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Book 7 Unit 1 单元检测 一、单项选择题(20%) 1.I don’t know who invented _______ telephone, it’s really _______ most useful invention. A. the; a B. the; the C. a; a D. 不填;不填 2. Nobody wants to___________ especially in public. A . make fun of B. be made fun of C. making fun of D. made fun of 3. I went there yesterday_________ to see my uncle. A. special B. especially C. specially D. especial 4. My friend, David, was not used __________ by air, so he felt unwell. A. to traveling B. to travel C. traveling D. travel 5. The small factories___________ from the fall of the prices. A. benefited B.benefited on C. benefited to D. benefited in 6. I was very________ to find that the cinema was not accessible to the elderly or people in wheelchairs. A. annoyed B. annoying C. annoy D. annoyance 7. I wondered what difficulty he had _________ the plan? A. to carry out B. carrying out C. carried out D. with carrying out 8. He bought a book with the _______. A. remaining 50 dollars B. remained 50 dollars C. remain 50 dollars D. 50 remained dollars 9. This company was the first __ portable radios as well as cassette tape recorder in the world. A producing B to produce C having produced D produced 10.---How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers? ---The key ____ the problem is to meet the demand ____ by the customers. A.to solving, making B. to solving, made C. to solve, making D. to solve, made 11. ---What do you think of the school? ----It is a very good _____. A.school to study in B. school for children to study C. studying school D. school to study 12. ---Is Bob still performing ? ---I’m afraid not. He is said __ the stage already as he has become an official. A to have left B to leave C to have been left D to be left 13. ---I didn’t mean __ her .----But talking like that means __ her . A to hurt; to hurt . B hurting; hurting C to hurt; hurting D hurting; to hurt 14. ---What did she have to say? ---Oh, nothing __ . She only wanted me to give a hand. A in short B in fun C in special D in particular 15. Now we could not do any thing but __ for him here . A waited B waiting C to wait D wait 16. --- Can the project be finished as planned? ---Sure, __ it completed in time, we’ll work two more hours a day . A having got B to get C getting D get 17. We all think it most foolish __ this mistake . A for you making B of you to make C you to make D for you to make 18. I __ you off yesterday, but I didn’t have time. A hope to have seen B hope to see C hoped to have seen D hoped to see 19. There is something wrong with the machine. It needs__. A examine B examined C to examine D to be examined

20. Heat wave sufferers said they couldn’t get admitted into hospitals. They arrived at hospitals, _______ no beds available. A finding B so as to find C found D only to find 21. --- Is Bob still performing? --- I’m afraid not. He is said __________ the stage already, as he has become an official. A. to have left B. to leave C. to have been left D. to be left 22. ___________ this cake, you’ll need 2 eggs, 175g sugar and 175g flour. A. Having made B. Make C. To make D. Making 23. Mr. Green stood up in defense of the 16-year-old boy, saying that he was not the one__________. A. blamed B. blaming C. to blame D. to be blamed 24. I don’t know whether you happen ___________, but I’m going to study in the U.S.A. this September. A. to be heard B. to be hearing C. to hear D. to have heard 25. ___________ on the subject for half an hour, Liu Ying suddenly realized that she had done the wrong subject. A. To be working B. Work C. Having been working D. Have worked 26. My advisor encouraged ___________ a summer course to improve my writing skills. A. for me taking B. me taking C. for me to take D. me to take 27. The building __________ by the building team from Anhui province next month is a new school. A. to build B. to be built C. built D. being built 28. He got used __________ in winter but he can’t now. A. to swim B. swim C. to swimming D. to be swam 29. I don’t know whether you happen____________, but I’m going to study in the U.S.A. this September. A. to be heard B. to be hearing C. to hear D. to have heard 30. They are said ____________ the prices of cars but it still doesn’t help. The sale is still low. A. to reduce B. to have reduced C. reduce D. reducing 二、完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) I’ve loved my mother’s desk since I was just tall enough to see above the top of it as mother sat doing letters. Standing by her chair, looking at the ink bottle, pen, and white paper, I decided that the act of ___21___ must be the most ___22___ thing in the world. Years later, during her final illness, mother ___23___ different things for my sister and brother. “But the ___24___”, she said, “is for Elizabeth”. I never saw her angry, and never saw her cry. I knew she ___25___ me, she showed it in action. But ___26___ a young girl, I wanted heart-to-heart talks ___27___ mother and daughter. They never happened. And a gulf(深渊) opened between us. I was “too emotional”. ___28___ she lived “on the surface”. As years passed and I graduated from college, I loved my mother and I wrote to her in ___29___

