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Unit 5 Music 1. Have you ever dreamed of playing in front of thousands of people at a concert … … dream of sth. / doing sth. dream of a better future go like a dream 梦想做某事 梦想一个美好的未来 容易的,完美的

E.g. When she was young, she dreamed of being a doctor in the future. 2. Do you sing karaoke and pretend you are a famous singer like Song Zuying or Liu Huan? pretend to do sth. 假装做某事 pretend to be doing sth. 假装正在做某事 pretend to have done sth. 假装已经做了某事 E.g. I pretend to give him the cold shoulder (冷落) 我故意假装冷落他。 He pretended to be reading an important when the boss entered. 3. To be honest, a lot of people attach great importance to becoming rich and famous. Ⅰ. be honest with sb. 对某人说实话,对…诚实 to be honest= honestly speaking = honestly 说实在,实话说 quite honest about it (插入语)老实说 E.g. I shall be quite honest with you. 我会跟你说实话的. to make a long sentence short 长话短说 to tell (you) the truth to begin with to make matters worse Ⅱ.attach… to… 认为…有(重要性,意义等); 附上,连接,贴上 E.g. I attached great importance to this research. 我认为这项研究十分重要. She attached a stamp to the envelop. 她在信封上贴上一枚邮票. attach A to B A 附属于 B 浙大附中 无附加条件的帮助 the High school attached to Zhejiang University help with non conation attached 4. But just how do people form a band? A) n. in the form of… 以??形式 状态很好 in good/fine/great form fill in the form 填表格 B) vt. & vi. form into 组成,排成 form a habit of 养成…的习惯 5. Sometimes they may play to passers-by in the street or subway … … 复合名词变复数规则: A) 将主体名词即中心词变复数 passer-by→passers-by looker-on → lookers-on 路人 旁观者 说实话


son-in-law → sons-in-law editor-in-chief → editors-in-chief

女婿 主编 无用之人

good-for-nothing → goods-for-nothing go-between → go-betweens 中间人 grown-up → grown-ups 成年人

B) 若无主体名词,则只在最后一个词加复数词尾

C) 由 man, woman 构成的复合名词变复数时,两个都要变 woman servant→women servants 女仆人 6. A) … …so that they can earn some extra money for themselves ... … vt. earn one’s living (by?)= make a living (by…)=live on sth 靠…谋生/生活 B) adj. 剩余的,特别的 adv 剩余地,特别地 I bought this picture at an extra high price. 7. Later they may give performances in pubs or clubs, for which they are paid in cash. Put on performances Beatles. play jokes on sb. : speak highly of or amusingly about sb. / sth. 拿某人开玩笑,与某人开玩笑 play jokes on sb. 开某人的玩笑 have a joke with sb. 与某人说笑话 make a joke about 以…为笑柄 just for/as a joke 只是(为了)开玩笑 make fool of 愚弄,戏弄 It’s no joke. 这可不是开玩笑的 E.g. He is a serious, don’t play jokes on him. 9. As some of these actors could not sing well enough, they had to rely on other musicians to help them. rely on/upon sb. /sth. rely on one’s own effort rely on sb. to do sth. 依赖某人/某物 自力更生 依赖某人做某事 熟悉,与??熟悉 某物被某人所知 上演 8. The musicians were to play jokes on each other as well as play music, most of which was based loosely on the

10. They were so popular that their fans formed clubs in order to get more familiar with them. sb. be familiar with sb./sth. sth. be familiar to sb. I’m familiar with the West Lake The West Lake be familiar to me 11. The band broke up about 1970, but happily they reunited ...... break up 打碎,分裂,解体; 分手 break in vi. 闯入,打断 break into vt. 闯入; 突然…起来 break down 破除,压倒 break away from 摆脱,脱离 break off 使断开,中断,休息一下 break through 突破,突围 break out 爆发

A be familiar with B = B be familiar to A

E.g. The crowd started to break up when the night fell


Their marriage broke up a few years later. 12. However, after a year or so in which they became more serious about their work, ...... about or so The total is about 8,000 dollars. about 在数词之前 He is 35 or so years old. or so 在数词之后

13. Not long after Freddy and the band became famous, they visited Britain on a brief tour ... ... E.g. I’ll be brief and to the point 我将开门见山地说。 Expressions hear about 听说 cross out 划出 share ? with ? 和 ? 分 享 add ? to ? 增 加 ? 到 ? stick to 坚持 put an advertisement 登广告 or so 大约,?..左右用于数词之后 as a long as 只要 play jokes on sb. leave a note 留言

be honest with 对 ? 说 实 话 , 对 ? . 诚 实 give sb. a chance 给某人一次机会 戏弄某人 above all 首先,最重要的是 pretend to do sth 假装干某事 as a result of 由于?结果 start to do/doing sth 开始做某事 break up 打碎,分裂,解体 join?.together 把?连接在一起 be ready to 准备 in the cradle 在摇篮里 the other day 前天 in church 在教堂

earn some extra money 赚额外的钱 comp up with 提出想出

in different directions 朝?不同方向

send message 传递信息 sort out 分类,拣出,整理,解决 be confident of/about 对?

