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新人教版选修九Unit2 Warming up and Reading课件1


Review important phrases

受…支配 at the mercy of 对…表示怜悯 have mercy on /show mercy to 开拓视野 broaden/expand one’s horizons 把钱存入银行 deposite money in a bank be thirsty for 对…渴求 tear down 拆除,拆毁 tear up 撕毁 tear sth to pieces 撕成碎片 tear yourself away from 依依不舍地离开,远离 be reckoned (considered)to be /as 被认为是 nowhere to be found 找不到了 at random 随机的,任意的

陷入困境 在黄昏/在黎明 日常事物 打破常规 紧张的氛围 出发,开始 鬼门关;死神 义务教育 参考;谈及 确切地说 简化这个问题 最新的消息 有做…的倾向 依靠某人做…

be caught /trapped in a dilemma at dusk/dawn daily routine break a routine tense atmosphere set loose jaws of death compulsory education refer to to be precise simply the problem the uptated information have a tendency to rely on sb to do

1.voyage 2. mercy 3. alongside 4. minimum 5. reference 6. update 7. expedition 8. compulsory 9. reform 10. incident 11. deposit 12. dilemma 13. dusk 15. thirst 16. tear

航海 仁慈 在旁边 最小 最低 提到 参考 更新 提高 远险 必须的 义务的 改革 插曲 事变 放 安置 困境 黄昏 渴渴望 眼泪 .撕 /拆

16. random 17. horizon 18. nowhere 19. latitude 20.encyclopedia 21. celestial bodies 22.tide 23.kot 24.log 25.nautical miles 26.magnetic 27.the bearing circle 28.the astrolable 29.the quadrant 30.the sextant

随意 任意 地平线 视野 无处 维度 百科全书 天体 潮汐 结 原木 海里 有磁性的 方位圆 31.accelerate the speed 星盘 加速 象限,四分仪 六分仪

early navigational instrument


Astrolabe(星盘 navigators )


sea/nautical chart

Read about what navigation(导航) was like before modern instruments were used.

What’s the purpose for the writer to write the passage? A.To tell how seamen explored the ocean before the 17th century . B.To explain what was important to sail across the ocean C. To illustrate some ways to plot a ship’s position on a map D. To introduce an encyclopedia.

Sailing the oceans
Page 1

to get the general idea.

Using nature
? Keeping alongside the coastline ? Using celestial bodies

? Using wildlife
? Using the weather ? Using the sea

Using celestial bodies
( 2 minutes )

to plot the positions to work out the latitude a special cloud formation indicates there is land close by

Using wildlife

If seaweed was fresh and smelled strongly, the ship was close to land.

Sea birds could be used to show the way to land when it was nowhere to be seen.

Using the weather

To help identify the position of a stream or river when…

To direct their sailing

“ Current” in the last paragraph on page 1 means ___ . A winds B. clouds C. tendency of seawater going D. atmosphere

Using nature
. Use the information to analyze the navigational skills and write the answers in your own words.

1.To find the ship’s position at sea a the North Star and the sun. sailor used _______________________. 2.A sailor knew that land was nearby if he saw__________________________ clouds , fresh seaweed, __________________________. nesting birds or fog
currents or tides and 3.Sailors used sea ____________________ winds to increase their speed. ______

Page 2

to get the general idea.

then answer the questions.

Using navigational instruments
1. Finding longitude 2. Finding latitude ? the bearing circle


? the astrolabe (星盘) ? the quadrant (象限仪,四分仪) ? the sextant (六分仪)

Using instruments

( 1 minute )

Read again and fill in the blanks

There were two methods to find longitude: 1. __________________________ measuring time and speed
2.___________________________ compass and complicated

mathematical tables

Write down the working principles of the following instruments: ( 5 minutes )

a more precise form of Bearing circle: to compare the height the astrolabe, to of the sun now with measure how high stars to compare the the position of the sun are above the horizon an updated version ofin the position of the ship Astrolabe: at midday. using a and quarter circle quadrant so it was relation to some stars rather than the full accurate, to or the sun. Quadrant: more circle of the astrolabe. measure the angle( 角度) Sextant: between two fixed pints outside the ship.

1. We may well wonder how seamen explored the ocean before latitude and longitude make it possible to plot a ship’s position on a map.
我们很可能感到奇怪,在经纬度被用来在地图上标出位置以前, 海员是如何对海洋进行探索的。
句中it做形式宾语,真正的宾语为不定式to plot a ship’s position on a map 在英语中,动词make,find,think,feel ,consider,believe等后, 常用it 做形式宾语。 翻译:她认为照顾好这个病人是她的职责。 She considered it her duty to look after the patient. _______________________________________

2. The voyages of travellers before the 17th century show that they were not at the mercy of the sea even though they didn’t have modern navigational aids.
17世纪以前的航海记录显示,即使没有现代航海技术的帮助, 旅行者们也不是任凭海洋摆布的。

3. modern navigational aids. 4.alongside the coastline 5.accomplished navigators 6.work out their latitude

7. This seems to have been the first and most useful form of exploration which carried the minimum amount of risk.

…seems to have done … 表示“似乎已经…” eg: Our country seems to have changed much. …seems to be doing 似乎正在… eg: The naughty boy seems to be watching TV while doing his homework.

8.There is a special cloud formation which indicated there is a land close by.


9.Seabirds could be used to show the way to land when it was nowhere to be found.
10.The earliest, the astrolabe, was a special allin-one tool for telling the position of the ship in relation to the sun and various stars which covered the whole sky.


最早的是星盘,它是一种集多功能于一体的工具, 它可以用来表明船只同太阳和布满天空的各种星星之间的相关位置。

1.使…成为可能 make it possible 2.标出船的位置 plot a ship’s position 3.受…支配 at the mercy of 4.现代的导航器材 modern navigational aids 5.优秀的航海员 accomplished navigators 6.计算出纬度 work out latitude 7.看不见/找不到了 nowhere to be seen /found 8.加速 accelerate the speed 9.某种潮汐或洋流 certain tides and current 10.打结的绳子 a knotted rope 11.复杂的数字表 complicated mathematical tables 12.直线航行 set a straight course 13.而不是任意的航线 rather than a random course 14.集多功能于一体的工具 all –in –one tool 15.和…有关 in relation to 16.参照点之一 one of the points of reference 17.更精确和简化的版本 a more precise and simplified version 18.更新的版本 the updated version

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