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1.Unite 联合团结 过去式: united 过去分词: united 现在分词: uniting 第三 人称单数: unites The two parties have been trying to________ since the New Year Every party is________ on the need for parliamentary democracy Marriage is about________ men and women A piece of wood ________ the two parts 2.Kingdom 王国 复数: kingdoms It was infamous as a ________ of brigands I've just finished reading a book on the ancient ________ of Mexico 3.Consist 组成,一致 过去式: consisted 过去分词: consisted 现在分词: consisting 第三人称单数: consists A healthy diet should ________ of wholefood This year's event ________ of readings, lectures and workshops He received a set of china ________ of sixty pieces The restaurant is upstairs and ________of a large, open room 4.divide?into 把、 、 分成过去式: divided 过去分词: divided 现在分词: dividing 第三人称单数: divides ________ the sauce among 4 bowls. The democrats are ________ over whether to admit him into their group They've finished ________ up the property. The river________ into two streams at this point 5.Clarify 澄清说明 过去式: clarified 过去分词: clarified 现在分词: clarifying 第三人称单数: clarifies A bank spokesman was unable to ________the situation. The cloudy solution ________quickly I'd like to know what else needs ________. That really ________ the recent reforms of the university, for instance 6.accomplish 完成,实现 过去式: accomplished 过去分词: accomplished 现在

分词: accomplishing 第三人称单数: accomplishes 名词:accomplishment If we'd all work together, I think we could ________ our goal... This task is________ by great effort. Some methods for ________g this program are reviewed in the following section. He spends so much time foo that he never ________ anything For a novelist, that's quite an accomplishment 7.conflict 冲突, 矛盾 复数: conflicts 过去式: conflicted 过去分词: conflicted 现在分词: conflicting 第三人称单数: conflicts The two companies came into ________ There is a ________ between what they are doing and what you want... He held firm opinions which usually ________ with my own Do British immigration laws ________ with any international laws There are ________ reports about the identity of the hostage 8.Unwilling---willing For months I had been either ________ or unable to go through with it. The military now say they're ________ to hold talks with the political parties 9.union 工会,联合体 复数: unions I feel that women in all types of employment can benefit from joining a ________ ________ are required to give seven days' notice of industrial action 10.credit 学分,信用,信任复数: credits 过去式: credited 过去分词: credited 现在分词: crediting 第三人称单数: credits To his ________, Eastwood manages it with style. She noticed that only $80,000 had been ________ to her account The staff are________ him with having saved Hythe's life It seems hard to________ that such things went on among senior Directors She has had many ________ and name-checks in American Vogue 11.institution 机构 复数: institutions Larry has been in an________ since he was four These large________ make — and change—the rules to suit themselves.

12.convenience 方便 --convenient 复数: conveniences Mail order is a ________ for buyers who are too busy to shop The house has all the modern ________ There wasn't even a ________place for students to assemble between classes. 13.rough 粗糙的 副词:roughly 比较级: rougher 最高级: roughest Grace made her way slowly across the ________ ground. As the wind blew harder, so the sea grew ________. I've been through the ________ political career of anyone you've ever met in your life He knew ________ what was about to be said. 14.Attract 吸引 过去式: attracted 过去分词: attracted 现在分词: attracting 第 三人称单数: attracts 名词:attraction 形容词 attractive 副词 attractively The Cardiff Bay project is________ many visitors Warm weather has ________ the flat fish close to shore Summer ________ visitors to the countryside I was married to a man who had ceased to ________me It is also a tourist ________ of some significance The deal seems so________ it would be ridiculous to say no Dress neatly and ________ in an outfit appropriate to the job 15. Architecture 建筑 architect 建筑师 复数: architects The house is a textbook example of medieval domestic ________ The new building was built from the design of a famous ________ He was one of the principal ________of the revolution 16. Collection 收藏过去式: collected 过去分词: collected 现在分词: collecting 第三人称单数: collects I want his autograph to add to my ________! Two young girls were ________ firewood 1.5 million signatures have been ________ He also ________ things for the house on his travels abroad 17.administration 行政部门复数: administrations The ________ has now endorsed the bill and can't turn back

