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Unit 1

Teaching goals:
Do some reading. Improve Ss’ ability of writing. Get Ss to cooperate with others.

Teaching important and difficult points:
Know the gen

eral idea of the passage. Make sure Ss know how to write an interesting story.


Many animals are of great help to our daily lives or make great contributions to the development of science and technology. Can you list some of them?


Animals are friends of human beings. However, some animals will cause trouble or danger to us in some situations. For example, when they are hungry or when they feel themselves in danger. Do you know some dangerous animals on the land as well as in the water?

Danger on the land


Danger in the water

What are Sharks? Sharks are fish that have been around since the dinosaurs.




What do you know about sharks?
? Most of them have a weak sense of ______ but a strong sense of ______. ? Sharks must keep __________ so that they will sink.

Fast Reading
? ?

Do all the sharks attack human beings? Are many people attacked by sharks every year? Why is the number of shark attacks increasing?

Structure of the passage

Para 1
Three types of dangerous sharks ?Great white shark ?Tiger shark ?Bull shark

Para. 2

Three tpyes of shark attacks


Para 3:

Four tips on how to avoid being attacked by sharks.



Three tips on what to do if a shark attacks.

Title : _______________
Introduction to sharks
?Nearly 400 different types of sharks ?Only about _____ types attacking human beings ?Some dangerous sharks: the great white shark, the tiger shark and the bull shark ?Attacking you when it _______________ a fish ?Pushing you with its nose and then biting you if it thinks you are fit to be eaten ?Waiting for you to swim by and then _________you suddenly ?Do not swim __________. ?Do not swim in the ocean _____.a fresh wound ?Do not wear bright clothing or jewellery. ?Stay in groups. ?Keep calm. ?Hit the shark ____________with your fist. ?Stick your finger in the shark’s eyes. Don’t be frightened by sharks.

_______of shark attacks
___________ of reducing the risk of shark attacks Advice to follow when attacked by a shark ______________

Useful phrases 1. be known to 2. two other sharks 3. probably because 4. contrary to 5. many more people 6.mistake for 7. be fit to do 8. wait for sb to do 9. the last two 10. reduce the risk of 11.follow the suggestions 12.have a fresh wound 13. in the dark 14.over a long distance 15.wear bright clothing or jewellery 16.hit the shark on the nose 17.stick your finger in the shark’s eye 18.30 times more 19.avoid large numbers of people

1. But about 30 types are known to have attacked human beings = ___________________________________ 2. Contrary to what many people might assume, 和许多人可能会认为的正好相反 contrary to ____, on the contrary_____ ● contrary to what you may have seen recently.

And contrary to popular belief, chocolate contains only a very small amount of caffeine.

3. Because it mistakes you for humans. mistake sb/sth. for …. 把…误认为 ● Kindness is easily mistaken for love.

The traveller mistook the house for a hotel.

4. If you are fit to be eaten. ● He is not fit to be a manager. ●. 人人都适合受教育 ● …prove that he was fit for this important task

5. To reduce the risk of a shark attack, you should follow these suggestions. reduce v. 缩减,减轻,减少,使…成为 reduce pain
表示降低的百分比时常用___表达 降低到什么程度用____

把价格降低10% 把数量减少到百分之八十

His words reduce everyone there to tears.

6. Shark can smell you over a long distance. over a long distance 很长一段距离 in the distance(P12) 在远处/方 at a distance 隔开一些,有相当距离 ● The painting can be only admired ____________. ● From his window, a church could be seen _____________ ● It is not yet known how these stones were carried _____________of 380 kilometres.

7. Don’t wear jewellery because sharks are attracted to the flash of colors. jewellery 珠宝 ;首饰 (总称,不可数) Jewellery shop jewel 宝石;珠宝 (可数) jewel box


jewel indeed. Friends are a very rare______, attract v.吸引 (常接to 表示对…有兴趣) ● Opportunity is attracted to people with a dream.

8. As sharks usually avoid large numbers of people avoid sth./doing sth.


___________________________________ ● You should avoid mentioning anything that may make her sad.

9. Don’t panic (panicking, panicked, panics) in panic 惊慌的

10. You are 30 times more likely to be hit by lightning that be attacked by a shark. likely adj. 很可能的, 有希望的 sb. be likely to do sth. It’s (very/ most) likely that …







(2)三个词均可用于It is...that...的结构中。
(3)possible和likely后接不定式,而probable不与 不定式连用。 (4)只有likely可以用人作主语。likely的常见搭配 为sb./sth.be likely to do sth.(=It is likely


2. Don’t be frightened by sharks as you are 30 times more likely to be hit by lightning than be attacked by a shark.

likely adj. 可能的
倍数的表达法有三种: ① A +谓语+倍数词+形容词或副词的比较级+ than + B ② A +谓语+倍数词+ as +形容词或副词的原级 (+名词)+ as + B ③ A +谓语+倍数词+度量名词+ of + B

e.g. Mine is twice more than yours. = ___________________________ Our school is three times the size of John’s. =_____________________________ =______________________________

The wonderful world of pigeons

Fast reading
1. What does the text begin with? 2. What are the uses of pigeons in the text?

4. How do pigeons find their way?

1-4 ____________ ___________


6_______________ _______________ _______________


Para 1-4
1. What does the article begin with? 2. What is the story about?

3. Why does the writer begin with a story in his article?

Para 5

Pigeons have a wonderful sense of ________ and can find their way home_____ long distances. Since ancient times people have used pigeons to______________,especially______.

Para 6?


________________________ ________________________

1. ______________________________ 2. ______________________________

Read paragraph 5 and 6 carefully and fill in the blanks with one word only.

The wonderful world of pigeons ?There is something like a _________ __________ inside their why pigeons bodies telling the way. can find their?They appear to use sense of way back _____ and even____ to find way.
?Carrying the news Their uses in or even the mail our life ?________________ them to carry messages in war.

1. While a guard watches for the enemy. watch for v. 等待;当心;守候 站岗放哨 ● 我们一定要当心火灾。

2. Attaching the message to its leg, he sets the birds loose. attach v. 使依附;系上;使依恋 ;附加; ● attach file 附件


They can also attach links to videos or photos.

sets the bird loose 松开鸟儿 loose [lu?s] adj. 宽松的;松动 lose [lu:z]( lost )v.失去 ;丢失 loss [l?s, l?:s] n. 减少;亏损;遗失 _____things are ____forever. But you must cut your_______and some _____ arrangements have to be changed.

Producing a TV show about how

the animal uses
its senses.

The animal’s name____________ It’s special sense_______________
? ? ? ? size food special sense stories


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