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2016高考英语二轮复习 冲刺第11练 阅读+完形+语法填空

第 11 练


A 体裁:记叙文 话题:学会生存 词数:290 时间:6′ I have never taken cooking classes in my life.I learned cooking from my mother because she was really interested in teaching me how to cook. The main reason for this was that when my mother got married,she didn't know how to cook anything,not even an egg.My grandmother never allowed her to stay in the kitchen when she was cooking.My mother did not start to cook until she was 25 years old.After she got married , she had to cook for herself and my father.One morning,she cooked two eggs for my father,but she didn't make them cooked.My father had to go to work with an empty stomach.My mother felt very sorry for my father and she decided to learn to cook from then on.In the beginning,it was very hard for her.Therefore,she had to take cooking classes to prepare the meals. After having that experience,she decided to teach me how to cook because she didn't want me to have the same experience.I remember when I was seven years old, and my mother was cooking,I was with her in the kitchen enjoying cooking.I always helped her.Sometimes we prepared meals that my mother already knew how to make, and sometimes we prepared them from recipes. Nowadays,I don't need help to cook a meal.I can cook for myself alone or for a group of people;it doesn't matter.All has been done because of my mother.I will do the same with my children when they are young because I don't want them to have the same experience as my mother.If one day I am not with them,I want to be sure that they can carry on their lives without me. 【语篇解读】 作者的妈妈直到结婚后才学会做饭, 为了不让自己的经历发生在自己的女儿 身上,她在作者很小的时候就教她烹饪。 1.Why couldn't the author's mother cook before she got married? A.Because she was too lazy to do any cooking. B.Because she was tired of doing that.

C.Because she was too busy to do that. D.Because she wasn' t permitted to do that. 答案 D [细节理解题。根据第二段“My grandmother never allowed her to stay in the kitchen when she was cooking.”可知,作者的妈妈在结婚前不会做饭是因为作者 的外婆不允许她去做。] 2.How did the author's mother feel when her husband left for work with an empty stomach? A.Disappointed. C.Worried. B.Ashamed. D.Helpless.

答案 B [细节理解题。根据第二段“One morning...My father had to go to work with an empty stomach.My mother felt very sorry for my father and she decided to learn to cook from then on.”可知,因为做的鸡蛋不熟,父亲没吃饭就上班去了,作者的妈 妈感到很对不起作者的爸爸,她感到很惭愧。] 3.It can be known from the last paragraph that the author ________. A.becomes a famous cook with the help of her mother B.decides to teach her children to cook when they grow up C.wants to make her children live alone when they are young D.is grateful for her mother's teaching her to cook 答案 D [推理判断题。根据最后一段“Nowadays,I don't need help to cook a meal.I can cook for me alone or for a group of people;it doesn't matter.All has been done because of my mother.”可知,现在作者做饭不需要帮助。给她自己做饭或者给 一群人做饭都没问题。这一切都是因为她的妈妈。由此可推知,作者对妈妈教她做饭这 一经历心存感激。] B 体裁:说明文 话题:社会现象 词数:390 时间:8′ It's midnight in Taiwan.While some people are slowly walking home through the busy streets,or getting ready to hit the club scene,others are on their way to a more unusual place—a bookstore.The Eslite store in central Taipei opens 24 hours and has more visitors than most Western bookstores could dream of during their daytime hours.Here,young and old sit side-by-side on small steps or around reading

tables,deeply absorbed in literary worlds.Others stand and some sit on the floor, all reading in silence as soft classical music flows out from the speakers. The Eslite Group,which runs the five-story store,opened its first branch in Taipei in 1989.Today,25 years on,the company runs 42 stores in Taiwan,one in Hong Kong and has powerful plans to expand in mainland China.The chain's rise comes at a time when bookstores in the United States and Europe are struggling to survive, with some forced to wind__up due to growing pressure from online competitors like Amazon.In the United Kingdom,a third of all independent bookstores have closed down in the last decade. And the last major book seller in the U.S.—Barnes & Noble—is shutting stores as its management struggles to meet the challenges from its digital

competitors.Eslite has hit upon an idea to avoid this—making the store as much a place for books as it is for design ,fashion and home styling , small cafes and restaurants.It reported revenue (收入) of around $425 million in 2013,with books accounting for some 40 percent of sales. The mix of literature and design has made the store a place for bookworms, allowing the company to ignore the challenges of the digital age.“It is our belief that the more digital the society (becomes),the more we treasure the warmth of the interconnection,”Timothy Wang,the manager,says.“This key idea makes

Eslite hardly influenced by the changes of the industry.” Eslite's success may seem counter-intuitive(反直觉的) especially when it seems most late-night visitors treat it like a library,leaving empty handed after hours of free reading.Eslite's Timothy Wang says that the business is successful because it creates “a friendly environment” and treats “books as well as the visitors with great enthusiasm.” 【语篇解读】 文章介绍了为什么台湾图书销售繁荣,因为有很多可以看书的夜店。 4.According to the passage,we can know that ________. A.people in Taipei have no time to read in the daytime B.people in Taipei enjoy reading in the Eslite store C.the Eslite Group is a good place to chat with friends

