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模块一Unit 1 School life期末复习

模块一 Unit 1 School life 期末复习

_________to a British high school_________one year was a very _________and exciting _________ for me .I was very happy _______ the school h

ours in Britain because school starts around 9 a.m.and ends about 3.30 p.m.This _________I could get up an hour later ________ ________ ,_____schools in China begin before 8 a.m. _______the first day ,all of the new students attended ______assembly in the school hall .I sat ______ ______ a girl______ name was Diana .We soon became best friends. ________the assembly ,the ________ told us ______ the rules of the school . He also told us that the best ______ to earn respect was to ______ ourselves ______ study and ________ high grades . This sounded______ my school in China . I had many teachers ______ the past year . Mr Heywood , my class teacher , was very helpful .My ________ teacher was Miss Burke--I loved the lessons ______she gave in English Literature .In our class there were 28 students .This is about the ______ size for British schools . We had to______ ______ different classrooms for different classses. We also had different students in some classes , so it was a ______ for me to remember all the faces and names. I found that the homework was not ______heavy ______ what I ______ ______ get in my old school . However , it was a bit ______ for me ______ ______, because all the homework was ______ English . I felt lucky , ______all my teachers gave me much ___________ and I enjoyed all my subjects: English , History , English _________, Computer Science , Maths , Science , PE ,Art ,___________and French. My English improved ________ , ____ I used English every day and spent an hour each day ______ English books ______the library . I usually went to the Computer Club ________ the lunch break , so I could send e-mails ________my family and friends back home ______ ______. I also had an ______ French class ______ Tuesday evenings ._________ was really fun ______I learnt how to buy ,______and cook food .______ the end of term we ______a class party and we all had to cook something .I was glad that all my classmates were fond ______the cake ____ I made . Students at that school have to study Maths , English and Science , but can stop ________ some subjects if they do not llike them , ______ example , History and French . They can _________ other subjects ______Art and Computer Science, or languages ______ ______ Spanish and German. Though it did not look very beautiful when it was finished , I still liked it very much . I ______Chinese food a lot at lunch .British food is very different . British people like eating dessert ______the end ot their ______ meal . After lunch , we usually played ______ the school field . Sometimes I played football ______ the boys . Sometimes I just _________ under a tree or sat ______ the grass. I was very lucky to experience this different __________________ .I look back ______my time in the UK ______satisfaction , and I really ______ to go back and study in Manchester again .
二、重点单词复习 1、adj.有乐趣的,令人愉快的 3、adj.具有挑战性的 5、adj.从前的,以前的 2、adj.一般的,普通的;平均的 4、adj.额外的,外加的 6、 adj、流利的

7、adj.极佳的,非常好的 9、adj.最近的 11、n.校长 13、n.烹饪 15、n.雕塑 17、n.绘画 19、n.(文章)标题 21、n.教授 23、n.同学 25、n.短途旅行 27、n.庭院 29、n.难事,斗争,挣扎 31、adv.不知为什么,不知怎么地 三、重点短语复习 1、一次愉快的经历 3、赢得尊敬 5、英国文学 7、平均而言 9、过去常常做 11、听起来像 13、做...的方法 15、比平常 17、打算做某事 19、培养对……的兴趣 21、告知某人某事 23、批准/赞同某事 25、捐赠……给…… 27、满意地 29、从...毕业 31、管理/操作一个俱乐部 33、在庭院里 35、在...旁边

8、 adj、独立的 10、adj、文学的 12、n.鼓励 14、n.西班牙语 16、n.甜点 18、n.善意 20、n.朝代 22、n.主持人 24、n.(重要)事件 26、n.一代,一代人 28、n.作品 30、n.诗人 32、vt.挑选

2、参加集会 4、把...致力于 6、免费 8、喜爱 10、回忆,回顾 12、学术交流 14、利用 16、由……组成 18、提出 20、以….的形式 22、负责,掌管 24、毕业后 26、开放时间 28、网上冲浪 30、为...做准备 32、播放一首歌曲 34、对...满意 36、在第一天

37、告诉某人关于某事 39、在过去的一年 41、和...一样 43、在期末 45、必须,不得不 47、在学校操场上 49、主餐 51、错过做某事 53、从...返回 55、一...就 57、有做...的机会 59、例如 61、被要求做... 63、如此...以至于 65、亲密的朋友

38、得高分 40、平均尺寸 42、给某人发邮件 44、在午休期间 46、停止做某事 48、生活方式 50、直到...才 52、和....不同 54、对...变感兴趣 56、做演讲 58、不仅仅 60、大声朗读 62、起初,刚开始 64、与某人讨论某事 66、播放音乐

1) :用正确的关系词填空。

1 A computer is a machine_____________has a very good memory. 2 Teacher _____________live far away home will be happy with our dormitories. 3 Did you see the boy _____________name was Dick in the school library? 4 The Smiths live in a big house_____________windows are very big and bright. 5 Anything _____________ people like to do in their free time for pleasure is a hobby. 6 The girl___________________you talked to just now is my cousin. 7 Energy is something__________makes things work. 8 I have read all the letters ________ you gave me. 9 The first place ___________ they visited in China was Shanghai. 10 This is the cleanest park ___________you can imagine. 11 Corn was not the only food___________was taken to Europe. 12 They talked about things and persons ___________hey remembered. 13 Do you remember the day ___________we left you in charge ? 14 The police searched the house ___________the thief had stayed. 15 Those ___________ are against the plan raise your hands. 16 Do you know the woman _____________ our teacher is talking with. Do you know the woman with __________our teacher is talking? 17 The man _____________I bought the old picture from is over eight years old. The man from_____________I bought the old picture is over eight years old. 18 This is the reason _____________ my parents got home earlier. I don’t want to listen to the reason _____________you explained.

19 Tom’s father ,_______is over sixty, still works hard. 20 Mr. Green,_________ you saw in the library yesterday, will teach us physics next term. 21 I , _____ am your friend, will try my best to help you out. 22 He came in late again,_________made his boss angry. He was a foreigner, _________I know from his accent. 23 _____ he realized , I was useful to him. Air, ______ we know, is a gas. _____is reported in today’s newspaper, we must leave. 24 The teacher gave us such a different problem_____no one worked out . I want the same pen _____ you bought yesterday. 25 The film reminded me of the years _____________ we had nothing to eat. The film reminded me of the year _____________ we had nothing to eat. 阅读理解训练 1 When someone says, “Well, I guess I'll have to face the music①”, it doesn't mean that he is planning to go to hear a singer or attend a concert. It is something far less unhappy than you are called in by your leader to explain why you did this and that or why you did not do this or that.② At some time or another, every one of us has to “face the music”, especially (尤其) as children. We can all remember father’s angry words “I want to talk to you”. And only because we did not listen to him. What a bad thing it was! In the middle or at the end of every term, we students have to “face the music”. The result of the exam will decide whether we will face the music or not. If...that means parents cold faces and contempt (轻视) of the teachers and classmates. “To face the music” is well known to every American, young or old. It is at least 100 years old. It really means that you have to do something, no matter (无论) how terrible the whole thing might be, because you know you have no choice.

1. “To face the music” means “to____ ”. A. do something that we don’t like to B. go to the theatre C. go to the music show D. do something that we want to 2. In the third paragraph, “If...”really means “If____ ”. A. we don't do a good job B. we get an“A” in the exam C. the exam is easy D. the exam is difficult 3. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. “To face the music” is well known in the United States. B. “To face the music” has a history of more than 100 years. C. The young Americans know what “to face the music” means. D. Only the old in the United States know the meaning of “to face the music”.

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