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English Teaching Plan
Time: Apr.. 7th , 2010 Class: Class 11 , Senior 3 Period: The first period Place: The Multi-media Hall Teacher: Zheng Guoxing Content: The emphasis sentences

br />Teaching aims:
1. Revise the usages of the Emphasis sentences. 2. Get the students to know how to use the Emphasis sentences. 3. Teach the students how to the Emphasis sentences in their composition and daily communication.

Important points:
Master the usages of the emphasis structures: 1.It is(was)+被强调部分+that(who)+其余部分 2. …do/does/did +动词原形+…

Difficult point:
1. How to contrast the Emphasis sentences and the Attributive Clause. 2. How to use the Emphasis sentences in different situation .

Teaching methods:
1. The English Four-in-one Teaching Method.

2. Question-and-answer activity .

Teaching aids:
1. The Multi-media. 2. A computer and a courseware.

Teaching content:

强调是一种修辞效果,为了对一定语境中的部分信息内容 进行突出强调而采用的一种手段。强调的方式有很多种,但英 语中强调句的基本结构是: “It is / was + 被强调部分 + that (who) + 其余部分”

一 、 It is(was)+ 被 强 调 部 分 +that(who)+其余部分。
1.此强调句可以强调主语, 宾语, 表语, 同位语, 状语等。 It ,that 本身没有词义,只起引导作用。 典例:I saw Kate in the park last week. (原句) It was _I__ that/who saw Kate in the park last week (强调主语) It was ___ that/who/whom I saw in the park last week. (强调宾 语) It was _______ that I saw Kate last week. (强调地点状语)

It was ________ that I saw Kate in the park. (强调时间状语)

2. 在强调句中, 如果叙述的是现在和将来的事情, be 动词用 is; 如果叙述的是过去的事情 be 动词用 was 练习:(填空) It ___ he that will go to the cinema. It ___ from the sun that we get light and heat. It ___in Shanghai that I was born. 3. 当被强调部分指人时, 可以用 that 连接, 也可用 who / whom 连接;指物时,只用 that 连接。 练习:It was Tom __________ I met last week.

It is a new book _____ his brother wants to buy. 4. 强调时间、地点状语时 , 只用 that ,不用 when , where . 练习: It is at 5 o'clock ______ the train will arrive. It was in the park _____I saw Kate last week. 5.若被强调的部分是句子的主语时,那么 that/who 之后的谓语 动词和被强调的主语保持一致。填空练习: It was he who _____ late. It is I who____ late.

It is they that _____ late.

6. 强调句的一般疑问句为 “Is (was) it + 强调部分 + that … ? 强调句的特殊疑问句为:“特殊疑问词+ is (was) it +that+陈述句 语序?”结构。 典例: He will leave for Hong Kong at 7:00 . It is at 7:00 that he will leave for Hong Kong. Is it at 7:00 that he will leave for Hong Kong? When is it that he will leave for Hong Kong?(强调陈述 语序) 7.与否定词 not 连用的 until 短语或从句在被强调时应注意否定 转移。其结构为“It is/was not until…that…” 典例: 1)I didn't finish my homework until 5:00. It was not until 5:00 that I finished my homework. 2) He didn't realize his mistakes until he graduated from high school. It was not until he graduated from high school that he realized his mistakes. 8. 定语从句和强调句型容易混淆,如果去掉 it is / was , that 句 子仍然通顺成立,则为强调句型,不成立不通顺,则为从句。

比较训练: It was at six o’clock that he got home. It was six o’clock when he got home.

1. It be …that..句型不能强调谓语部分,若要强调谓语,则须在 谓语动词原形前面加上助动词 do, did, does. I really like you ,and I do hope everyone future. 2. 用副词 really, still, even 强调。 It was hot yesterday, but it is even hotter today. 3. 用重复一个词来达到强调效果。 He told us an old story over and over again. 4. 用倒装表示强调。 Only in this way can he solve the problem. 5. 一些短语 on earth, at all, in the world 等含有强调意味的。 What on earth do you want to do? He didn't care about it at all. has a promising


1. It was not until she got home____ Jennifer realized she had lost her keys. A. when B. that (2006 年全国卷Ⅱ) C. where D. before

2. It was in Newland ____ Elizabeth first met Mr. Smith. (08 年全国卷Ⅱ) A. That B. how C. which D. when

3.-Where did you get to know her? -It was on the farm __ we worked. A. that B. there C. which (2007 年山东卷) D. where

4. -I’ve read another book this week. -Well, maybe ___ is not how much you read but what you read that counts . 浙江卷) A. this B. that C. there D. it (2009

1. It was not until 1936___baseball became a regular part of Olympic Games. when 2.___in 1943___the harmful smog made its appearance in Los A. then B. which C. that D.

Angeles. A. Only, that B. It was, then C. That it was, when that 3. It was on the National Day___ she met with her separated sister. A. that B. when C. where D. which D. It was,

4. Was it during the Second War __he died? A. that B. while C. in which D. then

5. Who __ helped you work out the math problem? A. was he B. it was who C. was it that D. it was

6. It was not until 1956___ liberated. A. that the town was C. was the town B. did the town D. that was the town

7___in this room that our first meeting was held. A. Just when B. When C. Where D. It was

8. It is near the place ___there is a bomb____ we found the dead man. A. where; where that B. where; that C. that; where D. that;

9. It was Mike and Peter who____ the reading room this time yesterday. A. are cleaning B. were cleaning C. cleaned D. cleans

10.It is the room____ we will have the meeting. A. that B. which C. where D. there

It is in the room that_ we will have the meeting. 11.It is I who ____ watching TV . A. is B. am C. are D. being hardworking. D. are, are

12. It ___ the Chinese people that ___ A. was, was B. is, are C. is, is

13. It was midnight ____ he arrived home. A. that B. when C. which D. at which

It was at midnight that he arrived home. 14.It was not until she had arrived home ___her appointment with the doctor. A. did she remember C. when she remembered B. that she remembered D. had she remembered

15. Where was it ___ the road accident happened yesterday?

A. when

B. that

C. Which

D. how

16. It was for this reason ___ her uncle moved out of London and settled down in a small village. A. which B. why C. that D. how

17.Was it at the school ___ was named hero ___ he spent his childhood. A. that ; that which 18. Was it in 1982 ____ you were in university_____ you got to know her? A. that; that when 19. Personally I think it is the sales manager, rather than the sales girl, ____ to blame. A. is B. that is C. are D. who are B. which; that C. when; that D. that; B. which; that C. where; that D. that ;

20. In my opinion , all Mr. Tom ____ good to his students in his class at present. He is strict in their study. A. does does does C. does does do B. does do do D. did do does

That’s all

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