The ________ in the factories began to fall apart 18. Port 港口 复数: ports A variety of heavy industries grew up alongside the ________ The steamer calls at several________ along the way 19. Enjoyable 愉快的 动词:过去式: enjoyed 过去分词: enjoyed 现在分词: enjoying 第三人称单数: enjoys It was much more ________ than I had expected Ross had always ________ the company of women... He ________ a reputation for honesty I ________ playing cricket When we stop ________ ourselves we'll knock it on the head 20.opportunity 机会 =chance 复数: opportunities I had an ________ to go to New York and study Film is a business with limited ________ for actresses 21.Description 描述复数: descriptions 动词:describe 过去式: described 过去 分词: described 现在分词: describing 第三人称单数: describes We entertained the guests with a detailed ________ of the party ________ of the pieces have been logged on computer by the Art Loss Register We asked her to ________ what kind of things she did in her spare time She broke down ________g how she was arrested She read a poem by Carver which ________ their life together He ________ the meeting as marking a new stage

1.fax [f?ks]传真复数: faxes 过去式: faxed 过去分词: faxed 现在分词: faxing 第三人称单数: faxes The machine automatically downloads the required information to his or her _______ Did you___________a reply to him? The files were___________ to us Almost all the commercial companies use ___________ to transmit printed material or drawings. A reply came by phone: Would we mind ___________ the information? 2.possibility 可能性复数: possibilities 可能的:possible 可能地:possibly; it is possible to do/ it is possible that; it is probable that; it is likely to do/ it is likely that; sb is likely to do There is the strong___________ that such cooperation will prove unworkable There were several ___________ open to each manufacturer I am managing, but I could not ___________ give up work It is not ___________ to reposition the carpet without damaging it They're ___________ to hold big fire sales It is ___________ that he will give up in despair 3.Quarrel 吵架 复数:quarrels 过去式:quarreled quarrelled 过去分词:quarreled quarrelled 现在分词: quarrelling quarreling 第三人称单数: quarrels I have no ___________ with his opinion. We have differed and ___________ in the past They have been ___________ ever since they got married The meeting engendered several ___________4.alike 像 【副词, 表语形容词】 ---like 像,喜欢---unlike 不像---dislike 不喜欢 She treats all her students ___________ We looked very___________ They would___________ to hand over their financial affairs to another body This is more ___________ a downpayment, or a deposit, if you ___________. Contrary to popular belief , many cats ___________ milk.

5.arrange 安排过去式: arranged 过去分词: arranged 现在分词: arranging 第 三人称单数: arrangesg 名词:arrangement It is not for me to ___________ such matters. She ___________ an appointment for Friday afternoon at four-fifteen When she has a little spare time she enjoys ___________ dried flowers He's a wonder with the way he___________ everything without any help. Our ___________ will stand good for ever 6.wedding 婚礼 复数: weddings Most Britons want a traditional ___________ What did they eat at ___________ and at funerals? 7.fold 折叠 过去式: folded 过去分词: folded 现在分词: folding 第三人称 单数: folds 反义词:unfold He ___________ the paper carefully ___________ the blanket back please She stood up and began to disrobe,___________ each garment neatly Buds ___________ in the sunshine The back of the bench ___________ forward to make a table 8.sightseeing 观光 Some people like to lie on the beach, but I prefer to go ___________ Most of our time was spent in ___________ 9. Delight 高兴 复数: delights 过去式: delighted 过去分词: delighted 现在 分词: delighting 第三人称单数: delights That uncle of yours is always ___________ to contradict me. Why do you ___________ to tease me? He ___________to talk about his family in the office The new toys ___________ the children. We are quite ___________. I enjoy seeing your parents take such a ___________ in the boys Your new book is ___________!

