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2015 最新新时代交互英语视听说 4 答案截图分单元 Unit1

第一单元 3/16 BBB 8/16 CABAC 9/16 ABA 1211 take a break why not some other time

party available listen without talk to you about researching background work on hoping for break may be it By the way 1A/5 CBCAB 1B/5 kind of it's about right I did past three years paid of earned break the case in comparison to depends on a lot harder in general my roommate way too for myself a balance 2A/5 confident relaxed tense in a bad mood 2B/5 1)How about 2)too 3)Why don't 4)enough 5)Let's 6)to walk 3/5 1)am taking 2)work 3)have 4)am writing 4/5 ABBC 5/5 3 1 1 2 3 1 Unit1
3/19 his meeting At a juice A soccer 8/19they met………deal He bad to wear The company wants She’s working ………star He wants to 10/19 What does Talia→选最长 According to →Probaly sometime next year What is→He likes the idea Jack has→Nick sits on a park 11/19 From→wants Nick to agree Nick's→These When→surprised After→realizes Hang on leave out the deal wear ads Sounds good work out appear Cool In fact Picture So far so good comes up like that What else all edited accepting a bribe 1A/5 friendship?→Happy family?→She feels now?→They e-mail together?→......or just talk She first→elementary first time?→There were on 1B/5 in a show my age get to went away meet up together sort of like hung out hate talking back and forth keep this friendship going a long way away 2A/5 Nick was→One

We arranged→We set Nick is→He We talked→We did I can't→It's all 2B/5 看见下面单词选之 independent,insane,unlikely,illegal,irregular,unsuitable 3/5 thinking ,have we ,have been working ,had ,shouldn't ,are going to have ,isn't 4/5 noc cre mer a or 5A/5 What's...... To....... As....... By....... 5B/5 A:What's up J:By


第二单元 3/16 AAB 8/16 AABB 9/16 ABCC 221 get expert run broadcast competition In fact Speaking ought to give away Good thinking handle care audio expert fast on it You do hard to believe wake up smell the coffee crazy famous taking a bribe smart I hope get in the way work on 1A/5 BBCBA 1B/5 heard about was caught they say what to think stuff you'd like to really convinced actually natural athlete in the season any opinion about disqualify for the sake of shame to in trouble with start rumors 2A/5 BACEDF 2B/5 1232 3/5 212331 4/5

ACCC 5/5 211132

Unit 2
3/19 Nick's voice was... Dean is jealous... Nick was... 8/19 What does→some assistance When Talia→very eager Tony thinks→Dean wants When Tony→confident When is Tony→Tomorrow Tony's main→wont' be 10/19 Dean→He's a member of Patty suggest→She doesn't What's Amy going→Try to What is→She want's to get 11/19 When Amy finds→excited Patty tells→help Amy Amy winks at→make Patty Amy doestn't→doesn't want 12/19 get iced tea Coming right up a little get hold of told used to stopped coming Too bad brother works out I'd rather complicated acting catch up acting tip likewise 1A/5 How speaker feel→awkward What kind→very nice How you boss feel→选最长 What's wrong→mean to kinds What happened at last→选最短 What boss&worker→quarrel 1B/5 major falling out awkward kind of mean complaining to sort of hyper weird with ruining so bad conflicts right in the middle quit pretty much coming back to 2A/5 He was→He was tricked He most important→The bottom This story→I don't

He is →He reseats What's new→can you 2B/5 read between the lines She's just →giving you a line Along the same line but the→bottom line lay it on the line vacation,→drop me a line taking →a hard line Out of line 3/5 by spoke examined a lot of(money) many(commercials) a lot of(members) was edited many (soccer) many(soccer) 4/5 ec mo se ri in 5A/5 is something wrong I'm really stressed out here's an idea that might work 5B/5 Are you OK? That’s



第三单元 3/16 CCA 8/16 ABB 9/16 ABAA 3133 Bad news audio expert check urgent be sure absolutely sure have an idea may remember confide in reporter researcher chance lose one more day only one more day won't be sorry story get tell me everything deserve a break story charming charm out of 1A/5 BABBC 1B/5 was thinking That would be ok this new mall having a sale kind of a whole lot less just really end up using little Well girl the whale sounded really good a lot a lot less you know what treat you to 2A/5 1)figure it out 2)investigate 3) result 4)make sense 5)ruined 2B/5 BCEDFA 3A/5 1213 CB 4/5 ABBB 5/5 1311213

