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2014届高考英语一轮复习自选训练 阅读理解31

2014 届高考英语一轮复习自选训练 阅读理解 31

Could it be your after—dinner coffee that keeps you awake at night? Perhaps you are one of those people who simply can’t take coffee in the evening, beca

use the caffeine in it makes you excited. Coffee with caffeine(咖啡因) does make some people restless, just when they want to go to sleep. So, before you rush to the doctor for “something to make you sleep”, change over to H. A. G. — a new kind of caffeine — free coffee, the nicest coffee so far. This kind of coffee is made by modern scientific methods and has come to the perfection for the greatest pleasure that drinking good coffee gives, but without any harmful effects. H. A. G. is the coffee that continental people, who are such great coffee drinkers, have been taking in the evenings for over 50 years. Make your choice of H. A. G. Enjoy good coffee and good sleep. Health food stores and most groceries have H. A. G. coffee. If there is any difficulty, send (with your name and address) for free sample(样品) from the A. A. SUPPLY CO. LTD. 31/32 Priory Park Road, London, N. W. 6. 1. Reading it, we can know that the massage is about _______ of a new kind of coffee. A. the instructions C. an advertisement B. the use D. good effect

2. According to the passage, H. A. G. is a good kind of coffee, because _______. A. it can help people to have a good sleep B. it has been used by continental people for over 50 years C. it can make people happy and excited D. it has no caffeine in it and has no bad effect 3. The writer suggests that when we take ordinary coffee and can’t go to sleep, we should _______. A. take less ordinary coffee B. take ordinary coffee with H. A. G. C. try some H. A. G. coffee D. take a lot of H. A. G. coffee 4. Which of the following is NOT true? A. You can get H. A. G. coffee only in health food stores.

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B. If you want to try some H. A. G. coffee, you can ask for some sample from the company without paying. C. The writer of passage suggests that the readers should use H. A. G. coffee. D. The writer tells us that H. A. G. coffee is better than other coffee. 【答案与解析】本文主要向读者介绍 H. A. G. coffee 与众不同的优点。 1. C。推断题。全文都是讲 H. A. G. coffee 与 ordinary coffee 相比所具有的优点,最后又介 绍这种咖啡的出售地点及有什么问题可以向公司免费索要样品,由此可推出此题答案为 C。 2. D。 细节题。 根据 …H. A. G. —a new kind of coffee — free coffee 及 but without any harmful effects 可知正确答案为 D。 3. D。细节题。根据 …before you rush to the doctor for “something to make you sleep”, change over to H. A. G…. 可知答案为 D。 4. A。细节题。根据原文可知,B、C、D 三项说法是正确的。再根据原文 Heath food stores and most groceries have H. A. G. coffee 可知 A 项说法错误,所以此题答案为 A。 ****************************************************结束

(2) The office has always been a place to get ahead. Unfortunately, It is also a place where a lot of natural resources start to fall behind. Take a look around next time you’re at work. See how many lights are left on when people leave. See how much paper is being wasted. How much electricity is being used to run computers that are left on. Look at how much water is being wasted in the rest-rooms. And how much solid waste is being thrown out in the rubbish cans. We bet it’s a lot. Now, here are some simple ways you can produce less waste at work. When you are at the copier, only make the copies you need. Use both sides of the paper when writing something less important. Turn off your lights when you leave. Use a lower watt bulb in your lamp. Drink your coffee or tea out of your mugs instead of single-use cups. Set up a recycling box for cans and one for bottles. And when you’re in the bathroom brushing your teeth or washing your face, don’t let the tap run. Remember, if we use fewer resources today, we’ll save more for tomorrow. 1. The main purpose of the passage is to tell people _______. A. the disadvantages of working in an office

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B. the waste produced in an office C. to save resources when working in an office D. how to save water in a restroom 2. How many kinds of waste are mentioned in the passage? A. Two. B. Three. C. Four. D. Five.

