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大纲版英语一轮复习讲义Module 6 Unit 2 What is happiness to you

Unit 2

What is happiness to you?

1.injure vt. 伤害 →injury n.→ injured adj.受伤的

2.disability n. 残疾 → disabled adj.残疾的→ disable v.使残疾→abil

ity n.能力;本领→ able
adj.有能力的→ enable v.使具有能力

3.devote vt. 投入;献身 → devotion n.→ devoted adj.忠诚的?

4.assist vt. 帮助;协助 → assistance n.→ assistant n.助手;助理? 5.adapt vi.& vt. 适应;改编 → adaptable adj.→ adaptation n.?? 6.independent adj. 独立的 → dependent adj.? 依靠的;依赖的→ depend v.依靠;依赖 7.unfortunate adj. 不幸的 → unfortunately adv.→ fortunate adj.幸运的→ fortune n.运气; 财产?

8.hopeless adj. 绝望的 → hopeful adj.(反义词)

1.在某方面取得成功 achieve success in sth.
2.实现一个目标 meet/achieve a goal 3.被快速送往一家顶级医院 be rushed to a top hospital 4.克服失落感 overcome one’s disappointment

5.适应她的新生活 adapt to her new life
6.保持乐观 stay positive

7.一系列的问题? series of questions a

8.嫉妒某人? jealous of sb. be
9.自己作决定? make one’s own decisions 10.简化生活? simplify one’s life 11.赢得同情和钦佩 win the sympathy and admiration 12.提前五天? five days ahead of time 13.幸福的秘诀 the secret to happiness 14.对……满意 be content/pleased/satisfied with

15.对……厌倦 be tired of/be bored with/be fed up with

出来。? If you know of a similar situation where your advice worked,mention it. 2.在1998年的友好运动会上,她在练习跳马时发生的 一个小事故本可能使她失去未来的幸福。? In 1998,a small accident during one of her practice vaults at the Goodwill Games could have cost her her future happiness.

3.以防我们的一些观众不知道她的故事,你能告诉我 们关于桑兰的一些情况以及她是谁吗?? Well,in case some of our viewers don’t know her story,can you tell us a little bit about Sang Lan and who she is? 4.桑兰在练习自己多年前已做的非常完美的跳马动 作时出了点差错。? Sang Lan made a mistake while practising a vault she had done perfectly for many years. 5.在她受伤住院期间,世人为她仍能保持乐观而感到 惊讶。? While she was injured and in hospital,the world was amazed by the way she remained cheerful.

1.To those who have been injured or struggle
with a physical disability,happiness can simply mean a day without pain or just being alive. 2.Her teammates described her happy and hard?working. 3.She believes that keeping busy helps her to stay positive.? as energetic,

4.They make me feel like I’m a bad son when I don’t obey them and focus on what they think is best for me. 5.It is nice to look back on my school days in the countryside in England. 6.We will have robots and computers to assist us with the things that are boring.

1.injure vt.使受伤,弄伤;损伤,损害
挑战自我 (1)男孩在打篮球时伤了腿。? The boy injured his leg while playing

basketball. ?
(2)他在车祸/打斗中伤得很轻/重。? He got slightly/seriously/badly injured in the car accident/fight.

帮你归纳 injured adj.受伤的,被伤害的;感情受伤的? the dead and the injured死者及伤者?

injury n.伤害,损害?
escape injury幸免受伤? do sb.an injury伤害某人?


(1)injure一般指由于意外或事故而受伤,指一时难 愈之伤。?

(2)wound 指外伤,如刀伤、枪伤、剑伤,尤指在战斗,
战争中受伤。? (3)hurt是“受伤”的一般用法,既可指肉体上的伤

亦可指感情上的伤害;作?vi.?时,意为“疼,疼 痛”。? (4)damage 指伤害人或物使之失去价值、功能或正 常的外观,用作名词常指在自然灾害中的损害。? (5)harm指对生物的伤害,也指对抽象事物的伤害。


He got his finger injured . (4)他摔了一跤,伤了胳膊。? He fell and hurt his arm. (5)他被他们的批评所伤害。? He was rather hurt by their criticism. (6)吸烟过量会危害身体健康。? Smoking a lot of cigarettes can harm/damage

health. ?
(7)大火使市政厅遭到严重破坏。? The big fire badly damaged the city hall.

