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福建省三明市 2013 届高三 5 月质量检测
第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21.Ang Lee’s newest film Life of Pie is great success, for which he won second Academy Award for Best Director. A.a; a B./ ; a C

./; the D.a; the 22. all the money put aside for the rainy days, I had to start my part-time job. A.Spending B.Having spent C.Beijing spent D.To spend 23.The life of an exchange student is usually active, exciting and full of fun, but it be stressful sometimes. A.must B.should C.can D.shall 24.—I hear Tony as a lawyer. Why did he quit teaching? —Who knows? Maybe he just wants to experience a totally different life. A.worked B.is working C.was working D.will have worked 25.—Alice, you are going shopping this afternoon, aren’t you? Anything special in your mind? —Nothing . I just haven’t done shopping for a long time. A.in addition B.in particular C.in advance D.in hand 26.—What do you think of the two students to take part in the competition? —They are hardworking as well as intelligent. A.selecting B.selected C.having selected D.to select 27. more than half of us were against the new plan, he still decided to carry it out. A.While B.Since C.As D.Unless 28.He is very grateful to Mr. Lin, without timely help he would have got into trouble. A.whom B.which C.whose D.his 29.It was his devoted efforts that these great changes in the village. A.took in B.made up C.brought about D.carried out 30.Could you explain to me how the function of WeChat differs from of QQ? A.it B.one C.this D.that 31.—Why didn’t you go to Monica’s birthday party yesterday? —I would have, but I fully occupied. A.had been B.was C.am D.have been 32.Good at teaching and kind to students, our English teacher the respect of his students. A.appreciates B.attracts C.impresses D.earns 33.President Obama has promised that is responsible for the explosions at Boston Marathon finish line will feel the full weight of justice. A.who B.whom C.whoever D.whomever 34.—Did you watch A Bite of China on CCTV last night? —Yeah, that my mouth couldn’t help watering. A.so attractive was the food B.so attractive the food was C.so the food was attractive D.so was the attractive food 35.You’ll be healthier if you cut down fat and increase fibre in your meal. . Thanks a lot. A.Heard it B.Made it C.Taken it D.Got it


福建省三明市 2013 届高三 5 月质量检测
第二节 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) My son, lzzy, a nine-year-old boy, was begging me to let him find his way home by subway by himself. After all, we live in New York City, and getting around by 36 transportation is a basic part of life. It’s also the first step toward feeling 37 . So last Sunday, I gave him a subway map, a transportation card, $ 20 for emergencies, and a few 38 so that he could call me in necessary. I didn’t give him a cell-phone 39 nine-year-olds lose things. A few days later, I 40 about it for a newspaper. Little did I 41 the idea that a kid could tour the city on his own, and that a mom would agree, was big 42 . It turned out that many TV shows called me and 43 an interview. Many people were going 44 and letters poured in. Finally I found out 45 this was such a big story: we have become fearful for out children. Fear is 46 a new thing for parents, of course. But the fear of letting our children out of 47 for even a second – that’s new. How did this happen? I asked the question when a reporter 48 me. ―News reports,‖ he answered. ―News reports 49 us. What is more horrible than a kidnapped (绑架) kid-no matter how far away? Because there are so many such stories, it starts to feel 50 kidnappings are happening all the time. That’s why the kid-no-the-subway story 51 the whole world.‖ Lzzy did show that kids 52 leave home alone and return home 53 , but he didn’t think it was a big 54 . ―It was fun,‖ he said. ―But I missed some classes because of the interviews.‖ Sometimes it really 55 to be brave. 36.A.new B.public C.comfortable D.correct 37.A.special B.active C.independent D.cool 38.A.coins B.tips C.addresses D.names 39.A.though B.unless C.because D.until 40.A.read B.asked C.talked D.wrote 41.A.realize B.hear C.remember D.follow 42.A.trouble B.news C.information D.advice 43.A.paid for B.answered for C.asked for D.looked for 44.A.bad B.angry C.weak D.crazy 45.A.when B.where C.how D.why 46.A.hardly B.sometimes C.always D.once 47.A.mind B.order C.range D.sight 48.A.met B.interviewed C.stopped D.supported 49.A.attract B.excite C.frighten D.interest 50.A.as if B.even though C.in case D.so that 51.A.disappoints B.discourages C.surprises D.amuses 52.A.should B.must C.might D.could 53.A.happily B.safely C.freely D.luckily 54.A.lesson B.topic C.program D.deal 55.A.hurts B.Pays C.matters D.bothers


