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Healthy eating
Come and eat here (reading)

If we don’t eat a balanced diet, what may happen?


fat …

ought to: (be) tired of :

person who buys sth from a shop the desire to know or learn
(of food) not cooked, in a natural state show a moral (道德上的)duty no longer interested in let sb. do sth. without punishment cooked by dry heat in an oven

get away with:

raw: roast:

Fast reading: try

to get the main idea

Wang Pengwei and Yong Hui diets serve different ______in their restaurant . The foods in Wang Pengwei’s make people fat _____while the foods in Yong thin/slim Hui’s make people________.

Find out the information of the two restaurants.
Wang Pengwei’s
menu mutton kebabs, roast pork, fried rice, cola, ice cream energy-giving foods

Yong Hui’s
fruit, water raw vegetables, fibre foods



fat, not enough fibre

not enough energy, feel tired quickly



Owner of restaurant Wang pengwei

Problems with foods offered Too much fat

Foods to be offered More protective foods


Not enough fat

More body building and energy giving foods

Careful reading:

Part 1

feelings : He sat in his restaurant_______ feeling

very __________. frustrated


: _____________, mutton kebabs _____________ roast pork and _________. fried rice

Li Maochang : something_______ terrible must have

happened if he was not coming to_____________ eat with him as he always did.

Part 2
a lady : Her name is ______________, Yong Hui


she was standing in the front of welcome her restaurant to_________ customers _________. two kinds of food food : There were only ____ one drink _____ and __________, raw vegetables , fruit and _______. ______ water
prices : It costs ______________ more than a good

meal in ______________ Wang Pengwei’s restaurant.

Part 3
realize: After reading, he realized what

was______ wrong with ___________ Yong Hui’ s restaurant. wrong
after eating: People would become _____ tired

quickly very ________.

competition: The competition between

the two was____. on

1.Usually Wang Pengwei’s restaurant was full of people. T 2.He provided a balanced diet in his menu. F
didn’t didn’t

3.Yong Hui served a balanced diet.


4.Yong Hui could make people thin in two weeks by giving them a good diet. F
not giving them energy-giving food.

5.Wang Pengwei’s customers often became fat after eating in his restaurant. T

6.Yong Hui’s menu gave them energy foods. F

7.Wang Pengwei’s menu gave them food containing fibre. energy
was amazed at


8.Wang Pengwei admired Yong Hui’s restaurant when he saw the menu. F 9.Wang Pengwei decided to copy Yong Hui’s menu. rewrite his own sign


Discussion: make a survey on your partner’s diet.
.Make a dialogue with your partner. .At the end of the dialogue, you should give some advice on his/her diet.

Good dining habits are very important to a person’s health. so we should form a good dining habit.

1.Be sure to eat a variety of foods.

2.Drink lots of water.
3.Eat an early and nutritious breakfast. 4. Eat modest portions in the evening. …

In order to keep healthy, what should be eaten? Discuss with your group members and design a balanced diet for different people such as fat people, old people or children.

Key sentences
1. His fried rice was hot but did not taste of fat. 2. Tired of all that fat? Want to be thinner? Only slimming food served here. 3. I will take all that fat off you in two weeks if you eat here every day.

4. It was not giving its customers energy-giving food! 5. Something terrible must have happened if Maochang was not coming to eat with him as he always did.

6. He wondered if he should go to
the library to find out.

7. He couldn’t have Yong Hui
getting away with telling people lies.

frustrated Wang Pengwei felt ___________in an empty customers restaurant because no __________have come to his restaurant ever since he got up early in the morning. He wanted to find out why. He hurried out and followed ________Maochang into a newly-opened restaurant. He found that the owner named Yong Hui was serving slimming/fiber ____________foods to make people thin. Driven curiosity Wang Pengwei came ________to forward by________, take a believe close look at the menu. He could not even ________his amazed eyes. He was ________at what he saw. He hurried library outside and went to the ________to do some________. research After a lot of reading, he realized _______that Yong Hui’s food made people become energy-giving tired ________quickly because it was no ___________food. Arriving home Wang Pengwei rewrote his own sign. The competition __________between the two restaurants was on!

