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英语一轮精品同步课件复习:Unit2 Healthy eating(新人教版必修3)

Ⅰ.重点单词聚焦 1.Mary has been on a________(节食) for weeks but still hasn’t lost any weight. 答案: diet

2.He pushed against that big s

tone with all his________(力气).
答案: strength

3.There is a time________(限制):you must finish it in 30 minutes. 答案: limit

4.The two men in the fight________(怒目而视) at each other. 答案: glared

5.You will________(受益) a lot from morning exercises.
答案: benefit

6.Don’t be particular about food.A________(平衡) diet is very important for health. 答案: balanced

7 . The letter was not addressed to me but I opened it out of________(好奇).

答案: curiosity
8.We aim to offer good value and service to all our________(顾 客 ). 答案: customers

9.He thought that crying was a sign of________(软弱).

答案: weakness
10.I have________(查阅) a number of law books in the British Museums. 答案: consulted


1. a

balanced away



2.lose weight 3.get 4. earn 5.before long with one’s living

被放过;(做坏事)不受惩罚 谋生 不久以后 对??厌倦、厌烦 赢回;重新获得

6.be tired of 7.win... back 8. tell a lie


9.in debt
10.cut down 11.put on weight

削减;删节 增加体重


________ could be________.
答案: Nothing;better

2.他可不能让咏慧哄骗人们后跑掉! He could not ________ Yong Hui ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________! 答案: have;getting away with telling people lies

________ ________ ________sit down and try a meal?

答案: Why don’t you
4.我的研究表明,你我两家所提供的都不是平衡膳食。 A c co rd ing to my r es ea rc h , _ _______ y ou r r e stau ran t ________mine offers a balanced diet. 答案: neither;nor

肉了。 Their balanced diets became________a success________before long Wang Peng became slimmer and Yong Hui put on more weight. 答案: such;that

6.我原来认为你是一位新顾客,现在我才知道你只是来打探我和 我的菜谱的??

________ ________you________a new customer and now I know
that you only came to spy on me and my menu... 答案: I thought;were

diet n.日常饮食;vt.& vi.节食;使实施饮食疗法

教材原句P9:Everybody has to eat,but do you eat a healthy diet?

be/go on a diet节食 put sb.on a diet控制某人饮食 a balanced diet均衡饮食

①Proper diet and exercise are both important for health. 适当的饮食和锻炼对健康都很重要。 ②I really ought to go on a diet.I’ve put on so much weight since I gave up jogging.我真应该节食了。自从我放弃慢跑后,我的体重已经增 加了这么多。 ③The doctor put him on a diet after operation.

④No sugar in my coffee,please.I’m dieting. 请不要给我的咖啡放糖,我在节食。

1.完成句子 —Would you like some more chicken?

—No,thanks.I am________________(正在节食) and I’m trying

答案: on a diet;lose weight

balance n.天平,平衡;结余;余额;v.平衡,权衡
教材原句P9:What will happen to you if you don’t eat a balanced

keep the balance of nature保持生态平衡 ? ? (1)?keep one’s balance保持平衡 ? ?lose one’s balance ?=be out of balance?失去平衡 (2)balance sth.against 权衡,斟酌,比较
?balanced adj.保持?或显示?平衡的 (3)? ?keep a balanced diet保持饮食平衡

①Try to achieve a better balance between work and play. 争取把工作和娱乐更好地结合起来。 ②He lost his balance and hurt himself when he went upstairs.

③Many people have come to realize that they should go on a

balanced diet.许多人开始认识到他们应该均衡饮食。
④You have to balance the advantages of living in the countryside against the disadvantages.你得权衡一下住在乡下的好处和坏处。


(1)It’s very important to ____________________(保持大自然平
衡).However ,at times it is disturbed , resulting in a number of possibly unforeseen effects. (2)I think it’s important to__________________(保持平衡) study and a social life,so I’m going to join a few clubs. 答案: (1)keep the balance of nature (2)have a balance between

curiosity n.好奇心;求知欲
教材原句P10:Curiosity drove Wang Peng inside. 好奇心驱使王鹏走了进去。
out of curiosity出于好奇 ? ? (1)?satisfy one’s curiosity满足好奇心 ? ?show curiosity about sth.对某物表现出好奇

?curious adj.好奇的 ?be curious about对??感到好奇 (2)? be curious to do sth.极想做?? ? ?It is curious that...奇怪的是??
(3)curiously adv.好奇地;说来奇怪

①There are some people who show great curiosity about other people’s affairs.有些人就是特别喜欢打听别人的事。 ②Just out of curiosity,how much did you pay for your car? 我只是出于好奇,请问你这辆车花了多少钱?

