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u5Canada-the ture north 词汇语法复习

Unit 5 Canada-”The True North”
1.基础单词 1.________vi.& n.聊天;闲聊 2.________n.景色;风景 3.________n.措施;计量单位 vi.& vt.测量;衡量;判定 4.________n.边界;国界;边沿 vt.& vi.与……接壤,接近 5.________prep./adv.

在船、飞机、火车或公共汽车上 6.________prep.在……之内 7.________vt.证实;证明;批准 8.________adj.市区的 adv.在市区;往市区 9.________adj.宽阔的,广泛的 10.________adv.在附近 adj.附近的,邻近的 B.词汇拓展 11.________vt.& vi.包围;围绕→________adj.周围的,附近的→________n.环境 12.________adj.大约的;接近的→________adv.接近;大约 13.________n.传统;风俗→________adj.传统的 14.________vt.使恐怖;恐吓→________adj.恐惧的;受惊吓的→________adj.令人害怕的 15.________vt.使印象深刻;→________adj.给人深刻印象的;感人的→________n.印象 16.________adj.轻微的;微小的→________adv.稍微;轻微地 17.________vt.& vi.混合;调配→________n.混合(物);混合状态 A.短语互译 1.________________定居;平静下来;专心于 2.________________看见;瞥见 3.________________对……有天赋 4.________________在远处 5.________________设法做 6.________________be surrounded with 7.________________rather than 用上面短语的适当形式填空 9. It has shown that children generally pay attention to other children's strengths____________their weaknesses. 10. The Greens have an eight?year?old girl who____________painting.She has won two national prizes up to now. 11.When the girl____________her classmates,she stood up and waved to them excitedly. 12.After hearing the good news,she was so excited that it took her some time to____________. 13.The poor mother loved her son so much that she____________send him abroad for further study. Ⅲ.仿写式活用句型 1.It is so wet there that the trees are extremely tall, some_measuring_over_90_metres. 【句式仿写】 冬天来了,天气越来越冷了。 ____________,it gets colder and colder. 2.Rather_than_take_the_aeroplane_all_the_way,they decided to fly to Vancouver and then take the train west to east across Canada. 【句式仿写】 学生需要的是更多的练习和学习技巧而不是更多的作业。 Students need more practice and learning skills____________. 3.It's too bad you can't go as_far_as Ottawa,Canada's capital. 【句式仿写】 孩子们一直走到湖边。 The children walked____________. 同位语从句专项训练 一、单句语法填空 1. He often asked me the question ________ the work was worth doing. 2. I have no idea ________ the project will be finished. 1/2 8.________________at dawn

3. The reason ________ he did it was not clear. 4. The problem ________ city we are going to, Qingdao or Dalian, is not decided. 5. No one has any idea ________ bag the red one is. 6. I have no impression ________ he went home,perhaps by bike. 7. The manager didn’t answer the question ________ would take his place. 8. The fact has worried many scientists ________ the earth is becoming warmer and warmer these days. 9. Mr. Smith asked me a question ________ I could go with him to ________ he called the Treasure House the next week. 10. The theory is based on the idea ________ all people are created equal, ________ is accepted by most people. 11. The order ________ we should return hasn’t reached us, so we don’t know whether we have enough time to visit you. 12. Danby left word with my secretary ________ he would call again in the afternoon. 13. I have no idea ________ the journalist could have got his information from. 14. A warm thought suddenly came to me ________ I might use the pocket money to buy some flowers for my mother’s birthday. 15. Nobody believed his reason for being absent from the class ________ he had to meet his uncle at the airport. 二、单句写作 1. This is our only request ________________________(这个问题应该尽快解决). 2. We all doubt ________________(他是否能通过驾照考试). 3. The problem ________________(我们如何帮助灾区人民) has not been discussed. 4. People have no idea ________________(飞机上发生了什么事情)during the crash. 5. News hasn’t been known ________________ (这些毕业生何时离校). 三、语法选择 1. —Do you still believe in your roommate? —Yes. I always hold the belief ________ he is an honest fellow. A. what C. that 2. A. should C. would 3. A. / C. 考) A. whether C. that A. that B. what D. how B. what C.as D. which that B. whether D. which B. could D. might B. whether D. when

Her suggestion that the plan ________ be delayed was turned down.

The news ________ he has been elected president of the United States is true.

4. I made a promise to myself ________ this year, my first year in high school, would be different. (2012 ?浙江高

5. Do you have any idea ________ made up of?


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