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【导与练】2015版高考英语考点分类汇编:专题五 介词和介词短语(近3年真题+模拟)]

考点一 Ⅰ,34) A.over C.for 剖析:D B.by D.against


time to get the project done.Luckily,we made it.(2013 新课标全国

1.It was a real


考查介词辨析。句意:这真是一项需要争分夺秒才能完成的项目。幸运的是,我们做到了。against some knowledge of mathematics.(2013 新课标

表示“反对,逆”,against time 争分夺秒,符合句意。 2.A serious study of physics is impossible 全国Ⅱ,11) A.against B.before C.beyond D.without 剖析:D 考查介词辨析。句意:没有一些数学知识,不可能有认真的物理研究。against 反对,靠着;before the way they bring up their children.(2013 山东,34) 在……之前;beyond 超出;without 没有。根据句意应选 D 项。 3.The Smiths are praised A.from 剖析:D B.by 考查介词用法。句意:史密斯夫妇因其教养孩子的方式而受到赞扬。be praised for...是固定搭 a book about C.at D.for 配,意为“因……而受到赞扬”。 4.Before you pay a visit to a place of interest,look in your local library it.(2013 安徽,22) A.on B.at C.for 剖析:C D.to 考查介词和动词的搭配。句意:在你到某一旅游胜地参观之前,先在你当地的图书馆找一本与它有

关的书看看。本题考查的是 look for 短语,因为 in your local library 这一地点状语插入其中,从而增 加了试题的难度。实际上,本句是由 look for a book about it in your local library 演变而来的。故 选 C。 5.I have an appointment A.to B.off C.with 剖析:C 6. A.From C.For 剖析:B D.from 考查介词用法。句意:我与史密斯博士有约,但是我需要改变一下。此处 have an appointment with all the animals I’ve ever had,these two dogs are the most sensitive to the spoken B.Of D.With 考查介词。根据语境“在我所养的动物中”,几个介词只有 of 可以表示“……的之中” “属于…… the main road at the far end of the lake.(2012 Dr.Smith,but I need to change it.(2013 北京,26)

sb.表示“和某人有约”。故选 C 项。 word.(2012 浙江,6)

范围”,故选 B。 7.The Well Hotel stands in a quiet place 辽宁,27) A.to B.for

C.off 剖析:C

D.out 句意:The Well Hotel 坐落在一个安静的地方,远离在湖的尽头的大路。off 离开,远离,符合题意, parents to raise their expectations of their children too

故选 C 项。 8.Nothing is so easy as high.(2012 福建,33) A.of B.to C.by D.for 剖析:D “...for sb.to do sth.”即“对某人来说做某事是……的”。句意:没有什么比父母抬高对子女 的期望更容易的了。这句话其实在表达“父母极容易把对儿女的期望抬得过高(以至于儿女们倍感压力)。” 【技巧点拨】 句中使用“so easy as...”结构及 nothing 这个否定代词,传达的其实是最高级的含义,即 as 后的那件事最“easy”了。英语的思维与中文不同,此处可见一斑。 9.Do you think this shirt is too tight A.at B.on C.to D.across 剖析:D 考查介词。句意:你认为这件衬衫肩太紧吗?across the shoulders 在肩部(从一肩到另一肩)。 10.An agreement seems to be impossible because the majority of the committee members are it.(2012 陕西,11) A.against B.for C.to D.with 剖析:A 考查介词辨析。句意:达成一致意见似乎不可能,因为委员会大部分成员都反对。be against 反 the past couple of weeks.(2011 对;be for 支持。 11.I’m sorry I didn’t phone you,but I’ve been very busy 山东,30) A.beyond B.with C.among 剖析:D D.over 考查介词。 句意:很抱歉我没有给你打电话,但是近几个星期以来,我一直很忙。 over 表示 “在…… .(2011 浙江,5) the shoulders?(2012 北京,34)

