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清明节假期(4 月 4 日-6 日)作业



English Test Paper for Senior One (Units 1-2)
一、 单项选择 1. I wondered how he ___ that to his boss. A. dare to say B. dare saying

C. dare say D. dared say 2. If the rain keeps falling, our whole plan will be ___ A. damage B. upset C. harm D. give up 3. Let Harry play with your toys as well, Clare—you must learn to ___. A. support B. care C. spare D. share 4. There is still a lot of time to go. You ___ hurry. A. mustn’t B. wouldn’t C. may not D. don’t have to 5. The boss has decided to ___ his wages to 200 dollars a week. A. increase B. add C. lift D. rise 6. Helen listened attentively ___ she might discover exactly what her father promised. A. so as that B. in order to C. in order that D. so as to 7. –Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the downtown? –Sorry, I am a stranger here. This is the first time I ___ here. A. was B. am coming C. have been D. am 8. Mum is not very well these days. I’ll try to get him ___ the doctor. A. to see B. see C. seeing D. seen 9. They hadn’t waited for long ___ the bus train pulled up at the station. A. until B. before C. since D. after 10. He looks so upset. I ___ him the truth. A. should have told B. should tell C. shouldn’t have told D. shouldn’t tell 11. It was about 100 years ago ___ the Olympic Games started. A. when B. until C. before D. that 12. The poor man who ___ from heart trouble went to his doctor for ___. A. suffering; advices B. suffered; advice C. suffering; advice D. suffered; an advice 13. Allen had to call a taxi because the box was ___ to carry all the way home. A. heavy too much B. far much heavy too C. far too heavy D. too much heavy 14. I don’t think ___ right for Japanese government to hurt our feelings. A. this B. it C. that D. its 15. At the age of eight, he ___ a group of child dancers. A. join in B. attend C. take part in D. join 16. The hurricane has made thousands of Americans homeless, ___ a lot of children. A. including B. include C. included D. includes 17. After the men's 110m hurdles, nearly all the people ___ were Liu Xiang’s supporters. A. present B. thankful C. interested D. important 18. –Do you think the Rockets will beat the Stars? –Yes. They have Yao Ming, one of the best centers in NBA, so I ___ them to win. A. hope B. prefer C. expect D. want 19. Be polite ___ ladies, if you are real gentlemen. A. with B. for C. of D. to

-120. When the police appeared, the excited crowd surrounded them ___ all directions. A. to B. in C. from D. under 21. So many questions ___ at the meeting, but he answered none. A. were rise B. put forward C. raised D. come up 22. We won’t give up ___ we should fail 10 times. A. even if B. since C. whether D. until 23. She seems to be acting strangely, but she is a nice girl. She is ___ than unfriendly. A. shyer B. shier C. more shy rather than D. more shy 24. I don’t like ___ you speak to her. A. the way in that B. the way C. the way which D. the way of which 25. –Hello, may I have an appointment with the doctor? –___. A. Sorry, he is busy at the moment. B. Why didn’t you call earlier? C. Certainly. May I know your name? D. Sorry, he doesn’t want to see you. 26. –Can I get you a cup of tea? –___. A. With pleasure B. You can, please C. That’s very kind of you D. Thank you for the tea 27. –I’ll be away on a business trip. Could you mind looking after my cat? –Not at all. ___. A. I’ve no time B. I’d rather not C. I’d be happy to D. I’d like it 28. As I know, there is ___ car in this neighborhood. A. no such B. no a C. not such D. no such a 29. It was ___ that I went to the cinema to see the film, A. two months B. two months ago C. for two months D. before two months 30. The new comer asked a month’s holiday to enter CCTV to make his dream come true and, ___ the headmaster agreed. A. what’s more B. believe it or not C. that is to say D. in other words 31. You can never imagine what great trouble I have had in ___ the exam. A. setting B. set C. to set D. to be set 32. There was ___ in history when Jews had to hide away. A. the time B. a time C. time D. any time 33. Crusoe used to live on ___ island ___. A. an alone; lonely B. a lonely; lonely C. a lonely; alone D. an alone; alone 34. In the ___, there is a lot of air. A. loose B. loosen C. lose D. lost 35. They want to know ___ do to help us. A. what can they B. what they can C. how can they D. how they can 36. Without ___ at the door, she came into the teacher ’s office. A. to knock B. being knocked C. knock D. knocking 37. He said Bill ___ gone to London and ___ arrive there the next day. A. has; will B. had; will C. had; would D. has; would 38. The laid off workers’ conditions ___ the same ___ before. A. were stayed; as B. were; to C. stayed; as D. stayed; to 39. It is good manners to ___ gifts presented to you at once in western countries. A. pack up B. unpick up C. unpack D. clear up 40. The Iraqi people have suffered much from the wars, and ___ of children injured ___ increasing. A. the number; is B. a number ; is C. the number; are D. a number; are