words and asked her to let me know in any way she chose that she did ___30___ me. I posted the letter and waited for her answer. ___31___ came. My hope turned to ___32___, then little interest, finally, peace --- it seemed that nothing happened. I couldn’t be sure that the ___33___ had even got to Mother. I only knew that I had written it, and I could __34___ trying to make her into someone she was not. Now the ___35___ of her desk told me, as she’d __36___ been able to, that she was ___37___ that writing was my chosen work. I ___38___ the desk carefully and found some papers ___39___---- a photo of my father and a one-page letter, folded and refolded many times. “Give me an answer”, my letter asks, “in any way you chose”. Mother, you always chose the ___40___ that speaks louder than words. 21. A. speaking B. writing C. looking D. listening 22. A. wonderful B. tiring C. funny D. productive 23. A. bought B. gave C. designed D. kept 24. A. pen B. paper C. chair D. desk 25. A. loved B. disliked C. appreciated D. sympathized 26. A. like B. as C. be D. unlike 27. A. with B. among C. beside D. between 28. A. So B. And C. But D. Or 29. A. careful B. active C. thankful D. serious 30. A. ignore B. accept C. forgive D. dislike 31. A. No one B. None C. Something D. Neither 32. A. surprise B. joy C. disappointment D. happiness 33. A. ides B. information C. news D. letter 34. A. stand B. stop C. continue D. practice 35. A. present B. appearance C. shape D. sight 36. A. always B. ever C. never D. often 37. A. sorry B. encouraged C. regretful D. pleased 38. A. moved B. cleaned C. fixed D. emptied 39. A. inside B. outside C. below D. above 40. A. gesture B. method C. action D. way 三、阅读理解(共 11 题,22 分) A Most people think of racing when they see greyhounds(灰狗) and believe they need lots of exercise.They can actually be quite lazy!Greyhounds are good at fast races but not long distance running.They do need regular exercise but they like to run for a short burst and then get back on the bed or a comfortable seat.Another misunderstanding is that greyhounds must be aggressive(好 斗的) because they are big in size.In fact greyhounds love people and are gentle with children. Greyhounds can live for 12~14 years but usually only race for two or three years,and after that they make great pets.They don’t need a lot of space,don’t make a lot of noise,and don’t eat a lot for their size. Normally,greyhounds can be as tall as 90 cm.There is,however,a small sized greyhound, which stands only 33cm.Greyhounds come in a variety of colors.Grey and yellowish brown are the most common.Others include black,white,blue,red and brown or a mix of these. Greyhounds have smooth body coats,low body fat and are very healthy.Because they’re slim (苗条的) they don’t have the leg problems like other dogs the same height.But they do feel the cold,especially since they would much rather be at home in bed than walking around outside. 41.The text is written mainly . A.to tell people how to raise greyhounds B.to let people know more about greyhounds