expect sth. to happen 期望某事发生 occur to sb. (想法)被想起 mix up 迷惑,弄错,搅和,搅拌 change from?to?从?变成? not long before 在?之前不久 有信心 hang up 放下听筒挂断电话 on a tour 观光,巡回演出

Unit 5 Music
I. 单项填空 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1. A new cinema A. will be building C. has been built 2. Great changes here. They hope to finish it next month. B. is built D. is being built in the city, and a lot of factories .

A. have been taken place; have set up B. have taken place; have been set up C. have taken place; have set up D. were taken place; were set up 3. On the wall A. hangs B. hang two large portraits. C. hanged D. hanging


4. Charles Babbage is generally considered A. to invent C. to have invented 5. A. Seen; covered C. Seeing; covering A. of which C. from which A. shaped 8. China A. plays C. underlines being controlled. A. break away; free from C. break off; opposed to 10. Human skin is highly A. particular B. keen II. 完形填空 B. break up; free of B. formed B. inventing D. having invented from space, the earth, with water B. Seen; covering D. Seeing; covered

the first computer.

seventy percent of its surface, looks like a blue ball.

6. The journey around the world took the old sailor nine months, B. during which D. for which

the sailing time was 226 days.

7. Though Confucius has long gone, his powerful ideas undoubtedly C. laid D. made

Chinese society and tradition.

great importance to the ties with Germany, and always develops relation with Germany under B. attaches D. stresses from their parents and live a life

the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.

9. Nowadays many teenagers want to

D. break down; instead of to the change of the outside air temperature. C. sensible D. sensitive 1

It seems that everything about pop singer Jay Chou is considered “cool”. The way that he speaks the way he 手). Now, he’s 3 2

the two-fold sticks (双截棍), and the way he plays the piano in that retroverted way (反 another type of coolness-the basketball moves he displays in his latest film Kungfu 4 cinemas on Spring Festival Eve, February 6. He says that he cares more 5 9 points. 7 for the film. In one on to the hoop (篮球筐). In another, he had to 12 music.

Dunk (《功夫灌篮》). It will Jay enjoys 8 10 More 6

about showing his moves rather than , he had to use his feet to on top of the hoop. 11

himself and he had to learn new

to films doesn’t mean he will

He has released his latest album Jay Chou on the Run (《我很忙》) in November. The title song Cowboy is Busy carries a touch of old rural America. He tries Western country music, and 13 the 14 of a tough cowboy with a strong sense of justice (正义). 15 a song with a brand new (全新) style. “People said my music is conservative (保守的), so I But I still have my own accent (口音)”, he said. 1. A. unconsciously C. unclearly 2. A. performs C. plays 3. A. displaying C. conveying 4. A. strike B. uncontrollable D. uncomfortably B. practices D. acts B. expressing D. expecting B. attack


C. hit 5. A. ranking C. achieving 6. A. overcoming C. facing 7. A. ways C. methods 8. A. case C. play 9. A. hang C. go 10. A. jump C. hang 11. A. focus C. concern 12. A. give up C. give off 13. A. takes up C. takes on 14. A. character C. appearance 15. A. made C. named III. 单句改错

D. occur B. scoring D. getting B. challenging D. enjoying B. technologies D. techniques B. chapter D. scene B. stick D. keep B. sit D. stand B. attention D. devotion B. give in D. give out B. takes in D. takes off B. face D. look B. wrote D. invented

下列每个句子中都有一处错误,请找出来并改正。 1. This is the factory I worked before. _____________________________________________________ 2. I hope him to invite me to dinner. _____________________________________________________ 3. They will make all the flags by the hand. _____________________________________________________ 4. For century, there were no Olympic Games. _____________________________________________________ 5. With so many kinds of cell phones, I don’t know what to buy. _____________________________________________________ 6. No question was come up at the meeting. _____________________________________________________ 7. Hip-hop and rap have much in common to blues and rock. _____________________________________________________ 8. I thought I will give him a CD. _____________________________________________________ 9. JK Rowling is a world that anything can happen. _____________________________________________________ 10. It is not always easy to do that is right.