③Children are naturally curious about everything around them.
孩子们对周围的事物感到好奇是自然的。 ④It is curious that he should have failed to win the race. 他竟然没赢得比赛,真是奇怪。

3.People have always been________about exactly how life on earth began. A.curious C.anxious 解析: B.excited D.careful


词短语搭配be curious about 对??好奇;excited兴奋的;anxious 焦虑
的;careful 认真的。 答案: A

limit vt.限制;限定;n.界限;限度

教材原句P14:I don’t want to upset you,but I found your menu
so limited that I stopped worrying and started advertising the benefits of my food.我并不想让你心烦,不过我发现你菜谱上的菜太少了,所以我


(1)limit...to...把??限制在??内 beyond the limit超过限度 ? ? (2)?within the limits of在??范围内 ? ?set a limit to sth.对??规定限度
?limited adj.有限的 (3)? ?be limited to sth.受限制于??

(4)limitation n.限制;局限

①I believe teaching should not be limited to the classroom. 我认为教学不应该局限在教室里。 ②The amount of money you have to spend will limit your choice. 你要消费的金额限制着你的选择。 ③In my opinion,you had better set a limit to the expense of your trip.在我看来,你们最好给这次旅行的费用定一个限度。

④This technique is useful but it has its limitations.

4.In my opinion , keeping dogs should not be banned , but________to certain areas. A.limited C.to limit 解析: B.limiting D.to be limited


特定的区域。 but 后的句子补充完整为: but keeping dogs should be
limited to certain areas。 答案: A

strength n.[U] 力量,体力;n.[C] 长处,强项 教材原句P11:The strength of the diet in Wang Peng’s restaurant

was that it provided plenty of energy-giving food.

build up one’s strength增强实力 strengthen vt.加强,增强

①Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses.

②When we think of leadship,we often think of strength and
power. 一想到领导才能,我们通常会想到实力和权力。 ③He hasn’t got enough strength to lift the box. 他没有足够的力气搬起那个箱子。 ④Our friendship has steadily strengthened over the years. 我们的友谊逐年加深。

5.Practising Chinese kung fu can not only________one’s strength, but also develop one’s character. A.bring up C.build up 解析: B.take up D.pull up


质,还能培养一个人的品质。build up one’s strength增强体力,符合
题意。bring up提出,养育;take up占去,继续;pull up(使)停下(住)。 答案: C

benefit vt.使??受益,得益;n.好处,利益;优势

?benefit from/by...从??受益,得益于 (1)? ?benefit sb.对某人有益

be of ?much,great? benefit to sb. ? ? (2)?=be beneficial to sb.对某人有益处 ? ?for the benefit of...为了??的利益

①We should spend the money on something that will benefit

②I am sure that everyone will benefit a lot from this activity. 我相信大家都会从这个活动中获益良多。 ③Fresh air and good food are beneficial to the health. 新鲜空气和好的食物有益于健康。 ④Plenty of exercise every day is of great benefit to our health. 每天做些适量运动对健康很有好处。

⑤The warning sign was put there for the benefit of the public.

6.完成句子 (1)Many thousands of patients ____________________(受益于这种

新的治疗) and recovered quickly.
(2)A large sum of money has been raised__________________(为

了??的利益) the poorly-educated children in the mountainous districts.
答案: benefit of (1)have benefited from this new treatment (2)for the

get away with被放过;(做坏事)不受惩罚 教材原句P10:He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies!他可不能让咏慧哄骗人们却不受惩罚! ①If you cheat in the exam,you’ll never get away with it. 考试作弊必予追究。 ②For such a serious mistake he was lucky to get away with a fine.


get across (使)被理解,(把??)讲清楚

get away (from)(从)??脱离,逃脱??
get rid of摆脱;除掉 get down to (doing) sth.开始认真地做某事 get in touch with与??取得联系 get on/along well with...与??相处得好,进展顺利 get over爬过??;克服(困难);从??中恢复过来 get through完成;花光(时间、钱等);通过;接通电话

③If we can get over present difficulties,then everything should be all right. 如果我们克服了目前的困难,那么一切都应该好起来。

④They have a lot in common,so they get along well with each
other. 他们有许多共同之处,因此他们相处很好。 ⑤I called all day yesterday,but I couldn’t get through to you. 昨天我打了一天电话,但是都没办法联络到你。

