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干扰床分选机( 干扰床分选机(TBS)介绍 )
1 INTRODUCTION 前言 1.1 Applications Data 应用资料
The TBS is a hindered settling separator, using upward current water to create a column of teeter in the vessel. TBS 是一种利用上升水流在槽内产生紊流的干扰沉降分选机。 The heavier particles, which concentrate at the bottom of the cell, are discharged through the spigot valve(s). The smaller material and lighter particles overflow the weir and are collected in the overflow launder with the excess water. 集中于槽体底部的重颗粒通过塞阀排出,轻而细的颗粒通过溢流堰随大量水流收集到溢流槽。 Typical applications include: 一般应用包括: ? Classification of minus 5 mm sands. -5mm 砂子分级 ? Beneficiation of fine coal. 细粒煤分选 ? Removal of pyrites from minus 5 mm coal. -5mm 煤脱除硫铁矿 ? Removal of lignite/peat from sand. 从砂中脱除褐煤/泥煤 ? Removal of heavy contaminants from sand. 从砂中脱出质量重的杂物 ? Ore dressing including: tin, lead and zinc. 锡,铅,锌的矿物分选 Products include 产品包括: ? ? ? ? ? ? Foundry sand. 铸造用砂 Glass sand. 玻璃用沙 Specialist sands. 专用沙 Close graded grits. 精粉 China clays. 陶土 Washed fine coal. 洗精煤


1.2 Principles of Operation 运行原理
Slurry feed enters the unit by means of a tangential feedwell and a fluidized, or a teetered, bed is built up against an TBS fluidizing water (UCW) supply. Appropriate valving regulates the TBS fluidizing water flowrate such that the water flows up through the tank at an average upward interstitial velocity (Vucw). In simplistic terms, when steady state is reached, particles of feed, which are less dense than the average density of the teetered bed will have a hindered settling velocity (Vhs) less than the average TBS fluidizing water velocity (Vhs < Vucw). These particles will tend to float on top of the teetered bed and are ultimately displaced to the overflow stream. Conversely, feed particles of higher density than the teetered bed will have a hindered settling velocity greater than the average TBS fluidizing water velocity (Vhs > Vucw). These particles will percolate through the bed and report to the sinks stream via the spigot. 入料切向给入分选机,同时在一股上升扰动水流的作用下形成一个干扰床层。通过调节阀门来 适当控制 TBS 扰动水流以形成均匀的上升水流。简言之,当达到稳定状态后,入料中密度低于 干扰床层平均密度的颗粒,它们的干扰沉降速度也会低于平均上升水流速,这部分颗粒将会浮 起,并进入浮物产品流。相反,凡密度高于干扰床层平均密度的颗粒,它们的干扰沉降速度也 会高于平均上升水流速,这部分颗粒将会透过干扰床层,并由排矸口进入沉物流。

TBS Operation Schematic In order for the unit to operate effectively, the average relative density of the teetered suspension within the tank is to be kept constant. To achieve this, a simple feedback control

loop is incorporated in the commercial unit design. A capacitance type differential pressure cell measures the effective density of the teetered suspension. A single loop PID controller receives a 4-20 mA signal from the probe, proportional to the effective density of the teetering suspension above the probe. The effective density is compared to the operating setpoint and the spigot valve is actuated to discharge excessive bed solids if the effective density is too high. Conversely, the control system acts to restrict the discharge of the bed solids if the effective density is too low. 为使该设备能有效作业,分选筒内扰动悬浮液的平均相对密度必须保持稳定。为此,在其工业 装置中设计了一个简单的反馈控制回路。扰动悬浮液的实际密度由一个电容式差压管测定,并 由一个单回路 PID 控制器接收来自探测器的 4~20mA 的电流信号,电流信号与探测器上方的扰 动悬浮液的实际密度成正比。实际密度与设定的密度值进行比较后,如果实际密度过高,则排 料阀打开,排出扰动床层中多余的物料,反之,则限制床层的物料排入。



A sectional view of a standard 3 spigot TBS machine is provided below. Each of the major components of the TBS are listed and described below. 下图是带 3 个排料口的 TBS 剖面图。主要部件的介绍如下:

