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必修二模块 5 导学案 1.congratulation n 祝贺(常用 pl) ,助词,贺词 _______/ _______ one’s congratulations + _______sb+______ sth 祝贺某人某事 congratulate vt 祝贺 + sb + _____ sth 对某人取得的成就或喜庆之事表示祝贺 Celebra

te 庆祝 vt + sth 指对某一节日、生日、胜利和成功的祝贺

Let’s____________ him on his success. Children are ____________ Children’s Day by dancing and singing. You are admitted to Beijing University._________________________. We offered Mr Wang our_______________________________ his success. I____________________ my students ________ having passed the exam. We_______________ the new year with a dance party. Three sisters decided to hold a family party__________ their parents’ silver wedding. 2. aboard adv. Prep 在/上船,登机,上车 board n 板,木板,委员会 abroad go aboard ( the plane)__________

on board_____________=aboard

adv 出国,到国外,在国外 be/live/go/travel abroad_____________ a broad sea__________________________ at home and abroad_______________

broad adj 宽阔的,广阔的 All aboard._______________

The plane is taking off.______________________________. It’s time to go___________. We travel____________ the same flight.

He likes living_____________. He has a ____________ back. Some easy-to-burn things are bannd from being taken__________ the plane. Please go______________ the ship quickly. There is only 10 minutes left. 3.replace vt 取代,接替,更新,更换,把...放回原处 replace A ____________/ ____________ B 用...替代,以...代替 replace sth __________ someplace 把某物重新放在某地 _________ one’s place= in place+ ________代替 take __________ place of= take one’s place 代替

take place ________________


I don’t think that robots can be _________________________ human beings(代替). No one _____________________________________________ her father(代替). Great changes _______________________ since the 1970s. I can replace a pen ____________/___________ a pencil. The shopkeeper said he would______________ the radio set if we were not satisfied. Teachers will never be ______________________ computers in the classroom. 4. concentrate _______集中精力于,全神贯注于,集中于 fix one’s attention/thoughts _____________集中注意力于、思想于 fix one’s eyes_______盯着...看,目不转睛地看 pay attention_______ 注意,重视 As a student, you must concentrate________________ your study. As a senior high student,you should fix___________________ how to master the skills of learning. We’d pay attention_______ handwriting. He fixed his eyes_______ the moving car.=His eyes______________ the running car. I find his eyes___________________on the running car. 5.come_______ (比赛中)上场,发展,快,加油,得了吧 Owen came on for Brown ten minutes before the end of the game. The project is coming on fine. Come on! We don’t have much time. Oh, come on---you know that isn’t true. 6. total n.v 总计,合计 in total =____________合计,总计 total up to __________ a total of________ There is a total_________200 students in our school. These figures on the list___________________ 2000. 7.now( that )=since=seeing( that)=considering (that)=given( that)既然 up to now =until now_________________________ every now and then________________=now and again


from now on __________ from ten on_____________ just now________ ______________________ everyone is here, let’s begin our class. I __________________ ( finish) my homework up to now. ____________ this is the last chance, you should catch it. Where have I put the pen? I was using it __________________. We go to the film _________ now and then. He referred to the dictionary ______________________’ 引导原因状语从句的连词: Because 强烈的因果关系,从句一般放在主句后,回答 why, 放在强调句式中。 Since=now that 一般表示对方已知的,无需加以说明的既成事实的理由,全句中 心在主句,语气比 because 弱 ,常放句首, “既然: 。 As 表示十分明显的原因, 一般说明因果关系, 着重点在主句。 语气比 because, since 弱,常放句首, “由于” 。 For 表示“因为” ,是并列连词,用来说明、补充解释或表示一种推理,所以 for 连接的句子一般不放在句首。 We must start early, ________we have a long way to go. It is__________ he was late that he was punished. __________ a lot of people can make mistakes in life, you’d better give him a chance. ______________ it is snowing, we shall not go to the park. He found it increasingly difficult to read,_______ his eyesight was beginning to fail. _________ you’ve got a chance, you might as well make full use of it.. _________ I had a cold, I didn’t go to school. It must have rained last night, __________ the ground is wet. ________ you have finished your work, you can go out to play. _________she has no car, she can’t get there easily. 8.正要做某事就在这时... be doing...when... be about to do...when...


be on the point of doing sth when... hardly...when

be just going to do...when...

/scarcely ...when/ no sooner...than 一...就

I was doing my homework ________ you came to visit me. He was about to leave _______ the phone rang. The students were_______ the point of leaving ________ it began to rain. He was just going to knock at the door _________ it opened. The professor had_____________/______________ finished his speech when the light went out. I had__________________ got home than it began to rain. He was just about to stand up_________ the teacher came in. 9..the first time 连词 ,引导时间状语从句, for the first time 介词短语,直接作时间状语,不能引导从句 (用现在完成时) It is the first time that ...引导定语从句(用现在完成时) _______________________ you came, I was making a model plane. He has been to Antarctica __________________________. It’s the first time that they ___________________( paint) a house. He is the first person _________________( come) to school. _________________ I saw him, he was picking cottons. They met each other_____________________________. 10.Phrases: believe______信任,信仰 be similar______sb______sth 和...相似 believe_________________信不信由你 be_____________ into parts 被分成若干份

more_______ less 或多或少 ________space 在太空 _______________在天空中 concentrate_______集中精力于 take off _______________________ no more than ___________________ more than____________________ set _____ 建立 come on___________________________ not more than____________ less than_______________

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