Unit 3
3/19 What Talia ask→To talk to Amy learn→That she has been When→in about 10 8/19

When Talia says→最长 What do you know→最短 What are Amy→最长 Why does Amy→Jackie Amy talk→make Jackie says→He has taught At the end→angry 10/19 What did Dean→To introduce What does→To look at Whom did→An agent What are Dean→最长 11/19 During this→ She wants Jackie Jackie→最长 Jackie doesn't→最长 Jackie probably→最短 12/19 by the way real stage an agent As a matter of fact surprised do seem film director wait adore celebration celebrating really ever eaten ate exciting the right places booked people-wating impressed plan ahead 1A/5 What's the best→最长 How does she→She uses What does she→最长 What has she→Making hand-made When of→最短 1B/5 hand-made funniest usually do cut around the edges favorite a bunch of cut out creativity no limits 2/5 an unplanned→improving to research→do your excellent→fabulous to get→find out encourage→inspiring 3/5 've called Have you being doing have you taken 've had 've been watching 've eaten 4/5 ir vi ulo me a 5/5

incredible Nothing perfect

The actors were How was your meeting She's absolutely What do you think of his。 。 。 He's really What do you think of it


第四单元 3/16 BAB 8/16 ABACC 9/16 ABAA 2231 listen your side of the story Nope all alike judge me trust only goal helping win deal with mess charges serious threw a game gambling debts gave access to stop from Did you or didn't you throw the game get show viewers Take your pick innocent 1A/5CCBBC 1B/5 ran into my gosh doing fantastic the same old how exciting perfect for or something like that a boring job gets to telemarketing telephone company 2A/5 ACCA 2B/5 Take a pick /Take it easy/Take your time /Take a look 3A/5 a a the a 3B/5 aren't /will you/does she/could he/hasn't he/doesn't she/didn't I/wasn't he 4/5ABAAB 5/5ABCACA Test A -----1---- 2-3: bc (when did Lance...) 3-3: ab(Nick thinks that...) 2. poetry. -----2----- trustworthy dishonest aacbcc (which phrase has ...) -----3----- are an was the saw good my amablr diff haven't been

Unit 4
3/19 go to class ; works in journalism ; Walking around the university 8/19 To remind her…… ; She needs to talk with Jackie a little more ; He teaches Jackie’s acting class ; She wants to find a way to be introduced ……; she wants her to think they’ve met before ; …… Gower Building ; Their majors are different 10/19 Nick and Talia ; …… excited ; To make a dinner reservation …… ; She acts as…… 11/19 threatening Jackie ; angry ; modest ; apologizing ; 12 /19 shoe company serious quite serious I’ve got must be talking to find out celebrate booked Great work Piece of cake reservation was planning being understanding anything else a lot two hours 1A/5 movie ;Mondays ,Thursday and Saturdays;20 ; e-mail ;Somewhere in the city 1B/5 have got to go by in between your schedule good for really good otherwise ever good for close by quite a bit coming out 2/5 cake——easy ; charmed——pleased ; hold——wait ; Oops——you say 3/5 feel ; must——writer ; might——know Jackie ; might not——be married ; must not——suspect ; must——color ; Could——stage name ; can’t be——innocent 4/5 charmed ; hold ; familiar ; run 5/5 take up——nice talking to you ; great seeing you ; Catch you later ; got to run——getting late

Listening 1. Nick tell 2. nick men… 3. nick talks 1. it ….pack 2. he….interesting… 1.is too 2. talia…….edited 1,to give options 2.offer sympathy … 3.find out …. 1.she …good 2.talia …there she believes… it is… famous… 1. to class 2.at school 1 army tells… 2 talia… 3 army asks… Vocabulary 1.attractive 2. sane down the line lay it on the line smart cookie piece of cake agent stunt person 1 fancy 2. struck 3. out of line 4. beef up 5.ads 6.charmed Grammar 1.eat 2. hasn’t she 3. me to visit a little are going to going to ask can’t you much is completed have been working have decided must yourself if we can get where the restaurant is excited must have can each other question statement an and SOUNDS TRICKED there was might have was noun /u/ Speaking What….like what’s it’s fabulous It’s been it was Give