Sectional View of the TBS TBS 剖面图

2.1 Main Tank 主箱体
The main tank consists of four main sections. Pressure or plenum chamber, sorting column, TBS fluidizing water manifold and overflow launder. The Pressure chamber is located at the base of the tank and is isolated from the main vessel or sorting column by the teeter plate(s). Water enters the pressure chamber via the TBS fluidizing water manifold and passes up into the main vessel or sorting column through the teeter plate(s). The sorting column as the name suggests is where the beneficiation of the coal feed takes place. The sorting column has to be sized correctly for the feed size distribution and feed tonnage to ensure sufficient settling area is available for the process. The TBS fluidizing water manifold consists of a channel welded around the circumference of the tank. The channel’s function is twofold; it provides structural stiffness to the tank and a ring-main to supply the water to the pressure box via 3 manifold pipes. The overflow launder is a tiled launder to collect the TBS product and divert it away for subsequent processing. The tank internal surface is subject to very low particle velocities and hence is not susceptible to any major abrasive wear. A paint specification similar to that used in tailings thickeners or un-lined process sumps is adequate for the TBS internal surfaces. 主箱体分为四个主要部分。压力室或充气室,分选室,上升水流管和溢流槽。压力室位于箱体 的底部,通过扰动板把其和主箱体或分选区隔开。水流通过 TBS 供水管进入压力室然后再通过 扰动板进入箱体上部分选区。在分选区内入料实现了分选。分选区的大小根据入料粒度分布和 吨数的变化而变化从而保证在分选过程中有充足的沉降区域。TBS 供水管由环绕箱体周围的焊 接的管道组成,具有双重作用,一是使箱体结构更加坚固,二是通过三个布水管把水分配到压 力箱。溢流槽是倾斜的用于收集精矿并把其转入下一个工序。由于颗粒的速度很低,所以 TBS 的内表面不会受到太大的磨损。TBS 内表面的油漆达到与尾煤浓缩机或无内衬储料桶相似就已 经足够了。 Peripheral items located on the tanks are as follows : 箱体上的外围设备包括 (a) (a) (b) (b) (c) Washout doors : Washout doors are hinged doors that allow inspection access to the pressure chamber. 冲洗门:冲洗门是铰接的门可以通过它观察压力室。 Inspection windows : Optional windows can be supplied so that operators can observe the mobility and consistency of the material in the sorting column. 观察窗:观察窗不是必需的,它可以使观察者观察到分选区内物料的移动和稠密度。 Drain valve : A drain valve is located centrally underneath the pressure box. The drain valve allows the water in the pressure box to be drained prior to opening the washout doors for inspection of the pressure box.

(c) 放水阀:放水阀位于压力箱的正中央下。它可以在打开冲洗门观察压力箱之前排出压力箱 内的水。 (d) Tank Footings : The tank footings (qty 4) are usually located on the TBS fluidizing water manifold channel, however the footings can be located at almost any elevation on the tank wall so as to suit site conditions, providing sufficient bracing is incorporating in the tank design.


(d)箱体支撑:箱体支撑(4 个)通常位于 TBS 供水管通道上,但如果在箱体设计时充分考虑 了支撑,也可根据现场情况把支撑安在几乎是箱体壁的任意高度。

2.2 Access Platform 平台
The access platform complete with handrails, kickplate and flooring is designed so that the operator can gain safe access to the top of the TBS to monitor the TBS operation and to inspect and calibrate the density probe(s), control panel (if supplied) and pneumatic actuators. The access platform also provides the mounting point for the feedwell. 平台连同扶手,踢板和地板一起设计以使操作者可以安全的在 TBS 上面监测 TBS 的运行、观 察和校正密度探测仪、控制面板(如果有)和气动执行器。同时此平台也为入料箱提供了安装 点。

2.3 Feedwell 给料箱
The function of the standard tangential entry feedwell is to present the solids into the centre of the TBS. All feedwells are lined with 90% Alumina tiles to provide abrasion resistance. 沿切线方向入料的给料箱的作用是使固体物料进入到 TBS 的中部。整个给料箱采用了含 90% 氧化铝的瓷砖作为内衬以防止磨损。

2.4 Actuator(s)执行器 执行器
The actuator assembly comprises a pneumatic type thruster valve, mechanical linkages and a positioner, configured to accept a 4-20 mA signal direct from the local controller or plant PLC. Each actuator assembly is connected to a spigot rod and a ceramic dart valve. A downward movement of the actuator thruster displaces the dart from the ceramic seat, thus opening the valve. The actuator has a linear stroke length of 60 mm. 执行器由一个气动推进阀、机械连接装置和一个定位器组成,用以直接接收来自就地控制器或 厂房 PLC 的 4~20mA 的电流信号。每个执行器与锥形阀门推杆及阀座相连,推进器向下运动 使锥形物离开陶瓷座以打开阀门。执行器有一个线性的 60mm 的行程。 Each actuator assembly comes complete with a manual override facility so that the thruster valve can be manually positioned in the event of a positioner failure. 每个执行器都有手动控制装置以防备定位器失灵时可对推进器阀门进行人工调节。

