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语法填空 (建议用时: 40 分钟) A (2013· 海珠区二模) Phil White has just returned from an 18, 000-mile, around-the-world bicycle trip. White had two reasons for making this epic journey. First of all he wanted

to use the trip 1 (raise)money for charity, 2 he did. He raised£70, 000 for 3 British charity, Oxfam. White’s second reason for making the trip was to break the world record and become the 4 (fast)person to cycle around the world. He is still waiting to find out if he 5 (break)the record or not. White set off from Trafalgar Square, in London, 6 Tuesday, 7th June, 2011 and was back 299 days later. 7 spent more than 1, 300 hours on his bike and destroyed four sets of tyres and three bike chains. He had the adventure of his life 8 (cross)Europe, the Middle East, India, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Americas. 9 (amaze), he did all of this 10 absolutely no support team. No jeep carrying food, water and medicine. No doctor. Nothing! Just a bike and a very, very long road. B (2013· 茂名二模) I am a junior in high school. There is a lady at my school 1 job is to hand out call-slips(索书单)and prevent students from leaving campus 2 permission. Before today I had never seen her smile. The other day my friends and I were eating in the cafeteria and I saw her walking around. When she came 3 (close)to us I could see that she was crying. She pulled out a tissue and quickly wiped her eyes. I thought to myself that this lady is so under-appreciated and needs 4 (recognize)for all her hard work. So I wrote a note telling her that the students appreciated everything she did and 5 her contribution to our school made a difference in all of our lives. I signed it “Some thankful students” and slipped it into 6 envelope. Then I realized I didn’t even know her name. I asked all of my professors but 7 knew her name. I finally went to ask the lady at student services and 8 (tell)that her name is Kathy. I bought her a bouquet of 9 (colour)sunflowers and taped the envelope to it. I brought the flowers to school and left 10 in her office. She came into my third period class shortly afterwards to deliver a call-slip, and there was a smile on her face! C (2013· 潮州二模) A baby is in danger and its mother is crazy with worry. This is something anyone can relate to, even though we are talking about a mother elephant that has been separated 1 her child. A video capturing(捕捉)the reunion between the elephant and her 8-month-old baby in Kenya was one of the 2 (impressive)scenes in 2012. The baby fell inside 3 man-made hole and was unable to climb out, according to the video released by the Amboseli Trust for Elephants. Despite the best efforts of her desperate mother, the baby seemed helpless 4 a team of conservation workers rushed to help. They had to chase the overprotective mother away first, so that 5 could get close enough to rescue the baby. They 6 (struggle)to pull the baby out with ropes and a vehicle. 7 (lucky), the workers managed to pull the baby to safety. 8 followed was a touching scene. As soon as the baby was free, it ran away across the plain. In the 9 (distant), the cries of her mother could be heard as she came running from the opposite direction. The two were reunited, 10 (hug)each other with their trunks. D (2013· 惠州四模) The 2, 298-kilometer Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway 1 (official) opened to passengers on December 26, 2012. It is the world’s longest high-speed rail route. The 2 (design)speed of the track is 350 km/h, though speeds during the initial period of operation will be limited to about 300 km/h. The new route cuts the travel time between Beijing and Guangzhou 3 almost two thirds, from 22 hours to roughly eight hours. On December 1, 2012, not long before the opening of the Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway, the Harbin-Dalian High-speed Railway, 4 first high-speed line ever to cross land that lies frozen for almost half a year, began operations, 5 allows passengers to appreciate the view off the coast from Dalian in the morning, 6 the winter snowscape of frosty Harbin in the afternoon. At present the total 7 (long)of high-speed lines in China 8 (reach)9, 349 km. With four main lines 9 (run)east-west and four north-south, the country’s high-speed train network is the world’s largest. China plans to expand 10 high-speed railway network to 50, 000 km by 2020, to cover almost all large and medium-sized cities.

A 1.【解析】to raise, 非谓语动词, 不定式作宾语补足语, 表后时性。 2.【解析】which, 定语从句的关系词, which 引导定语从句, 在从句中作 did 的宾语。 3.【解析】the, 限定名词介或冠, 定冠词 the 表特指。 4.【解析】fastest, 形容词最高级, 两者以上比较用最高级。 5.【解析】has broken, 谓语时态与语态, 现在完成时表示过去发生、对现在造成影响或结果的 动作。 6.【解析】on, 介词, on 表示在具体哪一天。 7.【解析】He, 代词限定又指代, He 指代上文 Phil White。 8.【解析】crossing, 非谓语动词, 现在分词表主动、同时性。 9.【解析】Amazingly, 副词, Amazingly 修饰整个句子。 10.【解析】with, 介词, with 表示“具有”。 B 1.【解析】whose, 定语从句的关系词, whose 引导定语从句, 在从句中作定语, 修饰 job。 2. 【解析】 without, 介词, without 表示“没有”。 without permission 是固定搭配, 表示“未经允许”。 3.【解析】closer, 副词比较级, 此处指“更近一些”。 4.【解析】recognizing/to be recognized, 非谓语动词, need doing 是主动形式表被动意义, 相当 于 need to be done。 5.【解析】that, 名词性从句的引导词, that 引导并列的宾语从句。 6.【解析】an, 冠词, 不定冠词 an 表量指。envelope 是可数名词, 此处指“一个信封”, envelope 是以元音音素开头的可数名词单数, 所以用 an。 7.【解析】nobody, 代词, nobody 指一定范围内“没人”。 8.【解析】was told, 谓语的时态和语态, 一般过去时的被动语态表示过去一次性的被动动作。 9.【解析】colorful/colourful, 形容词, 形容词作定语修饰 sunflowers。 10.【解析】them, 代词限定又指代, them 指代上文 the flowers。 C 1.【解析】from, 介词与动词搭配, separate A from B 把 A 与 B 分开。 2.【解析】most impressive, 形容词最高级, 两者以上比较用最高级。 3.【解析】a, 冠词, 不定冠词 a 表量指。此处指“一个人造的洞”, hole 是可数名词, 所以填 a。 4.【解析】until/till, 连词, until/till 引导时间状语从句。 5.【解析】they, 代词限定又指代, they 指代上文 a team of conservation workers。 6.【解析】struggled, 谓语时态与语态, 用一般过去时表示过去一次性的动作。 7.【解析】Luckily, 副词, Luckily 修饰整个句子。 8.【解析】What, 名词性从句的引导词, What 引导主语从句, 在从句中作主语。 9. 【解析】 distance, 名词, distance 作介词 in 的宾语。 in the distance 是固定短语, 表示“在远处”。 10.【解析】hugging, 非谓语动词, 现在分词表伴随情况, 主动、同时性。 D 1.【解析】officially, 副词, officially 修饰谓语动词。 2.【解析】designed, 非谓语动词, 过去分词表被动、先时性。 3.【解析】by, 介词与动词搭配, cut/increase by 缩减/增加了, cut/increase to 缩减/增加至。 4.【解析】the, 冠词, 定冠词 the 表特指。 5.【解析】which, 定语从句的关系词, which 引导定语从句, 在从句中作主语。 6.【解析】and, 并列连词, and 连接 appreciate 的并列宾语。 7.【解析】length, 名词, length 作主语。 8.【解析】has reached, 谓语时态与语态, 现在完成时表示过去发生的动作对现在造成的影响 或结果。 9.【解析】running, 非谓语动词, 现在分词作 with 复合结构的宾语补足语。 10. 【解析】 its, 代词限定又指代 , 此处指 “ 中国的 ”, 用 its 作定语修饰 high-speed railway network。


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