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II. Grammar and Vocabulary
Section A Directions: After reading the passages below, fill in the blanks to make the passages coherent and grammatically correct. For the blanks with a given word, fill in each blank with the proper form of the given word; for the other blanks, use one word that best fits each blank. (A) One day I heard two girls talking about making net friends in a café . One said that she (25) ______ (meet) one of her net friends and the other told her not to because most people found their net friends (26) ______ (disappoint) in real life. We all know it is quite common now that many teenagers, especially (27) ______ from one-child families, like to make net friends and spend lots of time chatting with them because they need someone to talk with and share their sorrow and happiness. However, is it wise for them to do so? In my opinion, it is possible for you to find some real good friends with the help of new technology but you (28) ______ ______ take care. When you talk with someone unknown on the Internet, you have no idea at all what kind of person he is and (29) ______ he is telling you the truth. Besides we can?t deny that some bad guys mask themselves very well so that they can get many nice people (30) ______ (trap). So, you?re taking the risk of meeting your net friends (31) ______ you get any idea about him. In a word, you can never be too careful when meeting your net friends. (B) Perhaps one aspect of modern life which is most often considered ?annoying? is noise. According to some estimates, the amount of urban noise (32) ______ (double) in the past ten years, and with the increase in road and air traffic, noise is likely to increase too. Noise quite clearly affects the health of modern man. It is a health threat. Loud noise (33) ______ (say) to be a leading cause of deafness among many people over 65. It is also a major (34) ______ (contribute) factor in causing stress, (35) ______ itself causes a variety of illnesses. Noise is sometimes associated with lack of communication in the modern world. In many busy shops, factories and nightclubs, (36) ______ level and constancy of noise make conversation at a natural level difficult or impossible. Certain people in society, such as motorcyclists, seem to believe they have a right (37) ______ (make) as much noise as they like without being fined. Do they? We are so trained to noise in this modern world (38) ______ people growing up with little (39) ______ no experience of genuine peace and quiet have begun to associate silence with boredom. Isn?t it time for us to start teaching young people that silence is golden and that you can do a lot of interesting things (40) ______ the accompaniment of noise?

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Section B Directions: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can only be used once. Note that there is one word more than you need. A. accurate F. enormously K. prediction Beyond two or three days, the world?s best weather forecasts are based on guesswork, and beyond six or seven they are worthless. The Butterfly Effect is the reason. For small pieces of weather — and to a global forecaster, small can mean thunderstorms and snowstorms — any ___41___ fails rapidly. Errors and uncertainties ___42___, gathering upward through a chain of unstable features, from dust devils (尘旋风) and windstorms up to continent-size eddies (旋风) ___43___ satellites can see. The modern weather models work with a network of points of the order of sixty miles apart, and even so, some ___44___ data has to be guessed, since ground stations and satellites cannot see everywhere. But suppose the earth could be covered with sensors spaced one foot apart, rising at one-foot ___45___ all the way to the top of the atmosphere. Suppose every sensor gives perfectly ___46___ readings of temperature, pressure, dampness, and any other quantity a meteorologist (气象工作者) would want. Exactly at noon a(n) ___47___ powerful computer takes all the data and ___48___ what will happen at each point at 12.01, then 12.02, then 12.03 … The computer will still be unable to predict whether Princeton, New Jersey, will have sun or rain on a day one month away. At noon the spaces between the sensors will ___49___ alterations that the computer will not know about, tiny variations from the ___50___. By 12.01, those alterations will already have created small errors one foot away. Soon the errors will have multiplied to the ten-foot scale, and so on up to the size of the globe. B. alteration G. initial C. average H. intervals D. calculates I. merely E. conceal J. multiply

