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东北育才学校高一年级 英语学科第一次统一作业

东北育才学校高一年级 英语学科第一次统一作业 (满分 100)
I. 阅读理解(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节(共 15 小题;每题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A,B,C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A He met her at a party. She was outstanding, but nobody paid any a

ttention to him. After the party, he invited her for coffee. So as not to appear rude, she went along. As they sat in a nice coffee shop, he asked the waiter, "Could you please give me some salt?" They were surprised, but when the salt came, he put it in his coffee and drank. Curious, she asked, "Why salt with coffee?" He explained, "When I was a little boy, I lived near the sea. I liked playing on the sea. I could feel its taste salty, like salty coffee. Now every time I drink it, I think of my childhood and my hometown. I miss it and my parents, who are still there." She was deeply touched, for a man who can admit that he's homesick must love his home and care about his family must be responsible. That was the start to their love story. Finally, they married and lived happily together. And every time she made coffee for him, she put in some salt, the way he liked it. After 40 years, he passed away and left her a letter which said: My dearest, please forgive my life-long lie. The first time we dated, I was so nervous I asked for salt instead of sugar. It was hard for me to ask for a change, so I just went ahead. I never thought that we would hit it off. Many times, I tried to tell you the truth, but I was afraid that it would ruin everything. Sweetheart, I don't exactly like salty coffee. But as it mattered so much to you, I've learnt to enjoy it. If I could live a second time, I hope we can be together again, even if it means that I have to drink salty coffee for the rest of my life. 21. At their first date, she was deeply moved by his ________ A. handsome appearance B. fantastic childhood C. asking for salty coffee D. care about his family 22. What does “hit off” in the last paragraph probably mean? A. understand each other B. get along well C. beak up D. have a fight 23. What can be inferred from the passage? A. She was attractive and had many pursuers. B. They felt surprised when the man asked for salt. C. The man had as bitter a childhood as the salty coffee. D. The man was deep in love with the woman all his life. B Physical activity not only has positive effects on children's physical health, but also boosts(促 进)children's cognitive(认知的) abilities of learning, suggested researchers from University of Jyvaskyla in a latest study. The study, published by the open access scientific journal PLOS ONE, examined how objectively measured and self-reported physical activity and sedentary behavior are associated with cognitive functions in school-age children. A total of 224 children from five schools in the Jyvaskyla school district of Finland participated in the study.

The researchers measured the children's physical activity and sedentary time objectively(客观 地) for seven days on end, and evaluated(评估) their self-reported physical exercises and screen time (time spent on computer, TV and games). In addition, the children's cognitive functions including visual memory, executive(执行的) functions, attention and internal reliability were evaluated with a computerized Cambridge Neuropsychological(神经心理学) Test Automated Battery by using five different tests. The result showed that a high level of objectively measured physical activity is associated with good performance in the attentional reaction time test. On the contrary, self-reported computer/video game play was negatively associated with working memory, whereas computer use was associated with weak shifting and flexibility(灵活性) of attention. The positive effects of physical activity may be due to the fact that physical exercise promotes brain blood circulation and oxygen supply, as well as increases cardiovascular(心血管的) function that benefits attentional processes, the researchers explained. 24. This passage is about __________. A. the time children spent on physical activities B. the way to improve children’s cognitive abilities C. why physical activities can improve children’s cognitive functions D. a study of children’s physical activities and cognitive performance. 25. In which of the following situations, students probably show the best cognitive functions? A. working at desk for all day B. reading from the computer for a long time C. having enough time for sleep D. running for half an hour in the morning 26. Which can be counted as a reason for the benefit of physical exercise?