福建省三明市 2013 届高三 5 月质量检测
第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题,每题 2 分,满分 40 分) A Have you ever wondered how children get their books published? I know I have. Well, The School Story is an example of how Natalie gets the story she wrote made into a real book. Natalie is 12 years old. Her best friend is Zoe, and it is all Zoe’s idea for the book to be published. Zoe is one of my favorite characters in this book. She is brave, smart, funny, and a great friend. She and Natalie are very different, but they help each other out. Without Zoe, Natalie would never have the courage to try and publish her book. Zoe and NAtalic’s friendship is a big part of the book. I like this book so much because I can understand how Natalie feels about her work. I really like to write, but I’m shy, and I would never have the courage to send my work to a publisher. But the way Natalie gets her story pubglished is all very clever and well thought out If it were me doing that, I would proably have given up a the very beginning. And I am most moved by all the parts when Natalie thinks about her dad. Natalie’s father died when she was little, so he only appears in memories. The way thinks of him and remembers him is so sweet that it makes me cry and think about how much I live my dad. It is amazing how Andrew Clements can make you laugh, cry and learn about publishing in a 196-page book. One of the only things I don’t like about this book is that it doesn’t include a copy of The Cheater, Natalie’s book. I really want to read it, even though it’s made up. This book is one of my favorites now. From the pictures to the exciting style of writing, this book is a true inspiration to all young writers. 56.According to the passage, Nataliz in The School Stor . A.is really brave and smart B.takes Zoe’s advice on publishing her book C.often cries for her father’s death D.is similar to Zoe 57.We know that the author of the passage . A.thinks highly of the book B.likes the character of Nataile best C.has given up writing stories now D.once sent her story to a publisher 58.Who is Andrew Clements? A.Natalie’s father. B.A publisher. C.The author of The School Story. D.A character in The School Story. 59.The passage is most probably a(n) . A.short novel B.news report C.advertisement D.book review B MOSCOW-A meteor(陨石)that exploded over Russia’s Ural mountains and sent burning to earth has set off a rush to find fragments of the space rock which hunters hope could fetch thousands of dollars a piece. Friday's explosion and following shockwave shattered(震碎) windows, injured almost 1,200 people and caused about $33 million worth of damage, said local officials.


福建省三明市 2013 届高三 5 月质量检测
It also started a "meteorite rush" around the industrial city of Chelyabinsk, 950 miles east of Moscow, where groups of people have started combing through the snow and ice. "The price is hard to say yet, The fewer meteorites that are recovered, the higher their price," said Dmitry Kachkalin, a member of the Russian Society of Amateur Meteorite Lovers. Meteorites are parts of a meteor that have fallen to earth. Scientists at the Urals Federal University were the first to announce a significant find - 53 small, stony, black objects around Lake Chebarkul, near Chelyabinsk, which tests confirmed were small meteorites. The fragments were only 0.5 to 1 cm (0.2 to 0.4 inches) across but the scientists said larger pieces may have crashed into the lake, where a crater in the ice about eight metres (26 feet) wide opened up after Friday's explosion. Many other people were in the area just hoping to find a meteorite after what was described by scientists as a once-in-a century event, but not all were ready to sell. "I will keep it. Why sell it? I didn't have a rich lifestyle before, so why start now?" a woman in a pink woollen hat and winter jacket, clutching a small black pebble, told state television Rossiya-24. The Internet filled quickly with advertisements from eager hunters hoping to sell what they said were meteorites - some for as little as 1,000 rubles ($33.18). One seller of a large, silver rock wrote in an advertisement, "Selling an unusual rock. It may be a piece of meteorite, it may be a bit of a UFO, it may be a piece of a rocket!" 60.According to the passage, many people rushed to find meteorites for . A.fun B.research C.fame D.money 61.The underlined phrase ―combing through‖ in Paragraph 3 probably means . A.searching carefully B.enjoying excitedly C.striking hard D.removing happily 62.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A.The meteor event usually happens every fifty years. B.The price of the meteorite would he high without doubt. C.A meteor exploded over Russia’s Ural mountains on Friday. D.All meteorite hunters wanted to sell what they found and get rich. 63.Which of the following is the best title for the passage? A.How to Identify a Meteorite B.To Sell or to Keep Your Meteorite C.Meterorite Rush around Chelyabinsk D.Mettor Explosion Caused Great Damage

