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【高考专题辅导】2014高考英语(山东专用)专题检测卷(十九) 完形填空 Word版含解析]

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完形填空 (建议用时: 40 分钟) A (2013· 唐山模拟) 体裁 议论文 话题 道歉 词数 236 I consider myself something of an expert on apologies. A quick temper has 1 me with plenty

of opportunities to make them. In one of my earlier 2 , my mother was telling me “Don’t watch the 3

when you say, ‘I’m sorry’. Hold your head up and look at the person in the 4 , so he’ll know you 5 it. ” 6 apology: It must

My mother thus made the key point of a(n) be direct. You must never

7 to be doing something else. You do not 9 in position after 10 . You 11 , by

8 a pile of letters while apologizing to a person

blaming him or her for a mistake that turned out to be your do not apologize to a hostess, whose guest of honor you treat sending flowers the next day without mentioning your bad One of the important things we should do for an

12 .

13 apology is a

readiness to

14 the responsibility for our careless mistakes. We are 15 for the other person to

used to making excuses, which leaves no

16 us. Since most people are open-hearted, the no-excuse apology leaves both parties feeling 18 of every apology. It 17 about themselves. That, after all, is the 19 little whether the apologizer is wholly or

only partly at fault. Answering for one’s 20 encourages others to take their share of the blame. 1. A. provided 2. A. dreams 3. A. side 4. A. mind 5. A. imagine 6. A. useful C. equal 7. A. pretend 8. A. hold on C. look through 9. A. poorer 10. A. fault 11. A. cruelly C. roughly 12. A. manners B. excuses B. weaker B. reason B. forget B. mixed B. courses B. ground B. soul B. enjoy C. compared C. memories C. wall C. face C. mean B. successful D. basic C. refuse B. put away D. pick up C. worse C. result B. freely D. foolishly C. efforts D. roles D. lower D. duty D. expect D. treated D. ideas D. bottom D. eye D. regret

13. A. active 14. A. raise 15. A. situation 16. A. advise 17. A. wiser cleverer 18. A. purpose C. end 19. A. cares remains 20. A. facts 【拓展训练】

B. effective B. perform B. need B. forgive B. warmer

C. extra C. admit C. sign C. warn C. better

D. easy D. bear D. room D. blame D.

B. method D. advantage B. matters C. depends D.

B. states

C. rights

D. actions

根据文章内容回答问题。 1. What’s the passage mainly about? (no more than 8 words) _______________________________ 2. Suppose Li Hua was late for school, he said sorry to the teacher and explained he forgot to set the alarm, do you think he truly apologized? Please write down your reason. (no more than 30 words) ______________________________________________________ B 体裁 夹叙夹议文 话题 父子亲情 词数 316 Dear son,

The day that you see me old, have patience and try to understand me. If I get 1 when eating, if I can not dress, 2 it to you.

have patience. Remember the hours I spent If,

3 I speak to you, I repeat the same things thousand 4 me. Listen to me 5 . When you were 6 story until you get 7

and one times, do not

small, I had to read thousand and one times the

to sleep. When I do not want to have a shower, neither shame me

scold me. Remember when I had to chase you with thousand excuses I 8 , in order that you wanted to bathe. When you see my technologies, give me the necessary time and not 9 on new

10 me by mocking

smiles. I taught you how to do so many things: to eat good, to dress well, to 11 life. . . When at some moment I lose the 12 in conversation

with you, do not become annoyed, as the most important thing is not my 13 but surely to be with you and to 14 you listening to me. When

my 15 legs do not allow me to walk, give me your hand, the same way I 16 when you gave your first steps. And when someday I say I do not want to live any more and that I want to die, do not get angry. Try to understand that my age is not lived but Some day you will discover that, 17 . 18 my mistakes, I always

wanted the 19 thing for you and tried to prepare the way for you. Help me to walk, help me to end my way with love and 20 . I will pay

you by a smile and by the immense love I have had always for you.

