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第 4 章 起下钻


第四章 起下钻
trip 起下钻 trip in 下钻 trip out 起钻 round trip 起下钻 wiper trip 短起下钻(拉井壁) tight spot 遇阻点 ream 划眼 back ream 倒划眼 circulate 循环 break circulation 顶水眼 wash down last stand 冲洗最后一柱 fill 沉沙 off bottom 提离井底 wash down 冲下去 line pull 大绳拉力(X4 feet=大钳的上扣扭矩) makeup torque 上扣扭矩 normal drag 正常阻力

dry trip (不喷)起钻 wet trip (喷)起钻 pill (压水眼)重泥浆 pump slug 打重泥浆 pull out of hole(POOH) for bit 起钻换钻头 change bit 换钻头 run in hole(RIH) 下钻 What’s bottoms up? 迟到时间是多少?

Operator:作业商 Well Name 井号 Location 井场 GNPOC WIZEEN NORTH-2 UNITY 1A EXPLORATION AREA Roy Wieler / Rahenod __________________________ Rig Manager signature 平台经理签字 Mr Hou

Operator Rep. signature 作业上代表签名 DATE 日期 _________ TIME 时间 GWDC 5003

Drilling Contractor 钻井承包商



- Good communication always. If in doubt about anything, ask your supervisor. Always be aware of your responsibilities. 保持良好的交流,如有疑虑去问监督,时刻意识到你的职责。 - No alcohol or illegal drugs allowed. Anyone will be fired immediately if under the influence of such, or possessing such. 不允许喝酒和服用非法药品,任何人如服用或拥有此类物品将被立即开除。


- Keep Your Minds On Your Work. Your Time Belongs To GNPOC While Here. 把精力放在工作上,在 这里你的时间属于 GNPOC。 - No smoking or open lights or flames within 25 meters of any open well. Observe designated smoking areas at edge of lease. 距裸眼井 25 米以内不许吸烟或有明火。遵守指定的井场边缘地点吸烟的规定。 - Wear approved hard-hats, safety boots, safety glasses, fall restrictors, coveralls, and approved clothes. 穿带被认可的安全帽、安全靴、护目镜、防落差速器、工服和被认可的衣物。 - First Aid supplies available and location known by all. Medic man on location. 有急救物品并且所有人 都知道其地点,井场上有医务人员。 - If any accidents or injuries, no matter how small, must be reported to rig manager immediately and recorded. 如果有任何事故或伤害,无论其多么小,必须立刻向平台经理汇报并记录。 - Be alert of all people and equipment moving around you. If pipe, machines, or loads out of control, get out of the way. 提防所有在你周围运动的人员和设备,如果管子、机器或负荷失控应立即闪开。 - Be sure of proper size rams in BOP stack for casing size, or use annular preventer only. 确保封井器 内闸板尺寸与套管尺寸对应,或者只使用万能防喷器。 - If forklift on location, be aware of special hazards involved. Usually only one designated driver per crew. 如果井场有抓管机,应意识到有关的特殊的危险,通常每班有一个指定的司机。 - All garbage to be placed into garbage bins, or kept in vehicles. Keep lease and road clean. Pick up any litter you see. 所有垃圾应放在垃圾箱中或保存在车辆里,保持租地和道路清洁,拾起你看到的垃圾。 - Use wash gun to clean floors and for scrubbing. Do not run water hoses around mud tanks unless instructed to. 用清洗水枪清洗地板或擦洗,在没有指令情况下泥浆罐周围不能接用软水管线。 - Be aware of sumps & ditches. Also bridges, soft or slippery roads, limited visibility, and traffic while traveling.旅行时要意识到水坑和水沟,还有桥、松软或光滑的路段;有限的能见度和车辆。 - Travel and drive only on lease and access roads, or public roadways, otherwise you are trespassing. 只能在租地、通路或公共道路上旅行和驾车,否则你会侵犯他人权力。 - Place all thread protectors in bags to be sent back to pipe yard OR in garbage pit. 把所有护丝放在袋 子里以便送回管子站或扔到垃圾坑里。 - Park vehicles at least 25 meters from wellbore unless they have emergency shutdowns. 除非紧急停 车否则车辆必须停在离井眼至少 25 米远的地方。 - Do not stand under any suspended load, such as casing or tongs. Watch for drift falling out of casing bottom. 不要站在象套管或大钳等悬挂物下面,小心通径规从套管底端滑落出来。



