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Book 1 Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero单元检测

Book 1 Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero Unit Test 第I卷
Ⅰ. 单项填空 1. The little bird was lucky enough to escape ______. A. to catch B. to be caught C. being caught D. catching 2. Don’t wo

rry. There is no entrance _____to the gallery. A. fare B. pay C. salary D. fee 3. Soon after Hitler _____ power in Germany, Einstein was ______ in his life. A. came to the; in the trouble B. came to; in trouble C. came to the; in trouble D. took; in troubles 4. He devoted all his life to ________ those people _________. A. helping; in trouble B. help; in the trouble C. helping; in the trouble D. help; in trouble 5. The blacks fought _______ their freedom. A. with B. against C. for D. back 6. The man was charged for blowing ______ some government buildings in Baghdad. A. up B. down C. out D. over 7. Is it in this room ____ the great writer once lived ____ he finished his last works? A. where; that B. that, where C. that; which D. that; that 8. His son was put in _____ prison. He went to _____ prison to see him once a month. A. /; / B. the; the C. /; the D. the; / 9. I think Robert______ the job. A. is equal B. is equal to C. equals D. is equaled 10. He’s got himself into a dangerous situation______ he is likely to lose control over the plane. A. where B. which C. while D. why 11. The hotel ___ we stayed at was both cheap and comfortable. A. which B. where C. why D. when 12. I saw a woman running toward me in the dark. Before I could recognize who she was, she had run back in the direction ___ she had come. A. of which B. by which C. on which D. from which 13. They will not ____even if they can’t win the match. A. lose their hearts B. lose their heart C. lose heart D. lose the heart 14. He ________ for two months, so he is looking for his job. A. has lost his job B. lost his job C. has been in work D. has been out of job 15. He is such a kind person that he is ____ to help anyone who is in trouble. A. unwilling B. hope C. willing D. quality II.完形填空 Some years ago when I was in my first year in college, I heard Salome Bey sing for the first time. The moment was exciting. Salome’s 16 filled the room and brought the theater to life. I was so 17 that I decided to write an article about her. I 18 Salome Bey, telling her I was from Essence magazine, and that I wanted to meet her to talk about her career. She 19 and told me to come to her studio next Tuesday. When I hung up, I was scared out of my mind. I 20 I was lying. I was not a writer at all and hadn’t even written a grocery list. I interviewed Salome Bey the next Tuesday. I sat there 21 , taking notes and asking questions that all began with, “Can you tell me…” I soon realized that 22 Salome Bey was one thing, but writing a story for a national magazine was just impossible. The 23 was almost unbearable. I struggled for days 24 draft

after draft. Finally I put my manuscript (手稿) into a large envelope and dropped it into a mailbox. It didn’t take long. My manuscript 25 . How stupid of me! I thought. How could I 26 in a world of professional writers? Knowing I couldn’t 27 the rejection letter, I threw the unopened envelope into a drawer. Five years later, I was moving to California. While 28 my apartment, I came across the unopened envelope. This time I opened it and read the editor’s letter in 29 : Ms Profit, Your story on Salome Bey is fantastic. Yet we need some 30 materials. Please add those and return the article immediately. We would like to 31 your story soon. Shocked, it took me a long time to 32 . Fear of rejection cost me money. I lost at least five hundred dollars and having my article appear in a major magazine. More importantly, I lost years of 33 writing. Today, I have become a full – time writer. Looking back on this 34 , I learned a very important lesson: You can’t 35 to doubt yourself. 16. A. joy B. voice C. speech D. smile 17. A. proud B. active C. satisfied D. moved 18. A. visited B. emailed C. phoned D. interviewed 19. A. agreed B. refused C. hesitated D. paused 20. A. replied B. discovered C. explained D. knew 21. A. seriously B. patiently C. nervously D. quietly 22. A. rewarding B. fooling C. inviting D. helping 23. A. difficulty B. failure C. words D. pressure 24. A. with B. by C. on D. in 25. A. disappeared B. returned C. spread D. improved 26. A. compare B. struggle C. survive D. compete 27. A. like B. get C. face D. receive 28. A. washing B. repairing C. cleaning D. leaving 29. A. disbelief B. fear C. terror D. trouble 30. A. subjective B. relevant C. private D reliable 31. A. return B. create C. publish D. lend 32. A. recover B. prepare C. escape D. educate 33. A. energetic B. endless C. typical D. enjoyable 34. A. experience B. success C. failure D. accident 35. A. want B. afford C. expect D. pretend III. 阅读理解 A His first successful fight was for the equal rights of black people in South Africa. Then, as the first black president, he fought to unite the country and organize the government. Now Nelson Mandela has set his sights on a new enemy, AIDS. On March 19 the 82-year-old, former president, hosted his second AIDS-awareness concert. He warned that 25 million people in Africa were already infected with the fatal disease. Mandela was born in a small village in South Africa in 1918. He was adopted by the chief of his tribe and could have been a chief himself and lived a happy country life. But he refused to be a chief when his people lived under racial discrimination. He decided to fight for equal rights for all the people in South Africa. Before 1990, under the country’s Racial Segregation Law, colored and white people lived separately. Black people were treated unfairly even when taking a bus. Blacks had to stand at the back of the bus to make room for white people even when there were only a few of them on board. For his opposition to the system, Mandela was arrested and spent 27 years in prison. He was freed in 1990 and became the president of the country after the first election were held in which everyone could vote. Mandela was not only a political fighter who attacked with speeches. He was also a trained boxer and fought