期间”,其他三个介词无此含义。 12.I always wanted to do the job which I’d been trained A.on B.for C.by D.of 剖析:B 句意:我一直想要做我为之受训过的工作。for 表示“为了……目的”。 food safety problems.(2011 安徽,25) 13.Sometimes proper answers are not far to seek A.in B.to C.on D.after 剖析:B 考查介词。句意:有时候,找到合适的解决食品安全问题的办法并不难。根据句意,此处考查固定搭 配 answer to...“……的答案,……的解决办法”。该句相当于 Sometimes proper answers to food safety problems are not far to seek. 14.My father warned me 天津,13) A.by B.on C.for 剖析:D D.against warn sb.against sth./doing sth.意为“告诫某人不要做某事”,还可用 warn sb.not to do 来 going to the West Coast because it was crowded with tourists.(2010

表达;而 warn sb.of (doing) sth./to do sth.意为“告诫某人某事/告诫某人去做某事”。根据句意及后 面的 going 可知答案为 D。

15.—How amazing it is that astronauts are exploring outer space! —It’s a challenge,I guess, A.of B.for 剖析:A C.by D.about man against nature.(2009 福建,23)

句意:——宇航员在探索外太空,这太令人惊奇了!——我想这是人类对大自然的挑战。 根据句意可

知此处 of 表示从属关系,意为“属于/用于……的”,I guess 为插入语。 考点二

a long

1.An artist who was recently traveling on a ferry to the southern island discovered lost antique Greek vase.(2013 湖北,30) A.at random 剖析:B B.by chance C.in turn D.on occasion

考查介词短语辨析。 句意:最近,一位艺术家坐船到南方的岛屿,偶然发现了一个遗失很久的古希腊

花瓶。根据句意可知应选 B,表示“偶然”。at random 任意地,随便地;in turn 轮流,依次;on occasion 有 时,偶尔。 2.The manager wants to see changes in the company,and I am sure he will A.in particular C.in charge 剖析:D B.in turn D.in time .(2013 陕西,24)

考查介词短语辨析。句意:经理想看到公司的变化,我确信他迟早会看到的。in time“迟早”,符

合句意。in particular 意为“特别”,in turn 意为“依次,轮流”,in charge 意为“负责,掌管”,均与 句意不符。 3.Mrs.Smith finds it hard to clear up the mess,as her children are always tries to.(2013 福建,29) A.in the way B.on watch C.in sight 剖析:A D.on the line 考查介词短语辨析。 句意:史密斯太太发现她很难收拾这一片狼藉,因为每当她试图收拾时,她的孩 whenever she

子们总是妨碍她。in the way 表示“挡道,妨碍”;on watch 表示“值班;监视”;in sight 表示“看得见”;on the line 表示“处于危险中”。由题干中的关键信息 hard 可知此处填 in the way“挡道,妨碍”。 4. everyone here,I wish you a pleasant journey back to your country.(2013 辽宁,25) B.On behalf of D.For fear of A.By means of C.In search of 剖析:B

考查介词短语。句意:我代表在场的所有人祝您归国旅途愉快。根据句意可知选 B,on behalf of ,I’ll set

“代表”。by means of 借助……手段,in search of 寻找,for fear of 唯恐,恐怕。 5.It will be a big help if you go to the store and get what we need for dinner. the table.(2013 浙江,14) A.As a result B.On the whole C.In the meanwhile D.As a matter of fact 剖析:C 本题考查介词短语意义辨析。题干的意思是:“如果你到商店并且把我们晚饭所需要的东西买来, 这就算帮大忙了;在此期间,我将把餐桌摆好。”as a result 结果,因此;on the whole 从整体而言;in the meanwhile 在此期间,与此同时;as a matter of fact 事实上。由题干意思可知正确选项为 C 项。 6.I am always delighted when I receive an e-mail from you. be pleased to attend.(2013 江苏,26) A.On account of B.In response to C.In view of D.With regard to the party on July 1st,I shall