10.royal 皇室的 复数: royals 忠诚的:loyal All the ___________ cars are fitted with electronic homing devices His politics were based on___________ partisanship 11.statue 雕像 复数: statues A small crowd attempted to pull down a ___________ The three ___________above are probably Roman divinities 12.Communism 共产主义--communist party We should struggle for the cause of ___________ all our lives He was a convinced ___________ 13. Thrill 惊喜 复数: thrills 过去式: thrilled 过去分词: thrilled 现在分词: thrilling 第三人称单数: thrills The news sent a ___________ of joy to my heart I was ___________ to be getting a green card It's a ___________ movie even though it lacks subtlety There were ___________ in plenty on Saturday at Terrassa 14.pot 罐,锅 复数: pots The republic is a melting___________ of different nationalities He found two ___________, each wrapped in newspaper 15.Error--in error 误差;复数: errors; mistake--by mistake;make a mistake 无心的 错误; fault 毛病--it is my fault; find fault with sb Our statement that they do not was in___________ If the___________ is small, it is negligible Could you have given them the wrong drug by ___________? I may have made a ___________ in that regard I was disappointed whenever the cook found ___________ with my work. 16.tense 紧张的,复数: tenses 过去式: tensed 过去分词: tensed 现在分词: tensing 第三人称单数: tenses 比较级: tenser 最高级: tensest Dart, who had at first been very___________, at last relaxed. When we are under stress our bodies tend to ___________ up. Jane ___________ her muscles to stop them from shaking

All my muscles were___________ for a fight The game is getting___________and ___________ all the time The final minutes of a football game can be the ___________ "Tony, I can explain everything," she said ___________ 17. Consistent-consistently--consistence 一致 His actions lack ___________ This result is ___________ with the findings of Garnett & Tobin On the contrary, they ___________ confirm the Bible
Ⅰ.课文理解 1.What’s the main idea of the text? A.A brief introduction to the United Kingdom about its geography and history. B.A brief introduction to the United Kingdom about its foundation and development. C.A brief introduction to the United Kingdom about its politics and culture. D.All of above. 答案 D 2.What happened in the 17th century? A.The name was changed to “Great Britain” when England and Wales were joined to Scotland. B.The UK was founded. C.England was divided roughly into three main areas. D.London became the greatest historical treasure of all. 答案 A 3.Which of the following is the main reason for the southern part of Ireland to break away from the United Kingdom? A.It wanted to set up its own government. B.Its customs were different from those of the United Kingdom. C.It was once badly treated by the United Kingdom. D.It was refused by the United Kingdom. 答案 A 4.Where do most of the people settle in England? A.The zone nearest France. B.The zone nearest Scotland. C.The Midlands. D.The North of England. 答案 A

5.Which city is the centre of national government and its administration? A.Dublin. C.Manchester. 答案 B 6.Which group of invaders influenced the British words for food? A.The Romans. C.The Normans. 答案 C Ⅱ.正误判断 1.The UK includes England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.( F ) 2.The three countries were united by war instead of peacefully.( but they do work together in some areas as well.( T Ⅲ.课文语法填空 If you study British history,you may find the country went 1.through several different names.The first name England referred to England and Wales,2.but when the two countries joined Scotland in 1603,the name Great Britain 3.was given(given) to represent the country.4.With the joining of Northern Ireland,the country got the name the United Kingdom,5.which was shown to the world in a new flag 6.called (call) the Union Jack. Of 7.the four countries,England is the 8.largest(large) and is divided into three zones:the South, the North and the Midlands.9.Its capital London,which has been influenced by some invaders, like the Romans , the Vikings , the AngloSaxons and the Normans , is the greatest 10.historical(history) treasure of all with its museums , art collections , theatres , parks and buildings. Ⅰ.课文理解 1.What is the great surprise to Zhang Pingyu while visiting the Tower? A.The shape of the tower. C.The guards’ uniform. 答案 C 2.Which is not the place Zhang visited on the first day? A.The Tower. C.Big Ben. 答案 D 3.Tourists to the British Museum in London may enjoy all the following EXCEPT A.Karl Marx’s works . B.St Paul’s Cathedral. D.Greenwich. B.A royal palace. D.The queen’s jewels. ) F ) 3.Northern Ireland, England and Scotland have developed different educational and legal systems 4.The Romans left their language and their government to London.( F ) B.The Vikings. D.The AngloSaxons. B.London. D.Plymouth.

B.Karl Marx’s reading room C.treasure of different cultures D.Chinese pots 答案 B 4.Where will Pingyu go the next day? A.Windsor Castle. C.Greenwich. 答案 A Ⅱ.正误判断 1.The Tower was built by the Norman invaders of AD 1066.( T ) ) 2.Westminster Abbey contained statues in memory of dead poets and writers.( T day.( T ) F ) B.Karl Marx’s statue. D.Buckingham Palace.