7.The child should be punished.You shouldn’t let

him________telling lies.
A.keep away from C.get away from 解析: B.keep away with D.get away with

keep away from远离;get away from逃离;get away with

侥幸成功;逃脱处罚。句意为:这孩子应受到惩罚。他撒谎你不应该不 惩罚他。 答案: D

8.(2011·浙江温州十校联合体联考)I used to quarrel a lot with my parents,but now we________fine. A.get over B.stay up

C.get away from

D.get along


我们相处得很好”。get along (with sb.)(与某人)相处。 答案: D

in debt负债 教材原句P14:He did not look forward to being in debt because his restaurant was no longer popular. 他不希望由于餐馆不受欢迎而负债。 be in heavy debt负债累累 be in debt to sb.欠某人债

be in sb.’s debt感激某人;欠某人的情
pay off all the debts还清债务(动作) be out of debt不欠债(状态) get/run into debt陷入债务

①Today,many developing countries are heavily in debt.

②Being out of debt makes Tom a light mood. 还清了债务使得汤姆心情放松。 ③The couple worked hard day and night in order to pay off all their debts. 为了还清所有的债务,这对夫妇夜以继日地拼命干活。 ④You saved my life;I am forever in your debt.

⑤We were poor but we never got into debt. 我们虽穷却从不负债。

9.完成句子 This country__________________(负债) for a year because of the

financial crisis.Now things have improved a little.
答案: has been in debt

cut down削减;删节 教材原句P15:In this way,they cut down the fat and increased the fibre in the meal. 这样,他们减少了饭菜中的脂肪含量,增加了纤维素。

①The doctor advised the patient to cut down smoking.
医生建议病人少吸烟。 ②Our money is running out.We should cut down expenses. 我们的钱快花完了,我们应该削减开支。

cut in插话,让某人分享利润 cut up切碎;齐根切掉 cut out删除 cut off切断,中止

③It is impolite for children to cut in when their seniors are talking. 孩子们在他们的长辈谈话时插嘴是不礼貌的。 ④Because of the terrible earthquake,the electricity of the city has been cut off.由于可怕的地震,城市里的供电被中断了。

10.I was just talking to my old friend when Mary________.

A.cut in
C.cut out 解析: 答案:

B.cut down
D.cut up

cut in插话。可根据talking to my old friend得出答案。 A

11.Our teacher advised you to________the article that is too long so as to make it fit the space. A.cut away C.cut up B.cut through D.cut down


根据too long和fit the space可知应选D项。cut down削减,

删节。cut away切去,走开;cut through抄近路通过;cut up切碎。

答案: D

He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies!
他可不能让咏慧哄骗人们后跑掉! (1)have sb.doing意为“允许某人做某事”时,常用于否定句 中;意为“使某人做某事”时,多用于肯定句中。 (2)have sb.do让某人做某事 (3)have sth.done遭遇不幸;让别人做某事;完成某事

(4)have sth.to do有事情要做

①I can’t have you speaking to your mother in a rude manner.You

must apologize to her immediately.我不允许你用那种粗鲁的方式跟你的
妈妈说话。你必须立刻向她道歉。 ②The teacher had his students reading English for half an hour. 这位老师让他的学生读了半个小时的英语。 ③Don’t be worried.I’ll have Tom help you finish the work. 别担心,我要让汤姆帮你完成工作。 ④—Can you go to watch the football match with me tonight?

—Sorry,but I have an important meeting to attend. ——对不起,我有个重要的会议要参加。

⑤I had my watch repaired because it didn’t work. 我的手表坏了,所以请人修了。 ⑥The woman had her handbag robbed yesterday.


12.I have a lot of readings________before the end of this term. A.completing C.completed 解析: B.to complete D.being completed


语动词作定语。have sth.to do有某事要做,to do的逻辑主语需和主句主 语一致;当不定式的逻辑主语与主句主语不一致时,可用have sth.to be

答案: B

Nothing could be better.


(1)形容词的比较级与否定代词nothing连用,表达最高级 的含义。有此用法的常用否定词:no,not,never,hardly, nothing,nobody等。 (2)表示最高级意义的几种特殊结构: ①never+比较级

nothing/no+比较级+than... ③can/could+never/not+enough/too

①It was not until then that I suddenly realized noboy was happier
than I was.直到那时我突然意识到没有人比我更幸福了。 ②Nothing in my life shook me so deeply as the first visit to China. 在我的一生中给我震撼最大的是第一次到中国参观。 ③You can never be too careful.你再怎么小心也不过分。 ④—Did you sleep well last night?你昨夜睡得好吗? —Never better,like a log.从没这么好过,睡得很死。

⑤Nothing is more precious than health.

