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【创新设计】2014-2015学年高中英语课时精练:Unit 2 Period 4(北师大版必修一,课标通版)]

Unit 2 Heroes Period Four

Lesson 4

Superhero 课时精练

(北师大版必修 1,课标通版)

(时间:40 分钟) Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.At first,he couldn't ________(呼吸)without a machine. 2.He also raised a lot of money to ________(促进)medical research into back injuries. 3.He also ________(鼓励)a lot of people living with all kinds of problems. 4.But I've never had any thoughts of committing ________(自杀). 5.How did your parents ________(做出反应)to your accident? 6.This is how I got involved with my ________(慈善活动)work. 7.I am ________(自信)that people like me would be able to walk again. 8.Four days after the ________(受伤),I came to understand my situation. 9.He made many ________(成功的)films and TV shows.

10.Our ________(关系) has always been fantastic. 答案 1.breathe 2.promote 5.react 3.encouraged 4.suicide 10.relationship

6.charity 7.confident

8.injury 9.successful

Ⅱ.选词填空 pull through;get involved with;far too;give up;get on;all in all;on one's own; come to terms with;commit suicide;since then 1.The teacher thinks that the girl is ________ young to go to school. 2.We should value life and it is a foolish behavior to________in face of difficulties. 3.More than 20 foreign companies ________ the international project. 4.Though the patient is still ill, the doctor is sure he will ______ soon. 5.________, you have to practice English as much as possible. 6.He failed ________ smoking, though he knew it harms his health. 7.With his mother's help, the child has learnt to walk ________. 8.Henry wrote his father a letter to tell him that his business ________ quite well. 9. The programme teaches women how ________ a variety of difficult situations in life.

10 . They said goodbye to each other 10 years ago.And they haven't seen each other________. 答案 1.far too 2.commit suicide 4.pull through 8.got on 5.All in all 3.got involved with

6.to give up 7.on his own 10.since then

9.to come to terms with

Ⅲ.单项填空 1.—Mary looks very ________ of getting the job. —Of course.After all, she has made good preparations for the interview. A.nervous B.confident C.uncertain D.interested

答案 B [句意:——Mary 对得到这份工作很自信。——是的,毕竟她已经为面 试作了充分的准备。 nervous 紧张的; confident 自信的; uncertain 不确定的; interested 感兴趣的,构成 be interested in 搭配。] 2.The college students have been studying medicine in the college for more than 4 years.They are________their way________doctors. A.on;to becoming C.in;of becoming 答案 A B.on;to become D.on;of becoming


生。on one's way to 为固定搭配,to 为介词,后接名词或动名词。] 3.After a month's voyage,all the staff ________ and we were forced to return. A.gave in C.gave out 答案 C B.gave away D.gave up

[句意:一个月的航海过后,所有的人员都筋疲力尽,被迫返回。give in

让步;give away 分发,泄露;give out 精疲力尽;give up 放弃。] 4.Children do not always listen to their parents.They sometimes react ________ the things their parents believe in. A.against 答案 A B.to C.on D.with

[句意:孩子并不总是听从父母的,他们有时对父母相信的东西产生逆 做出反应;react on 对……有影响;react with

反行为。react against 反抗;react to

与……起化学反应。] 5.I know that Bob is not much of a football player,but when it ________to maths,he is among the top three in the class. A.refers 答案 C B.goes C.comes D.concerns

[ 句意:我知道 Bob 不是一个好足球运动员,但一谈到数学,他是班里

的前三名。 when it comes to sth 为固定结构, 意为“当谈到……, 当涉及到……”。 ] 6.The teacher praised him for________he had________. A.the progresses;made C.a progress;made B.the progress;made D.the progress;taken

答案 B [句意:老师因为他所取得的进步而表扬他。make progress 取得进步。 选 B。] 7 . In the reading room , we found her________at the desk , with her attention________on a book. A.sitting;fixing C.seating;fixing B.to sit;fixed D.seated;fixed

答案 D [句意:在阅览室里,我们发现她正坐在桌边,专心致志地看书。seated 作 her 的补足语,fixed 在 with 复合结构中作补足语。] 8.All the people present were________by his________speech. A.encouraging;encouraging C.encouraged;encouraged B.encouraged;encouraging D.encouraging;encouraged

答案 B [句意: 所有在场的人都被他令人鼓舞的演讲鼓舞了。 encouraged 为过去 分词变来的形容词意为“受到鼓舞”,encouraging 意为“鼓舞人心的”。] 9.We all________him to attend the meeting,but he hasn't turned up yet. A.hoped B.agreed 答案 C C.expected D.imagined

[句意: 我们都在期望着他来参加会议,但他还没有出现。expect sb to do

sth 期望某人做某事。] 10.After the accident,Christopher was not able to walk________.