3.Longitude line interested Pingyu most when she visited Greenwich during the second 4.In London Zhang Pingyu also saw the beautiful old Chinese pots and other objects.( T ) 5.Zhang Pingyu had sightseeing in London for four days.(


必修五第二单元短语与句型讲解 1.How many countries does the UK consist of? consist of=be made up of=be composed of 由??组成,包括【整体在前,部分 在后】 Make up 组成、 、 、 【部分在前, 整体在后】 【make--made--made--making--makes】 →The rescue team __________ eight soldiers and two doctors. →The rescue team __________ eight soldiers and two doctors. →Eight soldiers and two doctors__________ the rescue team. The book __________ nineteen chapters The entire world __________ matter 2.England can be divided into three main areas.英格兰可以被分成三个主要区 域。divide...into...把??分成?? (1)A year __________ four seasons. (2)The job is too much for you.Why not __________ it __________ small parts All things invariably divide into two These basic standards can __________ four categories.

3.However, the southern part of Ireland was unwilling and broke away to form its own government. [break--broke--broken--breaking--breaks] break away(from)挣脱,脱离 break down (机器)出故障;(讨论、谈判、希望、计 划等)失败;打破;(化学)分解;身体垮掉 break out 战争爆发;(火灾)发生 (1)It was wrong for him to __________ all his good friends. (2)News reports say peace talks between the two countries__________ (2)The American Civil War __________ in 1861. (4)I was encouraged to __________ old forms and rules. (5)There will be a war if the peace talks between the two countries__________ 4.To their credit the four countries do work together in some areas (eg, the currency and international relations), but they still have very different institutions. [one’s = my; your; his;her; its; our; your; their]to one’s credit 为??带来荣誉;值得赞扬;在??名下 credit card 信用卡 (1)The lady has a large sum standing __________(在她的名下) in the bank. (2)__________(值得称赞的是),he is brave enough to save the boy. 5.Which country is left out?[leave-- left--left--leaving--leaves] leave out 省去;遗漏;不考虑 leave for...动身去某地 leave sb./sth. alone 让某人独 处;不管某物 (1)The publisher asked the writer to __________ the last passage. (2)Whenever you say something,never__________ the others’ feelings. (3)I went through a list of people to be invited,and hoped I hadn’t __________ (2)Why you couldn’t get through to him was that you__________ a zero in his telephone number. He will__________ Shanghai on the Friday He will __________ things that might cause trouble 6.Now when people refer to England you find Wales included as well. find 在句中接复合宾语,宾语是 Wales,宾语补足语是 included。宾语补足语与 宾语之间构成被动关系,故此处使用过去分词。 (3)He was surprised to find the plan __________[carry] out successfully. (1)We found them__________[play]basketball on the playground. 7.Although, nationwide, these cities are not as large as those in China, they have worldfamous football teams and some of them even have two!

one/the one/ones/the ones/that/those/it ?1?one 表示泛指单数意义,同名异物; ?2?ones 表泛指复数意义,同名异物; ?3?that 表特指单数或不可数意义,异地同名; ?4?those 表特指复数意义,异地同名; ?5?it 表特指单数或不可数意义,同名同物; (6) them 表特指复数意义,同名同物 (7) 前后有修饰限制的词语或句子时不用 it,them,that,; those 后可接定从 (1)The cars made here are better than __________ made in my hometown. (2)I want to buy a house,__________with a large garden. (3)I bought some new chairs.The old __________ should be thrown away. (4)The bike is cheaper than __________ made in our factory. (5)The population of China is larger than__________ of Japan. (1)To her joy, Della earned first the trust of her students and then__________ of her colleagues. (2)The traffic on the main streets has a longer green signal than __________ on the small ones. (3)Studying Wendy’s menu, I found that many of the items are similar to __________ of McDonald’s. (4)If you’re buying today’s paper from the stand, could you get __________ for me? 8.It contained statues in memory of dead poets and writers, such as Shakespeare. in memory/celebration of 为纪念??;作为对??的纪念 (1)Washington,a state in the United States,was named in memory of the first president. 注意:“in+名词+of”结构表示某种动作的目的或性质。类似的短语还有: in favor of 支持;赞成 in honor of 向??表示敬意 in need of 需要 in search of 寻找 in face of 面对 in case of 万一 in charge of 负责;掌管

