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Unit 3(词汇课) 学习目标 1. 2. 能够英汉互译并能拼写出所学重点单词 熟知重点单词的基本用法,并能在做题中灵活应用。 自学指导 1.up to now ... and up to now nobody has been able to do this better than Charlie Chaplin. 句中 up to now = up till now, __

_______, 常与_________连用。如: 【即学即用】 直到现在我还没收到过他的信。 _____________________________________ Her life has run smoothly up to now. _______________________________________ 2. He made people laugh at a time when they felt depressed, so they could feel more content with their lives. 每当人们感到失望的时候他总能令人发笑,因而他们________________ content adj. 满足; 满意; 知足 常见搭配: be content with sth. be content to do sth. 区别: content; contented; satisfied content 与 contented 意思接近, 指“虽然各种愿望没有实现, 但人应安于现状不再多求”, content 一般作表语, 而 contented 一般作定语; satisfied 指“愿望、渴望或需求都得到了满足,因而心满意足了” 。 content n. 所含之物, 内容 contentment n. 满足 content v. 使……满意 【即学即用】 你对你的学习满意吗? ______ you ______ _________your studies? 她呆在家里照顾孩子感到非常知足。 She ______ quite ______ _______ stay at home looking after her children. 她显得满意的样子。 She has a _______ look. 我喜欢这本书的文体, 但我不喜欢它的内容。 I like the style of the book but I don’t like the _________. Simple praise is enough to ______ him. 3. You may find it astonishing that Charlie was taught to sing as soon as he could speak and dance as soon as he could walk. 令人感到震惊的是,当查理会说话和走路的时候就被教唱歌和跳舞。 1) it 在句中作________,_________才是真正的宾语。当动词不定式作句子的宾语. 如:

I’ll make it my business to help her. 我会把帮助她作为我的责任。 Do you consider____ wise to tell them about it? We consider ____useless arguing with him on that point. 2)astonish: v. 使(某人)吃惊, 震惊, 比 surprise 的语气要强。 astonishing adj. 令人吃惊的 astonishment n. 惊讶, 惊奇; 令人惊讶的事物或人 to one’s astonishment 令…惊异的是… be astonished at/ by 对……感到吃惊 astonishing adj. 令人吃惊的 astonishment n. 惊讶, 惊奇; 令人惊讶的事物或人 to one’s astonishment 令…惊异的是… in astonishment 愕然, 吃惊地 【即学即用】 地震使我惊慌失措。 The earthquake _______me. 发现他喝醉了, 她很吃惊。 She ________ _____________ _________ find he was drunk. 这令人吃惊的消息使我大吃一惊。 I _____ ______ _________ the astonishing news. 令我们惊奇的是那小男孩居然游过了那条河。 _______ ______ __________ the small boy swam across the river. 4. Unfortunately his father died, leaving the family even worse off, … 不幸的是,他父亲去世了,这令到这个家庭更加潦倒。 1)fortunate adj“幸运的; 运气好的”, 相当于 lucky, 其反义词为 unfortunate。 常用结构: be fortunate (enough) to do 或 be fortunate in doing 意为“??很幸运” 如: 。 她很幸运,有一位富有的丈夫。 She is fortunate (enough) to have a rich husband. =________________________________________ It is fortunate that ? 意为“??真是幸运” 。 很幸运的, 我们及时赶到那里。 ____________________________________ fortunately adv. 用来修饰整句话, 意为“幸运地, 幸亏”, 反义词为 unfortunately。 如 Fortunately for him, I found my watch at once. fortune n. “机会; 命运; 运气” 如: 复合词: fortune-teller n. 算命者 固定搭配: make a fortune 发大财 傻人有傻福。 Fortune favors fool. 2).worse off worse off: adj. (情况)更糟糕的, 更贫困的 They are too badly off to go for a holiday.