本题考查介词短语辨析。on account of 因为,由于;in response to 对……作出回应;in view of

考虑到,鉴于;with regard to 关于,至于。根据句意“当我收到你的电子邮件时,我总是很高兴。关于 7 月 1 日的聚会,我将很乐意参加。”可知,答案为 with regard to。 7.Brown said he was by no means annoyed; understood.(2012 浙江,14) A.all in all B.for one thing C.on the contrary D.by the way 剖析:C 考查介词短语。句意:Brown 说他没生气;相反,他很高兴让人对他消除误解。all in all 总之;for all its citizens.(2012 福建,26) one thing 一方面;on the contrary 相反;by the way 顺便问一句。故 C 正确。 8.China has been pushing the reform of public hospitals A.in charge of B.for the purpose of C.in honor of D.for the benefit of 剖析:D 句意:中国一直以来致力于为了公民的利益而推动公立医院的改革。for the benefit of sb.表示 “为了……的利益”。A 项“负责,掌管”;B 项“为了……的目的”;C 项“为了纪念……”或“为了表示 对……的尊敬”,均不合句意。 9.He seems to be giving the impression that he didn ’t enjoy himself in Paris. wonderful time.(2012 江西,34) A.Above all 剖析:D B.What’s more C.As a result D.On the contrary 句意:他好像是给人印象:他在巴黎玩得不快乐——正相反,他玩得很开心。above all 最重要的 是;what’s more 而且;as a result 结果;on the contrary 正相反。 10.The furniture,with its modern style and bright colors,suits modern houses and their gardens,but looks in the garden of a traditional home.(2012 湖北,25) D.out of place A.out of question B.out of order C.out of sight 剖析:D 考查介词短语辨析。句意:这套拥有现代风格和亮丽色彩的家具适合现代化房子和花园,但在这套 ,he had a ,he was glad to be able to make himself clearly

传统风格房屋的花园里看上去有点不适合。out of question 没问题,完全可以;out of order 混乱;out of sight 在视野之外,看不到;out of place 不在恰当的位置,不适合。只有 D 项符合句意。 11.When asked about their opinions about the schoolmaster,many teachers would prefer to see him step aside younger men.(2011 湖北,30) A.in terms of B.in need of C.in favor of D.in praise of 剖析:C 考查介词短语辨析。句意:当被问到对校长的看法时,很多老师更想让他辞职,让位于年轻人。in favor of 同意,支持,和 step aside 连用,构成 step aside in favor of sb.意为“辞去职位让给某人”。 in terms of 从……方面来说;in need of 需要;in praise of 称赞。 12.I guess we’ve already talked about this before but I ’ll ask you again just 浙江,7) A.by nature 剖析:C B.in return C.in case D.by chance 句意:我猜我们以前已经讨论过这个问题,但是只是为了以防万一,我会再向你请教。by nature 天 生,本来;in return 作为交换/回报;in case 以防万一;by chance 偶然。 .(2010

13.It is illegal for a public official to ask people for gifts or money 湖北,30) A.in preference to B.in place of C.in agreement with 剖析:D D.in exchange for

favors to them.(2010

句意:公职人员给人们施以恩惠而索要礼物或钱财作为交换,这是违法的。in preference to 优先

于,比起……来宁愿;in place of 意为“代替,取代”;in agreement with 与……一致;in exchange for 交换,调换。 14.This special school accepts all disabled students, background.(2009 江苏,30) A.according to C.in addition to 剖析:B B.regardless of D.in terms of educational level and