13.(2011·安徽示范性高中联考二)—Did you have a good night’s

— Oh , exactly.It was such a comfortable bed.I could never have________sleep. A.a good C.a better B.the best D.a best


考查形容词的比较级。从语意看,说话人表示 “ 从来没

有睡得这样好 ”,“a(n)+形容词的比较级+名词 ”用在否定句中表示

答案: C

14.(2010 ·北京海淀模拟 )—Our women athletes achieved great success in the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. —Yes.No one could perform________,I think. A.well C.best 解析: B.better D.the best 句意为: ——我们的女运动员在温哥华冬奥会上取得了巨

式+比较级”表达“没人比??更??,最??”之意。 答案: B

spy on;throw it away;get away with;earn one’s living;win

back;tell a lie;in debt;cut down
1.He didn’t________________________stealing and was put into prison. 答案: get away with

2.He has been heavily ________________because of his sister’s

答案: in debt

3 . B e i n g u n a b l e t o sp e a k E n g l is h , h e f o u n d it h a r d
to________________________in Canada.

答案: earn his living
4.Never think you will not be found out when you______________________. 答案: tell a lie

5.He was sent to________________the enemy’s military bases during the war. 答案: spy on

6.—Are you sure these measures can________________ on the
number of traffic accidents?

—Yes,I am.
答案: cut down

7 . This is the best chance for you to go abroad.Don ’ t ______________________. 答案: throw it away

8.The seventeen-year-old girl is determined to________________the gold medal in four years.

答案: win back

1 . (2009 · 重庆卷 )With the world changing fast , we have

something new________with all by ourselves every day.
A.deal C.to deal 解析: B.dealt D.dealing 句意为:随着世界的快速变化,我们每天都有新的问题

要独自处理。本题考查的是不定式作定语,have something to do,动词 do逻辑上的主语是we,也就是句子的主语。 答案: C

2.(2010·东城练习二)Every year,Tom remembers to have some
flowers________to her mother on her birthday.

C.sending 解析: 答案:

D.being sent

本题考查非谓语动词。have something done表示某事被做。 B

3.—Excuse me sir,where is Room 301?
—Just a minute.I’ll have Bob________you to your room.

C.to show 解析: 人做某事。 答案: A


此题考查动词have的用法。have sb.do sth.命令或安排某

4.—Has John repaired his washing machine?
—He had it________,because he was so busy.

A.to repaired
C.repaired 解析:

D.to be repairing

句意为:约翰修好他的洗衣机了吗? ——他让别人修的,

因为他太忙了。have sth.done让某事被做。 答案: C

5.(上海春招)If we have illegal immigrants________in,many local
workers will lose their jobs.

C.to come 解析:

D.having come

考查 have的用法。句意为:如果我们让非法移民不断涌

入,很多当地工人就会失业。此处是have sb.doing sth.结构,表示“让 某人一直做某事”。 答案: B


1.(2011·河北唐山模拟)—What do you think of the film Avatar? —It________be better.I even want to see it twice. A.won’t C.shouldn’t 解析: B.couldn’t D.mightn’t

考查情态动词。句意为: ——你觉得电影《阿凡达》怎么

样? ——再好不过了,我甚至想看第二次。 can’t/couldn’ t与比较级连

用,表示 “ 再也没有更 ?? 的了 ” 。类似的用法还有 “ I couldn ’ t
agree more.(我完全同意。)” 答案: B

2.(2011·东北三校联合模拟)—Mum,would you please buy me an
MP5 player? — If you can help do the dishes the whole vacation , you ________have one as a reward. A.must C.would 解析: B.need D.shall

考查情态动词。 shall用于第一、三人称问句中表示征询

令、威胁”等语气。答句句意:如果你整个假期能够帮助洗盘子的话, 就会得到一个MP5作为回报。shall表示允诺。 答案: D

3 . (2011 · 江西南昌模拟 )The weather turned out to be fine
yesterday.You ________the trouble to carry your raincoat with you.