Wang Pengwei realized very quickly that his menu had energy and body-building foods, but little protective food. Yong Hui, on the other hand, offered plenty of protective foods on her menu but little energy or body-building foods. Neither of them was providing a balanced diet. It seemed both of them were wrong. Pengwei began to wonder. Was that why he was so fat? Was that why Yong Hui was so thin? If he ate only raw fruit or vegetables and drank water, he would certainly get thin. But then would he have enough energy to run his business?

What is his suggestions for solving the problem?
Then he thought about Yong Hui. She was very thin and she did not seem to have a lot of energy. Maybe she would not mind being a little fatter and stronger. Clearly, it was as bad to be too thin as to be too fat. How was this problem to be solved? Maybe they could join together to make a better menu. “That’s it,” he thought. “We must work together to offer healthy foods.”

Pengwei closed his restaurant and set out for the Library. There he started reading the books on healthy eating. He was amazed to find one needed three main kinds of food to stay healthy. They are energy-giving, body-building and protective foods. Energy-giving foods help you work and play all day. They are rice, noodles, nuts, butter and etc. Bodybuilding foods make strong bones and muscles and they are meat, fish and tofu. Protective foods help a person digest food and keep the body healthy. They are fresh fruit and vegetables.

1.ought to 应该 与should的意思大致相同,但should 注意表示主观的看法,而ought to 则 反映客观情况。 You _______ ought to stay at home in such a bad weather. I ______ should work hard.

你不应该喝那么多酒。 You ought not to drink so much. 我现在应该离开吗? Ought I to leave now? ought to + have done 表示本应该做的事 却没有做。 You ought to have told me earlier. 你应该早点告诉我。

2. be tired of + n. 厌倦… I am tired of working day and night. 我厌倦了日以继夜地工作。 I am tired of ( listening to ) your lies. 我已经听腻你的谎言了。
The framer was tired out after doing the heavy work. 做完苦工后,那个农民筋疲力尽了。

3. curiosity n. 好奇心 好奇心引导他进入那古老的城堡。 Curiosity leads him to the ancient castle.

curious adj. 好奇的,稀奇的 curiously adv. Children are curious to the outside world. 孩子们对外面的世界充满好奇。 The little girl curiously opened the box. 那个小女孩好奇地打开那个盒子。

4. Wang Pengwei sat in his
empty restaurant feeling very frustrated.王鹏伟坐在他那空荡 荡的餐馆里,感到十分沮丧。

5. 这里的feeling 是动词的-ing 形式 做伴随状语。类似的例句还有: He sent me an e-mail hoping to get further information. 现在分词在句中做状语 1) 表时间 Walking along the street, she saw a little girl running up to her.

2) 表原因 Being ill, he couldn’t come to school yesterday. 3)表方式 She works like a slave, hauling water, washing clothes and cooking dinner. 4)表伴随 He sat there, holding up his hand.

6. “Nothing could have been better,” he thought. 他想,“再没有比这些更好吃的了”。

意义。含义是 All his foods could

have been the best.

(1) He is taller than any other boy in his class = He is the tallest boy in his class. 他是班上最高的男生。 (2) A: How are you getting on? 你怎么样?

B: Nothing could be better.
再好不过了。(Everything is OK.)

7. Pengwei followed Li Maochang into a newly-opened small restaurant at the end of the street. 鹏伟跟着李茂昌来到街尾一 家新开张的小餐馆。 newly-opened 是副词加动词过去


8. He couldn’t have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! 他可不能让咏慧哄骗人们! a) have sb. doing allow or tolerate (sth). 表示允许 或容忍(某事物)发生 此处的have 用在否定句中, 特别是 用在will not, can not 等之后。

I won’t have you saying so.

He won’t have his daughter
arriving home late. 他不容许女儿 晚回家。 b) get away with doing sth. (informal): not be punished for sth.不因某事受惩罚

I won’t have you getting away with cheating in the exam. 我不能容忍(允许)你考试作弊而 不受处罚。 get away with sth. steal sth. and escape with it 偷携某物潜逃。

The robbers robbed the bank and got away with a lot of money. 这些盗贼抢了银行, 携巨款潜逃。 receive (a relatively light) punishment受到(较轻的处罚) He was so lucky to get away with a fine for such a serious mistake.他犯 了如此严重的错误, 侥幸只交了罚款了 事。

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