(1)The authorities sent many groups of rescuing teams __________ the persons who were lost in the forest. (2)A special reading party has been held in our school __________Mark Twain,the

greatest novelist in the 19th century. (3)On the whole the boss is__________ the scheme,but he thinks many aspects need to improve. 9.The second day the girl visited Greenwich and saw its old ships and famous clock that sets the world time. set the world time 为世界定时 set an example to...给??树立榜样 set...free 释 放??set off 出发,动身;燃放?烟花、炸弹等?set out?to do sth.?着手做??, 出发,动身 set about doing sth.着手做??set up 开办;建立;设立

(1)After a threeday rest,the travellers __________again. (2)He has __________ solving the problem. (3)Our math club __________,aiming to improve the students’ ability to make use of math. (2)Traditionally , college students hold a graduation ceremony to encourage themselves before they __________ on their life journey. 10.What interested her most was the longitude line. 【what:、、、的事是; 、、、 的东西; 、、、的话;、、、的样子; 】 (1)__________ Barbara Jones offers to her fans is honesty and happiness. (2)__________some people regard as a drawback is seen as a plus by many others. (3)Show me what you have bought. (1)__________ delighted the fans was that the young player performed extremely well in the table tennis tournament. (2)Knowing __________you are doing reduces the risks of failure and it works like an insurance policy for your own ability. (3)It is difficult for us to imagine __________ life was like for slaves in the ancient world. 11.It seemed strange that the man who had developed communism should have lived and died in London. It seems ?seemed?/is ?was? strange that...表示“??有点奇怪”。 that 从句常用虚拟 语气,谓语动词用“should+动词原形”或“should+have done”,should 意为 “竟然”,表示对现在或过去发生的事情感到惊讶。 在 It is strange/important/necessary/a pity/a shame+that 结构中, 记忆: 重要必要的 事情应该做;遗憾奇怪的事情竟然做

(1)It was strange that he __________ have said that. (2)It is a pity that he __________ miss such a golden opportunity. (3)It’s unbelievable that the boy should sing such a beautiful song. (4)It’s surprising that Mary __________ love such a person as Jack. (1)It was strange that he __________ have failed even after he had got so much help. (2)It seemed strange that he __________ have deserted his wife and his children. 12All of the words below can take the place of said,but they are used under different conditions and in different situations. take the place of sb./sth. = take one’s place?s? 就 位

【take--took--taken--taking--takes】; one’s = my;your;his;her;its;our;your;their take place= happen = come about= occur 发生;举行 (1)Who do you know will __________ Tom? (2)Computers have__________ typewriters in most offices. (3)__________s for dinner. ③Sending email has almost __________ writing letters. ④Can you tell me what changes have __________ since the telephone was invented?

过去分词(-ed 分词)作宾语补足语

作用 知识 例子

过 表示感觉或心理状态的动词, 去 可以接过去分词作宾补。如: 分 see, watch, observe, look at, 词 hear, listen to, feel, notice, 做 think 等。

(1) I heard the song sung in English. 我听 到有人用英语唱过这首歌。 (2)He found his hometown greatly changed.他发现他的家乡变化很大。

宾 表示“致使”意义的动词,如: (1) I'll have my hair cut tomorrow. 明天我要 语 have, make, get, keep, leave 理发。 补 等, 可以接过去分词作宾语补 (2) He got his tooth pulled out yesterday.

足 足语。 语 过去分词所表示的动作一定

他昨天拔了颗牙。 (3) Don't leave those things undone. 要把

和宾语有逻辑上的动宾关系。 那些事情做完。 “with +宾语+过去分词”结构 (1) The murderer was brought in, with his

中,过去分词用作介词 with hands tied behind his back. 凶手被带进来 的宾语补足语。 这一结构通常 了,他的双手被绑在背后。(表方式) 在句中作时间、方式、条件、 (2) With water heated, we can see the 原因等状语。 steam. 水一被加热,我们就会看到水蒸气。 (表条件) (3) With the matter settled, we all went home. 事情得到解决,我们都回家了。(表 原因)


