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Module 1 单词拼写训练

西安第三中学高考英语复习专项练习 Dragon Thunder Updated

2013-3-18(all rights are reserved)

高中英语人教新课标考纲单词地毯式检测(Module 1)
Unit 1 1. A recent ____ ____(调查研究吧)of public opinion showed that most people were worried about the increasing crimes. 2. He was terribly ______ __ (伤心,难过)over her illness. 3. He hasn’t told me anything about his plan so we are in complete ____ __(无知,不知)of it. 4. The children’s mother was very ______ __ (关注并担忧)for their safety when they didn’t come back from school at the usual time. 5. Her hair was _____ ___ (松散)and hung around on her shoulders. 6. This publishing firm is planning a new ______ 7. The ____ __ (系列)of school textbooks. ____ (意图目地)of a trap is to catch and hold animals.

8. -- He’s only fourteen. --I know, but I think we can ____ ____ (信任)him to look after the baby for an hour. 9. If the ______ __ (情况)had been different, their plan might have succeeded. 10. He’s a shy man who cannot ____ ____ (交流)with others very well. 11. Tom ______ __ (争论到)that they couldn’t fire him. He was the only one who knew how the system worked. 12. We haven’t enough books for everyone; some of you will have to _____ ___(分享). 13. We need a return to the proper harmony (和谐) between man and ____ ____.(大自然) 14. You should study hard. Don’t you know “Knowledge is ____ ____(力量)”? 17. My grandfather ______ __ (遭罪)a great deal from hunger and cold before liberation. 18. The professor gave us some valuable ______ __ (建议)on how to learn English. 19. The (窗帘) was suddenly drawn open and a bright light shone in 20. They stayed (户外)all through the night. Unit 2 1. Your spoken English is very excellent,but you need to improve your 书面的)English。 2. The giant panda is _____ ___ (本土的)to China. 3. The students at our school take an active part in concerts, plays and other _______ (文化的)events. 4. She looks young, but she's _____ __ (实际上)over 50. 5. Wide reading will enlarge your ____ ____(词汇量) 。 6. The police are trying to find out the _____ ___ (身份)of the man killed in the accident. 7. “Do you have…?” is a common American ____ ____(用法); British speakers would be more likely to say “Have you …?” 8. The kilogram is the international ____ ____ (标准)of weight. 9. He looked at the envelope and ______ _ _ (认出)Jenny's handwriting immediately. 10. Judging by her ____ ____(口音), she must be a Southerner. 11. The professor is glad that he’s been invited to speak at an ____ ____(国际的) conference to be held in Switzerland on global warming. 12. In American English “____ ____(公寓房)” is used instead of “flat”.

西安第三中学高考英语复习专项练习 Dragon Thunder Updated

2013-3-18(all rights are reserved)

13. There are only two powers in the world, the sword and the pen; and in the end the former is always conquered by the ( 后者 ) 。 14. We raise (国家的)flag every Monday morning and at the beginning of important events 15. All members of the club are ______ __ (要求)to attend the annual meeting. 16. It’s not considered _____ ___ (有礼貌的)to talk with your mouth full. 17. ______ __(方言) is the form of a language that is spoken in one area with grammar, words and pronunciation that may be different from other forms of the same language. 18. Many students in our class can speak English very (流利地)。 19. _____ ___ (闪电)usually occurs together with thunder. 20. His office is only five ________ (街区)away from here, so you can walk there. Unit 3 1. Professor King often contributes (投稿) to a medical ____ ____(杂志). 2. The goods will be _______ _ (运输)to Singapore by air. 3. The salesman ______ __ (说服)us into buying his products yesterday. 4. Nowadays it is very difficult for college (毕业生) to find suitable jobs. 5. ----Would you like to go and see Mr. Zhang in the hospital this afternoon? ----Sorry, I’ve got a full (日程安排)today. 6. The manager thought he was (可靠的)person and told him all about the new plan。 7. Everything of her is well (.组织,安排), so that she is always feel easy in all activities. 8. Your face seems ______ __(熟悉). I must have seen you somewhere. 9. What’s your __ ______ (态度)to this idea? Is it good or bad? 10. Her purse was stolen so she didn't have money for the train _______ _(费用) 。 11. The old house had been valued at 300,000 yuan; but ________(最终)it was sold at half that price. 12. He’s a _______ _ (固执的)child who won’t obey his mother. 13. They _____ ___ (坚持)on my staying there for supper. 14. Most Chinese high school students have to burn (午夜) oil to finish their assignments. 15. Silicon (硅) ________ (峡谷)is located in Los Angeles in the USA. 16. After the news report, we come to the weather (预报)every evening. 17. The westerners usually drink raw water, while the Chinese drink (开过的)water. 18. Politics or religion are always interesting ________ (话题)of conversation. 19. After the war, a great honour was given to the ________ (勇敢的)soldier. 20. I’d like to try on this (毛) coat,please. Unit 4 1. The Beijing-Hangzhou C_____ ___ (运河)is the oldest one in the world. 2. A b_____ ___ (迸发一阵)of hand-clapping followed the ending of the song. 3. He helped scientists to discover Maya Indian (遗迹)in Mexico 4. Many (法官)can be bought in China. 5. An accident cut off the town’s ____ ____ (电力)for about ten minutes when it was all in dark. 6. The flood was a terrible ____ ____(灾难); hundreds of people died. 7. Who is ______ __ (组织)this year’s office party? 8. He opened the window to let in some ____ ____ (新鲜的)air.