A. good performance in attentional reaction B. sound physical health condition C. promoted blood circulation and oxygen supply D. improved visual memory 27. The underlined word “sedentary” probably means_________. A. still B lazy C. calm D. impolite C From Stephen Hawking to father of computer science Alan Turing, British heart-throb(令人醉 心的) Benedict Cumberbatch has played quite a few geniuses on both the big and small screen. In real life, he also comes off as a truly brainy guy: He talks a lot at an incredible fast speed, like to use big words in the interviews, and recently he has fallen into the habit of wearing a pair of glasses that gives him a attractive geeky look. We all want to look smarter than we really are, and there are ways to hide our cerebral (脑部 的 )shortcomings from others. The article cites( 援引 ) a 2007 study of 182 graduate students conducted by researchers from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. In the study, some participants were asked to try to appear intelligent during a video-taped discussion with a partner. Other people were asked to watch the video and make a judgment of the participants’ likely IQ. Researchers found that people trying to look intelligent has a few behaviors in common. Among them are looking at others while listening or speaking, sitting up straight, putting on a serious face and avoiding certain gestures, such as touching their hair or face. But only the first two of those behaviors earned them a high IQ score from people watching the video. The observers also give higher IQ scores to participants who wore a self-assured(自信的) expression rather than a poker face, spoke clearly and pleasant expressive voice, and were responsive to their conversation partners—gesturing, nodding and being engaged in the conversation. Tiny details can also affect others’ perceptions( 认知 ). You may have brilliant ideas to communicate in your work e-mail, but if you type the e-mail in the comic Sans font(字体), it could ruin the whole thing. According to The Atlantic article, a Princeton researcher found that a hard-to-read font made an author seem dumber, while a clean, simple typeface (Times New Roman, in the study) made him or her seem more intelligent. 28.Benedict Cunberbatch seems smart even in real life because____________. A. he has acted many geniuses B. he talks a lot about brainy people. C. he talks fast using big words. D. he looks attractive and cool 29. What can we learn from the passage? A. Cumberbatch is the most intelligent actor. B. One should never put on a poker face. C. Tiny details can be troublesome and ignored. D. People with higher IQ scores are expected to be responsive. 30. According to the watchers, which of the following behaviors can be rated the highest score of intelligence? A. looking at a conversation partner B. putting on a serious face C. avoiding touching hair and face D. remaining silent and thinking 31. What is the best title for the passage? A. Lead You to the Path of a Genius B. Genius or Not, at Least You Can Look Like One

C. Benedict, Cumberbatch, Born to be a Genius Actor D. Practical Ways to Make Good Impressions D A woman 44, had been pregnant for 13 weeks. Her daughter became unhappy after knowing the she was gong to have a brother or sister. Her anxiety reached its peak when she cut her wrist with a razor blade(刀片) in an attempted suicide(自杀). Though this is an extreme case, for many it raises pressing questions about the only child generation’s understanding of family bonds(关系,纽带). Xia Xueluan,71, a sociology professor at Peking University, believes family planning policy has created many young, willful ”emperors” and “empresses”. “Parents spoil their only children and as a result, many of them became self-centered and lacking in consideration for others,” he says. On the other hand, growing up without brothers and sisters, many only children developed a watered-down(冲淡的)definition of kinship(亲属关系) and family bond, which in their eyes can only exist between parents and the only child, China Youth Daily reports. Beginning in 2013, China cased(使失效) the family planning program and introduces the new policy to address the country’s declining labor force and aging population, which threatens to slow down the economy and create social problems. Although 11 million couples are qualified for a second child, only 1 million applied to have one by the end of last year, figures from the National Health and Family Planning Commission show. In addition to worrying about losing time and money, many parents choose not to have a second baby out of concern for their first child, according to a survey by China Youth Daily. “Self-centeredness negatively impacts how people handle interpersonal relationships in their lives and careers,” says Zhang Li, a commentator(评论员) on cnhubei.com, the official news website of Hubei’s provincial government. “To handle self-centeredness early, parents should learn to teach their children to be loving so they will anticipate(期待) baby siblings(兄弟姐妹) with love in their hearts,” Fang Qingjiang says in Beijing Morning Post. For those only children who have grown up and entered society, experts suggest they participate more in group activities, learn to put themselves into others’ shoes, and that they not always rely on their parents to deal with problems. 32. The function of the first paragraph is to _______________? A. inform a piece of news B. arouse sympathy with the mother C. find a solution to the problem D. invite the following discussion 33. According to Xia Xuanlan, ________ can be a cause of the self-centered generation. A. parents’ spoiling their only children B. lack of consideration for others C. ill relation with parents D. bad interpersonal skills 34. What can be inferred form the passage? A. It has caused great public concern that children threat their parents with suicide B. Parents’ spoiling their children leads to their lack of consideration for others. C. Parents play an important role in educating their child to accept a future sister or brother. D. There is no need to change anything if an only child has already entered society. 35. The passage is mainly about_________? A. reasons behind the self-centered children B. a girl’s case of attempting suicide