______________________________________ In fact most people are better off than they were five years ago. _____________________________________________________ better off 情况更好 He will be better off in hospital. ________________________________________________ badly off 穷的; 缺少的 well off 富有的 I went to her home and found her living condition was ______ _____ ______ _____. 5.entertain entertaining adj. “使人快乐的; 有趣的” 昨天他给我们讲了一个有趣的故事。 He told us an ___________ story yesterday. entertain v. 使感兴趣; 使娱乐; 招待(entertain… with…) entertainment n. 娱乐; 款待; 招待 entertainer n. (娱乐节目的)表演者 He cut off a bunch of grapes to ________ us. The child ____________ himself ________ his building blocks. 6.He grew more and more popular as his charming character, the little tramp, became known throughout the world. 随着他所塑造的“小流浪汉”的角色世界闻名,他变得越来越受欢迎。 .throughout throughout prep. 1) (表示地区) 遍及, 整个 The company has branches throughout the country. 2)(表示时间) 整个, 从头到尾 It rained throughout the day. He led a poor life throughout his life. _____________________________________ throughout adv. 1) 整个地, 在所有各处, 全部 The hill was green throughout. 2) 自始至终, 到最后 她从头到尾都保持沉默。 __________________________________ 7.The tramp, a poor, homeless man with a moustache, wore large trousers, worn-out shoes and a small round black hat. 那流浪者是一位穷苦的无家可归的人,留着胡子,穿着大裤子,破鞋子,头顶着黑色的 小圆帽。 1).homeless homeless adj. 无家可归的 -less 是表示否定意义的形容词后缀, 加在某些 名词的后面构成否定意义的形容词, 类似的如:

【即学即用】 helpless ____________ careless _____________ childless _____________ harmless _____________ ceaseless _____________ countless _____________ tireless _____________ 2).worn-out adj. 1.(衣类、机器等)磨破的; 磨损的; 用旧的 如: worn-out shoes 穿旧的鞋 2.精疲力尽的; 憔悴的 她看起来憔悴不堪。 ___________________________ 8. This character was a social failure but he was loved for his optimism and determination to overcome all difficulties. 这个角色是个社会生活中的失败者, 但是他战胜困难的乐观和决心使得他被所有看 电影的人所喜爱。 1) failure n. a. a person or a thing that fails 失败;失败者 She said she was a failure as a manager. __________________________________ His first attempt at ice-skating was a failure. __________________________________ b. lack of success 失败;不成功。如: 我所有的努力都以失败告终。 All of my efforts ended in failure. Failure is the mother of success. __________________________ 2) overcome v. 过去式 overcame; 过去分词 overcome 意为 “克服 (困难等) 打败 ; (敌人等)。 ” 如:He overcame a bad habit. 他克服了一项恶习。 短语:be overcome with/by? 被(悲哀、恐怖等)打倒, 因为??而崩溃/垮掉。如: She ___________ grief. 她因为悲伤而崩溃了。 8. Charlie first picks out the laces and eats them as if they were spaghetti. Then he cuts off the leather top of the shoe as if it were the finest meat. 他首先吃起鞋带,就像吃意大利面条一样。然后他把鞋子上端的皮子切下来,就像切下一 块最好的肉。 1) pick out a. (从同类当中) 选出??;选择 如: She_____ a pink dress for her daughter.

