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2014届《南方新课堂·高考总复习》英语一轮复习课件:第一部分 必修二 unit1 cultural relics

Unit 1 Cultural relics

1.amaze vt.使吃惊;惊讶
amazed adj.吃惊的;感到惊讶的 amazing adj.令人惊讶的 amazement n.惊奇;惊异

be amazed at sth.对某事/物感到惊讶
be amazed to do sth.对做某事感到惊讶 in amazement 惊讶地 to one's amazement 使某人感到惊讶的是

运用 完成句子
(1)令我感到惊讶的是,克里斯获得了第一名。 To my amazement ____________________, Chris won the first prize.

was amazed at She ______________ how calm he was after the accident. (3)我们惊奇地注视着他。 in amazement We stared at him ______________. (4)听说她升职了,真令我惊讶。

It amazed me ________________ to learn that she had been promoted.

2.fancy adj.奇特的;异样的;精美的;想象的 vt.想象;
设想;爱好 fancy that-clause 以为是?? fancy (one's) doing sth.想象(某人)做某事 fancy oneself as 自以为是??

fancy sb.to be/as 想象/认为某人会成为?? 运用 完成句子
(1)那是一双非常别致的鞋! fancy That's a very _______ pair of shoes! (2)我真的没想到会在这里见到你。 fancy meeting I really didn't _______________ you here.

3.doubt n.怀疑;疑惑 vt.怀疑;不信 without doubt 无疑地;确实地 beyond all doubt 毫无疑问(常作插入语) have no doubt of/about 对??毫不怀疑 sb.doubt if/whether 某人拿不准?? sb.don't doubt that-clause 某人确定??

There is no doubt about sth./that-clause 毫无疑问??

运用 完成句子 (1)毫无疑问他所做的事情伤害了我们。 There is no doubt that _______________________ what he has done has done great harm to us.

doubt whether/if I ________________ Tom will come this afternoon. (3)对于他的能力我毫不怀疑。 I __________________________ his ability. have no doubt of/about

4.worth prep.值得的;相当于??的价值


worthy adj.有价值的;值得的

worthwhile adj.值得花费时间(或金钱)的;值得做的;有真
实价值的 be worth doing 值得做(用主动形式表示被动含义) be worthy of doing=be worthy to be done 值得做 注意 (1)worth 是表语形容词,除用作表语外,还可用作 后置定语,但不能作前置定语。

(2)worth 可用well 修饰,表示“很;非常”,但不能用very

运用 完成句子

was well He said it was impossible to buy the novel which __________
worth reading/was well worthy of reading/was well worthy to be ______________________________________________________ _____________. read (2)这条项链值一千美元。 is worth This necklace __________ 1,000 US dollars.

用本单元所学单词及用法完成下列句子 1.现在很少有当地的居民依靠捕鱼赚钱。 local Nowadays few of the ________ residents depend on fishing for their income.

2.一艘客船——泰坦尼克号,于 1912 年沉入海底。
sank A passenger ship, Titanic, _______ into the bottom of the ocean in 1912. 3.博物馆里充满了稀有且珍贵的珠宝。 The museum is full of ______ and precious treasures. rare

4.他正在接受决定他生死的审判。 trial He's on ______ for his life.

5.如果对信息有疑问,你应该亲自去咨询。 doubt If there's any _______ about the information, you ought to ask
for it in person. 6.牛仔裤通常是在非正式场合穿的。 informal Jeans are often worn on _________ occasions. 7.我没想到要在如此糟糕的天气下工作。 fancy working I don't ______________ in such bad weather.

8.他是前任世界纪录保持者。 He's the ________ world record holder. former 9.他的样子变得使我们大为惊讶。 amazed at We were ___________ the change in his appearance. 10.买这辆新车花了很多钱,但确实物有所值。 worth The new car cost a lot of money, but it's certainly _______ it.

1.in search of 寻找;寻求 search for 找寻;探索;探求 search out 查出;探出;找出 search...for 为找到??而搜查?? make a search for 寻找;追求

运用 完成句子 (1)我花了几个星期才找到我需要的那本书。 It took me several weeks to _________ the book that I wanted. search out

searched the woods for The police _________________________ the lost child.

in search of They all went out _______________ food.