C Sales Ads


福建省三明市 2013 届高三 5 月质量检测

64.The sales ads above are most probably from . A.a book store B.a mail-order company C.a shoe factory D.the post office 65.Which of the following are included in the passage? A.Clothes & magazines. B.Magazines & toys. C.Newspapers & cars. D.Toys & pictures. 66.A ―car sicker‖ in the passage is probably something . A.to clean the car B.to make the car attractive C.to put your photo in D.to help to learn English 67.If you want to buy all the following items, which will cost you the least money? A.ITEM No. 123: green boots, Size 45. B.ITEM No. 126: sweater, large size. C.ITEM No. 127: two nightdresses. D.ITEM No. 129:10 peel-away pictures.


福建省三明市 2013 届高三 5 月质量检测
D Born in 1952, Park Geun-hye has long been one of the most powerful women in South Korea, and when she is sworn in next week, she will make history as the first female president of the country. Park is nothing if not tenacious(坚韧的)—a tenacity she may have inherited(继承) from her father, the late president Park Chung-hee. Such tenacity will come in handy if she is to solve the country’s many challenges at home and abroad. Domestically(国内), the president-elect faces the discouraging challenge of carrying out what she has promised her people – expanded social welfare, more jobs for the young, and limiting the power of the huge family-run business groups. But slow economic growth may affect such big reforms. Already Park has found herself under pressure to scale down a health-care project for lack of financing. But after all, Park is a saster barrier sweeper. When she was studying in France, her mother was shot dead by a Korean-Japanese killer aiming for her father. Pushed into the role of acting first lady at age 22, she quickly learned how to greet foreign high officials and counduct affairs of the state. Five years later, her father was shot dead. After that, Park disappeared from public view for years, but reappeared in 1998 as a candidate for Parliament 国会) In 2006, she was knifed in ( . the face by a dissatisfied voter during an election campaign. Despite such hardship, Park has led her conservative Saenuri Party to numerous election victories – most recently in December, when she defeated her competitor Moon Jac-in for the presidential office. The unmarried Park, who has often said that she married the country, will go on to build a reputation as a principled and tough-mined politician. 68.From the passage, we can learn that . A.Park is different from her father for her tenacity B.Park is optimistic about improving social welfare C.Park will make efforts to create more jobs for young people D.Park aims to cut the power of the huge state-run business groups 69.Park Geun-hye’s father was killed when she was . A.22 B.27 C.46 D.54 70.What is the main idea of the last paragraph? A.Park never gives up easily in face of difficulties. B.Park is always interested in and good at politics. C.Park has great hatred for those who killed her parents. D.Park has won many elections because of her reputation. 71.What is the author’s attitude towards Park Geun-hye? A.The author shows great admiration for her. B.The author disagrees with her domestic policies. C.The author believes that she should get married. D.The author worries that she is not tenacious enough.


