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新人教版必修2 Unit 4 Wildlife protection

M 2-4
M 2-4 Homework: 综合巩固

M 2-4

晨背 5 分钟
一、短语晨背 1.as a result 结果 2.die out 灭亡;逐渐消失 3.in peace 和平地;和睦地;安详地 4.in danger of 在危险中;垂危 5.in relief 如释重负;松了口气 6.burst into laughter 突然笑起来 7.protect...from 保护……不受……(危害) 8.pay attention to 注意 9.come into being 形成;产生 10.according to 按照;根据……所说 11.so that 以至于;结果 12.even if/though 纵然;即使 二、佳句选粹 1. It shows the importance of wildlife protection,but I’d like to help as the WWF suggests. 2. They lived on the earth tens of millions of years ago, long before humans came into being and their future seemed secure at that time. 3. We used to be an endangered species.

1._______________________ n.野生动植物 2._______________________ n.保护区 3._______________________n.仁慈;宽恕;怜悯 4._______________________n.防御,保护→ _______________________v.防御,保护 →_______________________adj.保护的,防御用的 5._______________________v.减少;(使)变小;或变少→_______________________(反义词)增加 6._______________________ n.损失;遗失;丧失→ _______________________v.丢失;遗失 7._______________________v.打猎;猎取;搜寻 n.打猎→_______________________n.打猎者 8._______________________vi.回答;响应,做出反应→_______________________n.回应,回答,答复 9._______________________ adj.远的;远处的→ _______________________n.距离,路程,远距离 10._______________________n.(痛苦或忧虑的)减轻或解除;减轻痛苦的事物 →_______________________v.缓和(痛苦等),降低,减少,解除(负担);使快乐
高考总复习·M 2- 4 1/6

11._______________________vt.包含;容纳;容忍→_______________________n.容器,集装箱 12._______________________vt.影响;感动;侵袭→_______________________n.影响 13. _______________________vt.鉴赏; 感激; 意识到→_______________________n. 感激; 评价; 鉴赏(力) 14._______________________vi.成功 vt.接替;继往→_______________________n.成功;及格;成功者 →_______________________adj.成功的;及格的 15._______________________adj.安全的;可靠的→ _______________________n.安全;平安 16 . _______________________vt. 雇 用 ; 利 用 ( 时 间 、 精 力 等 )→_______________________n . 雇 主 → n.雇佣者→_______________________n.(人的)雇用 17._______________________vt.检查;视察→_______________________n.检查,审查;检阅 →_______________________n.检查员,视察员 18._______________________adj.凶猛的;猛烈的→_______________________adv.凶猛地;猛烈地

1. contain vt.包含;容纳;控制 ①contain sth.包含…… ②contain one’s anger 抑制愤怒 ③contain one’s laughter 控制发笑 ④contain oneself 克制自己 e.g. She couldn’t contain herself any longer—she simply had to tell him the good news.


意为“包含,含有,容纳,里面装有”,指的是包含的全部内容或容量,也可指 里面所含的成分,不用于进行时态。 意为“包含;连……在内,计入,算入,包括”,用于表示所包含之物中的一部 分,其后的宾语往往是主语的一部分。 可以作介词,放在所包括的东西之前。





contain include container――→ fruits――→ apples 容器 装有 水果 包括 苹果

e.g. The container contains many kinds of fruits, including apples/apples included. 1. This box _____________ all the books you need ______________an English-English dictionary. A. contains; included B. Contains; including C. includes; contained D. includes; containing 2. Ten people, _____________ three children, were ____________ in the accident. A. included; harmed B. containing; hurt C. contained; wounded D. including; injured
高考总复习·M 2- 4 2/6

2. affect vt.影响;感动;侵袭 effect n. 影响 ①be greatly/deeply affected 很受感动 ②be affected by heat 中暑 ③be affected with high fever 发高烧 ④be of no effect 无效 ⑤come into effect 生效;实行 ⑥have an effect on 对……有影响 ⑦take effect 生效;起作用 e.g. The amount of rain affects the growth of crops. She was deeply affected by the news of her father’s death. 3. appreciate vt.鉴赏;感激;意识到,辨别 ①appreciate sth./ doing sth. 赏识……;感激…… ②have a ....appreciation of 对……有……的评价 ③in appreciation of/for 因赞赏……而……;为感谢…… ④I/We would appreciate it if.... 如果……我/我们将不胜感激。 e.g. I’d appreciate it if you would turn the music down. 温馨提示 (1)appreciate 后只跟动名词,不跟不定式;而且不能以“人”作宾语。如: Thanks for your help.We did appreciate you. (误) Thanks for your help.We did appreciate it. (正) (2)appreciate 后跟宾语从句的时候, 要在宾语从句的前面加上形式宾语 it。 有类似用法的动词还有: hate, like 等。 I would appreciate it if you’ll give me his address. I hate it when people talk with their mouths full. 4. harm n./ vt. 危害,伤害 harmful adj. 有害的

①do harm to sb. /sth. 危害某人或某物 ②mean no harm 无恶意 ③harm sb.’s image / reputation 损害某人的形象/名声 ④be harmful to sb. / sth. 对某人/某物有害 e.g. Anybody could see that he meant no harm. Excessive drinking did harm to his health, which caused his early death. was harmful to 5. employ vt.聘请;雇用,利用;花费;使用 n.使用;雇用 employee n. 受雇者,雇工,雇员 employer n. 雇主 employment n. 工作,职业;雇用,使用 ①employ sb to do sth 雇用某人做某事
高考总复习·M 2- 4 3/6