in the ring when he was young. “Although I did not enjoy the violence of boxing, I was interested in how one moved one’s body to protect oneself, how one used a strategy both to attack and retreat”, he wrote in his autobiography. As a skillful fighter, he chose music as his weapon against AIDS. He hopes to win another victory against AIDS. 36. When was Mandela arrested? A. In 1963. B. In 1990. C. when he refused to be a chief. D. When he became the president. 37. Nelson Mandela succeeded in doing the following except________. A. winning the equal rights for the black people in South Africa B. uniting South Africa C. organizing a government in South Africa D. controlling the spread of AIDS 38. If Nelson Mandela hadn’t fought against racial discrimination, he ________. A. could easily have been the president of South Africa B. could still have lived a happy life C. could have been in a difficult situation D. would have been a excellent boxer 39. It can be inferred that Nelson Mandela _________. A. continues to help the black people with the political struggle B. is taking a position in a music group C. is carrying the world’s greatest fight against AIDS D. is preparing for the next president election 40. Which of the following statements can best describe the life of Nelson Mandela? A. Struggle his life. B. Sports make his fame. C. Fight for equal rights. D. A great fighter against government. B Louis Pasteur, one of the world's great scientists, was born in 1822, and died in 1895.While still a young boy, Louis Pasteur made his decision to become a scientist. He spent much of his life time studying the diseases of cattle, chickens and other tame animals. His wife learned to help him with his work. Almost everyone knows that Pasteur is the man responsible for finding a way of preventing milk from spoiling (变质). Not many people know he was the first to imagine and to prove that air we breathe is full of germs (细菌). One of his greatest successes was finding a treatment for people and animals to prevent a disease called rabies (狂犬病). Louis Pasteur won many honors and could have got large amount of money. But Pasteur preferred to live simply. The real happiness of this unusual man came from his work. Louis Pasteur did so well in his life that the French government took up his work and created the Institute Pasteur in the year 1888. 41. According to the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE? A. Pasteur was a scientist and doctor as well. B. Pasteur lived for less than seventy years. C. Everybody knows that Pasteur succeeded in finding a way of preventing milk from spoiling. D. Pasteur's wife was of some help to him in his work. 42. From the passage, we know that Pasteur lived a simple life. This is because ________. A. he earned little money B. he cared much about money C. what he really enjoyed was a simple life D. of all mentioned above