第五单元 3/16 baa 8/16 bcacc 9/16 baab 9/16 3123 9/16 sure sounds like stupid a minute

deliberately from college works for recognize teammate both excuse us media you've got that right get it worry you getting some pressure sit out badly frankly win without you 1A/5 cacaa 1B/5 the whole story on the phone this rebate A hundred dollars supposed to of the camera nice about it serial number is gone Oh man 800 2A/5 acba 2B/5 1)do you feel 2)do you think 3)are loving 4)such 5)so 6)believe 3/5 so /such a /so /such /so /such a 4/5 baaab 5/5 1)can I ask you to take a 2)I have to take care of 3)I'm tied uo at the moment 4)Would you mind if 5)Can you please check 6)OK,no problem 7)please fill this form

2/19she asked they’re to overhear 8/19 he's trying she doesn't nick looks good a wig talia left to help save nick 10/19 yes,...notice talia plants he watches she asked 11/19 a great opotimistic dean almost are too concerned 12/19 as I was saying feeling as soon as conversation plant their table Brilliant researcher their table watch for plant the mike cough or something warn Hurry up close the menu order though really hungry Neither am I here comes 1A/5 preparing that the award her family to show modesty 1B/5 wonderful award even though deserve earned audience Teacher of the Year sounds sort of appreciate throughout the years an honor

to be chosen honestly support of principal superintendent grateful opportunity bestowed on me 2A/5 BY the way on watches for profession wore it about Conversation or something 2B/5 halloween career to put on message cared about take out on a date forgot what's going on miss you look nice in that costume so do you having conversation BY the way 3A/5 clean has they to work neither did 3B/5 go let change neither do I so do I 4/5 a at lli re ree 5/5 nothing much I’ didn’ t that I bought 。 。 。 best 。 。 。 too had



第六单元 3/16 dda 8/16 bacaacb 9/16 1321 9/16 Keep investigating have no choice going with beat us to it You've got to admit missing something as they seem in this case too trusting skeptical all right working on fair let my emotions color my judgment let me down won't be sorry 1A/5 bdaec 1B/5 says at bars to have their parents thirteen years old get drunk you know drinking irreponsibly their kids baby-sitter bar owners this is happening crazy 2A/5 bdaec 2B/51)deposited 2)bank account 3)As a matter of fact 4)Take it from me 5)For one thing 6)except for 7)go with 8)beat us to it 9)let us down 3A/5

going/talking/eating/yourselves/myself/have knew/would have brought/crying over /enjoying 3B/5 1)may 2)may not 3)Is he 4)will 5)might not 6)may 7)are going to 8)might 4/5 abab 5/5bacacb

Unit 6
3/16 she …people to tell 8/19she wants he doesn't want to attract dean because she didn't bring two because he has amy's friends to give

10/19 about helping her she pretended both nick and jackie no,...from the beginning 11/19 proud of her jackie's part byron walters can't help she will try to do somthing 12/19 calm down worried get into phony tape posed as Big deal superb get suspended actress Speaking of which introduce film director a star patient ridiculous quit the business my big break at all tricked stand for 1A/5 need a lot of .goverment cloning a whole person ..parents who(最长) she felt it scary no,...living situation 1B/5 really curious opinion cloning kind of crimpy science fiction personality something like that clone organs genetic material getting completely out of hand nature versus nurture debate upbringing grieving government control draw the line 2a/5 keep their keep back keep me posted keep everyone guessing keep quiet 2B/5 show up superb so phony slight pose as what if get into ridiculous break calm down suspended big deal trick stand for keep your voice down 3/5 big deal that gets him to calm down didn’t know is who’s involved making make 4/5 ili i er err d 5/5 but I don't that's nonsense oh,well excuse i see your big deal


Unit7 ----------- cac bdababad bdcb ------------ ABCCD great opportunity audition for such a wonderful show the same night other plays coming along so perfect so great about be invited go for it ABABBA BADAC was taking called checked was playing quicker more concentrated BAAB BBBAA BACACAB =====================

Unit 7
3/19 pleased to stay in 8/19 she made him she figured she wants to get she wants to make have a tape of she should just 10/19 because...girlfriend

that he had a crush ...lovers 11/19 curious ....the clss because ..available ask 12/19 confession confession was over as in remember took together well studying together exam ask you out why didn't you I'd heard boyfriend split up semester In fact split up by mid-semester You're kidding guess though all right get Cappuccino 1A/5 she ...ready wonderful the girl was jessie was not ready a person ..can't 1B/5 pretty amazing the third date funny person positive sort of a wind chaser put it settle down regret the relationship 2A/5 seeing somebody a serious relationship split up fixed her up played the field a crush on the rebound a blind date played hard to get asked her out 2B/5 on confession clear up admitted fantastic it’s all over relieved catch 3/5 to do hadn’t got hadn’t changed would have starved hadn’t given up hadn’t thought suggested hired hadn’t taken to get offered had studied 4/5 e ss ie uc nta 5/5 what a nightmare that was a lot of fun of course do you recall that i guess i should have oh! don't remind me i should have studied more


