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Safety Topic 035.Ventilation and Welding Safety



035 July 24th, 2009 TITLE: Ventilation and Welding Safety



通风 焊接安全的一个重要方面
The fumes produced in a welding operation can be hazardous to the welder or workers in the near vicinity. In some welding operations, a safe welding habitat must be constructed for protection from the sparks and heat of welding. While this habitat creates and provides a safe work environment, it also creates air quality and air temperature hazards. Specifically today we will discuss the hazard of the fumes and how to make the environment safe for the welder, helper, watchman and others to work. Reducing the exposure to fumes through an effective local exhaust or area ventilation system is the first line of defense in preventing discomfort or illnesses from toxic welding fumes. 焊接操作时发出的烟气对焊工或邻近的工人都有危害。在一些焊接操作中,必须建立一个安全的 焊接场所来防止焊接的火花和高温。在这个焊接场所创造和提供一个安全的工作环境的同时,它 也会引起空气质量和温度的危害。今天我们特地来讨论一下烟气的危害以及如何为焊工、助手、 监管人员和其他人创造一个安全的工作环境。通过一个有效的本地排放或者区域性的通风系统减 少人暴露于烟气中是预防由有毒焊接烟气造成的不适或疾病的第一条防御线。 Respirators are another means of reducing exposure. This personal protective equipment should be considered a temporary process until more appropriate measures to control the exposure are in place. However, when the level of the exposure cannot be entirely eliminated by an exhaust ventilation system, some form of respiratory protection will be required when welding is performed. Highly toxic or concentrated welding fumes may require the welder to use a supplied air hood-type respirator, no matter what type of ventilation is in place. 呼吸器是降低暴露的另一种方法。应该把这种个人防护设备考虑为一种临时的处理直到有更合适 的措施控制住暴露。然而,当暴露的程度不能由一个通风系统完全排除时,焊接时就需要一些呼 吸保护设备。不管配有怎样的通风系统,剧毒或者浓缩性的焊接烟气可能要求焊工使用罩式增氧 呼吸器。


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Testing equipment is needed to effectively evaluate the levels of toxicity welding fumes emit. Many toxic fumes are colorless and odorless, and chronic effects of overexposures may not be immediately detectable. Harmful levels of welding fumes cannot be determined by relying on your body's senses. You may see smoke in the air, smell an irritant and not be adversely affected. In order to accurately determine the level of the contaminants present, air quality testing equipment in the way of air sampling pumps are placed in the area or even on the welder. This equipment pulls air through a filter for a specified amount of time. The sample is then evaluated at a laboratory to determine the levels of the exposure. Sophisticated equipment can read levels immediately. 需要用测试设备来对发出的有毒焊接烟气的含量进行有效评估。很多有毒烟气是无色无味的,过 度暴露的长期慢性作用并不会立即察觉出来。焊接烟气的有害的程度不能靠你自身感觉来决定。 你可能看见空气空有烟,闻到刺激性味道,并没有有害的影响。为了准确地决定所存在污染物的 含量,在该区域内甚至或者在焊机上置放通过空气取样泵工作的空气质量测试设备。此设备在一 段指定时间内从一个过滤器抽空气。然后就在实验室评估样品并决定暴露的程度。精密设备可以 立即读取含量。 The degree of exposure present determines which type of ventilation system is most appropriate. In field locations, such as construction projects and shipyards, 'sucker' hoses can be set up to pull fumes from the welding zone. Welding booths with local exhaust hoses at each station gives the welder some flexibility and mobility in performing the operation. In situations where the welder must go to the work area (due to size, weight or the unwieldy configuration of the work piece or safe work habitat), portable exhaust systems are used. In some situations, laboratory-type hoods may be used for ventilation. This type of system creates a high velocity exhaust vacuum within an enclosure. Using Laboratory-type hoods allow only the welder's hands/arms in the enclosure while welding is being performed. 存在的暴露度决定最合适的通风系统类型。在现场,如施工项目和造船,能设置软管从焊接区域 中抽烟气。在每个点都配有排气胶管的焊接车间为焊工在操作时提供一些适应性和灵活性。焊工 必须去的一些工作区域的条件(由于需焊接物的尺寸,重量或者不易操作的形状。或者安全工作 场所),需要使用便携式排气系统。在一些情况下,可能用实验室型的罩子来通风。这种系统可 以在罩子区域范围内创造一种高速排放负压。使用这种实验室型的罩子仅允许焊工的手/手臂焊接 时在罩子区域范围内。 Determining the needed ventilation and/or respiratory protection must be taken very seriously. Systematically evaluate the process, exposures and possible controls to determine which will help ensure providing an employee a safe place to work. 必须认真决定通风和/或呼吸保护设备的需求。系统评估过程,暴露和可能的控制来决定哪个能确 保为一个工人提供一个安全的工作场所。 Work schemes are developed with all the above considerations in place to ensure the welders are protected whether working in a confined space, safe welding habitat or in an area without sufficient ventilation. Once set in motion, the safe environment must be continually evaluated and monitored to ensure the safety of the welder and those in the vicinity. 根据以上的考虑点来发展工作方案,确保保护好焊工,不管他们是否在受限空间,安全焊接工作 场所或者是在没有足够通风的区域工作。一旦运行,必须不算评估和监测安全环境来确保焊工和 那些邻近工作人员的安全。 Once protective measures have been determined, it is the responsibility of each welder, area superintendents and managers to make sure they are being used properly. Taking a proactive


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step in reducing your exposure to welding fumes is the professional approach to working as a welder. Through carefully developed work schemes, application of hazard reduction determined in the Job Hazard Analysis and most importantly, the continuous monitoring of the welding environment, we ensure that welding operations are SAFE operations! 一旦保护措施决定下来,那就是每个焊工的职责,区域负责人和管理人员要确认他们是否正确使 用。作为一个焊工,采取一种预先的步骤减少自己暴露于焊接烟气中是一种专业方式。通过认真 更新工作方案,工作危害分析中决定的危害减少的应用,而且最重要的是,焊接环境的持续监 测,我们确保焊接操作时安全地操作!


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