2.5 Probe(s)传感器 传感器
The density probe is mounted on the access platform and consists of a sensing element which is immersed in the sorting chamber of the tank, the probe stem and the electronic insert with electrical terminations located on the top of the probe stem. The sensing element converts the hydrostatic pressure within the teeter bed into an electronic 4-20 mA signal. Any change in the bed density will produce a variation in the 4-20 mA input signal that is sent to the PID controller. The probe is calibrated to indicate the average specific gravity of the pulp above the sensing element.

密度传感器安装在操作平台上,由一个浸入分选室内的传感元件、传感器杆和位于传感器顶部 的电子嵌块组成。 传感器可将紊流床层内部的静压力转换成为 4~20mA 的电流信号, 床层内的 任何密度变化都将产生一个 4~20mA 的输入信号传到 PID 控制器。被校准后的传感器可以显 示传感器上面的浆体的平均密度。

2.6 Spigot Assembly - Dart Valve(s) and Seat(s) 锥形阀门组件――阀门及阀座 锥形阀门组件――阀门及阀座 ――
The dart valve(s) sit under the valve seat(s). When conditions in the tank call for the valve(s) to be opened, the actuator(s) push the spigot rod(s) down, thus moving the dart valve(s) away from the seat(s), allowing discharge of coarse or heavy solids. Both the darts and seats are made from 90% Alumina ceramic so as to ensure that abrasive wear of these components is minimized. 锥形阀门置于阀座内,一旦槽体需要阀门处于开启状态,执行器便推动阀门推杆向下使锥形阀 门离开阀座排出粗的或重的物料。锥形阀及其阀座都是由含 90%氧化铝陶瓷制成以保证这些部 件的磨损度最小。

2.7 Teeter Plate 紊流板
The teeter plate usually consists of three separate dished sectors which are fixed onto mounting gussets around the internal circumference of the tank. The teeter plate assembly divides the tank into the sorting column and pressure chamber. 紊流板通常由三部分独立的凹形部分组成,这三部分被固定在箱体内部的联接板上。紊流板组 件把箱体分为分选区和压力室。 For TBS configurations of 2.1 m in diameter (or less) the teeter plate comprises one only dished circular plate, which is flange mounted between the separate pressure box and main vessel or sorting column assemblies. 直径是 2.1m 或小于 2.1m 的 TBS 的紊流板只包括一个凹形的圆板,压力箱和主槽体或分选室 组件之间用法兰连接。 The purpose of the teeter plate is to evenly distribute the upward current water throughout the whole tank area. 紊流板的作用是使上升水流均匀地分部于整个槽体内。 Each teeter plate has a specific number of holes (depending on the diameter of the TBS machine). Acetal teeter plate inserts with an internal diameter of 5.0mm are interference mounted into each teeter plate hole. An optional insert is also available which contains a high strength silicone duckbill valve. The duckbill valve allows TBS fluidizing water through the valve, however if the TBS fluidizing water supply pressure is lost the duckbill valve closes reducing the likelihood of solids pegging the insert assembly.


每块紊流板带有一定数量的孔(取决于 TBS 的直径),孔内皆安有 5mm 内径的乙缩醛紊流塞。 也可以选择包括一个高强度的硅树脂鸭嘴阀的紊流塞,此阀门可以使 TBS 扰动水通过阀门,但 是如果 TBS 扰动水压力消失,鸭嘴阀将关闭以减少固体颗粒进入紊流塞组件的可能性。

