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Unit 2 Poems

Language study

1. reason

1) 他生病的原因是他不注意自己的健康。 The _______ _____ _____ _____ _____was that reason why he fell ill he didn’t care about health.

句型: The reason why…is that...
我迟到的原因是我错过了早班车! The reason why I was late(定语从句) is that I missed the first bus.

2. Some poems tell a story or… Others try to convey certain emotion. adj. emotional convey: 1express feelings, emotion to sb. 传达

I _______ convey can't _______how angry I feel.
言语无法表达我的感情. ___________________ Words cannot convey my feelings
My feelings are ________ any words. beyond

? 2) to show 传达,说明 convey+ that…… ? 他的信说明他有副热心肠. ? His letter conveys that he has a warm heart. __________________________________.
? 3)to take or carry from one place to another 输送,搬运,运输 ? 这艘船从中东运输石油到欧洲. ? This ship conveys oil from the Middle _________________________________.

East to Europe

? 3. delight ? 1)n. 欢喜,高兴,愉快;爱好的事物,嗜好 ? 习惯搭配:with delight 高兴地,欣然; ? e.g.拜读大函,至感欣慰. ? I read your letter_________. with great delight ? 习惯搭配: to one’s delight 令人高兴的是…… ? 儿子通过考试令我大感欣慰. ? To my great delight , my son passed the examination.

? 2)v. 使欢喜,使高兴,使快乐 ? 他讲的笑话使大家很开心. His joke delighted amused everyone / ______ _____________________________________. ? 习惯搭配: delight +n.+(with+n) 以……逗人高兴 ? e.g.他时常以魔术逗他的小孩高兴. ? He. often delighted his children with his magic. ? 习惯搭配: delight+in +n. 喜欢…… ? e.g.那个老人喜欢听爵士乐. ?The old man delighted in (listening to)jazz. . ?

4. while
1.引导时间状语从句,“当……的时候;和…… 同时”,主从句谓语动作同时发生,从句谓语通 常是延续性动词。如: Mary watched TV while she ate her supper. While she was listening to the radio, she fell asleep. 2.表示对比或转折,意为“而;然而”。此时, while一般位于句中。如: Some people waste food while others haven’t enough.有些人浪费粮食,然而有些人却吃不饱。 You like sports, while I prefer music. 你喜欢体育,而我更喜欢音乐。

? While he has many friends , he often feels lonely.

? 5. take it/things easy 不要紧张,放松一些,
? ? ? ? ? ? 1)We would have won if we hadn’t taken it easy. 如果我们没有放松警惕,我们本来会夺冠 ____________________________________. 2)今天你做的工作足够了,现在休息一小时. You have done quite enough work for today; now take it easy for an hour. _____________________________________. 坐下,放松. Sit down and take it easy. ____________________________


Take you time. 慢慢来,别着急。(时间上)
---Maybe I need more time to complete the job. ---Take youe time.The deadtime is tommore.

6. run out (of )
1) 汽油快用完了。 is running out The petrol___ ________ _____. 2) 我们剩下的时间不多了. We are running out of our time.

辨析 run out 与 run out of ? sth. run out vi. (某物)被用完了,其主语通 常为时间,食物,金钱等物。 (没有被动)

?sb. run out of sth. vt. (某人)用完了(某物) 主语一般是人。 His money soon ran out.
He is always running out of money before payday.

run out of I have ___________ my oil. run out Our ink has __________.

7. make up (of)


be 被动形式: made up of 1) 一支足球队由11个队员组成。 Eleven players _____ _____a football team. make up is made up of = A football team ____ ______ ____ ___11 players.