-2二、单词拼写 (12%) 1. He i__________ the doctor ’s advice and goes on smoking. 2. The meeting was said to be a c__________ success. 3. There are five important p__________ in her speech. 4. The old man s__________ a bad backache after the accident. 5. Don’t l__________ at him. Sometimes you are not able to do as well as he. 6. It’s common to r__________ texts in class. 7. After heating the water for a short while, it begins to boil r__________. 8. Which country has the fastest g__________ number of English speakers in the world? 9. Because of his strong Canadian a__________ I r__________ his voice on the phone at once though we had not met for a long time. 10. A__________ to some Americans, President Bush cannot speak s__________ English. 三、句型转换 (13%) 1. While crossing the road, you can’t be too careful. While __________ __________ crossing the road, you can’t be too careful. 2. A man is standing there. He is our headmaster. The man __________ __________ standing there __________ our headmaster. 3. ―Would you please come up to my flat for a visit?‖ She said. She _________ me to __________ to __________ flat for a visit. 4. Li Yong told the girls not to go crazy about movie stars. ―__________ go crazy about movie stars.‖ Li Yong __________ the girls. 5. You had better have a habit of teaching yourselves. I explained clearly on the first school day. I made __________ __________ __________ you had better have a habit of teaching yourselves on the first day. 四、根据短文意思,用适当的词填空。(20%) English is a __________ __________ all around the world. For more than 375 million people in countries __________ __________ the United Kingdom and the United States, English is their __________ __________. Another 375 million people __________ __________ as a second language. __________, most people learn English at school as a __________ __________.

-3The English language __________ also __________ by most international organizations as their working language, as well as in international trade and tourism. Most foreigners visiting __________ are either businessmen or tourists. If they __________ speak Chinese, they use English to __________ __________ Chinese people. In global(全世界的) culture, for __________ the Internet or popular music, English is widely used. In the __________we will be speaking Chinese with our family, but we will be __________ English with people around the world for our work. 五、根据中文意思完成下列句子。(15%) 1. 他的所作所为增加了我们的困难。 What he did has ______________________________. 2. 如果你还不善待他们,你会觉得孤独的。 If you continue to treat them badly, ______________________________. 3. 在二十世纪前期, 中国经历了太多的战争。 In the early 20th century, China ______________________________. 4. 你知道爱德华在上一个工程中扮演了重要角色吗? Do you know Edward ______________________________ in the last project? 5. 飓风过后,新奥尔良已经请求国际援助。 After the hurricane, New Orleans ______________________________ international help.

ANSWER SHEET Class__________ Name__________ No__________ Score__________ 1. ____ 2. ____ 3. ____ 4. ____ 5. ____ 6. ____ 7. ____ 8. ____ 9. ____ 10. ____ 11. ____ 12. ____ 13. ____ 14. ____ 15. ____ 16. ____ 17. ____ 18. ____ 19. ____ 20. ____ 21. ____ 22. ____ 23. ____ 24. ____ 25. ____ 26. ____ 27. ____ 28. ____ 29. ____ 30. ____ 31. ____ 32. ____ 33. ____ 34. ____ 35. ____ 36. ____ 37. ____ 38. ____ 39. ____ 40. ____


ANSWER KEYS 一、 1-5 DBDDA 6-10 CCABA 11-15 DBCBD 16-20 AACDB 21-25 DADBA 26-30 CCABB 31-35 ABCAB 36-40 DCCCA 二、 1.ignores 2. complete 3. points 4. suffered 5. laugh 6. retell 7.rapidly 8.growing 9.accent 10. recognized 三、 1.You are 2. who is is 3. asked go her 4. Don’t told 5.it clear that 四、 language ; spoken ; such ; as ; first ; language ; learn ; English ; However ; foreign ; language ; is ; used ; China ; cannot ; communicate ; with ; example ; speaker 五、 1. added to our difficulties 2. you will feel lonely 3. went through too many wars 4. play an important part 5. has made a request for

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