43. Why were many honors given to Louis Pasteur? A. Because he was the greatest scientist in the world. B. Because he spent much of his life time studying the diseases of people. C. Because he lived simply. D. Because he was a great success as a scientist. 44. Pasteur could have got large amount of money if he had___________. A. cared much about it B. made more discoveries C. lived a better life D. achieved more successes 45. To Louis Pasteur the real happiness in his life was to __________. A. study B. work C. get large amount of money D. raise tame animals C When Christopher Columbus landed on the then unnamed Costa Rica in 1502, he saw many Indians wearing gold earrings. So he thought the land must be rich in gold. He named the place Costa Rica, which means “rich coast” in Spanish. Though little gold was found, Costa Rica today is indeed rich with coffee and bananas. Coffee is the most important product in Costa Rica and most of it is exported (出口) to other countries like America and West Germany. Bananas are the country’s second most important export. Costa Ricans also grow many other crops such as fruits, corn and beans for their own use. Costa Ricans love colors and their houses are painted in bright colors. Education is very important to the Costa Ricans. Almost every village has a school and education is a must for children between seven and fourteen years of age. Boys and girls go to separate (单独的) schools. Classes begin in March and end in November. The other three months of the year are harvest time and the children have to help their parents to pick coffee beans. 46. What’s the main idea of the first paragraph? A. How Columbus found Costa Rica. B. How Costa Rica got its name. C. What the Costa Ricans wore. D. What language the Costa Ricans spoke. 47. The Costa Ricans may NOT paint their houses ________. A. pink and red B. grey and black C. blue and green D. yellow and orange 48. In Costa Rica, boys and girls between seven and fourteen ________. A. must go to school B. study in the same school C. do not have to go to school at all D. can choose to stop schooling at any time 49. From December to February, school children in Costa Rica ________. A. have lessons every day B. have their examinations C. help their parents pick coffee beans D. help their parents decorate their houses 50. This passage is mainly about ________. A. Christopher Columbus B. Costa Rica C. some products from Costa Rica D. the education of Costa Rica

第 II 卷
IV. 单词拼写 51. I’m w________________ to admit that I have hurt her, but that’s not my real meaning. 52. What are the q _____________ you should find in a great person? 53. Mr. Brown is 65 years old now and still very a_____________ for his age.

54. Since I was better e _____________, I got a job working in an office. 55. The thief was s _____________to three years in prison. 56. He gave the children some candies to r___________ them for behaving well. 57. It’s not right to solve the problem in _____________ (暴行). 58. Black people had no right to v____________ and could not choose who ruled them. 59. He was made p___________ of the Ping pong club. 60. The People’s R_____________ of China is a developing country. 61. The doctor was d____________ to his research work, caring little about any other things. 62. Harry and his wife lived a p_____________ life in the country. Ⅴ. 选用方框中合适的单词或短语填空 in trouble, blow up, out of work, turn to, lose heart, as a matter of fact, violent, will, fair, equal, vote, escape, cruelty. 63. They always had a comfortable place to live in, and he said his father was never __________________. 64. Disney didn’t _________________ though he failed many times. 65. He had to _______________ the fire to make it burn. 66. He will _______________ his teacher for help when he meets some difficulties in English. 67. If you can’t pay the bill, you’re going to be ________________. 68. I won’t go with him; _______________________, I hate staying with him. 69. She is not ___________________ to answer this question. 70. The thief jumped into a car and ________________. 71. He said that too much _______________ was shown on TV, which is not good for children. 72. The world will never forget the ______________ of the American soldiers to Iraqi prisoners. 73. I’m angry. I think you are not treating us ________________. 74. They share the housework _______________ between them. 75. If we can’t agree, let’s _______________ on it.


【参考答案】 Book 1 Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero Unit Test 第I卷
I. 单项选择 1-5 CDBAC 6-10 AACBA 11-15 ADCDC II.完形填空 16-20 BDCAD 21-25 CBDAB 26-30 DCCAB 31-35 CADAB III. 阅读理解 36-40 ADBCA 41-45 DCDAB 46-50 BBACB

第 II 卷
IV. 单词拼写 51. willing 52. qualities 53. active 54. educated 55. sentenced 56. reward 57. violence 58. vote 59. president 60. Republic 61. devoted 62. peaceful Ⅴ.选用方框中合适的单词或短语填空 63. out of work 64. lose heart 65. blow up 66. turn to 67. in trouble 68. as a matter of fact 69. willing 70. escaped 71. violence 72. cruelty 73. fairly 74. equally 75. vote


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