C.to explain why greyhounds are aggressive D.to describe greyhounds of different colors 42.It can be inferred that greyhounds . A.love big doghouses B.like staying in bed all day C.make the best guard dogs D.need some exercise outdoors 43.Why does the author say that greyhounds make great pets? A.They are big in size. B.They live a very long life. C.They can run races for some time. D.They are quiet and easy to look after. 44.If you keep a pet greyhound,it is important . A.to keep it slim B.to keep it warm C.to take special care of its legs D.to take it to animal doctors regularly B Every year on my birthday,from the time I turned 12,a white gardenia was delivered to my house.No card came with it.Calls to the flower-shop were not helpful at all.After a while I stopped trying to discover the sender’s name and just delighted in the beautiful white flower in soft pink paper. But I never stopped imagining who the giver might be.Some of my happiest moments were spent daydreaming about the sender.My mother encouraged these imaginings.She’d ask me if there was someone for whom I had done special kindness.Perhaps it was the old man across the street whose mail I’d delivered during the winter.As a girl,though,I had more fun imagining that it might be a boy I had run into. One month before my graduation,my father died.I felt so sad that I became completely uninterested in my upcoming graduation dance,and I didn’t care if I had a new dress or not.But my mother,in her own sadness,would not let me miss any of those things.She wanted her children to feel loved and lovable.In truth,my mother wanted her children to see themselves much like the gardenia—lovely,strong and perfect with perhaps a bit of mystery(神秘). My mother died ten days after I was married.I was 22.That was the year the gardenia stopped coming. 45.Which of the following would be the best title for the text? A.A Childhood Dream. B.A Mother’s Love. C.A Graduation Party. D.A Special Birthday. 46.The mother insisted that her daughter go to the graduation dance because . A.she could take care of things herself B.she hoped she would find a boyfriend C.she wanted her to be happy and strong D.she thought education was most important 47.Who was the sender of the flower? A.A boy the writer had run into. B.One of the writer’s neighbors. C.One of the writer’s classmates. D.The writer’s mother. C Imagine a boy from a small village in East Africa ,who from an early age has been looking after cattle more than most of you. However, he has never been to school. Has this boy ever had any education? Education is discovering about ourselves and about the people and things around us. All the people who care about us — our parents, brothers , sisters, friends — are our teachers. In fact, we learn something from everyone we meet. We start learning on the day we are born, not on the first day" we go to school . Every day we have new experiences, like finding a bird's nest, discovering a new street in our neighborhood, making friends with someone we didn't like before. New experiences are even more fun when we share them with other people. Encouragement from the people around us enables us to explore things as much as possible. As we grow up, we begin to find out what we are capable of doing. You may be good at cooking, or

singing or playing football. You find this out by doing these things. Just thinking about cooking doesn't tell you if you are good at it. We learn so much just living from day to day. So why is school important? Of course you can learn some things better at home than at school, like how to do the shopping, and how to help old or disabled people who can' t do everything for themselves. At school, teachers help us to read and write. With their guidance, we begin to see things in different ways. 48.The writer takes the African boy as an example to show that _______. A.African children are very poor B.some children are unlucky C.education takes many ways D.schools are of great importance 49.One can find out what he is good at by . A.the encouragement of people around B.thinking of it when growing up C.the teachings of those he or she meets D.trying much practice 50.How the writer looks at the role of school is that _. A.school is not so important as our living places B.school enables us to understand the world in other ways C.school teaches us something useless at home D.school cannot prepare us for our daily lives 51.The passage tells us that _ . A.everyone gets education from the day he or she is born B.different education trains different classes of people C.school is absolutely necessary if one wants to understand the world D.Everyone will find out what he or she is good at 四、短文改错 Ben and his wife were on their way to having a dinner party. It was dark, windy night and they did not know the road very well. They drove through Cookstone until they found that they thought was the road to Doffing, that their friends lived.But it soon became clearly that they were not on the road to Dorling at all. The road they were on was getting more narrower and narrower. There was no other cars on it, and the wind was blowing harder with every passing minute. They come to a small village at last and drove by two houses without lights on. There was no one about tell them where they were. They became worrying..


完型答案 36---40 BADDA 41---45 BDCAC 46---50 BCDBA 51---55 CDBAC A 篇 BDDB C CDBA B 篇 BCD 改 错 : 1 having---have 2. 加 a 3.that---which 4.that---where 5.clearly—clear 6.more 去 掉 7.was—were 8.come---came 9.about ---to 10.worrying-worried


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