3. From the passage we can infer that in the office ________. A. using computers is a waste of resource B. many people don’t turn off the computers after using them C. computers are run by electricity D. a computer is not a must for working 4. It is suggested that we use both sides of the paper at the copier because _______. A. we are short of paper C. we should save paper B. the printing is not important D. we have to pay for the paper

5. The underlined word mugs is most likely to be _______. A. a machine that makes coffee B. a container that can be used again and again C. a paper product for tea D. something that can only be found in an office 【答案解析】本文介绍了办公室资源浪费情况及节约办公资源的办法。 1. C。推断题。根据第 2 段的内容可知,文章是告诉人们怎样在办公的时候节约资源 2. C。细节题。文章提到的资源浪费现象有:lights are left on; paper is being wasted; electricity is being used to run computers that are left on; water is being wasted in the rest-rooms; solid waste is being thrown out in the rubbish cans 等。其中 lights are left on 和 electricity is being used to run computers that are left on 同属于浪费电,因此文章中一共提到 4 种资源浪费,即选 C。 3. B。细节题。根据 How much electricity is being used to run computers that are left on 可知答 案为 B。 4. C。推断题。根据 Use both sides of the paper when writing something less important 可以判 断,两面打印可以节约纸张,避免不必要的浪费。 5. B。词义猜测题。根据 Drink your coffee or tea out of your mugs instead of single-use cups. 我们可以看出 mugs 和“single-use cups(一次性杯子)”相对,故可推测出 mugs 是“可反复使
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用的容器”。 **************************************************************结束

文化教育类[2012· 辽宁卷] C If Confucius(孔子)were still alive today and could celebrate his September 28 birthday with a big cake, there would be a lot of candles. He'd need a fan or a strong wind to help him put them out. While many people in China will remember Confucius on his special day, few people in the United States will give him a passing thought. It's nothing personal. Most Americans don't even remember the birthdays of their own national heroes. But this doesn't mean that Americans don't care about Confucius. In many ways he has become a bridge that foreigners must cross if they want to reach a deeper understanding of China. In the past two decades, the Chinese studies programs have gained huge popularity in Western universities. More recently, the Chinese government has set up Confucius Institutes in more than 80 countries. These schools teach both Chinese language and culture. The main courses of Chinese culture usually include Chinese art, history and philosophy(哲学).Some social scientists suggest that Westerners should take advantage of the ancient Chinese wisdom to make up for the drawbacks of Western philosophy. Students in the United States, at the same time, are racing to learn Chinese. So they will be ready for life in a world where China is an equal power with the United States. Businessmen who hope to make money in China are reading books about Confucius to understand their Chinese customers. So the old thinker's ideas are still alive and well. Today China attracts the West more than ever, and it will need more teachers to introduce Confucius and Chinese culture to the West.
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As for the old thinker, he will not soon be forgotten by people in the West, even if his birthday is. 64.The opening paragraph is mainly intended to ________. A.provide some key facts about Confucius B.attract the readers' interest in the subject C.show great respect for the ancient thinker D.prove the popularity of modern birthday celebrations 65.We can learn from Paragraph 4 that American students ________. A.have a great interest in studying Chinese B.take an active part in Chinese competitions C.try to get high scores in Chinese exams D.fight for a chance to learn Chinese 66.What is the best title for the passage? A.Forgotten Wisdom in America B.Huge Fans of the Chinese Language C.Chinese Culture for Westerners D.Old Thinker with a Big Future 67.The passage is likely to appear in ________. A.a biography C.a newspaper B.a history paper D.a philosophy textbook

【要点综述】尽管东西方纪念孔子的方式不同,孔子在西方仍受到推崇。世 界各地的孔子学院受到了西方人的欢迎。这成为了解中国文化的桥梁。 64. B 写作意图题。作者开篇提出,如果孔子活到今天,按照西方点蜡烛

庆祝他的生日,吹蜡烛是一件麻烦的事情。作者以这个作为开场白,目的是吸引 读者。C 有一定的干扰性。作者在后面讲述了西方人不会这么做,这并不代表他 们不尊重孔子,由此我们排除 C。 65. A 推理判断题。第四段的第一句就是本段的主旨句。这一段讲述了孔

子文化在西方的受欢迎程度,因此我们可以得出答案。 66. D 主旨大意题。全文讲述了孔子学院在西方的受欢迎程度。它架起了

东方文化向西方输送的桥梁,因此是古老的思想家与未来的结合。C 有一定的干
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扰性。本文介绍了孔子思想在西方国家的传播,因此 C 的范围过大。 67. C 文章出处题。本文介绍了孔子学院在西方的盛行,因此属于报道类

文章,应该是在报纸里出现。 ************************************************************结束

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