句意:这所特殊学校接受所有残疾孩子,不管他们的受教育水平和受教育背景怎样。according to

根据;依照;regardless of 不管;不考虑;in addition to 除了……之外还;in terms of 就……而言。根据 句意可知答案为 regardless of。


it.(2013 浙江六

1.—Can I have supper now, Kate? —Yes, but we have got no beef left today. I’m afraid you have to go 校联考) A.at 剖析:C B.except 句意:——我现在能吃晚饭吗,凯特?——是的,但是今天我们没有牛肉了,恐怕你不得不勉强应付 C.without D.against 了。go without 没有……而勉强应付;没有……也行,符合句意。go at 拼命干;攻击某人;go against 违 反;反对。 2.I agree to his suggestion 调研测试) A.on B.in C.by D.to 剖析:A 3. 月考) A.For 剖析:D B.As 考查介词。逗号前面部分没有谓语动词,所以 B 和 C 排除,因为 as“随着”和 because“因为”后 C.Because D.With 面必须接从句。for 意为“因为”后面接句子时不能位于句首。with“随着”与后面的成分一起构成 with 的复合结构。 4. PSY’s Gangnam Style became popular A.at B.by C.on D.over night and his horse-riding dance has been copied around the world.(2013 莆田高中毕业班教学质量检查) 考查介词。句意:我同意他的建议,只要他放弃所有的指控。on condition that“只要”,引导条 the temperature down day by day, the leaves are turning yellow.(2013 哈三中高三十月 件状语从句。 condition that he drops all charges.(2013 山西大同高三学情

剖析:D 句意。

句意:朴载相的《江南 style》一夜成名;他的骑马舞在世界各地都被模仿。over 在……期间,符合 my power of understanding.(2013

5. The truth of this question lay deep under the surface, 浙江海宁高三 2 月期初测试) A.beyond B.within C.against D.through 剖析:A

句意:这个问题的真相深藏在表面之下,超出了我的理解能力。beyond 超出……之外;非……所能 what you were.(2012 浙江温

及,符合句意。within 在……之内;against 倚靠;反对,对……不利;through 由于;穿过。 6.Anger makes you smaller,while forgiveness makes you grow 州高三第一次适应性测试) A.within B.behind C.without D.beyond 剖析:D 7. 考查介词词义辨析。句意:发怒使人渺小而宽容使人高大。这是一句英语谚语。根据下文 what you those journeys heading home for the Spring Festival,235 million are likely to be made were (原先的你)可知,此处应表示“超出,越过”之意,因此用 beyond。故选 D。 by train.(2012 福建漳州高三毕业班质量检查) A.In B.During C.Of D.Within 剖析:C 考查介词词义辨析。句意:在春节回家度假人群中,有 2.35 亿人次乘坐火车。in 在……范围之 内;during 在……期间;of 属于……范围的;within 不超出,在……范围以内。根据句意知此处表示所属关 系,故选 C。 8.I’m sorry I didn’t answer your e-mail immediately,but I’ve been very busy couple of days.(2012 浙江嘉兴高三教学测试一) A.over C.from 剖析:A B.with D.among 考查介词词义辨析。 句意:对不起,我没有及时给你回复电子邮件,因为这几天太忙了。 be busy over the last

sth.在……期间很忙;be busy with sth.忙于某事;be busy from sth.从……起很忙;be busy among sth. 在……范围内很忙。故选 A。 9.We can communicate 聊城高三期中) A.with;with 剖析:B B.with;through C.through;through D.through;with 考查介词辨析。句意:通过互联网我们可以和世界各地的人们进行交流。communicate with sb. 为固定搭配;through 表示“通过,经由”,而 with 表示用工具等。 【技巧点拨】 针对第二空考查单个介词的用法,一方面要通读题干,另一方面要对 by(方法,方式,手 段),with(工具),in(语言,材料),through(通过,经由,穿过)等近义介词的用法把握准确。可记忆有关这些 词的例句,将例句语境与所给题干语境进行对比,从而判断选项。 10.All the characteristics distinguishing birds times.(2011 浙江温州中学高三月考) A.to B.between C.for 剖析:D D.from 本题考查固定结构:distinguish A from B,意为“把 A 和 B 区分开”。句意:区分鸟和其他动物的 other animals can be traced to prehistoric people in every part of the world the Internet.(2011 山东