文体指导 本单元的写作话题为用英语写一篇介绍景点的说明文, 要求学生用书信的格式写一些关于旅 游的说明文,向不同民族的朋友介绍异国的旅游景点、风土人情,并提出合理的旅游建议。 内容常常包括目的地情况的基本介绍、推荐旅游景点和游览项目,以及旅途注意事项等。 在结构上,此类文章大都分为以下三部分。第一部分为导入部分,即针对“对方”的一些情 况,引出相关旅游目的地的话题。第二部分为对旅游目的地的介绍。这是文章的主体部分。 列举旅游目的地的特征,找准切入点,寻找合理的说明顺序,将特征有条理地罗列。第三部 分通常为旅游建议,可以就旅游安全,包括人身安全和财产安全等情况加以友情提示。信件 可以用“表示愿意提供帮助、并祝旅途愉快”等语句结束全文。 在文章的时态运用上,说明文一般用现在时态表达。描述要准确、表达要流畅是说明文的基 本要求;而以书信为载体的文章,文章不能以自我为中心,只顾个人自言自语。要注意双方 情感的交互,体现语言的交际功能。

常用句式 介绍景点的英文语句: 1.用英文介绍旅游景点的历史背景: The old tower has a long history of 2,000 years.古塔有两千年的历史 Egypt is an Arabian country with a long history.埃及是一个具有悠久历史的阿拉伯国家。 The old town dates back to the late seventeenth century.这座古城建于十七世纪后期。 2.用英文介绍旅游景点的自然特点: This area is covered with grassland.这个地区被草原所覆盖。 Sichuan Province is made up of a basin and some mountainous areas.四川省是由一个盆地和许 多山区组成。 Onethird of the island is covered with forest.这个岛的三分之一都是森林。 Hainan Province consists of Hainan Island and neighboring isles as well as wide sea areas.海南省 由海南岛和附近的小岛及广阔的海域组成。 3.用英文介绍旅游景点的风景名胜: (1)列举“风景名胜”: There are quite a lot of places of interest in Xi’an, such as the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the old City Wall and so on.西安有许多名胜,比如兵马俑、古城墙等。 Beijing has many places of interest, among which is the Forbidden City.北京有许多名胜, 其中就 有紫禁城。 (2)表述地区的特色: Hangzhou is famous/wellknown for its beautiful West Lake.杭州以它美丽的西湖而著名。 Beijing is famous as the capital of China.北京作为中国的首都而闻名。 4.用英文介绍旅游景点地理位置: (1)表示“位置”的句型: The city lies across the river.这个大城市位于河的两侧。 The new gymnasium is situated at the eastern of the city.这座新体育馆位于城市的东边。 (2)表示“海拔”的句型: Xizang lies at an average of 4,000 meters above sealevel.西藏平均海拔 4 000 公尺。

写作任务 假设你是李华,你的新西兰笔友 Nick 将于今年八月来四川旅游,特来信询问有关旅游景点 的情况。请根据下表所提供的要点,写一封回信,并表示盼望他的到来。内容包括: 旅游资源 许多世界著名的风景名胜,如:九寨沟(湖泊:清澈见底;色彩斑斓)、都

江堰水利工程(2,000 多年历史;仍在发挥作用)。 相关信息 注意:1.词数 100 左右; 2.开头和结尾已给出; 3.可根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 参考词汇:都江堰水利工程 Dujiangyan Irrigation Project Dear Nick, I’m glad to hear that you’re coming to Sichuan Province in August.You’ve made the wise choice to travel here. 气候适宜,交通方便。

I’m looking forward to your coming. Yours sincerely, Li Hua 审题谋篇 第一步 明确要求 该写作属于应用文类的书信, 故要用第一人称来写; 信的主题内容是对于询问有关旅游景点 情况的回复,即客观的景点介绍,故时态要用一般现在时态。 第二步 确定段落 三段式结构: Para. 1 导语部分:说明回信的背景并引出要回复的主题,即介绍四川的景点。 Para. 2 正文部分:介绍九寨沟和都江堰的旅游特色。 Para. 3 结尾部分:表达个人愿望。 第三步 提炼要点 1.be rich in 在??方面很丰富 2.places of interest 名胜古迹 3.be wellknown for 因??而著名 4.besides 此外 5.play an important part 起重要作用 第四步 扩点成句 1.四川省旅游景点丰富。(一般表达)Sichuan Province has many tourist attractions/scenic spots. (句式升级)Sichuan Province is rich in tourist attractions. 2.九寨沟以它的湖泊而出名,湖水清澈,五光十色。