②employ oneself in 从事于;忙于 ③be employed in 从事于;花费(时间) e.g. The children were employed in building sandcastles. The firm employs the retired professor as an adviser. 7. suggest vt.建议;暗示,表明

?sth.?to sb.??向某人?建议某事 ?doing建议干某事 ①suggest+? sb.’s doing建议某人干某事 ?that? clause建议……
②It’s suggested that sb.(should)do...建议某人…… 温馨提示 ①不说 suggest sb.to do,可用 advise sb.to do。 ②suggest 意为“暗示,表明”讲,其后若接从句,从句谓语动词用陈述语气。 e.g. I suggest that we (should)bring the meeting to an end. It is suggested that the experiment should be made under low temperature. My uncle suggested (my)getting a job in a bank. Jane’s pale face suggested that she was ill, and her parents suggested that she (should) have a medical examination. 用 die 相关短语的适当形式填空。 ①Once the fire has____________, the salvage team will move in. ②The rain remained steady though the wind had ____________. ③Tigers of this kind are____________, and they will ______________in time.

1. die out 绝种,灭亡,(风俗,习惯等)逐渐消失

??动物、植物物种?灭绝 ? ①die out??风俗、习惯等?逐渐消失 ??火?熄灭 ?
②die of/from 因……而死 ③die away 减弱;淡化 ④die down 逐渐减弱,降低;察觉不到 ⑤die off 相继死去,先后死去 ⑥be dying for/to do sth.渴望、极想做某事 温馨提示 ①die of 因……而死(常指由于疾病、情感等原因造成的灭亡)。 ②die from 因……而死(常指除了疾病、情感外的原因,但有时可以跟具体的疾病名称)。 2. in danger of 处于……危险中
高考总复习·M 2- 4 4/6

①in no danger 没有危险 ②out of danger 脱离危险 ③full of danger 充满危险 e.g. The little boy was once in danger of losing his sight. Fortunately, a doctor helped him out of danger.

in danger




3. pay attention to 注意……;当心;对……留意 e.g. She paid much attention to her appearance A great deal of attention has been paid to protecting the environment. ①pay little(no)attention to 毫不理睬,不重视 ②draw/attract/catch/get one’s attention to 吸引某人对……的注意 ③fix/focus one’s attention on 将注意力集中于 ④devote one’s attention to 专心致志于 ⑤May I have your attention, please?=Attention, please!请注意! 温馨提示 pay attention to 结构中的 to 为介词,后接名词、代词或 doing。 同样的结构还有: object to, look forward to, devote to, compare...to, adjust to, adapt to 等。

介词填空 1. I believe that you are concerned ________ animals and plants disappearing. 2. I will help you if you pay attention ________ what I have said. 3. They can fly so far because ________ the flying machine. 4. This is the animal that has disappeared ________ the earth. 5. ________ a result, farmers like us and no longer hunt us. 6. The carpet rose again and almost ________once they were ________ a thick rain forest. 7. She turned round and there was an antelope ________ a sad face looking ________her. 8. Tigers which are ________danger of dying out are ________ the animals that need our help. 9. We human beings could not survive __________ all the plants and animals _________us. 10. He is _____ great danger. 选词填空 in danger of; pay attention to; die out; in relief; according to 1. The wild population of koalas is in danger of ____________. 2. Our teachers always __________________ combining theory with practice. 3. How many factory workers are ____________ losing their jobs? 4. You will be paid ____________ the amount of work you do. 5. After he finished his task, he laughed ____________. 单项填空 1. Last Saturday, my friends and I drove to ____ countryside for ____ weekend break.
高考总复习·M 2- 4 5/6

A. a, the B. the, / C. /, a D. the, a 2. Mr. Black is always the first person ____ to the office. A. getting B. to get C. gets D. got 3. I don’t like the color of the coat. ____, the price is much too high. A. Beside B. Besides C. Except D. Though 5. He spends most of this spare time ____ computer games. A. to play B. plays C. playing D. played 6. Li Hua is said ____ abroad, but I don’t know what country he studied in. A. to have studied B. to study C. to be studying D. to have been studying 7. He’s been admitted into a famous university, but it will be 4 years ____ he graduates. A. when B. since C. before D. that 8. This kind of animal, ____ koala bear, can be found only in Australia. A. calls B. calling C. to call D. called 9. The president got off the plane and waved to the crowds ____ for him. A. waiting B. waited C. to wait D. were waiting 10. Mark and Mary ____ for more than 50 years. A. have been married B. have married C. have been marrying D. got married 11. His mother will wait for him to have supper together, ____ late it is. A. whatever B. whenever C. however D. wherever 12. Then we had tea, with a huge Christmas cake ____ with snow-like sugar. A. covering B. covered C. covers D. to cover 13. —Do you remember ____ he came here yesterday? —Yes, he came here on foot. A. why B. when C. how D. who 14. The room ____ window is broken is mine. A. whose B. which C. that D. who 15. Xiao Li, a student from the north, is now used to ____ rice. A. eats B. eat C. eating D. eaten 16. It is in the school ____ his mother used to work ____ he studies. A. that, where B. where, that C. that, that D. where, where 17. September 18, 1931 is the day ____ we’ll never forget. A. when B. that C. on which D. on that 18. Is this museum ____ they visited last month? A. that B. where C. which D. the one 19. I want very much to buy a computer, but I can’t afford ____. A. one B. it C. that D. this 20. China is no longer ____ she used to be. A. that B. what C. where D. how 21. The teacher spoke at the top of her voice in order to make herself ____ clearly. A. hear B. hearing C. heard D. to hear

高考总复习·M 2- 4


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