所有特征可追溯到史前时代。 【技巧点拨】 本题考查短语的固定搭配。介词常与名词、动词、形容词构成固定搭配,因此首先分析题干, 弄清考查的角度和意图,然后根据平日的积累选出正确选项。

考点二 1.

good service, the restaurant offers different kinds of traditional Shandong B.Regardless of

Cuisine.(2013 山东诸城高三上学期月考) A.Far from 剖析:D C.Instead of D.Apart from 考查介词短语。根据句意选 D,apart from“除了……之外”。far from 远非;regardless of 不 one of the windows were still in good condition.(2013 四川自 管,不顾;instead of 代替。句意:除了优质服务之外,这家饭店还提供各种各样的传统的山东美食。 2.All parts of the house 贡高三第一次诊断性考试) A.other than B.rather than C.less than 剖析:A D.more than 句意:除了一个窗子之外房子的所有部分的状况仍然很好。根据句意选择 A,other than 除了。 ,not feeling bad, though.(2013 山东师大附中高

rather than 而不是;less than 少于;more than 多于,不仅仅,胜于。 3. After walking a whole day, I was almost 三模拟考试) A.out of shape C.out of control 剖析:B B.out of breath D.out of order

考查介词短语辨析。 句意:走了一整天之后, 我几乎喘不过气来, 但是也不怎么糟糕。 out of shape

变形的, 走样的, (人)身体不好;out of breath 上气不接下气的;out of control 失去控制的;out of order 次序颠倒的, 不整齐的, 状态不好的。 4.The money will be paid to everyone 洲中学第一次月考) A.in terms of C.in addition to 剖析:B 5. B.regardless of D.far form whether they have children or not.(2013 江西白鹭

考查介词短语。句意:不管有没有孩子,每个人都会得到金钱。此处 regardless of 意为“不管; his great love for the works of Shakespeare, he has a broad range of interest in other

不顾”。in terms of 根据,依照,就……而言;in addition to 除……之外;far from 远非…… English writers as well.(2013 黑龙江哈三中高三第一次模拟试题) A.Apart from B.In terms of C.Except for D.In addition 剖析:A 句意:除了非常喜欢莎士比亚的作品外,他对英国其他的作家也有广泛的兴趣。apart from 有两个 意义:①等于 besides 除……之外还……;②等于 except for 除……之外(不包括)。 此处考查了 apart from 的第 1 个意思。若选 D 应为 in addition to;in terms of 谈及,就……而言。 6.Could you please introduce me to the person 拟) A.in place of B.in possession of C.in terms of D.in charge of 剖析:D 考查介词短语辨析。句意:你能把我介绍给这个工程的负责人吗?in place of 代替;in possession ,when we become desperate,they will lend us a hand.(2012 of 拥有,占有;in terms of 依据,按照;在……方面;in charge of 负责,主管。故选 D。 7.We should help those in trouble. 福建厦门高三 3 月质量检查) A.In common B.In particular C.In turn D.In reality this project?(2012 山东威海高三第一次模



们一把。in common 共同的,共有的;in particular 尤其,特别;in turn 反过来,转而,轮流;in reality 事 实上,实际上。故选 C。 8.The truth is that 三第一次联考) A.far from 剖析:A B.out of C.due to D.next to 考查介词短语辨析。句意:事实是你们把情况弄得更糟了,远远没有起到帮助作用。far from 远离, parental control.(2011 东北 helping the situation,you’ve just made it worse.(2012 东北三校高