她给女儿挑了粉红色的衣服。 b. (在许多人当中)看出;辨认出?? 如: Can you ______your mother in this crowd? 你能在人群中找到你母亲吗? 拓展与 pick 有关的短语: pick off 摘取 pick oneself up(倒下的人)站起来 pick up 拾起, (车,船)搭载客人驾车去接(人) ,接收(信号,广播) ,学会(语言) pick up with 在偶然机会认识(人) 2).cut off cut off: 切断; 断绝 暴风雨切断了整个地区电力供应。 A storm __________ to the whole region. The television show was cut off by a special news report. _____________ I had my hair cut off and sold it. ________________ We were completely cut off from the outside world. _______________________ 【拓展】 cut in 插嘴 cut off: 切断; 断绝 cut down 减少; 缩减 ;砍掉 cut up 切碎 cut into pieces 切成碎片 cut out 剪掉; 除去, 省略, 删去 1.I was just talking to Margaret when Jackson _______. (湖南 2005) A. cut in B. cut down C. cut out D. cut up 2.He was in hospital for six months. He felt as if he was _______ from the outside world. (北京) A. cut out B. cut off C. cut up D. cut through 3) 该句中 treating it as if it were the finest meat 用作状语。as if 相当于 as though,意为“就 像??似的;仿佛??似的” ,用来引导方式状语从句,从句中应用虚拟语气。 归纳总结 __________________________是 as if 引导的方式状语从句,从句中用了________,表示与现 在 事 实 相 反 的 情 况 。 as if 的 意 思 是 “ _________ ” , 与 __________ 相 同 。 用 在 look,seem,smell,taste,sound 等系动词后面,引导表语从句;也可用在行为动词之后, 引 导方式状语从句。无论是何种从句,当其所表示的情况是事实或具有很大可能性时,通常用 ________;当其所表示的情况不是事实,而是主观的想像或夸大性的比喻时,通常用 _________。 看看那些乌云,好象天就要下雨。 Look at the clouds. It looks as if it_________ 此外,as if 后还可直接跟不定式。 他开口好像要说话。

He opened his mouth as if ________. 12.He eats each mouthful with great enjoyment. 他一口一口地嚼得津津有味。 他喝了一口苦药, 做了个鬼脸。 He took a mouthful of the bitter medicine and made a face. I felt so full that I couldn’t eat another mouthful. ___________________________ 短语: at a mouthful 一大口地 handful 一撮, 一把 handful of sand 一把沙子 cupful 一满杯 two cupfuls of milk 两杯牛奶 spoonful 一匙; 满匙 two spoonfuls of sugar 两匙糖 houseful 满屋; 一屋子 a houseful of guests 满屋子客人 armful (单臂或双臂)一抱之量 an armful of books 一抱的书 9.convincing convincing 用作形容词, “使人信服的; 令人心悦诚服的”: 。 他的分析总是那么令人信服。 His analyses were always so __________. 这是我所能找到的最令人信服的证据, 以证明我的观点。 This is the most ________ evidence that I can find to prove my point. 【拓展】 convince vt. 使相信; 说服; 使承认 convinced adj. 坚信不移的; 有坚定信仰的 convince ... of ? 使??确信?? be convinced of 确信; 承认 sb be convinced that = sb believe that 某人相信? 10. Chaplin wrote, directed, and produced the films he starred in. 卓别林自制、自导、自编一些他自己的电影。 1)direct v. “导演”, 它还有其它意思: adj. 直的; 直线的; 直达的 如: 此地没有直达台中的火车。 There is no direct train from here to Taichung. 直通伦敦的路 a direct road to London 直线飞行 fly in a direct line adj. 坦白的; 率直的。 如: 他给我率直的回答。 He gave me a direct answer. 3)directly adv.直接地;一……就…… The boy burst into tears ______ he saw his mother. A. direct B. direction C. directly D. directly when (1)下一班飞机不直飞罗马,要经过巴黎。

