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Revision Elias’ Story
? ? ? ? 1940 1946 1948 ---born as a black in South Africa
began school which was 3 kms away left school where he studied for 2 yrs got a job in a gold mine

? 1952 met N.M.& kept his job ? ---- joined the ANC Youth League ? 1963 helped blow up government

Revision Elias’ Story
happiness rate

50 40 30 20 10 0

began school left school born
1940 1946 1948

met N.M.

joined ANC YL blow up ???
? 1963 ???

1952 timeline

Leading-in Guess:
What happened after Elias helped Mandela blow up the government buildings?

Reading 2

The Rest of Elias' Story

Fast reading—find out the following information
1.Where did Elias study to improve himself?
Elias studied in prison on Robben Island

2. Who attended Mandela’s school?
Those who had little learning/The prison guards

3. What did Elias do after ANC came to power?
Take tourists around the old prison

Para 1: Life in prison Para 2: Life out of prison

time table (careful reading )
1964-1967 Elias helped Mandela blow up government buildings Elias was in prison. Elias became free from prison.

1974-1994 After 1994

Elias and his family were begging for food and help from others.
With the help from Mandela, Elias got a job as a guide.

Read the passage on P38 and tell the following statements T or F.
? 1.Elias escaped from Robben Island. F 2.Mr.Mandela taught not only the prisoners but also the prison guards. T
? 3.With his family’s encouragement Elias accepted the job of taking tourists around T his old prison.

Futher reading
D 1. Elias was unhappy in the prison because A he was kept with the criminals. B the prison guards studies with him. C he had to study. D he could not study for a degree.



1. What’s the main idea of the first paragraph? A. No one escaped from the prison Robben Island. B. The writer could get a degree in prison. C. Mandela educated the writer under bad conditions. D. Mandela led black prisoners to fight against prison guards.

3. Nelson Mandela let the guards study__________. A. Because he believed the government would change their mind. B. It shows Mandela has a broad mind as a great leader. C. Some of the prisoners were not pleased with what Mandela has done. D. Mandela had to do so if he wanted to begine his school.

4. About the job taking tourists around the old prison, he__________. A. was willing to accept it at once. B. wrote letters to Mandela for it. C. was encouraged by his family to refuse it. D. often recalled his terrible experience.

5. Mandela was set free from prison _______ years later than Elias. A.at least 20 B.more than 10 C. exactly 30 D.nearly 15

complete the timeline
30 20 10

The Rest of Elias’ Story
good student

blow up school

clever enough

0 -10 -20 -30 -40 -50 in prison timeline beaten friends died not allowed

Would you please complete the timeline of Elias’ life story?

blew up the government buildings, After I _______ put into prison ______ from which no one I was ______ escaped. I was sentenced to four years. But I was luck, I met Nelson Mandela. He taught not only those who had little education, ________ ________ but also the prison guards. I did very good in good his class. It did ________ to my future life.

I was free after four years’ prison life better education and found a nice job because of lost ________________. But soon I _______ my job, for my boss knew my previousout life. I had been _______of work for twenty yearsdifficult and had a very _______ life. Luckily, Mr. Mandela remembered me andguide gave me a job as a _______ who took tourists to the old prison. I felt proud of this job because it reminds me of equal rights fighting for ___________.

Answer key for exercise 1: Good things Mandela started a school in the prison. Elias became a good student. He realized he was clever enough to do a degree. Bad things He was beaten. The guards were cruel. Some people died in prison. Elias was not allowed to take a degree in prison.

Post reading question
1. From Para 1, can you tell what kind of life did Elias have in the prison?

Advantages: Elias had good education
with the help from Mandela, and owned the possibility to pass the exam.


Elias was beaten by others; same to other criminals, Elias had very poor living condition in the prison.

1. You cannot imagine how the name of Robben Island made us afraid.你无法想像 罗本岛这个名字听起来多么令我们恐惧。

imagine v.想象,料想
A: imagine sth.想象某事 我无法想像没有你的生活。

I can’t imagine life without you.

