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2014高考英语二轮复习 完形填空+词汇真题60


【完形填空+词汇真题】天天练 【第 60 天】

【做题目记单词,练技能抓基础】 ? ? ? ? 综合技能完形训练......................................................... 完形单词单选巩固......................................................... 高频词汇集中速记......................................................... 参考答案:............................................................... 1 2 4 6



【2010 浙江】 I will never forget the year I was about twelve years old. My mother told us that we would not be 21 Christmas gifts because there was not enou gh money. I felt sad and thought, "What would I say when the other kids asked what I’d 22 ?" Just when I started to 23 that there would not be a Christmas that year, three women 24 at our house with gifts for all of us. For me they brought a doll. I felt such a sense of 25 that I would no longer have to be embarrassed when I returned to school. I wasn’t 26 . Somebody had thought 27 of me to bring me a gift. Years later, when I stood in the kitchen of my new house, thinking how I wanted to make my 28 Christmas there special and memorable, I 29 remembered the women’s visit. I decided that I wanted to create that same feeling of 30 for as many children as I could possibly reach. So I 31 a plan and gathered forty people fro m my company to help. We gathered about 125 orphans (孤儿) at the Christmas party. For every child, we wrapped colorful packages filled with toys, clothes, and school supplies, 32 with a child’s name. We wanted all of them to know they were 33 . Before I called out their names and handed them their gifts, I 34 them that they couldn’t open their prese nts 35 every child had come forward. Finally the 36 they had been waiting for came as I called out, "One, two, three. Open your presents!" As the children opened their packages, their faces beamed and their bright smiles 37 up the room. The 38 in the room was obvious, and 39 wasn’t just about toys. It was a feeling –the feeling I knew 40 that Christmas so long ago when the women came to visit. I wasn’t forgotten. Somebody thought of me. I matter. 21. A. sending B. receiving C. making D. exchanging 22. A. found B. prepared C. got D. expected 23. A. doubt B. hope C. suggest D. accept 24. A. broke in B. settled down C. turned up D. showed off 25. A. relief B. loss C. achievement D. justice 26. A. blamed B. loved C. forgotten D. affected 27. A. highly B. little C. poorly D. enough


28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. ?

A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A.

present B. hardly B. strength B. kept up with D. none B. fine B. reminded B. after B. chance B. lit B. atmosphere it B. by B.

first instantly independence put up with few special guaranteed until gift t ook such till

C. C. C. B. C. C. C. C. C. C. B. C. C.

recent regularly importance caught up with some helpful convinced when moment burned sympathy something for

D. D. D. C. D. D. D. D. D. D. C. D. D.

previous occasionally safety came up with each normal promised since reward cheered calmness D. joy everybody from


1. [2005 福建,26] Mum is coming. What pr esent _____ for your birthday? A)you expect she has got B)you expect has she got C)do you expect she has got D)do you expect has she got 2. [2005 福建,30] The classroom is big enough _____, but we'll have to move if we have more students. A)for the moment B)on the moment C)in a moment D)for a moment 3. [2005 浙江,16] I am sure David will be able to find the library—he has a pretty good _____ of direction. A)idea B)feeling C)experience D)sense 4. [2006 安徽,35] Mr. Green stood up in defense of the 16-year-old boy, saying that he was not the one _____. A)blamed B)blaming C)to blame D)to be blamed 5. [2006 江西,28] It is said that dogs will keep you _____ for as long as you want when you are feeling lonely. A)safety B)company C)house D)friend 6. [2006 天津,9] -I'm thinking of the test tomorrow. I'm afraid I can't pass this time.-_____! I'm sure you'll make it. A)Go ahead B)Good luck C)No problem D)Cheer up 7. [2007 全国 I,30] Does this meal cost $50? I _____ something far better than this! A)prefer B)expect C)suggest D)suppose 8. [2007 山东,27] I can't say which wine is best—it's a [n]_____ of personal taste. A)affair B)event C)matter D)variety 9. [2007 山东,28] I have offered to paint the house_____ a week's accommodation. A)in exchange for B)with regard to C)by means of D)in place of 10. [2007 四川,34] —Dad! Tom's broken a glass!— _____. Accidents will happen. A)No way B)Doesn't matter C)No trouble at all D)Don't mention it 11. [2008 江西, 22]My English teacher's humor was _____ make every student burst into laughter. A)so as to B)such as to C)such that D)so that


