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Unit 3 Travel Journal
(Warming up 导学案)
Step one: Greetings & Leading in T: All right, class! Before starting today’s class, …First,Would you like to enjoy the beautiful scenery

around the world with me?... T: Do you have the same feeling as me? I suggest you should write/set down a series of Travel Journal and share (分享)your traveling experience with everyone here. OK?. Step Two: Group work : Why do so many people like travelling? 1, relieve stress(缓解压力) 3,__________________; 5.__________________; 7.__________________; 开阔视野, 增长知识, 锻炼体魄。 Why do so many people want to travel? What are the advantages of traveling? The following sentences may help you: 1. They want to widen our view/mind (开阔视野) 2. The advantage of traveling is to do sth. /doing sth ... . 3. Traveling can not only increase our knowledge but also do sth.... . Step Three: Group work : What should we prepare before we travel? First, we should take__________________ with us; Secondly, it is necessary to take __________________; Finally, it is important to take ________________________. Brainstorm(头脑风暴): 1.water bottle What to take? 3. ____________ 7 ______________ 15. ____________ 4.______________ 8. _____________; 12. ____________ 16.______________ 2._____________ 2,__________________; 4.__________________; 6.__________________; 8.__________________;

Travelling widens our view, increases our knowledge, and builds our bodies. 旅游可使我们

5._____________ 6. ____________ 13._____________ 14_____________; Step Four: Group work

9. ____________ 10.______________ 11._____________

Which kind of transport(交通工具) do you prefer to use ,by bus/train or by airplane? Why? 1. The reason why I prefer to take …is that ….我偏爱乘……(旅游)理由是…… 。 2. As far as I am concerned, one of the advantages of taking bus is that it· · · ,the other is that it· · · . 3.While one of the disadvantages of taking bus is that it· · · · ,the other is that it· · · .


Step Five: Group work : Dos 1, Do as the guide tells you do; 2, ______________________ 3, ______________________ … Useful expression: obey public rules ; fire freely; and plants; tells you do; throw away waste; park your bike or car in the wrong parking lot; make a Discussion Don’ts 1, Don’t throw away waste; 2, ____________________ 3, ____________________ … T: when travelling, what should you do and what should you never do?

keep our safety in mind. feed animals ; be friendly to nature/ not do something harmful to the environment. …… Make a travel plan

protect animals do as the guide

Step Six: Pairwork(两人一组,结对练习)

The National holiday is coming. Where would you like to go best during the coming “golden tourism period”(十月黄金周)?Make a dialogue like this: Greetings(问候语) : Hello /Hi /Nice to meet you How are you /How‘s it going? When are you leaving? Where are you going? How are you going to …? Why? When are you arriving ? Where are you staying? How long are you staying ? When are you coming back? Farewells(告别词): Have a good trip/ journey; Best wishes; Have fun; Step Seven : Homework: Have a good day/time; Good luck; Enjoy yourself; Take care! I am leaving on National Day I am going to… I am going by… I am arriving … I am staying … I am staying for… I am coming

1. Make a travel plan for your National Day , use the words, phrases and sentences learnt from in this class. 2. Preview the reading passage and pick out the useful words and phrases.


人教版高中英语必修一 Unit 3 Travel journal ——Warming Up 课型教学设计
一. 教学理念 本节课的设计主要以引导学生英语听说和感受为主,突出语言在实际对话中的重要 运用,并将语言训练结合在图片、视频、图表等辅助媒介中,增加学生学习途径的多元 化。由此,引发学生如何在课堂上积极思考,如何用所学知识付诸行动。在从学生的实 际情况出发的基础上,教师要进一步完善学生原有的知识结构,落实“以学生为中心” 的教学思想,完成有趣且有效的课堂教学。 二. 教材分析 本单元重在旅游出行计划和旅游日记的攥写。因为“外出旅游”一直是学生感兴趣 的话题,所以学生通过本单元的学习能够了解到不同地域的文化,感受到不一样的旅游经历。 Warming Up 部分提到了交通工具的优缺点和涉及交通工具的出行计划。 这一点可以根据学生 不同生活习惯给出他们很多不同的解答。教师可以由此为接下来的单元内容学习做好铺垫。 三. 学习者分析 高一新生的英语知识较为扎实, 相信他们会在课堂是表现出较高的学习积极性和配合 性。但是高一学生尚未养成较高的自主学习能力,口语表达能力和阅读理解技巧都有待提高。 四. 教学重难点 本课型的重点即为难点:现在进行时表将来的这一语法点。这需要重新架构学生对 于进行时用法的知识结构,同时还需要训练他们熟练运用这一知识点的能力。 五. 教学目标 1. 知识与技能:复习与话题有关的单词和短语,让学生运用这些词汇进行书面和口头表 达,在表达的过程中,学生将掌握现在进行时可以表示将来的用法。 2. 过程与方法:让学生对旅行前的筹划有所认识,重建原有的知识结构。 3. 情感态度价值观:希望学生可以对旅游产生浓厚的兴趣,通过旅行了解世界各地的文 化,增强学生对祖国大好河山的热爱和国际意识。 六. 教学方法 Question and Answer, Group work, Pair work, Task-based language teaching, Induction, Deduction 七. 教学工具 Multimedia, blackboard Good afternoon, everyone! I am really glad to share the teaching plan with you. And all of the suggestion and criticism are very welcomed. The content of my lesson is Senior English Book 1, Unit 3 Travel journal, Module 1, Warming up. I will be ready to begin my teaching plan from eight parts. Part I The main thoughts on my teaching plan. According to the new standard curriculum and the syllabus, the main instructional aims of learning English in the Middle School is to develop students’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading, writing as well as their good sense of the English language. In this period, instructors should help students become more autonomous learners and I think to develop their critical thinking is particularly emphasized. Part II Analysis of teaching material

This section is about travel journal. By studying this part, we will enable students to know the fun and importance of traveling, and develop a good interest in both making travel plan and traveling. The topic of this unit is travel, which can give students a lot of new knowledge. Part III Analysis of students This is the third unit through out the whole semester. So, the students have adjusted to the high school learning methods. With their good basis of English language knowledge, they are about to grasp this unit well. Part IV Important and difficult points In this module, the students will learn a new kind of grammar—the present continuous tense, which can also use with the meaning of future time. This is both the important point and the difficult point. Besides, making travel plan with partners is also a good challenge. Part V Teaching Objects 1. Knowledge Aims: Present continuous tense for future action; Students can speak out the meaning of follow expressions correctly and use them naturally when they make travel plans—destination, transportation, schedule, Mekong, care about, be fond of, prefer to, dream about. 2. Ability Aims: Abilities of English listening, speaking, and reading; Students can make a group travel plan. 3. Emotion Aims: Students are fond of traveling and enjoy the scenery of the whole world. Part VI Teaching methods and devices Question and Answer, Group work, Pair work, Task-based language teaching, Induction, Deduction Multimedia, blackboard Part VII Teaching Process Exercises: Sharing a travel plan about the Mekong and consolidating the words and expressions. (Blank filling) All of us _____(喜欢) traveling and we all have ______(梦想) visiting some places. On this summer vocation, we plan to travel down the Mekong River. It ______(流经) six countries and has a number of beautiful _______(风景). We______(将要) traveling by train, because there are few _______(劣势) and the ______(费用) is low. Before traveling, we need a good travel plan. We need to _______(关心) a number of things, such as destination, __________(交通工具), _______(日程 安排), and things to take.

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