III. Reading Comprehension
Section A Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. Ecotourism is a combination of ecology (the study of systems of living things) and tourism. It is ___51___ “responsible travel to natural areas that preserves the environment and improves the welfare of the local people” by the International Ecotourism Society. Actually, ecotourism can mean travel to far-off places of great natural beauty, but not always in a(n) ___52___ way. It?s a big business, and the attraction of money can cause people to think about ___53___ first. While
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ecotourism offers benefits to people and ecosystems, it leaves ecosystems open to negative effects, too. Costa Rica, once a Spanish colony, and independent since 1821, has an ecotourism industry worth over one billion dollars yearly, and thousands of jobs have been ___54___. Nearly 21 percent of the land is now protected national parks, ___55___ thanks to ecotourism. Nevertheless, due to the number of people visiting the country?s natural places, some damage to the ecosystem has occurred. While ___56___ can have a negative impact on ecosystems, the same areas might have been ___57___ by industries such as farming, logging, or mining if there were no ecotourism industry. Shelters (庇护所) have been created ___58___, keeping the ecosystem protected. And, by visiting beautiful rainforests and seeing rare animals, visitors get a sense of their ___59___, and of gratitude for them. Tour guides can also be educators who train people to love and care for the environment. Visitors can take these ___60___ with them to their home countries. Unfortunately, while their effect may not be ___61___ in the off-season, the constant parade of visitors in the high season can be damaging. At one national park in Costa Rica, wild monkeys now feed on garbage left by the tourists. ___62___, ecotourists tend to seek out places with the rarest animals and plants, ___63___ the most delicate living things. It is easy to be critical of the ecotourism industry, but it is important to be ___64___ as well. Ecotourism can never be “pure”. We can?t expect zero negative effects on the ecosystem. It is also ___65___ to suppose that humans won?t go anywhere accessible to them. If protection efforts are maintained and increased, those remaining places of undisturbed nature may be stressed, but they won?t be destroyed. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. A. defined as A. attractive A. effects A. lost A. mainly A. tourists A. fertilized A. equally A. freedom A. ecosystems A. uncertain A. For instance A. appreciating A. positive A. feasible B. made up of B. natural B. nature B. created B. comparatively B. environment B. destroyed B. regularly B. hardness B. lessons B. noticeable B. On the contrary B. discovering B. creative B. reasonable
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C. applied to C. different C. profits C. abandoned C. unfortunately C. manufacturers C. reserved C. instead C. welfare C. animals C. healthy C. In addition C. sheltering C. effective C. unrealistic

D. combined with D. responsible D. economy D. shifted D. barely D. politics D. stimulated D. though D. value D. trainers D. special D. As a whole D. pressuring D. sensitive D. inevitable

Section B Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read. (A) When I was young, it wasn?t the parental love that filled my thoughts in the spring. It was baseball. I loved everything about the game — the crack of a bat, the excitement of chasing a ground ball across short green grass, even watching the games on our old black-and-white TV. Yet looking back now, nothing was quite as important to me as the annual ritual (老规矩) of playing catch with my dad. Dad was never much of a baseball fan, but as green leaves began to shoot on bare branches and warmth returned to the air, he would grab his old mitt (棒球手套) and head out to the yard with me just the same. There was something beneficial about playing catch with him, the hum of the ball as it sailed through the air, and the friendly pop as it hit the leather netting. We may have been 50 feet apart, but the flight of that ball connected us, forming as strong a relationship as any father-son talk ever could have. I was never the star of my Little League team, yet Dad never cared about that. Every year, he would be out there, waiting to field any false throw I sent his way. As I grew older, I realized that our game was a reflection of our relationship — that even if a problem didn?t involve a glove and a ball, Dad would always be there to handle anything I threw in his direction. His devotion to our springtime ritual showed his devotion to me — not only to my love of baseballl but also to my life. I?ve often heard it said that “the devil is in the details.” Now I realize that in my relationship with my father, love was in the details. 66. When the author was young, he didn?t care much about ______. A. the sound of hitting a ball C. the joy of running after a ball 67. B. the company of his father D. the games broadcast on TV

The author ?s father practiced catching baseball with him on warm spring days, ______. A. having a father-son conversation with him B. killing time while doing some physical exercise C. making him an excellent baseball player D. giving him a guiding hand in his life
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We can learn from the passage that ______. A. a yearly celebration was held to start their spring baseball catching ritual B. the author and his father used to have a loose relationship with each other C. the author fully realized his father?s love for him when he was young D. the author ?s father always stood by him whenever he was in trouble


What is the passage mainly about? A. The same hobby shared between the author and his father. B. The way the author and his father used to spend spring days. C. The author ?s sweet memory of his father ?s love for him. D. The analysis made by the author about father-son relationship.