The United Kingdom is made up of four main parts.

make up

(1)组成,构成 (4)化妆 (5)创作

(2) 编造 (6)铺床


a.Two doctors and six nurses made up the medical Team. = The medical team is made up of two doctors and six nurses. (1) b.We were asked to make up a poem. (5) c.She made up herself before going to the ball.(4) d. Jack made up a wonderful story to explain his absence. (2) (6) e. His mother makes up the bed for him every day.

f.Nothing can make up for the loss of time. (3)

make up for 弥补… make sense 有意义 make use of 利用 make full / good use of make up one’s mind make out 辨认出,理解 make progress 取得进步 make a promise 许诺 make sure 确保

8. await vt. 等候, 期待 We got up early and found breakfast awaiting us.
wait vi. 等待 wait for We're waiting for the bus. They waited for the president’s arrival.

9. day by day 强调了一个变化的过程 day after day 强调日复一日重复无变化的动作
Day after day _______________she waited in vain for him to telephone her. 日复一日, 她徒劳地等待他的电话. Day after day the scientists worked hard in the _____________,

laboratory. 那些科学家们日复一日在实验室中努力工作着。
day by day It is getting warmer____________. 天气一天天暖和起来。 day by day The patient's condition is improving___________. 病人的病情逐日好转。

10. choose “选择”,指“选择出来”
(pick out)

choose from 指“从……选择”,

Here are some dictionaries for you choose from, don’t choose the most expansive one.

In fact, there are various colors to choose from.

11. worth,worthy,worth-while 都为adj. “值得的”
worth: be worth + n. 值得…… be worth + doing 某事值得… The question is not worth discussing again and again. worthy:be worthy of +n. 值得…… be worthy to be done 某事值得被做 The question is not worthy to be discussed again and again. worth-while: be worth-while to do sth. 值得 做某事

I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字 母或汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式。 1. Our English teacher asked each of us poem to write a p______ (诗) after class. 2. My p______ (诗集) was published last poetry year. 3. Parents always give their children names that r______: Donnie, Ronnie, hyme Connie.

4. Six weeks later we heard, to our great sorrow s______, that he had died. 5. She wore a pair of ________ (钻石) diamond earrings at last night’s party.

II. 根据句意, 选择适当的单词或短语并 用其适当形式填空。 1. poet; poem; poetry a. As a piece of ______, it seems to be a poetry selection of Renaissance. b. His brother is famous ______. poet c. I decided to write a ______ about what poem I felt.

2. run out; run out of a. By the time his patience had completely ______. run out run out of b. Unluckily, we have __________ gas when we are still on the highway.

3. be made up of; be made of; be made from is made up of a. The medicine team _______________ 5 doctors and 10 nurses. is made from b. This kind of paper _____________ wood. was made of c. The bridge ____________ stones over a century ago. 4. translate into; translate from a. “Red Mansion Dream” has been translated into ______________ several languages. translated from b. This text is _________________ one of Shakespeare’s famous works.

III. 每空填一词, 使该句与所给句子的意 思相同。 1. The doctor told me to relax when examined. The doctor told me to ____ ___ ____ take it easy when examined. 2. I have used up my money. Please lend me some. I ____ ____ ____of have run out ____ my money. Please lend me some.

3. The football team consists of 11 players. The football team __ ____ ___ of 11 ___ is made up players. 4. I failed in the exam. That’s because I didn’t study hard. ____ reason why I failed in the exam was ______ ___ The ______ I didn’t study hard. that 5. People write poems for various reasons. a ____ of People write poems for __variety___ reasons.

IV. 根据括号内所给的提示将下列句子翻 译成英语。 1.他讲了一些笑话, 使观众很开心.(delight) He delighted the audience by telling some jokes. 2. 医生叫我休息几周。(take it easy) The doctor told me to take it easy for a few weeks.

3. 这是一种很受说英语的人欢迎的日本诗。 (be popular with)

It is a Japanese form of poetry that is very popular with English speakers.
4. 我们的汽油昨天就用完了。(run out of) We ran out of petrol yesterday.

5. 这个团体是由医生和教师组成的。 (make up of)
The group is made up of doctors and teachers. 6. 她的书已经被译成了10种语言。 (translate ... into) Her book has been translated into 10 languages.

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