12. [2008 福建, 32] What's the _____ of having a public open space where you can't eat, drink or even simply hang out for a while? A)sense B)matter C)case D)opinion 13. [2008 湖北, 21]The young man made a _____ to his parents that he would try to earn his own living after graduation. A)prediction B)promise C)plan D)contribution 14. [2008 湖北, 22]The top leaders of the two countries are holding talks in a friendly _____. A)atmosphere B)state C)situation D)phenomenon 15. [2008 湖北,29]As he works in a remote area, he visits his parents only _____. A)occasionally B)anxiously C)practically D)urgently 16. [2008 江苏,26]—It shouldn't take long to clear up after the party if we all volunteer to help.—That's right. _____. A)Many hands make light work B)Something is better than nothing C)The more the merrier D)The sooner begun, the sooner done 17. [2008 江西, 27]—Shall we go out for a walk?—Sorry. This is not the right _____ to invite me. I am too tired to walk. A)moment B)situation C)place D)chance 18. [2008 浙江, 15] Dogs have a very good _____ of smell and are often used to search for survivors in an earthquake. A)sense B)view C)means D)idea 19. [2009 北京 ,28] All of them try to use the power of the workstation _____ information in a more effective way. A)presenting B)presented C)being presented D)to present 20. [2009 辽宁,28] _____ is the power of TV that it can make a person suddenly famous. A)Such B)This C)That D)So 21. [2009 上海,28] The Great Wall is _____ tourist attraction that millions of people pour in every year. A)so a well-known B)a so well-known C)such well-known D)such a well-known 22. [2010 湖北, 27]Duty is an act or a course of action that people _____ you to take by social customs, law or religion. A)persuade B)request C)instruct D)expect 23. [2010 湖北, 30]It is illegal for a public official to ask people for gifts or money _____ favors to them. A)in preference to B)in place of C)in agreement with D)in exchange for 24. [2010 山东, 33]Those who suffer from headache will find they get _____ from this medicine. A)relief B)safety C)defense D)shelter 25. [2010 浙江, 11]Do you think shopping online will _____ take the place of shopping in stores? A)especially B)frequently C)merely D)finally 26. [2011 湖南 32]Only after they had discussed the matter for a few hours _____ a


decision A)they reached B)did they reach C)they reach D)do they reach 27. [2011 四川, 13]Always remember to put such dangerous things as knives out of children's _____. A)touch B)sight C)reach D)distance 28. [2011 浙江, 13]I've been writing this report _____ for the last two weeks, but it has to be handed in tomorrow. A)finally B)immediately C)occasionally D)certainly 29. [2012 福建, 25]—Why do you choose to work in an international travel agency? —Well, you know, English is my _____. So it is my best choice. A)strength B)talent C)ability D)skill 30. [2012 江苏,24]—Don't worry, Mum. The doctor said it was only the flu.— _____! I'll tell Dad there's nothing serious. A)What a relief B)Congratulations C)How surprising D)I'm so sorry 31. [2012 辽宁,22]We used to see each other _____, but I haven't heard from him since last year. A)especially B)regularly C)particularly D)approximately 32. [2013 江苏,27]“Never for a second,” the boy says, “ _____ that my father would come to my rescue.” A)I doubted B)do I doubt C)I have doubted D)did I doubt 33. [2013 湖北,30] An artist who was recently traveling on a ferry to the southern island discovered _____ a long lost antique Greek vase. A)at random B)by chance C)in turn D)on occasion 34. [2013 浙江,4]As the world's population continues to grow, the _____ of food becomes more and more of a concern. A)worth B)supply C)package D)list 35. [2005 天津,10] Bill was doing a lot of physical exercise to build up his _____. A)ability B)force C)strength D)mind 36. [2004 湖北,21] Don't leave matches or cigarettes on the table within _____ of little children. A)hand B)reach C)space D)distance 37. [2004 全国 I,22] Let's keep to the point or we _____ any decisions. A)will never reach B)have never reached C)never reach D)never reached 38. [2004 天津,26] I keep medicines on the top shelf, out of the children's _____. A)reach B)hand C)hold D)place 39. [2003 北京春]The manager has got a good business _____ so the company is doing well. A)idea B)sense C)thought D)thinking 40. [2003 上海]We were in _____ when we left that we forgot the airline tickets. A)a rush so anxious B)a such anxious rush C)so an anxious rush D)such an anxious rush ? 高频词汇集中速记 [?k'sept] vt. 接受,相信,承兑 vi. 同意,承兑



