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3 Frank W. Woolworth was born in Rodman, New York in 1852. His family was very poor and even there was never enough food to eat. farmer. Later he customers 6 2 It was not long 4 So, Frank 1 he would do some thing else instead of continuing to be a 3 in a arge city. 7 told him to 5 skill for displaying goods to arouse the 8 him. He put all these goods a short business course to find a job. As a result he got a job as a Woolworth realized that he had a

, but he also learned something more important afterwards. One day his 9

sell some odds and ends (小商品) for as much as he could get. A fresh idea on one table with a 解析: goods and the table was soon cleared.

which said: FIVE CENTS EACH. Seeing this, people fought and pushed to buy the

本文讲述了 Woolworth 为了改变贫穷的命运.到大城市学习经商之道为一老板打工,自己有经商的才 能后开办了自己的商店,即 the famous‘fire-and-ten’store。在经商实践中他掌握了?薄利多销,顾客至上? 等重要的经营原喇,一举成名。

1.由于家里很穷,Frank 决定干别的事情。2.take a course 固定短语,意思是“修 一门课程” 。3.由下文可知是当售货员。4. “h was not long before+从句”的含义是“过 不久就??” 。5.Frank 有天生的技能向顾客推销商品。6.激发顾客的兴趣。7.文章第一 段最后一句话告诉我们 “他在一座大城 市里当售货员” , 所以我们决定选 C。 8. sth. occurred to sb.为固定用法,意思是“使某人想到某事”或“某事被某人想到” 。该句意为“他想到 了一个藉主意” 。9.由 FIVE CENTS EACH(五美分一件)推断山选 D。10.现在分词做状语。 11.这是他五美分店的开端.12.1esson 在此是“教训” , “经验”之意。experience 虽然 也表“经验” ,但为不可敷名词,而 another 后不能接不可数名词,所以不能选 D。13.make money 为固定短语,意思是“挣钱、睡钱” 。14.in large quantmes 大量地。15.order 在 此指“订购量” ,所以要用 large 修饰。另外 so...that 为句型,所以 B 不对。16.订货量 大,所以工厂要连续 24 小时生产,才能满足需求。17.由于大批量购买,工厂大批量生产, 所以价格被减掉一半。10.由上下文可以判断 B 为最佳答案。19.由于 Woolworth 开了一千 多家分店,所以他膳了数百万(美元)。20.which 为关系代词,代替 rules,整个句子的意 思是“他总是按照严格的规矩经商,在这些规矩中最重要的一条是‘顾客至上’ ” 。
4 It was an early morning in summer. towards their different. Waiting 4 the crowded streets, on top of a 6 7 11 14 5 of 110 stories high, was Philippe Petit. This 8 he could do it. 9 daring Frenchman was about to Philippe took his first Soon the rush-hour 13 Philippe made seven turn. sit down, and And thousands of 16 18 a tightrope (钢丝) between the two towers of the World Trade Center. 10 of 131 feet. 12 ! There, 1350 feet above the street, a 15 . At times, he would 1 In the streets, sleepy~eyed people were moving quickly, heading 2 day in New York City. 3 this day was to be . This was the beginning of another

with great care. The wire held. Now he was began to notice. What a , back and forth.

only a balancing pole, Philippe walked his way across, a figure was walking on air.

He wasn't satisfied with just 17

go on his knees. Once, he had the astonishing watchers stared with their hearts beating fast. 19

to lie down on the thin thread. 20 he did it.

After the forty-minute 1. A. jobs C. buses 2. A. working C. same

, Philippe was taken to the police station. He was asked

Philippe shrugged and said, “When I see two tall buildings, I walk. ” B. homes D. offices B. hot D. ordinary

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3. A. And C. But 4. A. for C. by 5. A. roof C. wall 6. A. throw C. climb 7. A. act C. step 8. A. sure C. glad 9. A. Through C. With 10. A. distance C. space 11. A. streets C. passengers 12. A. height C. wonder 13. A. great C. public 14. A. experiments C. trips 15. A. walking C. acting 16. A. almost C. often 17. A. spirit C. strength 18. A. patient C. pleased 19. A. show C. try 20. A. how C. whether Key: 1—5 ADCDD 解析:

B. So D. Thus B. in D. above B. position D. building B. walk D. fix B. landing D. trip B. uncertain D. nervous B. Against D. On B. height D. rope B. D. crowds city

B. pleasure D. danger B. strange D. tiny B. circles D. movements B. staying D. showing B. even D. rather B. result D. courage B. terrified D. enjoyable B. trick D. program B. why D. when 6—10 BCACA 11—15 BCDCA 16—20 BDBAB

本文叙述了一个大胆的法国人 Philippe Petlt 在纽约世贸大楼顶上走钢丝的情景。 文中有对群众的描绘, 也有对主人公的描绘,做题时要注意随着作者思路发展。 1.第一句就给我们提供了时间 early morning in summer,这样就为我们继续往下考虑提示了一个方 向,清早人们赶去工作,选 jobs。offices 办公室,只能是部分人的走向,范围太小;homes 家,方向相反; buses 汽车,只指坐车的人,范围也小;3.根据下文 this day was to be different 使我们想到 2 空应该选与 different 相对的 ordmary,而 3 空应选 but,使上下旬的转折关系表现出来。4.根据词组 walt for 等待,很

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容易选 for,但词组后面是 crowded streets,这是无法与等待搭配的,不可能?等待街道?。句中 on top of a building of 110 stories high 说明了这个地点,由此只能选 above 与 the crowded streets 搭配,意思是?等在街 道上方? 。 5. 根据后文的 the two towers of the World Trade Center, 可知该选 building。 6. 根据下文的 Philippe walked his way 的提示,可知应选 walk,此时它是及物动词。11.这个空处在第四段,这段讲的是观众, 考虑问题要从观众角度出发。本句谓语动词是 began to notice,streets 与 city 是不会发出这样的动作的,我 们可以不考虑;passengers 乘客,只表达了很小范围的人;crowds 人群,包括了各种各样的人,因此可选。 12.本空处在一个感叹句中,这个感叹是由观众发出的,观众从地面往上看到空中的小人影所做的表演, 他们感叹的不是高度 height,而是人的表演,他们发出的是惊叹的感觉,也就是 wonder。pleasure 快乐,有 乐无惊;danger 危险,有险无奇,都不足以说明当时观众的心情。从文章的词汇 daring,even,as tonishing 等所营造的气氛, 及下一段 Philippe 所傲的各种动作来看, wonder 是最合适的。 13. 从地面观众角度看 1350 feet 高度的人,自然是 troy figure 极小的人形。14.根据下文的 backand forth 得知这是有来有回的运动,这 种运动可以称为 trips 走;circles 是?环绕、转圈?的意思,在绷索上是无法做这种动作的;movements 表 现不出来回的动作,也不对。19.能躺在绷索上,需要的是 courage 勇气,光有 spmt 精神,或 strength 力 量,都是不够的。19.Philippe 的 45 分钟的过程,可以算是个 show 表演;不能算是 program 节目;也不能 算是 trick 技巧,戏法,更不能说是 try 尝试。

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