D.the Eslite store attracts many Western readers 答案 B [细节理解题。根据第一段后三句内容可知,台北诚品书店 24 小时营业,它拥 有的顾客比许多西方国家书店里白天的顾客还多。在这里,老人和小孩挨着坐在小阶梯 上或者紧挨着书桌,深深地陷入文学世界。有的站着看,还有的坐在地板上看,柔和的 古典音乐从扬声器里流淌出来,所有的人都在只剩音乐的一片寂静中阅读书籍。由此可 知,台北的人们喜欢在诚品书店读书。] 5.What's the meaning of the underlined phrase “wind up” in Paragraph 2? A.Find out. C.Develop. 答案 D B.Support. D.Shut down.

[ 词 义 猜 测题。 根 据 第 二 段 “The chain's rise comes at a time when

bookstores in the United States and Europe are struggling to survive...In the United Kingdom,a third of all independent bookstores have closed down in the last decade.”可知台北诚品连锁书店正在崛起, 而此时美国和欧洲的书店正惨淡经营。 在过去的十年里,英国三分之一的独立书店已经停业。由此可知,由于来自电商竞争者 的压力日益剧增,比如亚马逊,有的书店不得不被迫“关门”。画线短语的意思是:关 门,停业。] 6.How does the Eslite Group enlarge its business according to Paragraph 3? A.By selling books online. B.By competing with digital competitors. C.By making its store comfortable and relaxing. D.By selling books at a low price. 答案 C [ 推 理 判 断 题 。 根 据 第 三 段 “Eslite has hit upon an idea to avoid

this—making the store as much a place for books as it is for design,fashion and home styling,small cafes and restaurants.”可知,诚品书店突发奇想出了一 个躲避低潮的办法——把书店打造成一个有设计感、时尚、家庭风格的小咖啡馆和餐厅 式的地方。 由此可推知, 诚品书店把书店打造成一个舒适、 放松的地方吸引更多的读者。 ] 7.Which is the best title for this passage? A.How to sell books in the digital age B.Ways of managing a bookstore successfully C.Why book selling is successful in Taiwan

D.The measures taken to protect the booksellers in the digital age 答案 的。] Ⅱ.完形填空 体裁:夹叙夹议 话题:成长经历 词数:280 时间:15′ When I heard the garage door open,I ran down to the kitchen and waited.I saw my dad come up the front walk,a white __8__ in his hand.I had waited all day for this.I __9__ over him for it as soon as he came into the house.__10__,he threw the envelope on the table and said that it was nothing to get __11__ about,and it was just a piece of paper.I grabbed it and headed for my __12__.I wondered why my dad did not understand how __13__I was to see my mid-year report card.I was really __14__ by his angry words. I stood in the middle of my bedroom.I opened the report card and saw my class rank:first place.I felt my lips form a __15__ and wanted to run downstairs to tell everyone.Then I __16__ what my dad had said—it was nothing to get excited about.I wanted to share my __17__ with someone,but felt alone. I realized that I had become __18__ from my family.We used to __19__ late and watch Disney movies, and my brother and I would play badminton(羽毛球) in the backyard all the time.I wondered when all that had __20__. I just no longer took part in them.My __21__ consumed all my time and energy. While I had been busy with my study,I had also built a wall between me and my __22__.I was only trying to become a person everyone could be __23__ of,but I let that goal take over my life. I wanted to go downstairs , __24__ to my family for every __25__ movie and badminton game,and be an active __26__ of my family again.I knew I had to do something __27__ without their support,my accomplishments(成就) meant nothing.Although my head might be in the clouds filled with soaring aspirations(壮志凌云),my family keeps my feet firmly grounded. 【语篇解读】 作者因为学习而忽视了自己的家人,后来他发现了自己的错误,想重新成为 家庭的一部分。 C [标题判断题。文章主要介绍了台湾的诚品书店在电商时代是如何取得成功

8.A.key C.shirt 答案

B.envelope D.card

B [根据下文“he threw the envelope on the table”的提示可知,爸爸手里

拿着一个信封走进了家门。] 9.A.reached C.climbed B.turned D.watched

答案 A [看到爸爸进了门,作者伸手去拿爸爸手里拿着的东西。] 10.A.Slowly C.Unluckily 答案 D B.Obviously D.Angrily

[下文提到爸爸把信封扔在桌上, 并且根据下文“I was really __14__ by his

angry words.”可知,爸爸是生气的。] 11.A.frightened C.excited 答案 C B.nervous D.upset

[根据下文“it was nothing to get excited about.”的提示可知答案。] B.kitchen D.living-room [根据下文“I stood in the middle of my bedroom.”的提示可知,作者朝

