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1.随着社会的发展,很多学生喜欢上网。请你以 My hobby 为题,写一篇短文介绍你的上网爱好,说明你喜 欢上网的理由(如学习、听音乐等),并提出一些有益的建议。 The Internet is very important in our life. It is very useful. I often use the Internet to find some informa

tion. I can learn English and practice my spoken English. I can see movies and download music. I can send e-mails and have a chat with my friends. I can do some shopping online. The Internet makes my life colorful. I like the Internet very much. If we spend too much time on Internet, we can’t study better. As a result, it’s bad for us. So we should use it in right time. My good friend 为题的英语征文 My good friend I have a good friend. His name is Da Ming. He’s 15 years old. He studies at No. 1 Middle School. He’s tall, and he has short and black hair. He’s friendly to everyone and always helps others. He likes playing the violin very much. He also likes playing computer games. He enjoys travelling a lot. He wants to travel around the world when he grows up. 2.假设琳达是你的美国网友,她想了解你们学校校园广播的一些事情。 1. 每周二、四下午播音。 2. 内容包括新闻、诗歌、笑话、音乐等。 3. 大家都很喜欢校园广播。 参考词汇: presenter 演播员 Dear Linda, I’m glad to tell you about our school radio station. The presenters are students from every class. They are interested in preparing the programme and they prepare news, poems, jokes and music for it. Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we can hear the radio programme. It often begins with a piece of music. It brings us happiness and laugh. Both teachers and students in our school like it. 3. 假设你的英国朋友托尼最近从网上买了一款电视,但他看不懂电视的中文说明书,请你帮忙。请根据 下表的信息,给他写一份英文版的说明书。 要求:适当运用条件状语从句。 If you want to turn on the TV, press the red button. If you want to watch the programmes you like, press the number buttons. Turn the volume button to the right side, you can turn up the volume. If you find the sound too loud, turn the volume button to the left side. If you want to stop watching it, you can press the red button again to turn it off.

4.根据中文提示和英文书信的内容,写一封语义连贯、符合逻辑,不少于 80 词的回信。假设你叫李玲,是 英国中学生 Lucy 的笔友,你收到了她的邮件。请根据她来信的内容写一封回信。针对她的困惑,谈谈你的 看法,同时提出一些建议,告诉她能干什么,不能干什么。 Dear Li Ling, These days Tom Cruise, the film star, always comes into my mind; I think of him night and day. I just sit in my room and watch videos of his films again and again. I’ve written hundreds of letters to him and sent e-mails to his fan club, but all I get back are only photos with his names on them. I dream that some day I’ll meet him and that he’ll feel the same way about me. I don’t want to learn my lessons any more, and I’ll have final exams next month. I’m thinking of running away to Hollywood to meet him. Can you help me with the problem? Yours, name Hi Lucy, Nice to hear from you. Everyone has his or her favourite star and there’s nothing wrong with that. I understand you. I don’t think what you do is right since you are a student. You’d better read more interesting books and have more sports in your free time. Stop writing to him and watching his films. You may also tell your problem to your parents and teachers. I’m sure they’ll help you. Running away to Hollywood is a wrong idea. Work hard on your lessons and get ready for exams. Your future is in your hands. Yours, name 5.假设你叫王萍,是某电视台英语频道“School English”栏目的忠实观众。请根据下列信息,给该栏目的主 持人 Cathy 写一封英文信,并表达你对这个栏目的良好祝愿。 Dear Cathy, I like your programme very much. It has a lot of interesting stories, attractive games and popular English songs. From your programme, we can learn many new words and expressions. We can improve our listening and speaking in English. We can also know more about the culture of other countries in the world. In a word, we learn a lot from your programme. I’m sorry to tell you that I can’t follow you easily sometimes because you speak a little too fast. It’s also a pity that we can only watch your programme twice a week. Thank you for giving us a lot of fun! I wish your programme a bright future! Yours,

name 6.假设上周你们去了青岛,请根据下面的提示写一篇短文,向大家介绍一下游玩的过程及感受。可适当 拓展,70 词左右。提示:1. 上周日和朋友李轩乘火车到青岛;2. 首先参观了青岛的欢动世界(Ocean In Motion), 在这里既体验到了惊险刺激的游戏,又在芭迪熊餐厅(Buddy Bear Restaurant)品尝了美餐;3. 然 后来到青岛海滩游玩,并和外国游客留影;4. 青岛是个有趣的地方,还想去一次。 Last Sunday I took a train to Qingdao with my friend, Li Xuan. At first we visited Ocean In Motion. It was wonderful! We not only enjoyed exciting games, but also tasted delicious food in Buddy Bear Restaurant. Qingdao is

Then we went to the beach.