(一般表达)Jiuzhaigou is famous for its lakes and the water of the lakes is clear and it looks colorful. (句式升级 1) Jiuzhaigou is wellknown for its lakes ,the water of which is clear and looks colorful. (句式升级 2)Jiuzhaigou is wellknown for its lakes with clear water,which looks colorful. 3.另一个景点是都江堰水利工程,它有 2,000 多年的历史,现在仍在发挥灌溉作用。 (一般表达)Another attraction is Dujiangyan Irrigation Project. It was built over 2,000 years ago and is still playing an important part in irrigation today. (句式升级 1)Another attraction is Dujiangyan Irrigation Project with a history of over 2,000 years,which is still playing an important part in irrigation today. (句式升级 2)Dujiangyan Irrigation Project,another attraction,(which was)built over 2,000 years ago, is still playing an important part in irrigation today. 4.这儿气候适宜,交通方便。会使你的旅行非常愉快。 (一般表达)The weather here is nice and the transportation is convenient, so you can have an enjoyable trip. (句式升级 1)The nice weather and convenient transportation here can make your trip more enjoyable. (句式升级 2) The weather here is nice and the transportation is convenient, making your trip more enjoyable. 范文赏析 Dear Nick, I’m glad to hear that you’re coming to Sichuan Province in August.You’ve made the wise choice to travel here. Sichuan Province is rich in tourist attractions and enjoys many worldfamous places of interest, such as Jiuzhaigou and Dujiangyan Irrigation Project.Jiuzhaigou is wellknown for its beautiful lakes, of which the water is clear and looks colorful.It can excite visitors’ imagination.Another attraction is Dujiangyan Irrigation Project.It was built over 2,000 years ago and is still playing an important part in irrigation today.Besides, the nice weather and convenient transportation here can make your trip more enjoyable.I’m sure you’ll have a good time. I’m looking forward to your coming. Yours sincerely, Li Hua 亮点点评 这是一封有关四川旅游景点的书信。结构完整,过渡自然。承接的句子随处可见,如第一段 的 You’ve made the wise choice to travel here,第二段的 I’m sure you’ll have a good time

等,而过渡词更是起了重要的作用,尤其在第二段过渡词 another,besides 等的得体运用。 这些过渡词的运用让全文前后连贯,紧凑自然。 在内容上,要点表达齐全,提示规定的要点在书信的载体中表达准确自然、丰富多彩。采用 了举例、并列的说明方法。动词使用准确,如 make,excite,play an important part 等表达都 非常精确。同时,定语从句、并列句、宾语从句等复合句的使用,使文章句式多变,增加了 可读性。

要点:1.加拿大是世界第二大国,人口是 2,900 万,首都是渥太华。有两种官方 语言:法语和英语。 2. 在北方, 冬季很漫长, 一年有六个月的积雪。 在渥太华, 冬天的气温是-10℃, 夏天是 21℃。 3.加拿大有大量的煤、油和天然气。这个国家许多地区被森林覆盖,木材被砍 伐后销售到世界各地,而这里产的鱼也销售到许多别的国家。 _________________________________ 【参考范文】 Canada is the second largest country in the world.The population of Canada is about 29 million and the capital is Ottawa.There are two official languages,French and English. In the north,the winter is long,with snow for six months of the year.In Ottawa,the winter temperature is -10 ℃,and in summer 21 ℃. Canada has a lot of coal,oil and natural gas.Much of the country is covered by forests,and wood is cut and sold all over the world.And fish here is sold to many other countries.

假如你是李华,你的新西兰网友 Tim 对杭州西湖很感兴趣,来信向你询问相 关情况。请根据所给提示,用英语写一封回信。内容主要包括: 1. 杭州西湖位于浙江省杭州市西部,其南、北、西三面环山,面积约为 6.39 平 方千米;