achievement affect atmosphere beam blame bright burn calmness catch chance cheer colorful company convince create doll doubt embarrass exchange expect finally forward gather gift guarantee help ful independenc e instantly joy justice light

[?'t?i:vm?nt] [?'fekt] ['?tm?sf??(r)] [bi:m] [ble?m] [bra?t] [b?:n] ['kɑ:mn?s] [k?t?] [t?ɑ:ns] [t???] ['k?l?f?l] ['k?mp?n?] [k?n'v?ns] [kr?'e?t] [d?l] [da?t] [?m'b?r?s] [?ks't?e?nd?] [?k'spekt] ['fa?n?l?] ['f?:w?d] ['g???(r)] [g?ft] [?g?r?n'ti:] ['helpfl] [??nd?'pend?ns ] ['?nst?ntl?] [d???] ['d??st?s] [la?t]

n. 成就,完成,功业 vt. 影响,假装,倾向于,感动 n. 感情 n. 大气,气氛 n. 光线 , 横梁 , 容光焕发 vi. 微笑 ,闪亮 vt. 上梁, 发 射 n. 过失,责备 vt. 责备,归咎于 a. 明亮的,聪明的,鲜明的,欢快的 ad. 明亮地,欢快地 vt. 烧,烧毁,烧伤, vi. 燃烧,发热,烧毁, n. 烧伤,烙 印 n. 平静,镇静,冷静 n. 捕捉,陷阱,拉手,抓 vt. 捕捉,赶上,感染,了解 vi. 抓住,燃着 n. 机会,意外,可能性 vi. 偶然发生,试试看 vt. 冒险 n. 愉快 , 激励 , 欢呼 vi. 加油 ,鼓舞 ,快活起来 vt. 使 振奋,欢呼 a. 华美的,富有色彩的,有趣的 n. 公司,友伴,交际,一群,朋友,连队 vt. 陪伴 vi. 交 往 vt. 说服,使相信 vt. 创造,建造,引起,把...列为 n. 洋娃娃,美丽但无头脑的女人 n. 怀疑,疑惑 vt.vi. 怀疑,不信 vt. 使困窘,使局促不安,阻碍 n. 交换,汇兑,交易所 vt.vi. 交换,交易,兑换 vt. 预期,盼望,期待 ad. 最后,终于 a. 向前的 ,早的 ,进步的,在前的 ,迅速的 vt. 转寄, 促 进,运送 ad. 向前地 n. 集合,聚集 vi. 聚集,集合,渐增 vt. 使聚集,搜集, 积聚 n. 礼物,赠予,天才 vt. 赋予 n. 担保,抵押品,保证书 vt. 保证,担保 a. 有帮助的,有益的,有用的 n. 独立,自立,自主 ad. 立即地,即刻地 n. 欢喜,乐事, 高兴 vt. 使快乐,令人 高兴 vi. 欢喜 n. 正义,公平,公正,审判,司法,正确 n. 光,光亮,灯,日光,发光体,光源,眼光 a. 轻的,少量 的,轻微的,轻快的,轻浮的,容易的,淡色的,明亮的 vt. 点燃,照亮 n. 损失,遗失,失败,伤亡,错过,输 n. 事件,物质,原因,根据,麻烦事 vi. 有关系

loss matter

[l?s] ['m?t?(r)]


memorable moment normal obvious occasionall y orphan package poorly possibly present previous promise reach receive recent regularly relief remind reward safety sense settle special strength such suggest supply sympathy wrap

