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武汉市 2014 高考英语完形填空一轮暑假训练(7)及答案解析 (2011 年安徽省“江南十校”高三联考) It was at a concert that I happened to find David. He was holding his head at a strange (1) as if he were staring down at something. Then

the truth struck me. He was blind. The last thing he remembers (2)was his daughter being born. Then the world went (3) . Bad luck is no stranger to this 44-year-old man. His mother died of cancer,and his weak father had to (4) 11-year-old David to the care of the state. Things seemed alway s to go from bad to (5) .Two years ago,his beloved guide dog pulled him out of the (6) of a truck. David was not hurt. The dog (7) . But David does not feel sorry for himself. "These are just little obstacles(障碍)you have to (8) in your life,"he said. He has to make a daily two-hour trip to his working place—the X-ray department of an (9) room. It was a hard job to (10) .Before he got it. David was determined to escape the workshop run by the Lighthouse, an organiz ation (11) to help blind people. He wanted a job of developing X-ray film, something(12) , not just he, must do in the dark, including people with (13) eyesight. The Lighthouse called many hospitals, with no result, (14) they offered to pay his first three months’ salary. David works alone in a dark room that (15) of chemicals. He cannot wear gloves. (16) , he could not feel. Since this is an emergency room, 1ives can be put (17) or out of danger. His directress says she trusts him 100 percent. He makes $20.000 a year. But his motivation goes (18) money. "By working, I can actualize my own (19) .That’s the most important! "he said. What a shining example for us to (20) !

(11)A. intended

B. aimed

C. offered

D. devoted

(12)A. everyone B. nobody C. someone D. none (13)A. common B. poor C. normal D. actual (14)A. because B. if C. in case D. even though (15)A. consists B. smells C. allows D. fills (16)A. However B. Unfortunately C. Otherwise D. Besides (17)A. at risk B. in brief C. up with D. in charge (18)A. into B. beyond C. onto D. below (19)A. blindness B. income C. value D. experience (20)A. set B. take C. hold D. follow 【解析】David 是一个盲人,一生遭受许多不幸,但他通过自己的不懈努力,最终 实现了个人的价值。 (1)C 根据上下文内容及逻辑可知,David 抬着头,以一个奇怪的角度来看事物,所 以用 angle。"at a…angle"表示“以……角度”。A 表示“踝关节”,B 表示“方向”,D 表示“态度”,均不符合语境。 (2)C 根据上文可知, David 是个瞎子, 以及"Then the world went…"可以推测, David 记得他看到的最后一件事情就是他女儿的出生。 (3)A David 后来眼睛瞎了,所以对他来说世界就变成一片空白。 (4)C David 的父亲无力抚养他,所以把他交给国家抚养。"give up…to… "表示 “把……交……”。 (5)A 由上下文内容可知, David 的境况一直不好。 所以用 from bad to worse 表示“每 况愈下”。 (6)B David 的导盲犬把他从卡车的车道上拉了过来。 (7)C David 得救了,他的导盲犬却死了。A 项表示 “死亡”,B 项表示“牺牲”,D 项 表示“受伤”时,均为及物动词,应用被动 语态。 (8)B"overcome obstacles"表示“克服障碍”。 (9)B 由第(17)空所在的句子内容可知,David 在医院急诊室的放射科工作。 (10)D 由本段中 David 和灯塔机构所做的努力可知这份工作来之不易, 故应选 come by,表示“设法得到”。 (11)A 灯塔机构的目的是帮助盲人。be intended to do sth.表示“为……打算(设计) 的”。 (12)A 不光是他,包括视力正常的人,每个做这个工作的人都必须在黑暗中工作, 故 应用 everyone 表示“每个人”。 (13)C 见上题解析。normal eyesight 表示“视力正常”。 (14)D 即使灯塔机构为 David 付头三个月的工资,许多医院也不愿接受他。even though 表示“尽管,即使”。 (15)B 根据下文的"this is an emergency room"以及常识可知,这个房间里能闻到药 味。smell(of sth.),表示“有(或发出)……的味道”。 (16)C 他不能戴手套,否则他就不能感知(事物)了。otherwise 表示“否则”。 (17)A 根据语境可能此处应选 at risk“处于危险中”与 out of danger。 “脱离危险”相对 应。 (18)B 根据空后他说的话可知,他的动机超越了(挣)钱。 (19)C 通过工作,David 可以实现他自身的价值。actualize my own value 表示“实现 自身的价值”。[来源:学科网 ZXXK] (20)D 我们要以他为榜样。用 follow…example 表示“以……为榜样”。