2. 湖中被孤山、白堤、苏堤、杨公堤分隔为外西湖、西里湖、北里湖、小南湖 及岳湖等五片水面; 3. 2011 年 6 月 24 日被列入世界遗产名录,成为中国唯一的世界文化遗产类的湖 泊。 注意: 1. 词数 120 左右; 2. 参考词汇:堤 causeway;天堂 paradise Dear Tim, I am glad to receive your letter and I’m writing to tell you something about the West Lake. The West Lake is located in the west of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, it covers an area of 6.39 square kilometers. It is divided by the Su, Bai, and Yanggong causeways into five areas, which are the Outer West Lake, the West Inner Lake, the North Inner Lake, the Little South Lake and the Yue Lake. The West Lake was added to the World Cultural Heritage List on June 24, 2011, and it is the only China’s world cultural heritage in the class of lakes. I do believe it is well worth visiting. Yours, Li Hua 假如你是李华,你的英国网友 Mary 想来参观你的家乡——贵州,来信询问 一些相关情况。请根据所给提示,用英语写一封回信。内容主要包括:

1. 贵州气候宜人,交通便利,矿产资源丰富; 2. 著名的黄果树瀑布(位于安顺市西南部, 距离贵阳市 150 公里)水流湍 急,清澈凉爽;草海自然保护区四面环山,栖息着 100 多种珍奇水鸟。 注意: 1. 词数 120 左右(开头和结尾已给出,但不计入总词数); 2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3. 参考词汇:黄果树瀑布 Huangguoshu Waterfall;草海自然保护区 Caohai Nature Reserve;水鸟 water birds Dear Mary, I’m glad to hear that you’d like to visit my hometown — Guizhou. Guizhou, lying in the southwestern part of China, is rich in natural resources. Its climate is favorable and it is convenient to get here by air, rail or highway. There are many places of interest in Guizhou, such as Huangguoshu Waterfall, which has a high reputation both at home and abroad. Huangguoshu Waterfall is located in the southwest of Anshun, 150 kilometers away from Guiyang. It is well known for its rapid and beautiful waterfall, which is clear and cool. Another famous tourist attraction is Caohai Nature Reserve, which is surrounded by mountains. It is the habitat of more than 100 species of water birds. In short, it is well worth visiting Guizhou, where I believe you will enjoy yourself. I’d be glad to be your guide when you’re here. Best regards, Li Hua

英国首都——伦敦。 内容要点: 1.英格兰的首都,最大的城市;横跨在泰晤士河(the Thames River)上; 2.人口:约 720 万; 3.英国政治中心:英国王宫——白金汉宫(Buckingham Palace)的所在地; 4.旅游胜地:每年接待游客 800 多万; 5.旅游景点:大英博物馆、伦敦塔(the Tower of London)、马克思雕像(Karl Marx’s Statue) 等。 注意:1.词数 100 左右; 2.可以适当增减细节,以使行文连贯。 参考范文 London, situated on the Thames River, is the capital and largest city of England with a population of about 7.2 million.It is also the political center of the United Kingdom, where lies the Buckingham Palace. There are many cultural relics and famous buildings in the city of London, which attract more than 8 million tourists from all over the world every year.The British Museum,the greatest one in the world,displays all kinds of relics of Britain and other countries.Besides,the Tower of London, Karl Marx’s Statue and so on are also very famous attractions on earth. Therefore,it is well worth visiting for people all around the world. 假设你是李华,你的新西兰笔友 Nick 将于今年八月来四川旅游,特来信询问有关旅游景点 的情况。请根据下表所提供的要点,写一封回信,并表示盼望他的到来。内容包括: 旅游资源 相关信息 注意:1.词数 100 左右; 2.开头和结尾已给出; 3.可根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 Dear Nick, I’m glad to hear that you’re coming to Sichuan Province in August.You’ve made the wise choice to travel here. Sichuan Province is rich in tourist attractions and enjoys many worldfamous places of interest, such as Jiuzhaigou and Dujiangyan Irrigation Project.Jiuzhaigou is wellknown for its beautiful lakes, of which the water is clear and looks colorful.It can excite visitors’ imagination.Another attraction is Dujiangyan Irrigation Project.It was built over 2,000 years ago and is still playing an important part in irrigation today.Besides, the nice weather and convenient transportation here can 许多世界著名的风景名胜,如:九寨沟(湖泊:清澈见底;色彩斑斓)、都 江堰水利工程(2,000 多年历史;仍在发挥作用)。 气候适宜,交通方便。

make your trip more enjoyable.I’m sure you’ll have a good time. I’m looking forward to your coming. Yours sincerely, Li Hua

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