['mem?r?bl] ['m??m?nt] ['n?:ml] ['?bv??s] [?'ke??n?l?] ['?:f?n] ['p?k?d?] ['p??li:] ['p?s?bl?] ['preznt] ['pri:v??s] ['pr?m?s] [ri:t?] [r?'si:v] ['ri:snt] ['regj?l?l?] [r?'li:f] [r?'ma?nd] [r?'w?:d] ['se?ft?] [sens] ['setl] ['spe?l] [stre?θ ] [s?t?] [s?'d?est] [s?'pla?] ['s?mp?θ ?] [r?p]

a. 值得纪念的,难忘的 n. 片刻,瞬间,力矩,阶段,重要 n. 常态 ,标准 , 正常 a. 正常的 ,正规的 ,标准的 n. 标 准,普通 a. 明显的,明白的,显然的 ad. 有时候,偶而 n. 孤儿 a. 无双亲的,孤儿的 vt. 使成孤儿 n. 包裹,套装软件,包,包装用物 vt. 包装,打包 a. 一 揽子的 n. 包,软件包,包装 ad. 贫穷地, 不充分地, 贫乏地 a. 身体不舒服的 ,心情 恶劣的 ad. 可能地,或者 n. 礼物,现在,瞄准 a. 现在的,出席的,当面的 vt. 介 绍,引见,赠送,上演,呈现 vi. 举枪瞄准 a. 早先的,前面的,过急的 ad. 早先,前面 n. 诺言,约定,希望 vt. 允诺,约定,预示 vi. 允诺,有 前途,有指望 n. 伸出,延伸, 区域, 岬,河段,范围 vt. 到达,达到 ,影 响,延伸 vi. 达到,延伸,伸出手,传开 vt. 收到,接受,得到,承受,迎接,接待 vi. 收到,会客 a. 最近的,近代的,最新的,近世的 ad. 有规则地,一丝不苟地,正式地 n. 减轻,解除,救济,安慰,调剂,地势的起伏 vt. 提醒,使想起 n. 报酬,酬谢,赏金 vt. 奖赏,酬谢,报应 n. 安全,保险,保险机,安全设备,平安 vt. 保护,防护 n. 侦测,感应, 感觉, 感官, 意识 ,观念 ,理智 vt. 感觉 , 觉察,了解 n. 有背的长凳 vt. 决定, 整理 , 安放 ,使定居, 使平静 , 调停,支付,安排,结清 n. 专辑,专车,特别的东西 a. 特别的,专门的,特殊的, 特亲密的,附加的,额外的 n. 力量,力气,实力,强度,抵抗力,人数,浓度 a. 如此的,这样的 vt. 提议,建议,促成,使人想起,启发,暗示 n. 补给,供给,供应品 vt. 补给,供给,代理,补充,提供 vi. 替代 n. 同情,赞 同,吊唁,慰问,同感 n. 外套,围巾, 包裹, 秘密, 约束 ,限制 vt. 包装 ,卷, 缠 绕 ,包,裹 ,覆盖 ,掩饰, 隐藏 ,遮蔽 vi. 缠绕 ,重叠 ,穿外 衣,包起来




完形填空 21-30 BCDCA CDBBC 31-40 CDBAB CADAD 词汇真题 1.C 2.A 3.D 4.C 5.B 6.D 7.B 8.C 9.A 10.B 11.B 12.A 13.B 14.A 15.A 16.A 17.A 18.A 19.D 20.A 21.D 22.D 23.D 24.A 25.D 26.B 27.C 28.C 29.A 30.A 31.B 32.D 33.B 34.B 35.C 36.B 37.A 38.A 39.B 40.D


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