2.cheer vt.& vi.欢呼,喝彩;(使)高兴,使振奋;

挑战自我 (1)这个好消息使大家很高兴。? The good news cheered everybody. (2)观众为精彩的表演喝彩。?

The audience cheered for the fine
performances. (3)离足球场几英里远你就能够听到人群的欢呼声。 You can hear the cheers of the crowd miles away from the football ground.


cheer (sb./sth.)up(使)高兴起来;(使)振作起来?
He cheered me up when I was in trouble.? 我遇到麻烦时,他使我振作起来。? cheer on为……加油? cheers n.(用于祝酒)干杯;告辞,再见? cheerful adj.快乐的,高兴的? a cheerful smile快乐的微笑? cheerful news让人高兴的消息?

cheerful colors悦目的色彩?
a cheerful room使人感到愉快的房间?


(4)—I’m thinking of the test tomorrow.I’m
afraid I can’t pass this time. ? — D I’m sure you will make it.? A.Go ahead! B.Good luck!? C.No problem! D.Cheer up!

3.disability n.残疾;缺陷
(1)我们应该关心残疾人。? We should care for people with disabilities/the disabled. ? (2)生理残疾会引起心理焦虑。? Physical disability causes mental anxiety. (3)他尽管身有残疾却是游泳高手。?

He swims well despite/in spite of his
disability .


disabled adj.残疾的?
the disabled (=people with disabilities)残 疾人? disable vt.使无能;使残疾? able adj.有能力的→enable vt.使能够→ability n.能力? be able to do sth.能做某事? enable sb.to do sth.使某人有能力做某事?


用的。? Taken according to the instructions,the medicine has no side effect on the


4.rush vi.冲,迅速移动;vt.紧急送往;使冲向;仓

挑战自我 (1)别着急,慢慢来。? Don’t rush ,take your time. (2)孩子们冲出学校。?

The children rushed out of the school.
(3)人们抢着买股份。? People rushed to buy the shares. (4)救护车将伤者火速送往医院。? Ambulances rushed the injured hospital. to


rush sb.to sp.紧急送某人到某地?
rush sb.into doing sth.催促某人做某事? in a rush急忙,匆忙?

rush hour(上下班的)交通高峰期?
即学活练 (5)We were in D when we left that we forgot the airline tickets.? A.a rush so anxious B.a such anxious rush? C.so an anxious rush D.such an anxious rush

5.arrange vi.& vt.安排;整理;布置;排列;

挑战自我 (1)她在度假前把业务都安排好了。? She arranged all her business affairs before going on a holiday.

I’ve arranged for a car to meet you at the airport.

I’ve arranged with the neighbours about feeding the cats.


arrange sth.安排……;整理好……?
arrange for sb./sth.to do sth.安排某人或某物 做某事? arrange with sb.about sth./to do sth.与某人约 定/商定……? arrangement n.安排;筹备;商定;整理;排列? 即学活练 (4)他已经安排他儿子教你英语。? He has arranged for his son to teach you English.

6.assist vt.帮助
(1)好书会帮助你获得更多知识。? Good books will assist you to get more knowledge. ? (2)他帮助我出好主意并加以鼓励。? He assisted me with good ideas and encouragement. (3)警察会帮你找到你女儿的地址的。?

The police will assist you in
finding your daughter’s address.


assist sb.to do sth.帮助某人做某事?
assist sb.with sth./in doing sth.帮助某人做 某事? come to one’s assistance (help)帮助某人? assistance n.帮助,帮忙,援助? assistant n.助手;助理?

即学活练——用assist,help,aid的适当形式填空 (4)They aided the people in the flooded area with money.? (5)Would ten dollars help didn’t seem to help .? (7)I was employed to assist the manager with his duties. you out?? (6)I did my best to comfort her,but it

7.instant adj.立即的,立刻的(作定语);n.立刻,

挑战自我 (1)速溶咖啡? instant coffee 即刻成功 an instant success (2)她一读那封信就哭了。?

She began to cry the instant she read the letter.


the instant (that)(起连词作用)一……
就……(=the moment/minute,as soon as)? in an instant马上,立刻? for an instant一会儿? instantly adv.立刻,马上(=at once/immediately); conj.一……就……(=as soon as)?


(3)I knew he was the man I was looking for
C I saw him.? A.in an instant B.for an instant? C.the instant D.with instant ?