2.in return 作为报答;回报 in return for 作为对??的报答

运用 完成句子
(1)他总是乐于助人,作为回报,人人都喜欢他。 in return He was always ready to help others, ___________, he was liked by everyone. (2)对你的支持,我拿什么来作为回报呢?

in return for What can I give you _____________ your support?

3.take apart 拆开;拆卸
take after (在外貌、性格等方面)与??相像 take away 拿走;减去 take back 取回 take down 写下;取下 take in 吸收(水分);欺骗 take off 脱下;起飞

take over 接管;接任
take on 雇佣;呈现 take up 开始;从事;吸取;接纳 take care of 照顾

运用 用 take 相关短语的适当形式填空

take care of (1)You should ______________ yourself when your parents
are out. (2)Don't ___________ any natural objects from the park. take away (3)These brain differences also explain the fact that more men take up __________ jobs that require good special skills, while more women speech skills. (4)The boy _________ the toy car, but couldn't put it together took apart again.

4.think highly of 看重;器重;高度评价
What do you think of sb./sth.? 你认为某人/某物怎么样? think well/much of 对??评价良好 think nothing of 对??无所谓;不把??当回事 think badly/poorly of 对??评价不高

think of sb./sth.as 把某人/某物当作?? 运用 完成句子
(1)她的作品深受大家好评。 are highly thought of Her works ______________________ by all of us. (2)他觉得一天走 50 英里路无所谓。 thinks nothing of He __________________ walking 50 miles a day.

用本单元所学短语及用法完成下列句子 1.这些座位是给俱乐部会员的,请去右边再找一个。

belong to These seats ____________ the club members.Take another
one on the right, please. 2.他闯荡七大洋去历险。 in search of He's sailed the seven seas ________________ adventure. 3.他家里的家具很少,这个木箱子被用作了凳子和桌子。 serves as There is little furniture in his house.The wooden box _______ both a bench and a table.

taken apart The machine has already been ____________. 5.我们的班长,一位有着高度责任心的男孩,受到老师和

Our monitor, a helpful boy with great sense of responsibility, thought highly of is ______________________ by both our classmates and tea-chers.

你的体重。 rather than What they focus on is your ability _____________ your appearance, so don't be anxious about your weight.

7.我的父母为我奉献太多,我知道我永远都无法报答他们。 My parents are so devoted to me and I know I can never do

enough __________for their devotion to me. in return

原句 1 Frederick WilliamⅠ, the King of Prussia, could never

have imagined that his greatest gift to the Russian people would have such an amazing history.普鲁士国王威廉一世绝不可能想到


“情态动词+have done”表示对过去发生的事情的推测、 批评、反悔等。如:

could not have done 不可能做了某事(对过去的否定推测)
must have done 一定已做了某事(对过去的肯定推测)

could have done 本可以做(实际上却没做)
should/ought to have done 本应该做(实际上却没做)

精练 根据中文提示,完成下列句子
(1)我一定是做错了什么。她对我的态度很冷漠。 must have done something wrong I ________________________________.She was cool towards me. (2)如果我小心一点,就会做得更好。 could have done better I ________________________ if I was more careful. (3)你本应该早点告诉我。现在我们怎么办? should have told me You ______________________earlier.What shall we do now? (4)如果不是听了你的建议,我就不会做得如此成功。 But for your advice, I _______________________ so could not have done it successfully.

原句 2 There is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a
train for K? nigsberg...毫无疑问,这些箱子后来被装上火车运往 哥尼斯堡??

“There is no/little doubt that...”是固定句型,意为“毫无疑
问??”;“There is some/much doubt whether...”则意为“不能

肯定??”。在这两个句型中,doubt 均用作名词,that(用于否
定句)和 whether(用于肯定句)用来引导同位语从句。当 doubt 用

作动词时,若是肯定句,多用 whe-ther/if 来引导宾语从句;若
是否定句或疑问句,多用 that 引导宾语从句。



whether/if I can finish the work I doubt ____________________________ on time. (2)你怀疑她会成功吗? Do you doubt that ______________________ she will succeed? (3)你会赢得这场比赛是毫无疑问的。 There was no doubt ____________________ that you would win. (4)约翰是否能准时到还不确定。 There is some doubt whether ____________________________ John will come on time.