西安第三中学高考英语复习专项练习 Dragon Thunder Updated

2013-3-18(all rights are reserved)

9. It is global warming that has caused the recent (极端) weather。 10. Does the (特快) stop at Oxford? 11. The house ______ _ (摇晃)terribly when the earthquake started. 12. The ambulance came to the accident scene and took the (受伤的) away. 13. Make an (大纲)before trying to write a composition 14. The development of the _ (蒸汽)engine was the greatest technological advance of the 19th century. 15. They had no rain for four months and the harvest was ________(毁掉). 16. Don’t speak to us in such (令人害怕的)manner. 17. The life boat was sent out to ___ ___ (营救)the sailors from the sinking ship. 18. Mountains of lava (熔岩) had erupted from the volcano and ________ (埋葬)the entire village. 19. More 30 miners were (围困).in the coal mine after the gas explosion. 20. John is a good cook, who is _____ ___(准备) us a meal. Unit 5 1. ______ __ (质量)often matters more than quantity. 2. I take this seriously. It's a matter of __ ____(原则). 3. The best we can hope for is a state of ___ (和平的) coexistence (共存) between East and West. 4. Despite having new owners, the company will __ (继续) to be run by its present management. 5. A great person is someone who (投身于献身于)his/her life to help others。 6. Many people say too much ______ __ (暴力)is shown on television. 7. The valley was covered with a _____ ___(地毯式)of snow. 8. It is unfair that he gets very little in ______ __ (回报)for his hard work. 9. Prison is a place for punishing ____ ____(罪犯). 10. ____ __(恐怖分子) have claimed responsibility for the bomb blast (爆炸) killing 20 people. 11. We took _______ _ (积极的)steps to prevent the spread of the disease. 12. In my (意见看法),we should scientifically balance our time between study and physical exercise. Only in this can we have a wonderful time at school. 13. Although he was poor, he was quite (慷慨)to his needy friends 14. Now you are 18, and you have the right to ________(投票选举)under the constitution (宪法). 15. He is a warm-hearted man—he’s always ________(心甘情愿) to help others. 16. I received her present but I didn’t ______ __ (接受)it. 17. The quotation "All men are created ______ __(平等)" is the best-known phrase in any of America's political documents, as the idea it expresses is considered the foundation of American government. 18. The _____ ___(总统)is paying a private visit to his neighboring country. 19. I ___ _____ (真诚地)hope you can attend our party. 20. The _____ ___ (判决)was two years in prison and a fine of $10,000.


西安第三中学高考英语复习专项练习 Dragon Thunder Updated

2013-3-18(all rights are reserved)

Module 1
Unit 1:survey upset ignorance concerned loose series purpose trust situation communicate reasoned / argued share nature

power suffered advice / suggestions Unit2 : written usage latter blocks Unit3 : journal reliable insist(ed) organized transported familiar standard national native cultural accent polite

curtain outdoors actually vocabulary identity

recognized requested

international Dialect

apartment/flat Lightning


persuaded attitude fare

graduates finally

schedule stubborn

midnight Valley forecast boiled topics brave wool burst fresh ruins judges electricity injured disaster outline

Unit4 : Canal organiz(s)ing




steam ruined frightening Unit5 : Quality blanket generous sentence principle

rescue buried trapped preparing peaceful criminals accept continue Terrorists equal devotes active violence opinion sincerely

return / reward vote willing



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