C. children’s understanding of family bonds

D. the main problem that the only children face

第二节(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) (注意:如果选项是 E,F 或 G, 涂卡分别涂成 AB=E; AC = F; AD = G) 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。 选项中有两项为多余选项。 It may finally be time for your smart watch to talk to your doctor. Plenty of people wear fitness trackers. And plenty of doctors use electronic data to help with patient care. __36__IBM is aiming to change that by cooperating with other companies to collect and use more information from personal medical devices to help with patients' clinical care. Using its Watson supercomputer , IBM said that it will also be launching a whole Watson Health unit. It's the latest move by IBM to chase the business potential that comes from processing massive amounts of data. The company has also recently announced the introduction of an "Internet of Things" business unit dedicated to helping companies collect and process information from sensors (传感器) embedded(嵌入) in everything from city streets to clothing. __37__. John Kelly, a senior vice president at IBM Research and Watson architect, said that he thinks that the health-care industry is one of the most logical places to apply the supercomputer's power. "The cost of health-care continues to grow," he said. "We need better outcomes __38__.” Physicians, he said, are already starting to embrace the use of digital records and data to increase care, through electronic health records as well as by monitoring data sent out by cardiac(心 脏病的) device, insulin pumps(胰岛素泵)or other smart devices implanted(植入) in people's bodies. Down the line, some expect smart pills, with embedded chips, are to become far more commonplace. __39__What many do have, however, are fitness devices made by companies such as Fitbit, Jawbone or, soon, Apple. That information, however, often doesn't get communicated to physicians for a number of reasons -- including that there's a pretty bright line between the privacy protections we apply to clinical data and consumer fitness data. Questions on how to handle the privacy of medical data, perhaps among the most sensitive and certainly personal information devices collect, have been heavy on the minds of those in the medical and technology sectors for years. __40__ It's also among the most highly targeted for hackers. A. But, of course, most consumers don't have that. B. To control those problems, IBM is offering ways to obtain personal information from data collected by consumer devices C. But it's also true that these data often never meet or limit the usefulness of it to patients. D. Privacy advocates have repeatedly raised concerns that the collection of health and fitness data could lead to discrimination, data mining (数据挖掘) and inappropriate advertising. E. we see a number of diseases that are exploding, from diabetes to cancer." F. Those programs allow developers and physicians to collect health information of Apple users -with permission -- by way of motion and other sensors within its mobile devices. G. And Watson's applications to the health field have long been discussed as a potential business for IBM. II. 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) "Meg, we need to talk." "Sure thing, Dad."

"I have been to the 41 several times over the last few days, and well, Meg, I have a brain cancer. "Okay." "Just okay?" "Yep, just okay." It was the second half of my senior year, that 42 in a girl's life when all the really big exciting events are happening. My final performance, my eighteenth birthday and my graduation, all 43 my mind in just two short months. By my final performance Dad couldn't really give his full 44 on it, but he was there. He bravely sat through my birthday dinner, and he 45 to get out of the hospital for my graduation. 46 those months, we both were caring about the same thing--me. His doctor said that by 47 on all my future events, it kept my dad 48 longer. Nine days after my high school graduation, my father died. For the next two weeks after his 49 I didn't leave my room. Finally, my mom came in, opened my blinds and gave me a letter. It was from my father's doctor. He wrote about how my father 50 him to change his life and the way he worked." …He was not 51 a patient to me. He 52 more for the people around him than he did his own 53 . I have never met someone who put everyone else first. He was the type of person I 54 to be." I was 55 . I came to know what I should do. Days later, I got a job as a summer camp counselor. I 56 everything I had to these little kids, and slowly they helped to heal me without even 57 what they were doing. Their innocence had helped me 58 some of mine. That summer 59 parts of the life my father led in his last few days. I had learned the 60 lesson my father was teaching me in order to lead a fulfilling life, you must learn how to give of yourself to others. 41. A. doctor B. baker C. teacher D. lawyer 42. A. time B. goal C. story D. thing 43. A. sharpened B. changed C. occupied D. influenced 44. A. congratulation B. presentation C. description D. concentration 45. A. failed B. intended C. decided D. fought 46. A. Since B. After C. During D. With 47. A. depending B. focusing C. insisting D. counting 48. A. alive B. active C. awake D. calm 49. A. recovery B. treatment C. ceremony D. funeral 50. A. forced B. inspired C. persuaded D. begged 51. A. even B. just C. always D. yet 52. A. cared B. paid C. prepared D. praised 53. A. benefit B. effort C. pain D. value 54. A. continue B. manage C. desire D. agree 55. A. disappointed B. surprised C. determined D. touched 56. A. forgave B. promised C. abandoned D. contributed 57. A. realizing B. believing C. guessing D. suspecting 58. A. maintain B. prove C. rediscover D. believe