*******************************************************结束[来源:学*科* 网 Z*X*X*K] [来源:学+科+网 Z+X+X+K] (2011 年深圳市高三年级第一次调研考试) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1—15 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D) 中,选出最佳选项。 Where did all the tigers go? That’s what Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wants to know. India’s Sariska Project Tiger Reserve,once home to 26 tigers,is now home to none. Singh has ordered a police investigation into the (1) , created a new and taskforce to save the (2) animals. Tigers are an endangered species(物种).Half of t he world’s tiger (3) live in India. For years,tigers have been disappearing from India’s national parks,but Sariska may be the last straw. And the government has to (4) . On Thursday,Singh held the first meeting of (5) officials,wildlife experts,and related leaders, aiming to (6) the nation’s remaining tigers, nd to (7) a plan to keep a them safe. It is not hard to guess why the tigers are disappearing. Poachers(偷猎者)can (8) the big cats for$50,000 each. Tiger skin and bones are popular in Chinese (9).A single tiger tooth can fetch $120.Recently,a group of poachers admitted killing ten tigers in Sariska and were (10) . "Indian tiger poaching is probably the (11) conservation problem in modern times,"said Belinda Wright,the head of the Wildlife Protection Society of India. However , poaching isn’t the only (12) .Many poachers use advanced technologies,like night glasses and long-range binoculars. Forest security officers are paid so (13) that few of them (14) to track down the poachers. Even if security guards were to find a poacher,many only carry a stick to make him obey the law. Tiger fans hope that Singh’s plans mean end for the poachers and__(15)__ for the endangered species. (1)A . project B. disappearance C. reserve D. home (2)A. dangerous B. huge C. rare D. fierce (3)A. population B. percentage C. generation D. group (4)A. care B. plan C. react D . wake[来源:Z§ k.Com] xx§ (5)A. business B. trade C. army D. forest (6)A. ensure B. count C. keep D. feed (7)A. come up with B. put up with C. catch up with D. go on with (8)A. raise B. hunt C. sell D. shoot (9)A. food B. tradition C. culture D. medicine (10)A. found B. arrested C. prohibited D. controlled (11)A. oldest B. hottest C. biggest D. 1atest (12)A. problem B. worry C. crime D. factor (13)A. commonly B. poorly C. slightly D. highly (14)A. determine B. remember C. hesitate D. bother

(15)A. success B. lamp C. hope D. achievement 【解析】 印度一个保护区的老虎“消失”了,印度总理为此下令调查此事,并寻求 解决确保剩余 老虎安全的办法。

(6)B 举行会议的目的是“数”清剩余老虎的数量,以便采取相关措施。 (7)A 在清点完老虎的数量后,“想出”保护老虎安全的计划。后三项分别表示“忍 受”“赶上”“继续”,都不符合语境。 (8)C 偷猎者通过“出售”老虎,可获得每只五万美元的收入。 (9)D 众所周知,虎皮和虎骨可以用来生产中“药”。 (10)B 老虎是濒临灭绝的物种,受法律保护,既然他们承认猎杀了十只老虎,自然 会被“逮捕”。C 项表示“禁止”,不符合语境。 (11)C 偷猎印度老虎的行为也许是当代最“大”的保护问题。 (12)A 但是,偷猎不是唯一的“问题”。此处与上一段中的 problem 相呼应。 (13)B 根据本段最后一句中的内容可推测森林安全官员的报酬低得“可怜”。 (14)D 因为森林安全官员的报酬低得可怜,所以几乎没有人愿意“费力”去追踪偷猎 者。 (15)C 老虎的粉丝们希望 Singh 的计划可以终结偷猎者的行为,并给濒临灭绝的物 种带来“希望”。 **********************************************************结束

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