We played on the beach. And we took photos with some foreigners.

an interesting place and I want to go there again. 7.现在很多人热衷于西方的节日,而你却仍然喜欢过中国的传统节日——春节。请你把春节的简要情况 介绍给别人,并对别人热衷于西方节日发表自己的看法。 My favourite festival is the Spring Festival. It usually comes in February. During the Spring Festival we have a lot of interesting things to do and nice food to eat. And our family members will come back home. And we have a get-together, make dumplings and enjoy ourselves. Now many people celebrate western festivals in China. I think we should stop doing that. The Spring Festival is the traditional festival. We should love our country and our own traditional festivals. I think Chinese festivals are more exciting. 8.大千世界,芸芸众生,你所仰慕的人也许很多很多, 你所崇拜的英雄也为数不少。英雄的身世与经历也许 让你感动,英雄的精神也许让你振奋。请你介绍一位你心目中的英雄。 I like the famous composer Beethoven very much. 1792, he moved to Vienna, Austria, Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany, in 1770. In

to study with Austrian composer Joseph Haydn.

Soon Beethoven could But

play music that he wrote himself.

But just as he was becoming successful,

he started to lose his hearing.

he kept writing music. The music he wrote became even better. by Beethoven himself and his music.

In 1827, he died in Vienna. I am deeply moved

9.写一篇题为“My Perfect Holiday”的短文,说明今年暑假你打算去哪里度假,怎样去,到那里你会干什么, 准备待多久等内容。 My Perfect Holiday I’ll go there with my friends so

I’m going to spend this summer holiday in Yunnan. It’s my dream place. that we can play and enjoy the sightseeing together.

We’re going to meet different people and know their culture. That

We would enjoy not only many kinds of delicious food but also fresh air and wonderful songs and dances. must be quite fantastic. I’m looking forward to my perfect holiday.

假设你是李明,暑假马上就要到了,你准备约你的好朋友刘凌一起去海边旅行。请你通过 e-mail 的 方式对你的朋友发出邀请,组织好这次旅行。包括下面所有要点。开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。要 点:1. 你的计划简介;2. 提醒他需要准备的东西;3. 约定出发时间和见面地点。

Dear Liu Ling, I want to take a trip to the beach this summer. The beach isn’t far away from here, We could swim, go boating; in fact, Would you like to go with me? I plan to stay there for three days.

and we could take the train there. we could do anything we like!

If you want to come,

you should pack some light clothes, a swimsuit, a beach towel and a camera.

You won’t need a guidebook because I already have one. Would you like to meet at Central Station at 8 a. m. Please write soon. Yours, Li Ming 10.学校办学行为的规范为中学生提供了更多自主支配的时间。但一些同学不知如何利用好这些时间。针对 这种现象,你校广播室“校园英语之声”栏目就“如何更好地利用课余时间”进行征文。请你用英语给该栏目 写一篇广播稿(100 词左右)。 Hello, everybody! It’s time again for our English Broadcasting Program. Today’s topic is “How to Make this Saturday?

Better Use of Our Spare Time”. Nowadays, we students have much more free time than before. But quite a number of students in our

school don’t seem to know how to use the time properly. computer games. However,

They spend most of the time watching TV, playing

We don’t think it’s good for their study or health. how to make better use of our spare time? There are many things we can do. For example,

we can set up and join different kinds of interest groups, take part in some good social activities. Don’t you think reading more books is quite helpful to us? Besides these, we can do some sports. should help parents do some housework. Let’s make better use of our free time and make our life rich and colourful. If we have time, we

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