐、协调 与??协调/和谐 (be) 与??不协调/和谐 (be) 【即时巩固】根据汉语句子完成英语句子 ①我们特别需要与我们的环境相协调。 There is great need for us to ②小提琴与其他乐器不协调。 The violin the rest of the instruments. ③您能不能告诉我怎么和别人和谐相处呢? Could you tell me how others? our environment.

考点-1.wish+(that)宾语从句 【教材原句】Wish you were here (Page 21)如果你在这里就好了! 【句法分析】wish 后跟 that(往往可以省略)宾语从句,意为“但愿??,希望??”,往往表示与事实情况相

【考点聚焦】从句中谓语动词的形式 意义 表示现在的愿望 表示将来的愿望 表示过去的愿望 【即时巩固】 ①—Where are the children? The dinner’s going to be completely ruined. —I wish they always late. A. weren’t B. hadn’t been C. wouldn’t be D. wouldn’t have been ②I wish that you _____ such a bad headache because I’m sure that you would have enjoyed the concert. A. hadn’t B. didn’t have had C. hadn’t had D. hadn’t have 考点-2.before 引导的从句 【教材原句】Colin and I plan to spend a few weeks travelling before he goes to university. ( P22) 我和科林打算在他上大学之前外出旅游, 玩上几个星期。 【句法分析】before 在此译为“在??之前”,引导时间状语从句。 【考点聚焦】before 引导的其它从句 ①It won't be+一段时间+before ... ??(before 从句用一般现在时) ②It will be+一段时间+before ... ??(before 从句用一般现在时) ③It wasn't +一段时间+before ... ??(before 从句用一般过去时) ④It was+一段时间+before ... ??(before 从句用一般过去时) 【即时巩固】单项选择题 从句谓语形式 (be 动词用 +动词原形 +过去分词 )

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①You can’t borrow books from the school library _______ you get your student card. A. before B. if C. while D. as ②The girl had hardly rung the bell greet her . A. before B. until the door was opened suddenly, and her friend rushed out to C. as D. since

③You must learn to consult your feelings and your reason ________ you reach any decision. A. although B. before C. because D. unless 考点-3. as…as possible 句型 【教材原句】 We’ll try to get as close as possible to the animals, even though they are dangerous, so that I can take some really good photos.(P23)尽管这些动物很危险,但是我们还是要尽可能地靠近它产,以便 能拍到一些真正好的照片。 【句法分析】as…as possible 表示“ ??” ,可以和“as…as one can”转换。 We’ll try to get as close as possible to the animals= We’ll t ry to get animals 【考点聚焦】as +形容词或副词+ as 本来表示同级比较,而我们这儿所讲的是构成一定的句式或是构成固定 的短语,表示程度。这两个方面都是高考的重点。 【即时巩固】单项选择题 ①In ancient times, people rarely travelled long distances and most farmers only travelled market. A. longer than B. more than C. as much as D. as far as ②This training program can give you a lift at work, ____ increase you r income by 40%. A. as well as B. so long as C. so much as D. as soon as ③A typhoon swept across tiffs area with heavy rains and winds _______strong as 113 miles per hour. A. too B. very C. so D. as 考点-4. This/It +连系动词+the ... time (that) ...句型 【教材原句】I was very excited because this was the first time I had seen one wildlife.(P25) 我很兴奋,因为这是我第一次见到野生动物。 【句法分析】This/It is the first time ...为常用句型,表示“这是第一次??”。 It/This is/will be the first/second ...time that 从句(现在完成时) It/This w as the first/second ...time that 从句(过去完成时) This is the second time that I Beijing.这是我第二次来到北京。 It was the first time that China her own aircraft carrier. 这是中国第一次拥有自己的航空母舰。 【考点聚焦】与“It's (high) time that sb. should do/did sth.到某人应该做某事的时候了”句型的区别 It's (high) time that we should do/did something to stop pollution. 该是我们做些什么制止污染的时候了。 另外 the first time 还可以引导时间状语从句。 The first time I saw her, she looked like an old woman. 当我第一次见到她时,她看上去就像个老太婆。 【即时巩固】单项选择题 ①This is the first time I a film in the cinema together as a family. A. see B. had seen C. saw D. have seen ②Jack is a great talker. It’s high time that he A. will do B. has done something instead of just talking. C. do D. did
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考点-5. be about to do ...when ...句型 【教材原句】Colin was about to get off the camel when a child ran towards him.(P30)

科林正打算从骆驼上下来,这时一个小孩向他跑来。 【句法分析】be about to do ...when ... 是一个常用句式,意为“ 我们正要出发,这时天开始下雨。 We it began to rain. 我正要睡觉,这时电话铃响了 I the telephone rang.。 【考点聚焦】该句型还有下列三种形式 某人正在做某事,这时??: 某人正要做某事,这时??: 某人刚做完某事,这时??: 【即时巩固】单项选择题 ①Tom was about to close the window ________ his attention was caught by a bird. A. when B. if C. and D. till ②We were just ________ calling you up ________ you come in. A. about; when B. on the point of; while C. on the point of; when D. on the point of; as


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