iPad mini with Retina display
Small wonder. Beautiful 7.9-inch Retina display iPad mini with Retina display is amazing to hold. Every photo is incredibly detailed, and every line of text is remarkably clear. With higher resolution (分辨率) than an HDTV, it?s striking — on a whole new scale. A7 chip Don?t let its size fool you. iPad mini is powered by the new A7 chip with 64-bit architecture. A7 delivers killer performance — up to four times faster CPU and up to eight times faster photograph performance than the previous generation — without sacrificing battery life. So you get incredible power in a device you can take with you wherever you go. Powerful apps (应用软件) iPad apps are like no other. Because they?re designed just for iPad, they look amazing and use every pixel (像素) of the beautiful display. iPad mini comes with great built-in apps for the everyday things you do, like checking email and surfing the web. Over 475,000 other incredible iPad apps are just a tap away in the App Store. With apps like these, iPad mini can do just about anything — which means you can, too. Advanced wireless iPad mini keeps you connected faster than ever. In more locations than ever. Using two antennas (天线) instead of one and MIMO technology, iPad mini delivers twice the Wi-Fi performance of its ancestor. And the Wi-Fi + Cellular model supports more LTE bands than ever, so you can make quick, easy connections the world over. iPad mini and iOS7
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iOS7 was designed to take advantage of 64-bit architecture. So it?s every bit as advanced as the iPad mini it runs on. And with new features like smarter multitasking and AirDrop, iOS7 makes the experience of using iPad mini even more beautiful and simple. Because iOS7 and iPad mini weren?t just designed to work together, they were designed to enhance one another. iPad mini with Retina display From $399 Compare iPad models > Buy now > Shop online. Order your iPad with Retina display online and have it shipped to your door—free. Visit a store. Buy iPad mini with Retina display at your favorite Apple Retail Store and we?ll set it up just the way you want. Find a store > Call Apple. Get answers about iPad mini with Retina display before you buy. Talk with a knowledgeable Specialist. 1-800-MY-APPLE

The Apple Store app for iPad. A whole new way to shop. Download now > 70. Where does the passage most probably come from? A. An Apple Store leaflet. C. A textbook of app designing. 71. B. Apple Website. D. A science magazine.

Which of the following best summarizes the feature of Powerful apps for iPad mini? A. An amazingly clear display. B. Beautifully designed and combined. C. Well performing your daily routine. D. A super killer and greater battery saver.


Which of the following statements is true according to the passage? A. An A7 chip installed, iPad mini with Retina display is more battery consuming. B. Having an iPad mini with Retina display, you can do more in more places. C. iOS7 with many new features is only designed for iPad mini with Retina display. D. Order an iPad mini with Retina display online then collect it at your favorite retail store.


Who would be the potential readers of the passage? A. Apple product fans. C. Apple product sellers. (C) The term culture now is more used to describe everything from the fine arts to the outlook of B. App software developers. D. Information technology engineers.

a business group or a sports team. In its original sense, however, culture includes all identifying
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aspects of a racial group, nation, or empire: its physical environment, history, and traditions, its social rules and economic structure, and its religious beliefs and arts. The central beliefs and customs of a group are handed down from one generation to another. It is for this reason that most people regard culture as learned rather than innate. People acquire a culture because they are not born with one. The process by which a person develops a taste for regional foods, accented speech, or an outlook on the world over time, therefore, is known as enculturation (文化适应). Cultures are often identified by their symbols — images that are familiar and coated with meaning. Totem poles (图腾柱) carved with animals and creative figures suggest aspects of the Native American peoples of the Pacific Northwest but more literally represent specific tribes (部 落). In Asia and India, the color of yellow is connected with temples while in ancient China it was a color only the emperor ?s family was allowed to wear. Thus, different cultures may respond to a symbol quite differently. For example, to some a flag may represent pride, historical accomplishments, or ideals; to others, however, it can mean danger or oppression. To individuals unfamiliar with cultures outside their own, the beliefs, behaviors, and artistic expression of other groups can seem strange and even threatening. A society that ranks all other cultures against its own standards is considered to be ethnocentric (from the Greek ethnos, meaning “people,” and kentros, meaning “center”). A strongly ethnocentric society assumes also that what is different from its own culture is likely to be inferior and, possibly, wrong or evil. All people are ethnocentric to some degree, and some aspects of ethnocentrism, such as national pride, contribute to a well-functioning society. An appreciation for one?s own culture, however, does not prevent acceptance and respect for another culture. History documents the long-term vigour and success of multicultural groups in which people from numerous and various cultural backgrounds live and work together. Extreme ethnocentrism, in contrast, can lead to racism — the belief that it is race and racial origin that account for variations in human character or ability and that one?s own race is superior to all others. 74. What does the word “innate” in Paragraph 2 most probably mean? A. Instinctive. B. Developed. C. Believable. D. Cultivated.

75. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. Different interpretations of a symbol help to distinguish one culture from another. B. An ethnocentric country opens welcoming arms to cultures different from its own. C. Culture consists of some positive features of a racial group, nation or empire. D. People from various cultural backgrounds often reach an agreement on some image. 76. What can be inferred from the passage? A. All aspects of ethnocentrism can produce negative effects on a society.
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B. Racism is unlikely to bring about serious conflicts among different cultures. C. Respect and acceptance of different cultures are a proper cultural attitude. D. Countries with a strong sense of national pride play a superior role in the world. 77. Which might be the best title of the passage? A. Culture, the origin of racial superiority C. Culture, the vigour of world development B. Culture, a faithful mirror of history D. Culture, a distinctive identity of a nation

Section C Directions: Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words.

Some of the most popular programmes on British television, all with their regular millions of loyal viewers, are ?soaps? such as Coronation Street, Eastenders and Emmerdale. (A ?soap? is an informal word for a ?soap opera?, which is a television story, in daily or weekly episodes (连续 剧集), about the daily lives of the characters in it.) In every soap there is comedy and tragedy, and storylines of all kinds. In every soap there is the inevitable gossip, and there is the essential character who brings misfortune on himself — or herself, the spiteful woman who hates the success of her sister in marrying a man with money and whose childish behavior splits the family. To some degree, of course, the regular episodes provide many people with an adult kind of comic, rather like Dickens? serialized novels did. At times, the actions and characters in them seem quite realistic; at other times, they go to the other extreme and show actions that look as if they are straight from the pen of the best fiction writers. But perhaps the fall into clearly fictional comedy or tragedy is necessary to remind regular viewers that their daily amount of ?soap? is no more and no less than a shot of fiction, and that the characters are not real. Certainly life is never dull in a soap. If one of the adolescents buys a motorbike and a young child lives round the corner, you can bet the two will meet in an accident. If two people fall in love and get married, you can be sure that a friend will cast an insult on the character of one of them, enough to break up the marriage. After all, this is not life; this is a soap! Reality makes way for fiction. The viewers who think that they are watching even a reflection of reality only bring disappointment to themselves. But there are still viewers who follow the comings and goings of the characters on screen with unreasoning faith, believing that the events are real when characters are injured or ill, or even die, and send cards or flowers with best wishes, congratulations or sympathies. What many of us find difficult to understand is just why soaps have become so popular?
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(Note: Answer the questions or complete the statements in NO MORE THAN EIGHT WORDS.) 78. Coronation Street, Eastenders and Emmerdale are popular British soaps which ______. 79. What are the two necessary elements of a soap opera? 80. The regular viewers need to be reminded that the soap operas are ______. 81. What do some TV viewers do when they are mad about the soaps?

第 II 卷 (共 47 分)
I. Translation
Directions: brackets. 1. 每年圣诞期间百货店里的商品都减价出售。(sale) 2. 如今人们非常关注的是食品安全和空气质量。(concern) 3. 无论多么艰难,交给咱们的任务都必须按时完成。(however) 4. 专家们一入座外语节的演讲比赛就在王校长的主持下开始了。(Hardly) 5. 遍布城市每个角落的星巴克 (Starbucks) 满足了人们适应快节奏生活的需要。(adapt) Translate the following sentences into English, using the words given in the

II. Guided Writing
Directions: Write an English composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese. 如今微信(WeChat)走进了人们的生活,为大家带来了诸多便利,但有些人也随之成
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了“微信控”(WeChataholic),请你就此事写一篇文章。你的文章必须包括: ? 对此现象的描述 ? 你对“微信控”看法

II. Grammar and Vocabulary 25. would meet/ was going to meet to 29. whether/ if 33. is said 37. to make 41-45 KJIGH III. Reading Section A 51-55 ADCBA Section B 66-69 BDDC Section C 78. have millions of regular loyal viewers 79. The inevitable gossip and the essential character 80. only (a shot of) fiction and not real 81. They follow the characters on screen unreasoningly/ with faith. 第二卷 I. Translation 1. The goods in the department stores are all on sale at Christmas every year. 2. Nowadays what people are (very) much concerned about is food safety and air quality. Food safety and air quality are people?s major concerns nowadays. 3. However hard/ difficult it is, the task given to us must/ should be completed/ fulfilled on time. 4. Hardly had the experts sat down/ got seated/ seated themselves/ taken (their) seats when the speech contest of the Foreign Language Festival (that was) hosted by Principal Wang started. 5. The Starbucks in every corner of the city have met/ satisfied/ meet/ satisfy people?s needs/ demands to adapt to a/ the fast-paced life. II. Writing (略)
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26. disappointing

27. those

28. have to/ ought 32. has doubled 36. the 40. without

30. trapped 34. contributing 38. that 46-50 AFDEC

31. before/ unless 35. which 39. or

56-60 ABCDB

61-65 BCDAC

70-73 BCBA

74-77 AACD

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