8.struggle vi.& n.争斗,搏斗,打斗
(1)我们准备好与任何困难作斗争。? We are ready to struggle against/with any difficulties. (2)那个小偷挣扎着想逃跑,但没有成功。? The thief struggled to escape ,but failed. ? (3)经过长期努力,她在业务上已经能够应付自如。

After a long struggle,she gained control
of the business.


struggle to do sth.挣扎着/艰难地做某事?
struggle/fight against与……斗争? struggle/fight for为争取……而斗争? struggle/fight with和……一起战斗? struggle to one’s feet 挣扎着站起来? a power struggle权利斗争? the class struggle阶级斗争?


(4)The wounded young man
A.dragged;flew B.pulled;went? C.got;struggled D.stood;fought ?

C on his feet and through the snowstorm.?

9.guarantee vt.保证,保障;n.保证;保单;抵押

挑战自我 (1)毫无疑问我们的政府能够保障我们的基本人权。 There is no doubt that our government can guarantee our basic human rights .

Can you guarantee me a job when I get there? ? (3)我们保证马上调查此案。? We guarantee to look into the case at once.


guarantee sb.sth.向某人保证某事?
guarantee to do sth.保证去做某事? a guarantee of quality质量的保证? under guarantee在保修期内? 即学活练 (4)The TV set is only one year old and still C A.in guarantee.? B.on



10.allocate vt.分配
挑战自我 (1)他给我们每个人都分配了工作。? He allocated tasks to each of us.

A large sum of money is allocated for buying new books for the library.


allocate sth.to sb.分配某物给某人?
allocate sth.for doing...划出(时间,金钱等) 做……? allocation n.分配;拨出? We’ve only been given a small allocation of seats this year.? 今年我们只分配到了小部分席位。?


(3)The old king divided the kingdom into
three parts,and allocated one part B each of his three sons.? A.for C.in B.to D.on


11.look back on/upon/to回顾;回首(往事);
挑战自我 (1)我的爷爷奶奶总是回忆他们在旧社会的痛苦 生活。?

My grandparents often look back on their bitter life in the old society.
(2)他们喜欢回忆在部队度过的难忘的岁月。? They like to look back on those unforgettable years in the army.


look up向上看;尊敬;仰视;好转(尤用于市场上表示
价格上升、市场活跃);(在词典、参考书等中)查寻 look down向下看,俯视?

look down on/upon sb.看不起某人,轻视某人?
look for寻找;期望? look forward to盼望?

look into调查;注视?
look on观看,旁观? look on...as...把……看作……? look after照看? look through浏览,快速查看? look out (for)当心,小心?


(3)She used to sit there, looking back on her happy childhood.
(4)The little boy is looking forward to his mother’s coming back. (5)I’ve been looking into this accident this afternoon.? (6)There are some papers I have to

look through this weekend.

12.ahead of (时间、空间)在……前面;早于;

挑战自我 (1)在等候室里,他前面还有六个人。? There were six other people ahead of him in the waiting room.?

I finished the work several days ahead of the deadline . ? (3)他的数学比我好得多。? He is well ahead of me in maths.


ahead of time提前?
keep ahead保持领先? go straight ahead向前直走? go ahead前进;继续? 即学活练 (4)我们提前五天完成了任务。? We finished our task five days ahead of time.

13.be tired of 厌倦,厌烦
(1)他厌倦这种没有爱的生活。? He is tired of this kind of life without love. (2)她听厌了古典音乐。?

She has been tired of listening to
classic music. ? (3)长途步行之后他感到筋疲力尽了。?

After the long walk,he felt tired out.


be tired of sth./doing sth.厌烦(做)某事?
be tired from由于……而累了? be tired out (=be worn out)筋疲力尽? 即学活练 (4)Mr.Smith, A of the to read a novel.? A.tired;boring B.tiring;bored? speech,started


1.利用派生法,品句填词 My family completely depends on my father to earn our daily food,or we can’t spend one day .(day)?