I. 单项填空 1. D 电影院下个礼拜要完成,所以现在是“正在被修建” ,应该选现在进行时态的被动: be being done。注意被动语态的结构:一般现在时 be done,现在完成时 has / have been done, 将来完成时 will be done。 2. B 3. B 发生是 take place,该短语无被动语态。工厂是“被建立” ,所以选择完成时被动:have 这是个倒装句。正常语序是“Two large portraits hang on the wall” 。陈述句的结构是“主语+谓语” , been set up。 完全倒装句的结构是“谓语+主语” 。注意该句介词短语放句首,句子要构成完全倒装。例如:A temple stands on top of the mountain. On top of the mountain stands a temple. 不能选 hanged 是因为 hang 表示“悬 挂”的意思时,过去式应为 hung,而非 hanged。 4. C “某人被认为做了某事”用 be considered to do。很明显, “电脑已经发明” ,所以用 to have invented。 试比较:He is said to go abroad next year.(据说他明年将要出国。 )和 He is said to have gone abroad.(据 说他已经出国了。 ) 5. B 句子的主语地球是“被看”,所以第一空用过去分词 seen;with + n. + doing 表示主动,水覆盖 70% 的表面,用 covering。注意 with 结构的构成: ①with + 宾语 + 形容词 He often sleeps with the windows open. 他常开着窗睡觉。 ②with + 宾语 + 副词 He stood before his teacher with his head down. 他低着头站在老师面前。 ③with + 宾语 + 名词 He died with his daughter yet a schoolgirl. 他去世时,女儿还是个小学生。 ④with + 宾语 + 介词短语 She said good-bye with tears in her eyes. 她含着眼泪说了声再见。 ⑤with + 宾语 + 现在分词(短语) He fell asleep with the lamp burning. 他没熄灯就睡着了。 ⑥with + 宾语 + 过去分词(短语) All the afternoon he worked with the door locked. 整个下午他都锁着门在房里工作。 ⑦with + 宾语 + 不定式(短语) With so many people to help us, we are sure to finish it in time. 有这么多人帮忙,我们一定能按时完成。 6. A 此题考察介词加关系代词在定语从句中的运用。 在该定语从句中, 先行词是 “nine months” , “the sailing time of nine months was 226 days”是其中一段,这段航行时间是 226 天中的九个月。 7. A shape 的意思为“塑造,影响,形成某种看法、信仰” 。如:People’s political beliefs are often shaped by what they read in the newspaper.(人们的政治信仰常常是在他们说读报纸内容的影响下形成的。 ) 8. B attach importance / significance to 的意思是“认为某些事物很重要” 。如:People attach too much importance to economic forecasts.(人们把经济预测看得过于重要。 ) 9. A break away from 的意思是“摆脱坏习惯或者某人的控制” ,free from 的意思是“不受约束” 。要注意 相关短语的含义:①break up 破裂。如:If a parent dies, the family may break up. (如果父母中有一人去 世, 这个家庭就会破裂。 ) ②break off 打断。 如: Fay told her story, breaking off now and then to wipe the tears form her eyes.(费伊讲述自己的故事,不时停下来擦去眼里的泪水。 ) 10. D ①be sensitive to 对某些事物感到敏感。②sensible 的意思是“明智的,理智的” 。如:Surely it would


be sensible to get a second opinion.(多听取一种意见肯定是明智的。 ) II. 完形填空 1. C 2. B 周杰伦讲话含糊不清,故 unclearly。 “练习双截棍”用 practice。perform,act 做表演讲时为不及物动词,perform or act in a play。 3. A “展示才能”用 display。如:All the musicians here displayed considerable skills。 4. C hit 为在“电影院上映”的意思。 5. B 6. B 得分用 score. win points, achieve one’s goal or success。 “挑战自己”用 challenge oneself。 in movies. 而 technology 指“科学技术” 。 8. D scene 指电影或戏剧里面的“一场” 。 9. A “他的脚钩住篮框”用 hang。 10. D 根据文章的意思,此处应该是“站在篮框上” 。 11. B more attention to 表示更多对电影的关注。focus on,concern about,devotion to 表示对 某事物的投入,意思不符,这里恰恰讲到他不会对电影过多投入而忽视音乐。 12. A ①give up 放弃。②give in 让步。③give off 发出。④give out 筋疲力尽。 13. C 14. C ①take on 这里指“呈现”出 cowboy 的外表。②take up 从事。③take in 欺骗。④take off 起飞。 这里指“外表上”看上去很调皮其实内心很有正义感。

7. D technique 的意思为 “技巧, 方法” , 尤其指需要学习的。 如: new techniques for producing special effects

15. A “制作音乐”用 make a song。 III. 单句改错 1. I 前面加 where。 2. hope→wish 3. 去掉 the。 5. what→which 6. was come up→came up 7. to→with 8. will→would 9. that→where 10. that→what be come up 的意思是“被提出” 。 4. century→centuries 无 hope sb. to do sth.的结构。 “用手工做”by hand。


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