Unit8 ------------ ccb dcaaabbdc ------------ BCBDC looking for I mean quite a while at the desk whatever kind of hard for her name impossible totally screwed up pretty clear meet me lobby 4 o'clock good idea try where she is why don’t you how that goes AAA BBA CCADA where I can find when the exam is going to be how much it costs what kind of documents I need to attach used to Someone used to didn’t use to something anything ABABB Are you sure? No doubt about it I’m positive Do you really think so? Are you ce rtain about that? Oh,yes. Absolutely. Do you really think so? =================== Test2 ----------- Talia tells Nick that she believes him: { 1.Nick meets Jackie baker 2.Nick explains the deal he made to Talia. 3.Talia decided to do see Jackie. } The receptionist calls the office:{ 1.The receptionist gives the office loca.tion<---这个词中间的点忽略.但是没点发不出来,校内禁 用此字符 2.The receptionist gives the directions to the office. 3.The receptionist asks for a

signature. } Why did Nick not play in an important game:CBA Graham is always very:CBCDBADA ----------- Talia Hi,mom: criticizing pressure Which phrase has the same meaning ...:BACC Marcello Hi,Amy: get along get going Dear Mom,I hope you: used to be somebody who that person is anybody where she lives Amy,Hi,Ronnie.Ididn’t see you: better were having more intelligent was listening would rather 就只有一题的:B Which word do you hear,she or he : AABB / Can or can’t:BAA Oh,you’re looking for Jack Baxter She’s VP at Kick Shoes Which word has the unstressed/ /:rumor together three Amy,Hi,Ronnie.Ready for class: BC Dean,Ijust got back from Cozumel: Oh,really? How was it going? That’s great. Tony,Do you think I :CFDBAC

Unit 8
3/19 ..excited to wait till he heard he's eager to listen 8/19 trusted ...pleased impatient surprise the evening she helped listen to the tape 10/19 that..planning ...record button ...rewind the tape 11/19 i've ruined she ...experience amy.. how to 12/19 get reinstated on Just a minute

rewound going on It's been working had it deaned see if was so about to check recording light on going on press I thought I did desaster learned a lesson the hard way 1A/5 the first ..receive because..main tenance the ...new $57 it's ...server 1B/5 the support people this whole story makes sense to my server fix Anyway program download into run through reboot plug the Internet Wouldn’t you whole my server this program a brand-new computer come for free work get it No problem with that 2A/5 darn unbelievable learned...unpleasant to broadcast the story give jack's 2B/5 get out of here the hard way sure check hearing is believing pressed disaster reinstated learned a lesson

3/5 was just… repaired found was going to go have it done was… my hair cut 4/5 1122 5A/5 acting up again yes… let’s…66.7 5B/5 maybe you should that never crossed the TV's messed up yes,but something's wrong..

get it checked

that he…

were going

Listening ○1talia explains… nick complimets… talia tells… ○2nick says he… nick says that… talia implies… ○she got information from

they don't want to get caught she pretended to be a business he lied about talking will tell the truth help out in the city of involves many reply she finds the news she ..information that didn't have electricity over 300 people while on vacation ○432(题目:1.selena grew up…) ○523 ○631(1.why is talia happy that tony hasn’t aired the story) ○7she pretended… he lied… will tell…0 ○8213 Vocabulary ○caught relieve cleared keep it down fake line of business ○2kinky keep out of clear his name ○3bald keep going clear my head ○4be on the rebound play the field Grammar ○1get had it cut told was going ○2were talking neither so do heard ○3told to write who ○4make me do help him write let her miss the class next week ○5was going to difficult to catch had planned for us to get together ○6don’t show up ‘ll call Pronunciation ○1121 ○2211(1.do you hear final or non-final intonation) ○

○412 ○521(1.they admitted…) Speaking ○1this is a disaster ○2what… oh…

is acting up Do…

no,I guss I should do that


Unit 9 ------------- Bac DCDACCAD ADDC ------------- ACBAD favor wondering bring two of my friends definitely supposed to messed up have a great time decorations last minute cooking things great to serve 6:30 three of you AABBAB BCABA rushed was checking was playing went May as honest as as positive as Can Could as disgusting as AABBA ACABCAB ==================