远非,完全不;out of 由于,缺乏;due to 由于,应归于;next to 几乎,差不多,紧挨着,居于……之后。故选 A。 9.Many girls living alone in the city,go astray( 误入歧途) 三校联考) A.for fear of B.for lack of C.in search of 剖析:B 意。 10.Hearing what he said recorded by the recorder,I found nothing to say 江苏无锡一中高三检测) A.in honour of 剖析:D B.in need of C.in case of D.in defence of 考查介词短语辨析。句意:听到他的话被录音机录下来了,我觉得无法为他的行为作出辩护。in defence of 为……辩护,保卫,防御,符合句意。in honour of 为纪念……;in need of 需要……;in case of 以防,万一。 his action.(2011 D.in place of 考查介词短语辨析。for fear of 生怕,以免;for lack of 由于缺乏;in search of 寻找;in place

of 取代。根据句意“许多在城里独居的女孩,由于缺乏父母的管教而误入歧途”可知,for lack of 符合句

A 组(限时 10 分钟)
1.More people are choosing to work A.under C.against D.until 剖析:B 句意:许多人选择在退休之后继续工作,因为生活费用在急剧上升。 beyond “超出” ,符合句意。 under more pressure than a nervous one.(2013 山东潍 在……下面;against 反对;until 直到…… 2.An optimistic person usually holds out 坊诸城高三 1 月调研考试) A.against B.across C.above 剖析:A D.around 句意:一个乐观的人通常比神经质的人能坚持抵抗更多的压力。against 反对,抵抗;across 穿 meat, cakes B.beyond retirement age,since the living expenses are shooting up sharply.(2013 杭州第一次高考科目教学质量检测)

过;above 在……之上;around 围绕,环绕。 3.His diet can not be considered as healthy because it contains a lot of fat and cream.(2013 甘肃河西五市部分普通高中高三第一次联考) A.in terms of B.in need of C.in the form of 剖析:C D.in favor of 句意:他的饮食不能被看作是健康饮食,因为饮食里含有以肉、 蛋糕、 奶油形式存在的脂肪。in the

form of “以……形式”,符合句意。in terms of 就……而言;in need of 需要;in favor of 支持。

4.After the earthquake,the villagers decided to build a monument lost their lives.(2013 福建龙岩高三教学质量检查) A.in search of 剖析:D B.in place of C.in need of D.in memory of

the rescue workers who

句意:地震过后,村民们决定建一座纪念碑来纪念那些失去生命的救援人员。in memory of “为了 their journeys, but she was amazed at the sight of

纪念……”符合句意,in search of 寻找;in place of 代替;in need of 需要。 5.She had experienced many hardships A.in view of B.in terms of C.in the case of 剖析:D D.in the course of 句意:她在他们的旅行中经历了很多苦难,但是一看到美丽的景色,她还是惊讶不已。 in the course the beautiful scene.(2013 安徽合肥八中高三“一模”适应性考试)

of“在……期间;在……时候”,符合句意。in view of 鉴于;考虑到;in terms of 就……而言;in the case of 无此短语。in case of 假使;如果。 6.Visitors to the National Museum can avoid long lines at the ticket booths by purchasing tickets C.out of order 剖析:A .(2013 河北衡水中学高三第三次模拟考试试题) D.with caution A.in advance B.in detail 句意:去国家博物馆的游客通过提前买票可以避免在售票厅长时间排队。 in advance “提前,预先” ,

符合句意。in detail 详细地;out of order 有毛病,出故障;with caution 小心地。 7.Liu Jianfu, a senior researcher with Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, said he was reducing the homework burden on students.(2013 安徽高考模拟冲刺五) A.in charge of 剖析:C B.in terms of C.in favor of D.in honor of 句意:刘建富——广东外语外贸大学的高级研究员,说他支持减轻学生的作业负担。in favor of “支持”,符合句意。in charge of 负责,掌管;in terms of 就……而言;in honor of 为了纪念,为了向…… 表示敬意。 8.Students in that school are judged 南豫北高三六校精英考试) A.in spite of B.in charge of C.in favor of D.in terms of 剖析:D 9.It’s A.beyond B.in C.without D.against 剖析:A 考查介词词义辨析。句意:令人难以置信的是,在当今中国,父母养一个孩子需要花费 50 万元人民 educational differences 币。只有介词 beyond“超出……范围”合乎句意。故选 A。 10.It is worth noting that women’s earnings are well below men’s that are narrowing between the two sexes.(2012 湖北襄阳高三 3 月调研) A.in terms of B.in favor of C.in case of D.in spite of 考查介词短语辨析。句意:那所学校按照学生的学习成绩评价学生。in spite of 尽管,不管;in belief that parents have to spend nearly 500,000 yuan bringing up a child in China charge of 负责,掌管;in favor of 支持,赞同;in terms of 依据,按照,在……方面。故选 D。 nowadays.(2012 山东淄博高三第一次模拟) what they have achieved in their studies.(2012 河