The next flight doesn’t go ______ to Rome.It goes by way of Paris. (2)听到枪声,鸟儿四处飞去。 At the sound of the gun, the birds flew _________________. 2).star star v. (在电影中)主演, 由??主演; 以??为主角 这位导演想让吉姆主演他的新片。 The director wants to star Jim in his new film. 她主演了许多好电影。 She has starred in a lot of good films. 11. particular adj./n. particularly adv. be particular about sb./sth. 对?挑剔 particularly = in particular 特别地,尤其地 【即学即用】 比尔穿衣服很挑剔。 Bill __________ his clothing . 特别是,她们寻找可能导致死亡的症状。 ________, they looked for symptoms that might lead to death. 12. slide (slid; slid) slide on 在?表面滑行 slide down 顺着?下滑 slide into 不知不觉陷入?/悄悄溜进 (对应: slide out of ) 她从教室里悄悄地溜走了。 ______________________________ He has slid into bad habits. __________________________________ 归纳总结 13.whisper _____________________________。 whisper to sb.向某人低声说 give sb.the whisper 对某人耳语;给某人以暗示 whisper sth.in one’s ear 在某人耳旁小声说?? in a whisper=in whispers=in a low voice 耳语地,低声地 It is/was whispered that...据秘密传闻?? 【即学即用】 (1)我低声告诉他们我所看到的情况。 I _____________ told them what I had seen. (2)他私下告诉了我这个消息。 He ______________________ me. 自主检测 1.The Beatles,_________ many of you are old enough to remember, came from Liverpool. A. what B. that C. how D. as

2.—How can we pass the time? There is half an hour before the concert begins. ---________ ! I will like whatever you want to do. A. All right B. Up to you C. It all depends D. Take your time 3.Hearing the__________ news, he felt very__________. A. depressing; depressing B. depressed; depressed C. depressing; depressed D. depressed; depressing 4.He got a new job in a company and his wife__________ it. A. was content B. was content with C. contented D. satisfied 5.She looked at me with a __________ expression. A. content B. contents C. contented D. contenting 6.He looked _______ when he learned that the girl had such an ________talent for sports. A. astonished; astonishing B. astonishing; astonished C .astonished; astonished D. astonishing; astonishing 7.________ him, his parents managed to send him to school though the family was badly off. A. Fortunate with B. Fortunate about C. Fortunately to D. Fortunately for 8.We shouldn’t complain about being poor because many families are much_______ than we are. A. worse off B. badly off C. well off D. better off 9.Today, he didn’t go to work as_______, for it is not a(n) ________ day. A. common; usual B. usual; ordinary C. usual; normal D. common; ordinary 10.Mr. Smith, ________of the_______ speech, started to read a novel. A. tired; boring B. tiring; bored C. tired; bored D. tiring; boring 11.The actor _________ the children with all kinds of tricks, which they ________ very much. A. entertained; entertained B. entertained; enjoyed C. enjoyed; entertained D. enjoyed; enjoyed 12.He is ________ failure as_______ English teacher. A. a; the B. a; an C. the; an D. the; the 13.We’ll ________ that difficulty when we get to do it. A. get rid B. do with C. over come D. go over 14.Do you know the difficulty he had ______ the work? A. on finishing B. to finish C. finishing D. having finished 15.He was in hospital for six months. He felt as if he was ________from the outside world. A. cut out B. cut off C. cut up D. cut through 16.It was so dark in the cinema that I could hardly _____ my friend. A. turn out B. bring out C. call out D. pick out 17.The girl’s speech was so _________ that everyone present was ______ of what she said. A. convinced; convincing B. convincing; convinced C. convinced; convinced D. convincing; convincing 18._______ by the teacher, all the students made the experiment successfully. A. Having directed B. To have directed C. Directed D. Directing 19.—What film did you see on TV last night? --- Huo Yuanjia _______ Li Lianjie. A. playing B. acting C. starring D. performing 20.The book was written by a(n) ________ writer, which is worth reading a second time. A. noticeable B. outstanding C. considerate D. modest 21.He has ________ his ability to get a job for himself.

A. confidence in B. confidence of C. confident in D. confident of 22.The old lady is so ________ about her housework that servants will not work for her. A. special B. especial C. peculiar D. particular 23.Occasions are quite rare_______ I have the time to spend a day with my kids. A. who B. which C. why D. when 24.The boys amused themselves by _______ the icy road. A. sliding in B. sliding on C. slipping in D. slipping on

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