I love you, son! Your father 1. A. angry 2. A. teaching C. warning 3. A. before 4. A. disturb C. upset 5. A. finally C. instead 6. A. good C. difficult 7. A. or 8. A. invented C. spotted 9. A. view C. favor 10. A. look down on C. look up 11. A. overcome C. defeat 12. A. sight B. theme B. nor B. when B. satisfied C. tidy B. mentioning D. talking C. unless B. interrupt D. break B. soon D. too B. interesting D. same C. and B. realized D. imagined B. prejudice D. ignorance B. look into D. look through B. confront D. challenge C. memory D. touch D. but D. until D. dirty

13. A. narration C. statement 14. A. have B. make

B. conversation D. thought C. get B. broken D. injured B. worked B. spent C. did C. counted B. regardless of D. other than B. least C. most B. support D. patience D. best D. tried D. survived D. force

15. A. exhausted C. folded 16. A. made 17. A. wasted 18. A. in spite of C. rather than 19. A. worst 20. A. mercy C. enthusiasm 【拓展训练】 选用框中的 look 短语填空。

look down upon; look into; look up; look through 1. Ted seems to ______________ poor people. 2. Peter starts ______________the mails as soon as the door shuts. 3. Many people have to ______________the meaning of this word in the dictionary. 4. The public wished the government to ______________the cause of the fire.

【文章大意】本文阐述了一个观点 , 道歉要真诚 , 要敢于承担责任 , 同时也批评了一些“假”道歉的行为。 1.【解析】选 A。考查背景常识。作者是急脾气当然会提供给作者很 多道歉的机会。provide 提供; mix 混合; compare 比较; treat 治疗。 2.【解析】选 C。考查对上下文语境的理解。母亲过去告诉我道歉时 不应该看地面, 这当然应该是记忆中的事。 memory 记忆; dream 梦想; course 课程; idea 主意。 3.【解析】选 B。考查词语复现。根据后面的 hold your head up 可知 用 ground。 4. 【解析】 选 D。 考查背景常识。 道歉时看着对方的眼睛, 以示真诚, 在 这一点上中西方是一样的。 5.【解析】选 C。考查词义辨析。mean it 意为“这样对方就会明白你 有道歉的意思”, it 在这里指道歉的行为; imagine 想象; enjoy 喜欢; regret 后悔。 6. 【解析】选 B。考查前后照应。冒号后的内容即为“成功的”道歉的 一些基本特征。successful 成功的; useful 有用的; equal 平等的; basic 基本的。 7.【解析】选 A。考查背景常识。道歉要直接, 你绝不要假装在做其 他的事。pretend 假装; forget 忘记; refuse 拒绝; expect 期盼。 8. 【解析】选 C。考查前后照应。上句提到“你绝不要假装在做其他

的事”, 所以此处是表达在道歉时不要浏览信件。 look through 浏览; hold on 坚持住, 抓住; put away 把……收起来; pick up 捡起。 9.【解析】选 D。考查背景常识。职务论的是高、低。 10.【解析】选 A。考查词语复现。根据前面的 mistake 可知。fault 错 误; reason 理由; result 结果; duty 责任。 11. 【解析】选 C。考查词义辨析。roughly 此处表示对待客人不礼貌, 服务不到位。从前面的要不要道歉的讨论可以猜出这一答案; cruelly 残忍地; freely 自由地; foolishly 愚蠢地。 12. 【解析】 选 A。 考查固定搭配。 bad manners 没礼貌, 从 treat roughly 不难判断答案。 13. 【解析】 选 B。 考查词义辨析。 effective 有效的; active 积极的; extra 额外的; easy 容易的。 14.【解析】选 D。考查固定搭配。bear the responsibility 承担责任, 为 固定搭配; raise 举起; perform 表演; admit 承认。 15.【解析】选 D。考查固定搭配。leave no room 不留余地。situation 形势; need 需要; sign 迹象。 16.【解析】选 B。考查对上下文语境的理解。道歉是为了获得原谅。 forgive 原谅; advise 建议; warn 警告; blame 责备。 17.【解析】选 C。考查词义辨析。better 表示“心情更舒畅”。未找借 口的道歉, 即真诚的道歉, 对方的感觉一定很好。wise 明智的; warm 暖和的; clever 聪明的。 18. 【解析】选 A。考查词义辨析。道歉的最终“目的”是化干戈为玉