Unit 9
3/16 she didn't record upset she pressed the wrong buttons 8/19 he doesn't you ...so angry doubts she left him..afternoon she wishes..messed up he seems sympathetic to show...conversation to celebrate with 10/19 she says Newsline the truth will.. it is they can't do anything it's a natural part of 11/19 angry the situation she has disappointed calm down a little 12/19 do it over Take it from me what's done is done covering stay so positive optimistic quit my job take my place overreacting let you down win out 1A/5 to stop borrowing it is a lady's shirt she always borrows she is good at sewing stuff it is gone after Cindy her roommate borrowed

1B/5 10 6 9 1 4 3 5 7 2 8 11 2/5 positive do it over taking my place quitted overreacted won out covering take it from me kick myself 3A/5 were hadm’t asked would return could give knew 3B/5 had been would have gotten could have recorded had pushed hadn’t heard wouldn’t have known 3C/5 could go back hadn’t worked would not have lost supposed 4/5 11212 5/5 don't worry about it what an idiot I am i can't believe you stop beating yourself take it easy calm down. i should have been more


Unit 10 ------------- Bab accbbcdc aadc ------------- BBCBC on behalf of a couple of minutes greatly appreciated more time building classrooms dorm rooms obviously point better quality more people at least pretty nice spacious rental houses stay in mixed feelings involved in helps them out definitely issue BBABAA DCCAB on with out up losing saying to need to wait until when have BAAAB BBCCCBA =================(更多答案尽在驰觉网 www.chijue.com)

Unit 10
3/19 amy tells her nick promises not to go to talk to 8/19 he doesn't know she'll become famous he knows they need more shocked to see is still angry wants talia and nick to how she looks to tell...framed that she recorded the 11/19 she hopes it

she is talking to she wants to be she shouldn't have trusted 12/19 worn a differentoutfit broadcast get national exposure come forward schemed to frame posed phony Cute name met him there discuss an endorsement lobby doctored the tape big shot lying the whole time gone along with known better 1A/5 anatomy is dealing the students have to the study is too demanding

1B/5 massage therapy interested in all the time get basically go to pay for it Exactly energy healing college credit sort of meditate focus our point meditating meditating some classes like take anatomy memorize terminology 2A/5 big shots rejoin doctored know better outfit schemed 2B/5 across up out by forward down to through between about down with 3A/5 would go were were should have asked should have gone 3B/5 moved had been working decided had been watching had been throwing reported became had been covering 3C/5 should’ve didn’t had been should were 4/5 121221 5/5 i'm kind of i'm not too thrilled i can't wait i know what you mean i'm really looking i'm not really


Unit 11 ----------- bac bcbaba acac ------------ CBAAA are responsible for Africa visual aid in the outline easy look that up really quick have it all done due Wednesday need to meet Im supposed to do compile get our project done off the Internet helpful use bring those in tomorrow BAABB BBADDBB CAAABA AABA BABAAC =================

Unit 11
3/16 innocence with dean lying 8/16 jackie 50000dollars nick's problems as if..was guilty to practice sorry ..guilty be finished 10/19 innocent your job interview first prictice first 11/19 proud of Talia get a good he wants he is joking 12/19 has been cleared relieved nightmare come out exclusive interview depends on do the interview Go ahead schedule 1A/5 they might out of mind

she won't it is from.. her roommates takes.. 1B/5 5 1 7 3 10 6 9 8 4 2 2/5 exclusive depends on gone through convincing came out interview

tough break

3A/5 will be reporting who know that is 3B/5 can’t be allowed can be learned must be limited can be measured may use has to be kept have to respect 3C/5 that talia made will not been playing can’t be allowed can learn 4/5 ent vin che ie lus erv are 5/5 keep cool what! Maybe you... Don't let it.. Take it easy you cann't be...