A.by his own C.of his own

B.on his own D.for himself

答案 B [句意:事故过后,克里斯托福不能自己行走了。on one's own 意为“靠 自己”。] 11.As a famous actor,Jackie Chan also gets________charity work. A.involved with C.involving with B.involved about D.involving in

答案 A [句意: 作为著名演员,成龙也参与慈善活动。be/get involved with 意 为“参与”。] 12.—What do you think of the watch? —It's very nice but________too expensive for me. A.very 答案 C B.fairly C.far D.well

[句意:——你认为那块手表怎么样?——很好,但太贵了。far 修饰 too

+形容词或副词。] 13.—Is there any hope of saving his life? —His injuries are serious,but he is expected to ________. A.pull in C.pull up 答案 B B.pull through

D.pull over [句意:——他还有没有希望救活? ——他的伤势很严重,但还是有望

恢复健康的。pull in 进站;pull through 恢复健康;pull up 阻止,停下;pull over 把……拉过来。] 14.________ in a famous university is what most students wish for. A.To educate C.Being educated 答案 C B.Educated D.Educating


动词的用法。该结构的逻辑主语是下文中的“most students”,所以应用被动形式,

故排除 A、D 两项;由句子结构分析,空格部分在句子中作主语,故只能选 C。] 15.In the movie,he played twins who were quite different in ________. A.characters C.character 答案 C B.characteristics D.characteristic


辨析。be different in character 在性格方面不同。] Ⅳ.完形填空 As the son of a Swiss father and a South African mother,Roger Federer was __1__ on August 8,1981 in Basel,Switzerland.At the age of 12 he began to __2__ fully on tennis.He was the topranked junior __3__ in the world by the age of 14 and __4__ the Wimbledon junior singles title in 1998.He __5__ professional in 1999.Federer won his first Grand Slam(网球大满贯)title in 2003 at Wimbledon and was __6__ number two in the world.In 2004,he won the Australian Open,__7__ the topranked player in the world.He has won a __8__ of 11 Grand Slam titles and 49 singles titles.__9__ in the 2007 Shanghai Tennis Masters Cup,Federer won his fourth Tennis Masters Cup title. __10__ Federer has gained many honors,he is still very __11__.He said in public,“I am __12__ being the best tennis player of all time.Of course I have __13__ earned the praise,but __14__ I wish people gave me a bit more time.” Besides,Federer is also __15__ in charity (慈善事业).In 2003,he __16__ the Roger Federer Foundation to fund __17__ benefiting disadvantaged children primarily in South Africa where his mother was __18__.He was appointed(任命) as UNICEF's newest Goodwill Ambassador(大使) on April 3,2006.Federer said, “I am __19__ to join the ranks of UNICEF's Goodwill Ambassadors.It's important for me to help those children throughout the world who do not have the __20__ resources they need.” 【解题导语】 本文介绍了瑞士著名网球运动员罗杰· 费德勒(Roger Federer)的辉煌 业绩。 1.A.added B.told C.taught D.born

答案 D [Federer 出生于 1981 年 8 月 8 日。]



C.carry D.depend

答案 A [在 12 岁的时候,他就把精力全部集中在网球上。focus...on...把……集 中在……。] 3.A.soldier B.worker C.player 答案 C D.teacher

[到 14 岁的时候,他已成为世界上排名较高的年轻运动员。] B.won C.shared D.learned


答案 B [在 1998 年,他赢得了青少年组单打冠军。] 5.A.turned C.remained B.seemed D.continued

答案 A [在 1999 年,他成为职业球员。] 6.A.checked B.broken C.served D.ranked

答案 D [他排名第二。rank vt.排名,排列。] 7.A.surprising B.giving C.becoming 答案 C 员。] 8.A.lot B.total C.world D.number D.passing

[在 2004 年,他赢得了澳大利亚公开赛的冠军,成为世界上一流的运动

答案 B [他已经赢得了总共 11 项大满贯和 49 个单打冠军,a total of 总共。] 9.A.Recently C.Mostly B.Actually D.Personally

答案 A [在最近的 2007 年上海网球大师杯赛上, Federer 赢得了第四个大师杯冠 军。] 10.A.Where B.When C.Since D.Although

