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The Attributive Clause


God helps those who help themselves.

自助者天助之。 2. He who laughs last laughs best. 谁笑到最后,谁笑的最好。 3. He who does

n’t reach the Great Wall is not a true man. 不到长城非好汉。

Some sentences with atrributive clause in the text

1.Then, later that afternoon, another big quake which was almost as strong as the first one shookTangshan. 2.The army organized teams to dig out those who were trapped and to bury the dead

But the people in the city, ________________ who thought little _____________ of these events, went to sleep as usual that night.

It was felt in Beijing, which is more than 200 ______________________ kilometers away. _______________

A huge crack ____________ that was eight _________________________ kilometers long and thirty ____________ cut across meters wide houses, roads and canals.

The number of people ____ who were killed or injured __________________ reached more than 400,000.

1.定义: 在复合句中修饰名词或代词的从句 2.先行词: 被修饰的名词,代词或整句话 There was an earthquake which happened in Tangshan in 1976. 3.引导定语从句的词 关系代词、关系副词:

who, whom, whose, which, that,as

关系副词: when, where, why

关系代词的用法 关系代词在从句中可以:
指人 指物 subject (主语) that which who whom

做宾语时可以省略 object attribute (宾语) (定语)

√ √

√ √ √

√ √ √ √

√ √ √ √


Let me try!

The man who ran fastest _________________ is Liuxiang. Liuxiang is the man ________________. who ran fastest

a boy, has a scar, forehead

Harry Porter is a boy ____________ who/that has _____________________. a scar on his forehead


develop fast

a city

Changzhou is a city ___________________ which /that develops _____. fast

Which house is mine?
My house


The house _________________ is mine. whose roof is brown

The city host(举办) 2oo8 Olympic Games


which\that hosted the 2008 The city _________________________________ Olympic Games ___________________ is Beijing.

Beckham is a football player.

He is handsome.

Beckham is a football player, who is handsome _______________.

Beckham, who is handsome ___________________________, is a football player.

1.The man _________came to our school is Mr. Wang. who, that
2.The girl whom, that, who, / I met is Lucy. _________________

3.A child _______parents are dead is called Tom. whose
4.I like the book ____________ you bought yesterday. that, which, /

5. We shall never forget the days ____________we that, which, /
spent together.

6.I like the person _________you just talked to. whom
7. I have a room ________window faces south. whose

(1) 先行词为all, everything, nothing, something,
anything, little, much 等不定代词时。

(that) I am sure she has something _____ you can borrow.
Do you have anything _____ you don’t understand? (that) (2)先行词被all, every, no, some, any, little, much等 修饰时。 I’ve read all the books _____ you lend me. that Please send us any information _____ you have that about the subject.

This is the first book _____ he has read. (that) that It is the most beautiful city _____ I’ve ever seen. (4)先行词被the only, the very, the same, the last修饰 时。 that This is the very book _____ belongs to him.

(5)先行词既有人又有物时。 The famous writer and his works _____ the radio that broadcast are popular to the students. (6) 先行词是who或which引导的主句。 Who is the girl _____ drove the car? that (7) 主句以there be 引导时。 There are more than 400,000 people _____ died or that were injured in the earthquake.

(1) 关系代词在限制性定语从句中指物,而且紧跟介 词作宾语(介词提前)。 under which There are many trees __________ they can have a rest.

This is the ring __________ she spent 1000 on which dollars.
(2) 在非限制性定语从句中。 which Football, ______ is a very popular game, is played all over the world.

One who has nothing to fear dares to tell ____ the truth. The oneswho laugh at the disabled are not ____ good students. Anyonewho fails to finish the task should ____ be punished. Thosewho want to go to The Great Wall ____ sigh up here.

先行词是one, ones, anyone, those时用who.

3. 表所有关系及整体中的一部分或全部时,用介 词of, 有时可用whose转换。 of which 1) I’m painting a house, the roof _________ is round. I’m painting a house __________ is whose roof round. 2) They live in a house, _______ windows face whose south. They live in a house, the windows of which _________ face south.

Let me try!

1. All ______ is useful to us is good. A.which B.what C.that D.whether 2. She will never forget the days ______ she spent in Beijing. A.when B.what C.which D.why 3. The man ______ you are talking about is in the next room. A. to whom B. whom C. who D. which

4. The text is one of the most interesting stories ______ learned in the past three years. A.that have B. that have been C.which has D. which has been 5. The college won’t take on anyone ______ eyesight is weak. A.who B.whose C.of whom D.which

6. Here is the bicycle ______ in the shop. A.that you saw it B.that saw it C.you saw D.you saw it 7. Those ______ to take part in the game write down your names, please. A.who B.who want C.that wants D want 8. I, _____ your good friend, will try my best to help you out. A.who is B.what is C.what am D.who am

Make a report about the typhoon: (using attributive clauses)

on Oct. 7th

attack Huzhou
for a long time

strong wind and heavy rain
cause damage 5 million people

go through

trapped or injured
flood and mud-rock flow

4.5 billion money
on one was killed

rescue, help

Make a report about the typhoon:

(using attributive clauses)
There was a typhoon ______ attacked Huzhou on Oct. that 7th this year. It was a strong typhoon ___________ stayed that / which in Zhejiang for a long time. It brought strong wind and heavy rain, ______ caused a lot of damage. More than 5 which million people went through the typhoon, among ______ whom many people were trapped or injured. Many buildings fell down. It caused flood and mud-rock flow in many places, which resulted in a loss of more than 4.5 billion money. _____ Teams were organized to rescue those ______ were trapped who and help was given to those ______ suffered from the who typhoon. Luckily, it was reported that no one was killed.

Homework: 1. Review the Attributive Clause

2. Exercise Book A, P33-35 (1、4)
3. Exercise Book B, P18-19 (1、2)

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