Unit12 --------- dcd bcadca adbc ---------- BCBAAC the habitat of the animals blue folder rest of the project map definitely different spot turned it in reliable source coming to me instead of positively check with BACA ABAB figure them out help you out put them away clean it up the most expensive the best ACCA I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at. /Exactly. /Do you mean that/ That’s not what I mean. / Could you go over it again? / Are you saying that ==================== Test 3 ------------ Why does Nick ask to look at the :BC Spread on the mustard: { 1.Put on the cheese and avocado. 2. Put on the tomato and cucumber 3.Add the secret ingredient. } Gomez will earn bonus money: BCB Nick is confused when the:{ 1.says he hasn’t heard of Kicks shoes 2.to help Nick 3.eye color } --------------- Marcello:Hi,Amy: pulled it off pass on Talia:Hi,Mom: Keep cool play it by ear The food at the new : AC Which phrasal verb means think of: BC --------------- Talia:Ronnie: the luckiest pick him up best for dream this up Tony:So,Talia: think of working could start was doing as difficult as Secretary: may to talk as easy as will give looked up to: up out Ronnie:Hi Talia!: interesting to buy surprised to invite have Listen for the sound...: bba Listen to the sentence.: I want to get and it Do you hear the ordinary verb: AA Listen to the sentence.Which word...: DCA

--------------- Chris:Sorry,...: C Louise:Do you want to... : BA John:How was...: Are you saying it didn’t go well Yes,that’s what Imean Level Test --------------- 1.There is a rumor that Nick: CBC 2.What does Nick say the TV station is going: ABC 3.OK, I’m wondering...: { couple sit-down silverware accommodate easy-going understanding favor attractive settings she knows it’s kind of out of your way for us to go to this party pick up anything else get some some wine or dessert or bring anything } 4.Alex.My old boyfriend Alex.: { I looked really good too look your best No way doing things and moving on hang out or something } 5.Nick says his life : ABAB ---------------- 1.Patty:I can’t believe ...: ABB 2.Which phrase means to understand something?: BCA 3.The government...: BCBA 4.Throw a game: AAC 5.Dean:Ican’t believe.. : AAC 6.Amy:What’s wrong,Talia?: ABB ------------------- 1.Tony:I(选词) : want am having would rather anyone better 2.Patty:Well,Icould : AC 3. Dean:I think Nick ...: CA 4. Talia:I: CCB ----------------- 1. men{tion} a{so}lutely 2. can’t used to 3. (br)eak (str)eet 4. Looked: single sound talented: extra syllable 5. falling rising falling 6. 有五个选项的: forget debts talk ------------- 选答案有 Frankly 的 But I've ...: ACAAB

第 12 单元
--------3/19 he's proud of her to show lost 8/19 What’s TRUE----lost What was NICK’s----ridiculous How did---最长 What did patty---talk to talia What did nick---a new job Which of the ---talia What happened---TV When did nick---turn up 10/19 How did talia----最短 What was talia’s---最短 How did nick learn---amy How did nick fell---最长 What else---最短 11/19 Talia---最短 The---最短 when Talia---最长 When nick---最短 12/19 I've been meaning Isn’t it great come in here got an offer start right away Go ahead been in touch get in the way turned Newsbeat down match their offer in other words made a fool of myself were just being honest

qualities 1A/5 What is the ----she fels no fun What is NOT----quiet place What might---最长 Jeff is---florida When will---four years later What can be---florida now 1B/5 2 4 10 6 1 9 3 7 5 8 2/5 They’re ----in other words Jackie----work out Jack---in a way The---turned it down Was----yesterday You---get in your way Please----turn down Mr.smith----turned out I want to—of myself 3A/5 did does should am will 3B/5 whom when do ran into her take her out 4/5 Dicu ify ume ortu lity 5/5 Coach: -----最长 Talia: that sounds---最短 Talia: {I’ve }---wanting to Josh: ----Do you have any plans for the future Talia: So,---what are you

Grammar 1/5 Oct.25th were had been playing am supposed to could have should have been 2/5 did that shouldn’t be ‘ll be talking shouldn’t have 3/5 Had been trying will be leaving

turn out wouldn’t have

4/5 were which might have 5/5 hadn’t gone out do where LISTENING 1/8 Celebrate their success worrying about 2/8 Talia tells nick she regrets he mistake Talia says she’ll stop working at newsline Nick describes advice he was given 3/8 Charlene flowers is……. talking to guest on her show the first phase of an interview

the tape

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大学英语、新时代交互英语视听说 4答案 截 图完全版_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。新时代交互英语视听说4答案截图版大学英语 新时代交互英语视听说 4 答案 Unit1...
新时代交互英语视听说3答案截图完整版 - 到 73 页 倒着了 ...... 新时代交互英语视听说3答案截图完整版_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。到 73 页 倒着了 Unit...