考查介词短语辨析。 句意:值得注意的是,尽管男女教育程度区分越来越不明显,但女性的收入却远

低于男性的收入。in terms of 依据,按照,在……方面;in favor of 支持,赞同;in case of 以防万一,如 果发生,假设;in spite of 尽管,不管。故选 D。 11.I feel uncomfortable each time I remember the situation me A.where;to 剖析:D the matter.(2012 安徽蚌埠高三第一次教学质量检查) B.that;at my brother didn’t agree with

C.which;about D.in which;on 考查介词搭配和定语从句。第一空处为介词提前的定语从句,先行词 situation 的常用搭配是 in/under...situation“在……情况(形势)下”,且从句中缺少状语,所以用 in which 或 where;第二空表 示“关于那个问题”,on/about 表示“关于”。故选 D。 12. our further cooperation,let’ s meet each other half way.I’ ll reduce our price by 5%.(2012 聊城高三第一次高考模拟) A.In case of B.In view of C.In fear of D.In spite of 剖析:B 选 B。 考查介词短语辨析。句意:考虑到进一步的合作,我们都让一步。我降价 5%。in case of 以防万一, 如果发生,假设;in view of 鉴于,考虑到;in fear of 害怕,为……提心吊胆;in spite of 尽管,不管。故

B 组(限时 10 分钟)
1.She didn’t come back to her hometown for five years and a couple of kids.(2013 杭州二中高三第二次月考) A.to be honest 剖析:D B.above all D.in the meantime C.on the other hand ,she had got married and had

句意:她五年没回家乡,在此期间,她结了婚并生了几个孩子。in the meantime “在此期间,与此

同时”,符合句意。to be honest 说句实话;above all 最重要的是;on the other hand 在另一方面。 2.—How was your interview with the famous basketball player-Yao Ming? —I was quite nervous at first, but his warm smile put me 模拟考试) A.in action 剖析:B B.at ease C.on work D.on watch 句意:——你对著名篮球明星姚明的采访感觉怎样?——一开始我非常紧张,但他那热情的微笑使 trouble.(2013 河南郑 我不再拘束。put sb. at ease 为固定搭配,意思是:使舒适,使自在;使不受拘束。 3.The mother often tells her son to be a good boy,warning him to 州高三模拟) A.keep out of B.hold back from C.break away from D.get rid of 剖析:A 句意:妈妈经常告诉她的儿子要做一个好孩子,置身于麻烦之外。keep out of“躲开;置身于…… ,any favour we might ask him.(2013 之外”,符合句意。hold back from 阻止;break away from 脱离,离开,背弃;get rid of 摆脱;除去。 4.Ted is such a helpful colleague that he is willing to do, 山东潍坊 3 月一模) A.without question B.in addition to C.as a result D.on the contrary 剖析:A 句意:Ted 是一位乐于助人的同事,毫无疑问,他会很乐意帮我们需要的任何忙。without question 毫无疑问;in addition to 除此以外;as a result 因此,结果是;on the contrary 正相反。结合句意选 A。 5.—How lucky you are!Congratulations! .(2013 安徽泗县二中高三第一次