You can’t imagine what great difficulty we had (in) solving the problem. have difficulty (in) doing sth. 做某事有困难

B:imagine (sb) doing sth. 想象(某人)做某事
我不能想像他跑得这么快。 I can’t imagine him running so fast.

C: imagine +从句 :想象…
He always imagines that we are talking about him behind his back. 我不能想像他们会拒绝。 I don’t imagine that they’ll refuse.

2. It was a prison from which no one escaped .这是一个没有人可以逃脱的监狱。 escape : vi.逃脱;逃走;泄露 (常与from连用)

A: escape from sp. 从……逃走

他今天早上从监狱里逃出来了。 He escaped from the prison this morning. vt.避免;避开;逃脱

B: escape sth./doing sth.逃脱…/做某事
他很幸运逃脱了惩罚。 He was lucky to escape punishment being punished.

He said they should not be stopped from studying for their degrees.他说他们不应该被 阻止为他们的学位而学习。

stop sb. from doing sth. = prevent/ keep sb. from doing sth. 阻止某人做某事
注意:在stop/prevent sb. from doing sth中, 若句子为主动语态,则from可以省略。但是keep sb. from doing sth.中的from不可以省略。

Nothing can prevent / stop him (from) doing so. =Nothing can keep him from doing so. 我们应该阻止这条河流被污染。 We should prevent / stop the river (from) being polluted. =We should keep the river from being polluted.

They were not cleverer than me, but did pass their exam, I knew I could get a degree too. 由于 他们不如我聪明而又确实通过了考试,我知道我也 能获得学位。 【要点精析】did pass 为强调结构,强调谓语动词 时,在动词原行前加do, does, did. Do be careful! I do hope you have a merry Christmas! He does speak English well! He did come to see you.

They were not cleverer than me, but did pass their exam, I knew I could get a degree too. 由于 他们不如我聪明而又确实通过了考试,我知道我也 能获得学位。 【要点精析】did pass 为强调结构,强调谓语动词 时,在动词原行前加do, does, did. Do be careful! I do hope you have a merry Christmas! He does speak English well! He did come to see you.


Please don’t disturb (打扰)him. He ______ look tired. ? A. do B. does C. did D. done



well educated 受过良好教育的 比较级: better educated 受过教好教育的

Since I was better educated , I got a job working in an office.

1.come into/to power 上台;掌权 (强调动作;不与时间段连用) 2. be in power 上台;掌权 (强调状态;常与时间段连用)

. The party came to power a year ago Hitler 已经上台执政10年。


Hitler has been in power for ten years.

come to/ into power上台,执政 be in power执政,掌权 take/ seize power夺取政权 lose power下台,失去权力

All that time my wife and children had to beg for food and help from relatives or friends.

beg 乞讨, 乞求;请求, 恳求
beg for sth. from sb.向某人乞求 … beg (sb) to do sth.恳求(某人)做某事 beg that clause乞求,恳求… The beggars went from door to door, begging beggar 乞丐 for food. They begged for money from the passers-by.

beg vt. 请求;乞求;乞讨 vi.请求;乞求 派生:beggar n 乞丐;乞讨者

beg sb. to do sth.请求某人做某事
beg for sth.请求得到 beg sb. for sth.向某人恳求某物 beg sb’s pardon请求某人原谅(句子读降 调);求某人重复所说的话(句子读升调.)

They said that the job and the pay from the new South African government were my reward after working all my life for equal rights for the Blacks.从南非新政府得到的这份 工作和薪饷,是我毕生为争取黑人的平等权利而 斗争所得到的回报。 reward n. 报答,报酬,奖赏 ? in reward作为报答 ? as a reward for作为对…的报酬(奖赏) ? I don't expect anything in reward ? He received a medal in reward for his bravery.

reward : vt.酬谢,报答
reward sb. with sth 用某物报答某人 reward sb. for sth./ doing sth因…而报答某人 他用100块钱报答Mary. He rewarded Mary with 100 yuan. 他因为你的帮助而报答你。 He rewarded Mary for your help.

19.reward n ,v in reward



reward sb for sth
reward sb with sth


He gave the boy five yuan in reward. He rewarded the boy for bringing back the lost dog. He rewarded the boy with five yuan.