词根 时间名 词+ly 词义

每天的 ; 一天 一次的



day日 daily

week周 month月

weekly monthly

每周的;一 周一次的 每月的;一 月一次的



每月一次 月刊,月报

每季的 ;一 quarter季 quarterly 每季一次 季刊,季报 季一次的 year年 yearly 每年的,年 度的 每年, 一年一度 年刊,年鉴

Though you are a young man ,and also belong to manhood ,you are lacking in the manful quality.(man) 串联扩展 词根 后缀/名词 ful满有的 man男人; 人类 like有……特征的 hood表状况 派生词/合成词 manful勇敢的;有男 子气概的 manlike 像男子的 Manhood 成人,成年 ; 男儿气质

kind种类 power力量 man男人; 人类 hour小时

mankind 人类
manpower 劳动力 man-hour 工时


manservant 男仆

3.利用派生法,品句填词 (1)Standing before the strict teacher,the boy

looked a bit nervous (nerve). (2)The use of computers in office has enabled (able)us to work more efficiently. (3)The rising oil price has made it necessary for families to buy cars that are economical (economy) of oil. (4)The man always behaves in such a refined way that we all think of him as a respectable (respect) gentleman. (5)Many species in the world are being endangered (danger) because of human activities.

(6)What a troublesome (trouble) boy my son is!He is always making a lot of trouble at school. (7)The boy was made to wash all the windows as a punishment (punish) for his breaking the school rules. (8)The children have found it of great importance to memorize (memory) all these words and phrases when learning English. (9)The love our parents give us while we are growing up is priceless (price) and we can never pay it back. (10)Not knowing what to do and where to go,the poor boy walked in the street aimlessly (aim).

【例1】I’m not surprised that he became a
writer.Even as a child he had a D

imagination. (天津高考) A.clear B.cautious? C.funny D.vivid 解析 clear清晰的;cautious小心谨慎的; funny滑稽的;vivid丰富的;生动的。have a vivid imagination有丰富的想像力。

...,but my most vivid and happiest memories are those of school days,...(P30)

【例2】The good thing about children is that


A very easily to new environments. (浙江高考) B.appeal? D.apply

A.adapt C.attach 解析


们很容易适应新的环境。adapt to适应;appeal
to呼吁;attach to附属于;apply to向……申请。 课文原文 And how has Sang Lan adapted to her new life?(P19)

【例3】It’s helpful to put children in a

A.that 解析

D differently.

they can see themselves
(福建高考) C.which D.where



等时,若定语从句中缺少状语,则定语从句的引 导词为where。 课文原文 If you know of a similar situation where your advice worked,mention it,...(P29)

【例4】Schools across China are expected to

hire 50,000 college graduates this year as
short-term teachers,almost three times the number hired last year, C reduce unemployment pressures. A.help? C.to help 解析 的状语。 D.having helped (江苏高考) B.to have helped?


She went back to China,to study journalism at Peking University.(P19)

【例5】He did not regret saying what he did

but felt that he
A.could express B.would express?


it differently.

C.could have expressed

D.must have expressed?
解析 句意为:他并没有遗憾说了他所做的事 情,但是他觉得他本来可以表达的有所不同。因 为是对过去的情况进行的一种假定,所以用“情 态动词+完成时”这个形式来表示。?

In 1998,a small accident during one of her practice vaults at the Goodwill Games

could have cost her her future happiness. (Ps18-19)

1.Though John is in his seventies,he is as energetic as the young people. ? 2.Miss Zhu stays optimistic and never gives up though she has undergone a lot of

difficulties in her life.
3.From the confused look on his face,I knew that he didn’t understand me at all. 4.The boy insisted that he was innocent and that he didn’t steal the money.

5.At the age of 21,Steven went blind because

of a severe injury in an accident.
6.I quite like living alone,which makes me more independent (独立的). 7.She enjoyed the excitement of her work. Money was not her only motivation (动力). 8.To Edward’s disappointment (失望),Gina didn’t turn up at the party. 9.I repaired my watch under the guidance (指导) of Mr.Smith.

apart from;devote oneself to;reach/achieve sth.;cost sb.+名词;be rushed to;stay+adj. ;due to;be tired of;ahead of;cheer up 1. Apart from the villa in Shanghai,they also have an apartment in Beijing. 2.Jackie is not in a good mood,but your visit may cheer him up .He always said he missed you very much.

3.At the graduation ceremony,all the girls
said they would devote themselves to the work of children’s health care.

4.Immediately after the traffic accident,the

ambulances rushed the injured to hospital.