—Thanks so much.To be admitted to Beijing University has been 贵州遵义四中高三上学期第三次月考) A.beyond B.over C.in D.above 剖析:A

my wildest dreams.(2013

此处句意:能进入北京大学,这出乎我的梦想。beyond 超出……的范围;over 越过;in 在……以 it.(2013

内;above 在……之上。 6.Adequate money was raised for the project after her speech fired up the crowd 湖北稳派教育高三月考) A.in charge of 剖析:D B.in terms of C.in honor of D.in favor of 根据句意“她的演讲鼓动了那些支持那个项目的群众后,已筹集到足够多的钱”可知,答案为 D。 its tourist in charge of 负责,掌管;in terms of 就……而言;in honor of 为了向……表示敬意。 7.In America it’s a mistake to think of Florida only the place for vacation attractions.(2013 山东青岛一中 1 月调研考) A.in honour of C.in the name of 剖析:D B.in the eyes of D.in terms of

句意:在美国,就旅游胜地而言,如果认为佛罗里达仅是一个度假之地是错误的。in terms of

“就……而言”,符合句意。in honour of 为了向……表示敬意;in the eyes of 在……的心目中;in the name of 以……的名义。 8. the numbers in employment,the hotel industry was the second largest industry in this country last year.(2012 江西南昌高三第一次模拟) A.In spite of B.In case of C.In terms of D.In praise of 剖析:C 考查介词短语辨析。句意:就雇工的数量而言,去年旅馆业是这个国家的第二大产业。in spite of 尽管,不管,不顾;in case of 以防万一,如果发生,假设;in terms of 就……而言,在……方面;in praise of 歌颂,赞扬。故选 C。 9.—I was trying to carry out the plan,but I failed. —Well,you needn’t have,for we were uncertain it would do 试题一) A.in fact B.in effect C.in practice D.in time 剖析:C 句意:——我努力执行那项计划但没成功。 ——噢,你真不必那样,因为我们不确定在实践中它是否 可行。in fact 事实上,实际上;in effect 实际上,生效;in practice 在实践中,实际上,事实上;in time 及 时,适时。根据句意选 C。 【技巧点拨】 本题看似简单实则是个难题。它牵涉到了中学英语中常见又常用的三个介词短语的区别:in fact,in effect,in practice 三者都有“实际上”的意思,但 in fact=indeed,actually,是一种语气评鉴, 强调一个事物的整体是什么样子;in effect=in result,强调结果如何;in practice 强调把计划、想法等 付之于实践当中进行检验,强调过程。 10.You are lucky to have a teacher as good as Mr.Smith.He is one 泉州高三 3 月质量检查) A.in C.out 剖析:A B.of D.from 考查介词词义辨析。句意:你很幸运拥有史密斯这样的好老师。他是百万里挑一的好老师。one a million.(2012 福建 .(2012 安徽高三高考信息交流

in/out of a million 百万分之一,固定搭配。故选 A。

【技巧点拨】 英文中分数的表达除了分子用基数词分母用序数词的表达之外,还可以用介词 in 或者 out of 来表示,但介词前后都是基数。例如: One in (every) 10 children now suffers from asthma. 现在(每)10 个儿童中有一个患有哮喘。 Two out of three people think the President should resign. 有三分之二的人认为总统应当辞职。 11.The Chinese government holds that peace and development correct path.(2012 福建福州高三 3 月质量检查) A.beyond B.over C.through D.across 剖析:D 考查介词词义辨析。句意:中国政府强调和平与发展是海峡两岸要走的正确道路。beyond 超过,越 过,那一边,在……较远的一边;over 越过,在……之上;through 通过,穿过;across 穿过,横穿。空后是 the Taiwan Straits,表示“从……表面穿过”用 across。through 强调“从……空间穿过”;over 强调“从一 个物体的上面越过”;beyond 强调“在……的另一边”。故选 D。 12.The small victories in the fight against poverty and hunger have helped many people who are in trouble A.before B.after C.for 剖析:D D.while 考查介词辨析。 句意:反对贫困和饥饿的一系列小胜利帮助了很多处于困境的人,与此同时,又让他 allowing them to maintain dignity.(2011 湖南长沙一中第五次月考) the Taiwan Straits is the

们保留了尊严。while 表示“对比”和“与此同时”。

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