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E It seems parents have long been right. Going to bed early is key to getting enough sleep and helping adolescents feel on top of the world, a new study reported. A lack of sleep among youngsters may trigger depression 抑郁) suicidal ( and (自杀) thoughts, according to the study by the Columbia University Medical Center. "Our results are in agreement with the theory that a lack of sleep is a risk factor for depression, working with other risk and protective factors through multiple possible causal pathways to the development of this mood disorder," said lead author James Gangwisch. "Enough quality sleep could therefore be a preventative measure against depression and a treatment for depression," he added in the study published in the Friday issue of Sleep magazine. The study followed the nightly habits of some 15,659 college and high-school students, and found those who consistently went to bed after midnight had a 24 percent higher risk of depression than those who turned in before 10:00 pm. Night owls also ran a 20 percent higher risk of battling suicidal thoughts, the study added. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends that adolescents should sleep at least nine hours or more a night. Those who were tucked in before 10:00 pm reported they slept on average about eight hours and 10 minutes. But that amount of sleep dropped significantly for those in bed after midnight. And adolescents who slept five hours or less a night were 71 percent more likely to suffer depression and 48 percent more at risk of becoming suicidal, the study said. "It is a common perception and societal expectation that adolescents do not need as much sleep as pre-adolescents, yet studies suggest that adolescents may actually require more sleep," said Gangwisch. "Studies have found that adolescents do not go to bed early enough to compensate for earlier school start times, and transitions to earlier school start times have been shown to be associated with significant sleep deprivation(剥夺)." 72.Which of the following phrases can replace the underlined words ―feel on top of the world‖ in Paragraph 1? A.Overcome many difficulties. B.Feel too sleepy. C.Be independent. D.Feel very good. 73.Who run the highest risk of depression and becoming suicidal? A.Teenagers who sleep before 10 p.m. B.Teenagers who get to school at 9 a.m. C.Teenagers who have less than five hours’ sleep. D.Teenagers who go to bed at midnight and get up at 6 a.m. 74.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A.Studies show that teenagers may need as much sleep as those younger. B.It is found that earlier school start time contributes to teenagers’ severe lack of sleep. C.James Gangwisch believes that lack of sleep is the main risk factor for youngsters’ depression. D.The American Academy of Sleep suggests that teenagers should sleep at least eight hours a night.


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75.What is the main idea of the passage? A.Enough sleep can cure depression. B.Enough sleep is important for people. C.Youngsters should not be made to go to school too early. D.Yougsters may suffer depression due to a lack of sleep. 第四部分:写作(共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节 短文填词(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下面短文,根据以下提示:1)汉语提示;2)首字母提示;3)语境提示,在每个 空格内填入一个适当的英语单词, 并将该词完整地写在右边相对应的横线上。 所填单词要求 意义准确,拼写正确, As is known to us all, a healthy body is important to every one of us. Only keeping ourselves healthy can we feel energetic 76. and (自信)in our daily studies and work. 77. Doing sports is one of the best to make us fit. Those who 78. exercise (有规律地)are in better shape. People’s tastes in 79. sports are different. Some people love basketball w others are 80. in cycling. For some people, swimming is the best kind of sport, 81. and for others, they can’t i their lives without the gym. Life is 82. a movement and sport is the very thing gives us an opportunity 83. to move. I like running best. It h me enjoy good health and 84. keep a good mood to complete all those (任务)of the day. 85. 第二节 书面表达(满分 30 分) 假如你是某中学英文报问答栏目的编辑 Alan。你收到了一位中学生的来信,请仔细阅 读来们内容并根据所给提示,给这位读者作一回复。 Dear Alan, I am a Senior Two student. I love singing very much. I can’t wait to become a shining star through competing in talent shows like Happy Girls and Voice of China. But my parents are strongly against it. I’m so angry and sad. What should I do? 提示: 1.你对参加选秀的看法:误导年轻人认为参加选秀是成功的捷径;因明星梦而荒废学业。 2.提出合理建议。 参考词汇:捷径——shortcut Dear Songbird, It is true that nowadays many ordinary people have become famous stars through talent shows overnight.

Best wises. Alan


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