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? ? ? ? 目标: 1.知道什么是宾语补足语,它由什么充当; 2.了解带复合宾语的常用及物动词; 3.掌握“主语+谓语+宾语+宾语补足语” 的句型,会划分此句型的句子成分,会运 用此句型来翻译、造句; ? 4.会区别双宾语与复合宾语。

? ? ? ? ?

试分析下列句子: We call him Peter. 我们叫他彼得。 They always keep the room clean. 他们总是把房间保持得很干净。

What is an Object Complement?
? 这种用来补充说明宾语“怎么样”、“是什 么”、“做什么”的成分,叫做宾语补足语, 简称宾补。 ? 宾语与宾语补足语之间有逻辑上的主谓关系或 主表关系,若无宾语补足语,则句意不够完整。 ? 宾补一般由名词、形容词、副词、介词短语、 不定式或分词充当。 ? 宾语和宾补合称复合宾语。 ? We call him(Peter). ? They 〈always〉keep the room(clean).

常用名词作宾补的动词有: ?find, name, call, elect, make, choose 等 ?You will find it a difficult book. ?She called him Joe. ?Alice chose him a sweater. ?I will make you captain. ?We think it our duty to take care of the old.

用 it 做形式宾语,而将真正的宾语放到 宾语补足语的后面,以使句子结构平衡, 是英语常用的句型结构方式。即:主语 +谓语+it+宾补+真正宾语。 I found it very pleasant to stay with your family.

划分下列句子成分,仔细体会复合宾语,注意 带复合宾语的动词。

? 1.They made the girl monitor of the class. ? 2.They found you a right person for the job. ? 3.We consider that a lie. ? 4.We must keep it a secret. ? 5.They named the baby Tom.

常用形容词作宾补的动词有: keep, leave, find, make, feel, think, consider ?They made her happy. ?He left the window open. ?We found her out. ?I always keep everything in good order.

Exercise 划分下列句子成分,仔细体会复合宾语, 注意带复合宾语的动词。
? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.He has got everything ready. 2.I think it necessary. 3.The news made us happy. 4.Sports keep us healthy. 5.Loud noises drive people mad. 6. Let him in. 7. She found all the students in the room.

1、 不定式前带 to 常用的动词有: advise, allow, encourage, expect, force, invite, permit, tell, order trust, urge, persuade, remind, teach, want, warn, get, ask, forbid, beg, require, tempt, enable, lead, instruct 等,以及表示 "情感状态"的动词 love, like, prefer, hate 等后面跟带to的不定 式作补语

?My parents allowed me to travel alone. ?He advised me to go at once. ?The captain ordered the sailors to set out.

The guards ordered us to leave at once.

I will teach you to swim.

2、 不定式前不带 to 表示 “感觉”的动词see, hear, watch, notice, observe, feel 等和三个表示 "致使"的动词make, have, let 后面跟不带to的不定式作补语. ?I felt the house shake. ?His jokes made us all laugh. ?He listened to the pianist play the piano.

? 每天早晨我们都听到他大声朗读英语。
Every morning we hear him read English aloud.

? 他昨天看见吉姆在公园里划船。
He saw Jim go boating in the park yesterday.

? 我们不会让她在晚上外出的。
We won’t let her go out at night.

分词作宾语补足语时,如果分词与宾语构成“主 谓关系”,用现在分词;如果构成“动宾关系”,则 用过去分词。 常用分词作宾语补足语的动词有: find, feel , get , have , hear , keep , notice , see , watch,make, leave等。

?We saw her chatting with her neighbors. ?He had his hands burned. ?I will get my bike repaired tomorrow. ?I caught him cheating.

I heard someone knocking.

He watched them eating.

He has his hair cut every month.

五、由 as 构成的短语作宾补
常用as构成的短语作宾补的动词有: consider…as, treat…as, regard…as, look on…as, have…as, take…as, think of…as等

?Do not treat this serious matter as a joke. ?I regard him as my brother. ?He takes his doctor's words as gospel.

? 我认为他是个快乐的,有许多朋友的人。
I think of him as a happy person with lots of friends.

? 人们将他视为英雄。
People regard him as a hero.

? 这对夫妻像将她像公主一样对待。
This couple treated her as a princess.

? Exercise 翻译下列句子,注意区别双宾 语和复合宾语. ? 1.They made us a big cake. ? 2.They made me captain of the team. ? 3.They made me angry. ? 4.I found the story interesting. ? 5.I found you the book.

? ? ? ? ?

6.He fed the child some milk. 7.She ordered herself a new dress. 8.We think him an honest man. 9.She pushed the door open. 10.They always consider themselves in the right. ? 11.We found her out. ? 12.Let him in. ?

五种基本句型综合练习:指出下列 句子属于哪种句型,并翻译成汉语.
? ? ? ? 1.The cook smells the food. 2.It smells delicious. 3.The train will come soon. 4.Your dream will come true sooner or later. ? 5.The days get longer. ? 6.Can you get me some tea?

? 6.Can you get me some tea? ? 7.They are getting everything ready. ? 8.He will get here on time. ? 9.I got the first prize. ? 10.He always keeps the windows open. ? 11.They keep quiet in class.

? 12.You can keep the books for a month. ? 13.He is telling stories. ? 14.He is telling the children stories. ? 15.These coats cost me 1000 yuan. ? 16.I owe him $50.

? 17.He looks at the sky now and then. ? 18.He looks worried. ? 19.Turn the TV on. ? 20.When she saw this, she turned red.

? ? ? ? ? 父亲告诉孩子们不要在房间里玩球。 那头狮子命令那只狐狸给他一些肉。 小萌要彼得和她一起去拜年。 李扬教那个小男孩包饺子。 我的姐姐请我去帮助她装饰房间。

? The father told his children not to play balls in the room. ? The lion ordered the fox to give him some meat. ? Xiao Meng asked Peter to pay New Year’s call with her. ? Li Yang taught that boy to make dumplings. ? My sister asked me to help her decorate her room.

? ? ? ? ? 老师要我们在周五之前完成作业。 孩子们都在看士兵们操练。 那个士兵发现一位老太太躺在烂泥中。 我们想要班长唱支歌。 我听见她在隔壁房间朗读英语。

? The teacher required us to finish the home work before Friday. ? The children are all watching the soldiers drilling. ? That soldier found the old woman lying in the mud. ? We want the monitor to sing a song. ? I hear her reading English next door.

Translation for Homework
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 我看见孩子们在踢足球。 她让我重复那个句子。 他看着女儿们在院子里跳舞。 你听见有人在敲门吗? 他昨天看见吉姆在公园里划船。 老师不允许孩子们在上课睡觉。 他们请老师在说一遍。 我看到那个男孩去拿圣诞礼物了。 妈妈让我们打扫院子。

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