- Use proper slings and pickup nubbins for casing, and hanging power tongs. Nobody on V-door while pipe moving up or down. 用适当的绳套和吊点吊套管和悬挂动力大钳,当上提或下放管子时大门坡道上 严禁站人。 - Watch for all pinch points, such as power tongs, slings, back-up tongs, slips, elevators 当心所有夹持 点,例如动力大钳、绳套、背钳、卡瓦、吊卡等。 - Use proper stabbing board and be sure it is securely attached to derrick. Derrickman use proper safety belt and lines. 使用正确的套管扶正台并确保其安全的固定在井架上,井架工要使用适当的安全带 和绳子。 - Only tong operator to run his tongs. Everyone else keep hands and feet clear. Grab power tongs by handles only. 只有大钳操作工可以操作大钳,每个人应保持手和脚周围没有障碍物,只能抓握动力大钳 把手。 - Follow casing running tally as given to you. Keep the order indicated for casing and float equipment. 按给定的套管表下套管,保持正确的顺序下套管和浮箍、浮鞋等。 - Fill Each Joint / Have Hoses And Swages Ready To Use Before Start RIH Casing.每根灌泥浆/在开 始下套管以前准备好管线和弯头。 - Be sure all casing is drifted before Picked Up 确保所有套管在吊起前都通径 - Threadlock Everything To Top Of Float Collar 浮箍上使用了丝扣胶。 - RIH Slowly: Approx 1 minute per Joint, Running Speed 下入要慢,下速大约为 1 分钟一根。 - Circulate Down Through Any Tight Hole (Do Not Ram Into Hole) Circ Down Minimum Last 2 Joints. 对小井眼要循环通过(不能硬压),至少循环下放最后 2 根。 - Break Circ at Idle, Then Circ Casing Minimum ______ m3/min (Pump #1 at _____ SPM) 在自由段顶 水眼,然后套管循环最小排量_____________(1#泵_____SPM)。 - Be Sure Mud Is In Shape For Cementing. Then Circ Minimum Complete Circulation Prior To Cementing 保证泥浆性能良好以便固井,然后固井前循环最少一周。 - Work Casing Constantly While Circulating & Cementing 1st Stage, So To Not Pack-off Hole ( 8 ft Up & Down) 循环和一级固井时保持活动套管,使井眼不至于堵塞(上提下放 8 英尺) - Record Casing String Weight And Drag Up & Down. Land Casing In Slips With Entire String Weight In Tension. 记录套管悬重和上提下放阻力,套管悬重应完全坐在联顶节和套管卡瓦上。 IF ANY PROBLEMS OR QUESTIONS ANYTIME > ASK YOUR SUPERVISOR -- KNOW, DON'T GUESS !!任何时间有任何问题,问监督,要弄清楚而不要猜!!



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Run in hole 下钻 Pull out of hole 起钻 Break circ. 顶水眼 Slip & cut drilling line 划大绳和割大绳 RIH from 1115m to 3679m - tight spot at 3628m 1115-3679 米下钻—3628 米遇阻 Wash down & ream 215.90mm hole from 3679m to btm.从 3679—井底开泵下冲和划眼 215.90 井眼 Pump slug & POOH . 压水眼,起钻 Make up 215.90mm BHA with LWD 组合 215.90 井眼钻具组合带随钻测井 Ream and log 215.90mm hole from 3650m to btm - tight at 3690 - 3692m & 3710m. 从 3650 到井底划眼 和测井 215.90mm 井眼, 遇阻点:3690-3692 米和 3710 米 Circ hole clean 循环干净 Wiper trip to casing shoe. Hole OK 拉井壁到套管鞋.井下正常 Wiper trip 15 stands - encounter tight spots at 3661m and 3634m, overpull 30klbs. 拉井壁 15 柱.遇阻 点:3661 米和 3634 米,最大拉力 30 千磅

表 4-1 是起钻灌泥浆记录表格,供读者参考。



表4-1 起钻灌泥浆记录表 PETROLEUM OPERATING CO.LTD 石油作业有限公司 TRIP RECORD起下钻记录
WELL井号 BIT #钻头号 MUD DENSITY泥浆密度 DRILL PIPE O.D.钻杆外径 DISP排代量 DRILL COLLAR O.D. DISP DRILL COLLAR O.D. DISP DRILL COLLAR O.D. DISP Trip Tank Length计量罐长 Trip Tank Capacity罐容积 203 DRY 229 DRY 1.35 7.31 m m3 127 DRY不喷 178 DRY Tim-1 SIZE尺寸 VIS粘度 mm 0.0043 m3/m mm 0.0174 m3/m mm 0.0284 m3/m mm 0.037 m3/m Width宽 WET MASS WET MASS WET 2.85 m CONT承包商 GWDC DATE日期 PV MASS质量 WET喷 MASS 29.0 157 kg/m kg/m I.D I.D RIG #队号 T.D.总井深 YP 0.01324 m3/m DC I.D. 71.4 71.4 mm mm 0.021389 m3/m 214 kg/m 0.03243 m3/m 279.072 kg/m 0.04104 m3/m Height高 1.9 m 71.4 mm DP I.D.钻杆内径 50 m GELS切力 108 mm

TRIP OUT起钻 # OF STDS 立柱数量 DP 5柱 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 7"DC 1 2 3 8"DC 1 2 9"DC 1 2 Total 总计 容积 0.58 0.58 0.58 0.58 0.58 0.58 0.58 0.58 0.58 0.58 0.58 0.58 0.47 0.47 0.47 0.77 0.77 1.00 1.00 CALCULATED计算量 VOLUME ACCUM VOLUME累容积 0.58 1.15 1.73 2.30 2.88 3.46 4.03 4.61 5.18 5.76 6.33 6.91 0.47 0.94 1.41 0.77 1.53 1.00 2.00





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