A.should have taken
C.needn’t have taken 解析:

B.could have taken
D.mustn’t have taken

should have done 本应做某事,但却没做; could have

done可能做了某事;needn’t have done没有必要做某事,但却做了。 根据句意C项最佳。must表推测时不能用在否定句中。句意为:昨天天 气很好,你本来不必费力带着雨衣的。 答案: C

4.(2011·石家庄高中毕业班教学质检)—John looks a bit upset.Did
you tell him the bad news?

—Yes,but I________him after his birthday party.
A.should have told C.shouldn’t have told 解析: B.must have told D.needn’t have told

考查“情态动词+完成式 ” 的用法。约翰看起来有点难

过,因此 “ 我本应该在他生日聚会之后再告诉他这个坏消息的 ” 。 should have done本该做某事(但是没有做);shouldn’t have done本不该 做但却做了。

答案: A

5.The traffic is heavy now,so Mike________come late.
—Let’s wait ten more minutes. A.can C.may 解析: B.need D.shall 考查情态动词的用法。句意为: ——现在交通繁忙,所以

Mike可能会迟到。——那让我们再等 10分钟吧。此处may表示“(有可能 但不肯定)也许,可能”;can能够;need需要;shall用于第二、三人称

答案: C

完美写作与写作训练(2) 二、如何使用较多的语法结构 1.为了达到简洁的目的,我们常常用短语来代替句子。 这其中包括: (1)不定式短语 You are so kind that you help me. →You are so kind as to help me. →It’s so kind of you to help me.

(2)过去分词短语 The teacher walked out of the lab and some students followed him. →The teacher walked out of the lab,followed by some students. (3)现在分词和动名词短语 If the weather permits,I’ll come tomorrow. →Weather permitting,I’ll come tomorrow. (4)with复合结构 The visitor came in and he held a swallow in his hand. →The visitor came in,with a swallow in his hand.

2.使用复合句把两个以上的简单句连接起来,使句子变得 简洁、紧凑。 The girl is spoken highly of.Her composition was well written. →The girl whose composition was well written is spoken highly of.

3.选择别人少用的句式或结构将会使你的文章“不同凡 响”。 (1)倒装句 They are so grateful to their partners that they don’t know what to do. →So grateful are they to their partners that they don’t know what to do.

(2)强调句 What he said at the meeting surprised everybody. →It was what he said at the meeting that surprised everybody. (3)虚拟语气 If I were the leader,I would listen to citizens. But for your kindness,I would have suffered a lot in the snow.

4.为了使句子表达生动,可使用感叹句和反问句 He has made great progress in recent years. →What great progress he has made in recent years! They believe what you said. →Don’t they believe what you said? 我们也可以使用比喻、拟人等修辞手法。修辞手法能给读 者留下较深刻的印象,具有强大的感染力。 To finish the work ahead of time, they have been as busy as a bee recently. 8th August,2008 saw Beijing holding the opening ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games.

Ⅰ.用正确的短语来替换下列画线的句子(注意不得改变句意),并 写在句后的横线上

1. When you are trapped in the crashed car, keep calm.

When trapped in the crashed car
, he feels

2 . Because he has so many things to do

With so many things to do stressful. 3. Because he was too shy ,Einstein didn’t
attend his 50th birthday party.

Being too shy

As he has been sentenced to 15 years in 4. prison ,Charlie is in a hopeless state. Sentenced to 15 years in prison 5. When he saw his mother ,the boy ran up to

Seeing his mother 6.The mayor was inspecting the site and some reporters followed him .
her and hugged her.

followed by some reporters

7.He came in and there was a book in his hand .

with a book in his hand/book in hand 8.As it has hosted the 29th Olympics successfully,Beijing becomes a hit. Having hosted the 29th Olympics successfully

Ⅱ.修改下面三段话,使其简洁、连贯、紧凑 1.It’s a flat of 25 square meters. There is a bedroom in the flat. There is a bathroom and a kitchen in it,too.In the bedroom,there is a bed;there is a sofa,a desk and a chair as well.

It’s a flat of 25 square meters,with a bedroom a bathroom and a kitchen. The bedroom is furnished with a bed,a sofa, a desk and a chair.

2.The Chinese women’s football team beat the US team. He heard the news. He was very happy. He couldn’t go to sleep.

When he heard the news that the Chinese women’s football team beat the US team, he was so happy that he couldn’t go to sleep.

3.Chaplin was a famous director.He directed a large number of films. Most of them were silent. They were popular with people of all ages. Chaplin,who was a famous director, directed a large number of films, most of which were silent and popular with people of all ages.


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