帛, 大家和好如初, 所以用 purpose。 method 方法; end 末端; advantage 优势。 19.【解析】选 B。考查对上下文语境的理解。道歉者是全部还是部分 承担责任这些都不太重要, 关键是为自己的所作所为主动负责, 这也 能促使别人共同承担责任。 20.【解析】选 D。考查背景常识。根据常识可知应该是对自己的“行 动”负责。answer for 在此意为“对……负责”。 【拓展训练】 1. It’s about how to make an apology. 2. I don’t think so, because we shouldn’t make an excuse when we apologize. After all, the no-excuse apology leaves both parties feeling better about themselves. 【文章大意】父爱是伟大的。当父亲逐渐老去时, 我们应该如何对待 他呢? 请品读一下一位父亲写给儿子的一封信吧! 1.【解析】选 D。考查常识。根据常识, 老人生活不能自理时, 吃饭的 时候会弄脏。 2.【解析】选 A。考查上下文语境。依据上文, 年老的我不能很好地 吃饭、穿衣, 你要记着我花了多少时间教会你吃饭、穿衣。 3.【解析】选 B。考查语法结构。此处表示“当我给你说话时, 我一再 重复说同样的事情, 请不要打断我。when 引导时间状语从句。 4. 【解析】选 B。考查词义辨析。disturb 侧重指打扰, 干扰, 妨碍; interrupt 侧重打断别人的讲话或行动。

5. 【解析】选 C。考查上下文语境。承接上文。请不要打断我。相反, 听我说。instead 表替代。 6. 【解析】选 D。考查词汇复现。由上文 I repeat the same things thousand and one times, 可知在你年幼时, 我必须一遍又一遍地读着 同样的故事, 直到你睡着。 7.【解析】选 B。考查固定搭配。由前面的 neither 一词可知此处应用 nor。neither. . . nor. . . 既不……也不…… 8. 【解析】选 A。考查词义辨析。记得小时候我曾编出多少理由, 只 为了哄你洗澡。invent 发明, 创造; realize 意识到; spot 发现; imagine 想象。 9.【解析】选 D。考查词义辨析。当你看到我对新科技的无知时, 给 我一点时间, 不要挂着嘲弄的微笑看着我。view 观点; prejudice 偏见; favor 偏袒; ignorance 忽视, 无知。 10. 【解析】 选 A。 考查短语辨析。 look down on/upon 瞧不起; look into 调查; look up 查阅, 向上看; look through 浏览, 仔细检查。 11. 【解析】选 B。考查词义辨析。我曾教了你多少事情啊: 如何好 好吃, 好好穿, 如何面对你的生活。overcome 克服; confront 面对; defeat 战胜, 打败; challenge 向……挑战。 12.【解析】选 C。考查常识。年老之人在谈话中应该有时会失去“记 忆”。 13. 【解析】 选 B。 考查词汇复现。 由上文 When at some moment I lose the

in conversation with you. . . 可知应选 B。narration 叙述; conversation 谈话; statement 声明; thought 思想。 14.【解析】选 A。考查固定搭配。对我而言重要的不是对话, 而是能 跟你在一起, 有你倾听我说话。have sb. doing 是固定结构。 15. 【解析】 选 A。 考查前后照应。 老人的腿应该是“疲惫的”。 exhausted 疲惫的; broken 断了的; folded 折叠的; injured 受伤的。 16.【解析】选 C。考查词汇复现。当我疲惫的双腿不听使唤时, 扶我 一把, 如同我曾扶着你踏出你人生的第一步。此处用 did 指代前面提 到的动作, 以避免重复。 17.【解析】选 D。考查上下文语境。作者已是风烛残年, 这个年纪与 其说是在享受生活, 还不如说是艰难度过。survive“艰难度过”最符合 语境。 18. 【解析】选 A。考查短语辨析。有一天你会发现, 尽管我有许多 过错, 我总是尽我所能想要给你最好的。in spite of 尽管; regardless of 不管, 不顾; rather than 而不是; other than 除了。 19.【解析】选 D。考查常识。父母总会给孩子最好的东西。 20. 【解析】 选 D。 考查词汇复现。 用爱和“耐心”帮我走完人生。 patience 一词与文章开头 The day that you see me old, have patience and try to understand me. 相呼应。 【拓展训练】1. look down upon 4.look into 2. looking through 3. look up

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