12.A.bedroom C.home 答案 A

着卧室走去。] 13.A.sad C.ashamed 答案 B B.anxious D.worried

[根据上文“I had waited all day for this.”可知,作者等了一天了,急

于知道自己的考试成绩。] 14.A.disturbed C.satisfied 答案 B 15.A.circle 答案 D B.hurt D.moved

[爸爸生气的话让作者感到很受伤。] B.shape C.square D.smile

[因为看到自己得了第一名,所以作者露出了微笑。] B.considered D.missed

16.A.realized C.remembered 答案 C


17.A.happiness C.mystery 答案 A

B.secret D.imagination

[因为自己考了第一名,所以作者想和别人分享自己的这份快乐。] B.distant D.free

18.A.different C.independent 答案 B

[根据下文“We used to...in the backyard all the time.”可知,作者以

前喜欢看电影。] 19.A.come back C.go around 答案 D B.study hard D.stay up

[作者因为和家人看电影而熬夜。] B.formed D.improved

20.A.happened C.stopped 答案 C

[根据下文“I just no longer took part in them.”可知,作者不记得与

家人一起玩这样的事情是什么时候停止的。] 21.A.school 答案 A B.house C.farm D.garden

[作者因为努力学习用尽了时间和精力。] B.friends D.family

22.A.neighbor C.teachers 答案 D 23.A.tired 答案 C 24.A.answer C.apply 答案 B

[根据上文内容可知,作者认为自己与家人之间有道墙,有了隔阂。] B.aware C.proud D.certain

[作者把时间和精力用在学习上是为了让每个人都以他为自豪。] B.apologize D.thank [作者因为没能够陪家人一起看电影和打羽毛球而向家人道歉。] B.refused D.missed

25.A.forgotten C.avoided 答案 D 26.A.part C.symbol 答案 A

[作者因为努力学习而错过了应该与家人一起看的电影。] B.director D.actor


27.A.if C.once 答案 D

B.when D.because [作者知道自己必须做些事情, 因为没有家人的支持, 他的成就什么都不是。 ]

Ⅲ.阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 A twin - engine plane crashed Wednesday __28__ attempting to land in stormy weather in Taiwan's Penghu Islands,according to Taiwan's Central News Agency.The number of the deaths was unclear. CNN reported that the plane crashed __29__ a building.The weather reported there were lightning storms at the time and winds between 40 and 45 mph,the news agency said. The number of the deaths was unclear though officials are __30__(fear) that dozens have died.Taiwan's Transportation Minister told reporters there were no loss of life __31__ personal injury on the ground.Injured passengers __32__(rush) to Penghu Hospital,and TransAsia Airways has established __33__ emergency response center,according to a statement __34__(issue) by the airline. The president of TransAsia Airways appeared __35__(brief) at a news conference and bowed in front of news cameras.He choked up as he __36__(express) his sorrow to passengers' families and the public.“I sincerely apologize,” he said. TransAsia Airways is exhausting all __37__(mean) to assist passengers,victims and families and working investigators,its statement read. 【语篇解读】 本文是一则新闻报道。报道了复兴航空一架飞机在澎湖列岛坠毁的消息。 28.when/while [考查连词。据台湾中央通讯社报道,周三,一架双引擎飞机在暴风雨天 气中试图着陆时坠毁在台湾的澎湖列岛。此处用连词 when 或 while 引导一个时间状语 从句,相当于 when/while it was attempting to land...Islands。] 29.into [考查介词。据 CNN 报道,飞机撞上了一栋房子。crash into 是固定短语,表示 “撞上”。] 30.fearful [考查形容词。虽然官员们担心死亡人数已达数十人,但遇难人数尚未明确。 此处缺表语,故用其形容词形式。] 31.and/or [考查连词。台湾“交通运输部”部长告诉记者,地面没有伤亡人员。本句中 的“loss of life”和“personal injury”是并列关系,故用连词 and/or 连接。]

32.have been rushed [考查动词时态和语态。据航空公司发布的声明,受伤乘客已被紧 急送往澎湖医院。主语“Injured passengers”与“rush”之间是动宾关系,再根据 “has established”可知,此空需用现在完成时的被动语态。] 33.an [考查不定冠词。复兴航空已经建立了一个应急响应中心。根据句意可知,此空需 填入不定冠词 an。] 34. issued [考查过去分词。 由“by the airline”可知, 此处应用过去分词作后置定语。 ] 35.briefly [考查副词。分析句子成分可知,此空前面是谓语动词“appeared”,故此处

用副词修饰。] 36.expressed [考查一般过去时。在向乘客家属和公众表达他的悲痛时,他哽咽了。根据 上下文可知,本句应用一般过去时态。] 37.means [考查名词。means 表示“方式,方法”,此处应用名词的复数形式,means 的 复数形式为 means。]

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