运用所学语言基础知识,补充完整下面短文,并背诵之 There is no doubt that (1)________________________ ( 毫 无 疑 问 ) the vase

belonging to (2)______________ (属于) Li Ming is a valuable cultural relic.The
vase made of bamboo was designed in (3)_______________ (奇特 a fancy style 的风格) and was given as a Christmas gift by his friend, an artist. In return (4)_________ (作为回报), Li Ming gave a rare stamp to his friend. to his amazement But (5)_________________ ( 令他震惊的是), the vase was stolen At present last Saturday.(6)____________ ( 目 前 ), the police are trying their search for best to (7)___________ (寻找) it.However, whether it can be found remains a mystery.

“模仿朗读”备考指导(二) 不完全爆破 在掌握了如何准确读出每个单词后,就要解决如何把一个

就不像是在讲话了,因此考生需要注意句子朗读的技巧。其中 一个需要注意的就是不完全爆破音。爆破音是指发音器官在口 腔中形成阻碍,然后气流冲破阻碍而发出的音。爆破音有 6 个: /p/,/b/,/t/,/d/,/k/和/g/。但在朗读句子或某些单词时,两个

音不必爆破出来,也就是说气流不必冲破阻碍,而只是发音器 官在口腔中形成阻碍,稍作停顿后马上过渡到后面的音,这种 现象叫不完全爆破。有些是单词内不完全爆破,如 bla(ck)board, foo(t)ball, ke(p)t 等。括号中的辅音字母对应的辅音音素/k/,/t/,

如: My father ke(pt) working till midnight. (由于 kept 后有/w/,因此/pt/部分不完全爆破,不用发音,


采访类作文 【谋篇布局】 1.交待采访的时间、对象、主题等。 2.描述数据和信息呈现出的问题所在,并分析原因。 3.被采访人提出个人观点或对解决该问题提出建议。

【实用套语】 1.交待采访的时间、对象和主题

Last weekend, I had an interview with Professor Wang, an
eye-doctor, concerning about the issue of short-sightedness of school children in China. 上周末,我就全国学生的近视问题采访了眼科医生王教授。 (2009 年广东)

(1)According to Professor Wang, slightly more than half of the school children in our country are shortsighted, ranking the

first in the world.
据王教授所说,我国略多于一半的学生都是近视,居世界 首位。(2009 年广东) (2)He also pointed out that the causes for short-sightedness

are so complicated that no medicine can cure short-sightedness.
他还指出说,导致近视的原因很复杂,没有药物能治愈近 视。(2009 年广东)

(1)He suggested that school children avoid overuse of their eyes and do more outdoor activities. 他建议学生应避免过度使用眼睛并且多做户外活动。(2009 年广东) (2)He particularly reminded us that how to hold a pen is also related to short-sightedness. 他特别提醒我们如何握笔也和近视有关。(2009 年广东)

假设你是校报小记者,最近进行了一次采访,以下是这次 采访的情况: 1.时间:上周末 2.对象:营养专家王教授 3.主题:我国中学生的早餐问题 4.基本信息:



(2)建议:让学生认识到早餐的重要性,一定要吃早餐。 (3)特别提示:家长应抽出时间给学生准备营养丰富的早餐。
[写作内容] 请根据以上情况用英语写一篇采访报道,并包括以下内容: 1.采访的时间、对象和主题; 2.中学生吃早餐的现状; 3.专家解读。

只能用 5 个句子表达全部内容。

(交待采访时间、对象和主题) Last week I had an interview with Professor Wang, a nutritionist, concerning about the problem of Chinese students' breakfast.(交待问题) The research I did before shows that ninety percent of interviewees eat breakfast but are on an imbalanced diet.(陈述原因) According to Professor Wang, lacking of sleep causes students' hurry getting up and having little time for breakfast.(专家建议) He suggested that students should realize the significance of breakfast and be sure to eat breakfast every single day.He particularly suggested that parents make time preparing nourishing breakfast for their children.

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