59. A. indicated 60. A. lively

B. mirrored B. final

C. followed C. interesting

D. performed D. painful

III. 语篇填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 When the book “Number the Stars” was newly published, it found ______ way into the hands and hearts of children who had read about but _______ experienced war. Certainly, the book has left them deep impressions, and got them moved or ________(touch). Meanwhile, as it had been translated into ________(count) different languages, children ________the world got a chance to know _______ a war was like, and what a hero meant, just _______ many children claimed, the book has changed their life, and helped them to learn about _________(cruel) of the war. But most importantly, they learnt the spirit of courage, ________ (brave) and sacrifice. Now the prototype of Annemarie is an old woman, and ________ is the writer, but they all hope that children in peace times should remember what has happened in the past. IV. 短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) Tiny although Anne was, she managed to assist Mom back to the house, where Anne suddenly spotted a packet, which Peter had handed it to Ellen’s father. Mom’s face suddenly went pale, for she knew that the packet was of great important. Despite her pain, she ordered Anne send the packet to Uncle Henric. “Run! As fast as you can!” To send the lost packet, she was running carefully and hurried to the harbor-side, ignored whatever beautiful scenery or the past good memory in the way. Certainly, she was cautious and alert all the way so that even the smallest sound or noise will make her hair stand on end. Meanwhile, to calm her down, she kept reminding herself of the story she used to tell Kirsti until she approached the end of the woods, where she found herself suddenly surrounded by some German soldier and two big and fierce dogs.

英语知识运用答题区: 语法填空: 1._________________ 2.__________________ 3.__________________ 4._________________5.__________________6.___________________ 7.________________ 10.______________ 改错答题区: Tiny although Anne was, she managed to assist Mom back to the house, where Anne suddenly spotted a packet, which Peter had handed it to Ellen’s father. Mom’s face suddenly went pale, for she knew that the packet was of great important. Despite her pain, she ordered Anne send the packet to Uncle Henric. “Run! As fast as you can!” To send the lost packet, she was running carefully and hurried to the harbor-side, ignored whatever beautiful scenery or the past good memory in the way. 8.__________________ 9.__________________

Certainly, she was cautious and alert all the way so that even the smallest sound or noise will make her hair stand on end. Meanwhile, to calm her down, she kept reminding herself of the story she used to tell Kirsti until she approached the end of the woods, where she found herself suddenly surrounded by some German soldier and two big and fierce dogs.

Keys: 阅读: 21.D 22.B 23.D 24.D 25.D 26.C 27.A 28.C 29.D 30.A 31.B 32.D 33.A 34.C 35.D 36.C.通过段落理解可知,很多人用健康监测设备,医生也用这些设备收集到的数据来帮助病 人。但是这些数据经常难以满足医生的需要,因此这就让人对于健康监测设备的有用性产生 怀疑。 37.G.由段落句首可以推测出。 38.E.短文一直在介绍 IBM 公司致力于打造一款更好的健康监测设备,而这一计划主要是因 为看见了很多疾病都在爆发,这种设备会很有市场。 39.A.由前后文可以推断出。 40.D.这一段主要探讨关于医疗数据隐私的问题,所以可以推断出答案为 D 完形: 41. A 42. A 43. C 44. D 45. D 46. C 47. B 48. A 49. D 50. B 51. B 52. A 53. C 54. C 55. D 56. D 57. A 58. C 59. B 60. B 语法填空:its; never; touched; countless; across/throughout; what; As; cruelty; bravery; so; 改错: Although---though/as; it -----/; Important ----importance; ^ send ----to; hurried ---hurriedly; ignored----ignoring; in-----along/on will----would her-----herself soldier---soldiers 单词:1. at the mercy of 2. on behalf of 3. appealed to 4. It is estimated that 5. discouraged/discourages from 6. exploration 7. furniture 8. privilege 9. inherit 10. Passersby

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