答案 D [尽管 Federer 赢得了许多荣誉,但是他仍然非常谦虚。] 11.A.proud 答案 C B.nervous C.modest D.calm

[modest 谦虚的。]

12.A.fit for C.excited about 答案 B [far from 远非。] 13.A.clearly C.easily

B.far from D.lacking in

B.carefully D.deeply

答案 A [clearly 明白地,清楚地。] 14.A.seldom B.never C.always D.at times

答案 D [at times 有时。] 15.A.hopeful C.energetic 答案 C 16.A.sent C.reported B.stressful D.interesting

[Federer 对慈善事业也很积极。energetic 精力旺盛的,积极的。] B.established D.noticed

答案 B [他建立 Federer 基金会为能使贫穷孩子受益的工程项目提供资金。] 17.A.factories B.shops C.clubs D.projects

答案 D [project 工程,方案。] 18.A.raised B.saved C.considered D.cured

答案 A [raise 养育,抚养。] 19.A.certain 答案 C B.strange C.honored D.loyal

[……很荣幸加入到联合国儿童基金会的亲善大使的行列。] C.poor D.unusual

20.A.rich B.basic

答案 B [basic 基本的,基础的。] Ⅴ.阅读理解 Some cancer survivors(幸存者) in New Jersey are fighting back by staying fit in the group they call“Team Survivor” . The ladies are amazing , training for a sprint triathlon(短距离铁人三项)in Sandy Hook.Team Survivor has members all over the country,and each one has an inspiring story.

“It has taught me not to fear life,”Team Survivor member Janice Caldwell said.“It has taught me to wake up every morning and be grateful that I feel good.”Caldwell got breast cancer four years ago,and she's been fighting against it with the help of Team Survivor.It's a nonprofit group of women with all types of cancer who help each other by promoting(促进) exercise in just about any sport imaginable.At 52,Caldwell just completed her first marathon. Judy Petsonk is 65,and she's training for her eighth triathlon.She said the support she got from her teammates removed the unpleasant feelings she had about breast cancer.She loves the motto“I_didn't_choose_cancer; I_choose_to_be_here.”“You can choose what's going to happen to your body,”Petsonk said.“You can't choose everything,but you can choose to become stronger day by day,and that's what I'm choosing.” Team Survivor has members of every age and athletic ability.Donna Gunderson couldn't swim when she joined,but she took classes for one year with a volunteer coach.“Now I can go to the pool.I can swim for an hour , and I have no problem with it

now,”Gunderson said,“So for those people who say they can't swim,let me tell you—Yes,you can!”“Gunderson now helps her teammates with swimming.”“You can't say ‘I'm sad, and I'm a cancer survivor, ’”she said.“It's like, ‘No, I'm going to go out there and conquer the world in some form.You can do anything you want’.” 【解题导语】 美国有一群癌症幸存者正通过 Team Survivor 这个组织积极锻炼身 体来抗击病魔。 1.What do we know about Team Survivor? A.It contains only a group of men and women with cancer. B.It is made up of members of cancer survivors around the world. C.It encourages people to face life bravely by doing exercise. D.It requires its members to have a high athletic ability. 答案 C [细节理解题。 根据第二段 It's a nonprofit group of women with all types of

cancer who help each other by promoting exercise in just about any sport imaginable. 可

知,答案为 C。] 2.According to the passage,Janice Caldwell ________. A.has suffered from breast cancer for two years B.attended Team Survivor five years ago C.feels happy although she suffers from cancer D.has taken part in marathon for eight times 答案 C [推理判断题。根据第二段 It has taught me to wake up every morning and

be grateful that I feel good.可知,答案为 C。] 3.What's the meaning of the underlined sentence in Paragraph 3? A.They have known more about the disease with the help of the group. B.They get athletic abilities from the volunteer coaches. C.They can't choose what's going to happen to their bodies. D.Though suffering from cancer,they are fighting against the disease actively. 答案 D [推理判断题。由上下文可知,这些妇女过去没有选择疾病的权利,但

她们愿意待在这个组织里积极抗癌,故答案为 D。] 4.What is Donna Gunderson doing now? A.She is helping her teammates learn to swim. B.She is training for a sprint triathlon. C.She is fighting against cancer in hospital. D.She is learning to swim by herself. 答案 A [ 细节理解题。根据末段 Gunderson now helps her teammates with

swimming.可知,答案为 A。]

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