1)reward多指对某人的帮助、工作或服务等的报 答,如帮助警察抓到罪犯或帮助失主找到东西而得 到的赏金和酬金。

(2)award指一种官方的奖励行为,往往用来奖励在 工作中达到一定成就的人,重在强调荣誉而不在于 奖品的大小或奖金的多少。
(3)prize多指在各类竞赛、竞争或抽奖中所获得的 奖。这种奖赏有的凭能力获得,有的凭运气获得。

B (1) His movie won several ______ at the film festival, which was beyond his wildest dream. A. rewards B. awards C. prizes D. gains
(2) We will offer a(n)______ C of ten thousand dollars for information about the case. award B. prize C. reward D. praise (3) The girl got nothing in______for her D kindness, which made her very sad. A. prize B. award C. medals D. reward

So now I am proud to show visitors over the prison , for I helped to make our people free in their own land.因此我感到非常骄傲,因 为我曾经为黑人在自己的国土上争取自由而出过力。 A: proud adj.自豪的, 得意的 ;骄傲的, 傲慢的,
固定搭配: be proud of sth以…为荣 be proud to do sth为做某事而感到自豪 例: We are proud of being Chinese. I felt proud to give you lessons.

B:show sb. over sp带某人游遍某地
over此处相当于all over,表示“从头至尾地, 全面地”。 例:My friend showed me over Europe. show sb. around/ round/ about sp. 领某人参观某地

Mr. White _______ at 8:30 for the meeting, but he didn’t show up. A. should have arrived B. should arrive C. should have had arrived D. should be arriving 2. Please don’t disturb (打扰)him. He ______ look tired. A. do B. does C. did D. done 3. The film brought the hours back to me ______ I was taken good care of in that far-away village. A. until B. that C. when D. where 4. Lucy’s new job paid twice as much as she had made ______ in the restaurant. A. working B. work C. to work D. worked

3. As they were not cleverer than me, but did pass their exam, I knew I could get a degree too. 由于他们不如我聪明而又确实通过了考试, 我知道我也能获得学位。 did pass 为强调结构,强调谓语动词时,在 动词原行前加do, does, did.

Do be careful! I do hope you have a merry Christmas! He does speak English well!

5. All the terror and fear of that

time came back to me. terror n. 恐怖,可怕的人或事

The murder was a terror to the people in the town. fear n. 恐惧,可怕 vt. 恐惧,害怕 + n./to do /that… Do you fear death?
She fears to speak in our presence.

fear that we can’t protect ourselves. for fear of … for fear that… 担心
I He left an hour earlier for fear of missing the train. She worried for fear that the child would be hurt.

6. I remembered the beatings and the cruelty of the guards and my friends who had died and I felt I would not be able to do it.

beating n. 打、输
They gave him a good beating. They gave our team quite a beating.

beat n. 敲击,跳动 We heard the beat of a drum. Can you hear the beat of my heart?

set up 设立;建立

⑴ 他们为这位英雄立了一座纪念碑。
They ________ set up a memorial for this hero.

⑵ 新政府于战后成立。
The new government __________after the was set up



set off 出发;动身;使爆炸
set down 记下;放下;登记 set out to do 开始做某事

set about doing 开始/着手做某事

sentence vt.判决, 宣判 n.判决, 宣判, 判刑,句子 sentence sb to sth. 判处某人…(徒刑) be sentenced to sth. 被判处……(徒刑) The young man was sentenced to death for murder. The judge sentenced him to three years in prison. a light / heavy sentenc 轻判 /重判 因为,由于 He was sentenced to five years hard labour for encouraging violence against anti-black laws. 他因支持暴力反抗反黑人的法律而被判入狱五年做苦力.

opinion n. 意见;看法;主张
in one’s opinion=in the opinion of sb.在某人看 来 运用:根据汉语意思完成英文句子。
⑴ 不同的人有不同的看法。 have different opinions . Different people________________________ ⑵ 依我看,中国最终会成为一个超级大国 (superpower)。 China will eventually become a superpower in my opinion . ________________

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