2.8 Control System 控制系统
The bed density required to accurately beneficiate the feed material is continuously maintained and controlled by the control system. 对紊流床层入料所要求的密度是由控制系统不断进行监测控制来完成的。 The TBS control system comprises one centrally located density probe, a loop (PID) controller and pneumatic actuator(s). The measured specific gravity of the pulp in the sorting column is compared to the setpoint specific gravity and an output signal is sent to the actuator loop proportional to the error in the density signal. TBS 的控制系统包括位于中央的探测器、PID 控制器和气动执行器,分选区内实际的浆体的比 重与设置值进行比较,然后输出信号并传到执行器。 Note that some installations utilize 3 density probes spaced equidistantly around the vessel. The 3 probe signals are averaged to indicate an “average” specific gravity of the pulp in the sorting column and control is achieved as described above. 有的也安装 3 个密度探测器平均的分布在槽体内。 用三个探测器的平均值表示浆体的平均密度。 The loop controller can be carried out using a local control panel which is supplied by the vendor or constructed according to the vendors specifications. Alternatively the TBS density loop control can be undertaken by the plant PLC controller if available. 回路控制器可以通过卖方提供的就地控制箱实现或者根据卖方要求建立。 同时如果可能 TBS 密 度回路控制也可以通过选煤厂 PLC 控制器实现。

2.9 Machine Specification 设备规格
Nominal unit size (diameter) Nominal feed design loading Height Tank diameter Overall machine diameter Tank capacity Number outlets of reject discharge t m t/h mm mm mm m3 1.80 45 3337 1800 2310 5.1 1 1.50 2.10 60 3384 2100 2610 7.0 1 1.74 2.40 80 4162 2400 3093 10.0 3 3.49 3.00 125 4162 3000 3616 15.6 3 4.40 3.65 180 4985 3600 4574 27.5 3 7.25

Total mass empty

Note: the feed design loadings are only indicative and are quoted on the basis that the feed slurry is approximately 40-50% solids w/w, and that the heavy (refuse) discharge does not exceed 25 tonnes solids per hour each. Each application must be sized by a qualified TBS application engineer to determine the most appropriate equipment selection and up-current water demand.

TBS 规格及主要技术参数 名 称 单位 规 1.8 t/h mm m

格 2.1 60 2100 7.0 3384 2610 1 1.74 2.4 80 2400 10.0 4162 3093 3 3.49 3.0 125 3000 15.6 4162 3616 3 4.40 3.65 180 3600 27.5 4985 4574 3 7.25

标称直径 设计处理能力 箱体直径 箱体容积 设备高度 最大外径 尾矿排料口数 设备净重

45 1800 5.1 3337 2310 1 1.50

mm mm 个 t

注:设计处理能力仅是参考值,煤质不同处理量会有所出入,通常实际运行时的生产能力要大于表 中的数值,入料煤泥浓度约在 40-50%。

3.TBS installation sample 国内安装实例

调试中(老厂改造) TBS commissioning (coal plant upgrade) TBS 调试中(老厂改造)


Finish the installation ( new plant) TBS 安装完成(新建厂) 安装完成(新建厂)

4. TBS User list in China TBS 在国内的用户清单
序号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 数量 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 规格型号 2.4M 3.0M&2.1M 2.4M 2.1M 3.0M 3.0M 3.0M 3.65M 2.1M 2.1M 3.0M 用户名称 沈阳煤业(集团)有限责任公司—西马煤矿选煤厂 沈阳煤业集团红菱选煤厂 贵州盘南煤炭开发有限公司—响水选煤厂 徐州矿务集团有限公司—张双楼煤矿选煤厂 兖煤集团南屯选煤厂 兖煤集团济宁二号选煤厂 韩城矿物局桑树坪选煤厂 山西亚美大宁能源有限公司大宁煤矿选煤厂 四川广能集团绿水洞选煤厂 神火集团梁北选煤厂 兖煤菏泽能化有限公司赵楼煤矿选煤厂 交货日期 2005.4 2005.4 2005.5 2006.4 2006.9 2006.9 2007.5 2007.5 2007.8 2007.10 2008.5


12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

1 1 2 1 4 1 1 1 1 2 6 6

2.4M 2.1M 2.4M 2.4M 3.0M 3M 2.4M 2.4M 3.0M 3.0M 3.0M 3.0M

神火集团泉店选煤厂 临矿集团王楼选煤厂 神华集团宁夏煤业石嘴山选煤厂 新汶矿业集团长城选煤厂 山西高河选煤厂 山西焦煤汾西矿业新柳选煤厂 山西离柳焦煤集团朱家店选煤厂 山西省平遥县平遥选煤厂 河南省正龙煤业有限公司城郊选煤厂 山西焦煤西山煤电集团东曲选煤厂 神华集团布尔台选煤厂 中煤能源平朔分公司安家岭选煤厂

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