5.We can never reach/achieve perfection.? 6.The man’s rude behaviour cost him his job. 7.The team’s success was largely due to her efforts. ? 8.The store stays Thursdays.? open until late on

9.I finished the work several days ahead of the headline. ?
10.I’m sick and tired of all the arguments.

1.To turn your dream into reality,you should
first D the hard life here which you B.adopt to? D.adapt to hasn’t got used to so far.? A.come to C.refer to 解析

adapt to适应。句意:为了把你的梦想变

成现实,你应该首先适应到目前为止你还不习惯 的这里的艰苦生活。

2.When we saw from the plane, B


looking earth appeared before us, earth that we had never seen before.? A.the;the C.an;the B.a;an D.the;an




3.Looking at her

A look,we were A.astonished;confused?
B.astonishing;confusing? C.astonishing;confused? D.astonished;confusing 解析




4.—What do you think of the color of my new

—Very good.You look nice in green.Green A you.? A.suits C.matches 解析 B.fits D.meets


的颜色、款式等方面适合某人;fit多指衣服(鞋) 在大小、尺寸等方面适合某人。故选A。

5.My grandfather is as day.? A.enthusiastic C.talkative 解析

B as a young man and hates sitting around doing nothing all B.energetic? D.sensitive


energetic精力充沛的;talkative健谈的; sensitive敏感的。句意:我祖父像青年人一样精力 充沛,不喜欢一天到晚地坐着无事可做。

6.—John and I will celebrate our fortieth

wedding anniversary next month.
—Oh, D !? A.cheer up C.go ahead 解析 B.well done? D.congratulations

cheer up振作起来,表示鼓励;well done

干得好;go ahead干吧(做吧,用吧); congratulations祝贺。根据上句“我和约翰将在 下月庆祝结婚四十周年纪念”可知,答语应是表



B with my uncle and aunt because my parents have gone abroad for a holiday.? A.stayed C.have stayed 解析 B.am staying? D.was staying



8.Actually,girls can be C they want to be just like boys,whether it is a pilot,an astronaut,or a general manager. A.wherever C.whatever 解析 示职业。 B.however? D.whoever

whatever充当they want to be的表语,表

9.—Can I help you,Madam??




A.have just looked around? B.just look around? C.just looked around? D.am just looking around? 解析 此处用I am just looking around表示 “我只是正在随便看看”,just可以和现在进行 时连用,表示“只是……”。

10.—Did you tell Julia about the result??

—Oh,no,I forget.I
A.will be calling B.will call? C.call D.am to call 解析


her now.?

本题中will call her表示临时的决定或决

心。“be to+动词原形”表示事先的打算或按计 划要做的事情。

11.Everything has been ready.It only C for the leaders of the two countries to sign the agreement.? A.seems C.remains 解析 下”。 B.appears? D.happens

本题中it为形式主语,真正主语是to sign

the agreement,remain是不及物动词,意为“剩

12.—It was careless of you to have left the

house without turning off the gases.
—My God! D .? A.So were you B.So was I? C.So did I D.So I did 解析 So I did表示“的确如此”。

13.I’m certain David has told you his

business troubles. C ,it’s no secret that
he owes a lot of money to the bank.? A.However C.Therefore 解析 therefore因此。 B.But? D.Somehow

14.It is said that dogs will keep you


for as long as you want when you are
feeling lonely.? A.safety B.company



keep sb.company陪伴某人。

15.—I am wondering if we could go skiing on

the weekend.?
— D good.? A.Sound C.Sounding 解析 B.Sounded? D.Sounds

Sounds good.是It sounds good.的省略。

地人的友好和善良。(look back on)? When I look back on the days spent in the countryside,I always think of the friendliness and kindness of the local people. 2.工人们非常激动,因为他们提前四天完成了任务。 (ahead of)?

The workers were much excited because
they had finished the work four days ahead of time.


专注于如何活得快乐。(simplify)? Advanced technology will simplify our life. This is why we shall be able to focus on how to be happy in life.
4.这幢建筑物除了作为学校之外,还用于举办婚礼、 聚会和开会。(apart from)? Apart from being used as a school,the building is used for weddings,parties

and meetings.

5.如果你有任何疑问,给我打电话。(confuse)? If you are confused about anything,phone me. 6.我们每个人都应该照顾好我们自己,因为好身体是 幸福的重要组成部分。(take care of;part)? Every one of us must take care of ourselves, for good health is an important part of happiness.


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