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英语:高三一轮复习超级课件 Unit4《Making the news》(新人教版必修5)

? ?佳作选登 ? (2010·辽宁高考) ? [话题] 校学生会招聘一名留学生做英语学 习顾问 ? [体裁] 招聘启事

? English Advisor Wanted ? The Student Union of our school d

ecides to invite an international student to work as an English Study Advisor next term.The main responsibilities of the advisor include helping students to practice their oral English, answering their questions,and helping organize activities such as singing English songs,English evenings,or lectures on interesting topics.

? The applicant should be a native speaker of English.Fluency in Chinese is preferred.The advisor is expected to work 4 hours per week. ? If you are interested,please call Li Hua at 13011223344 for an interview.Payment for the service will be discussed during the interview. ? Student Union

? ? ? ?

? ?经典例句 [亮词] 1.work as充当;担当 2.oral English英语口语 3.such as...例如? 4.be expected to do...被期望干?

? [典句] 1.Fluency in Chinese is preferred.汉 语口语流利深得喜欢。 ? (变式)?The one who speaks chinese fluently is more likely to be selected ? 2.If you are interested,please call Li Hua at 13011223344 for an interview. ? 如果你感兴趣,请拨打李华电话: 13011223344约定见面事宜。

? 1.(2011·湖北高考)Clinical evidence began to ________,suggesting that the new drugs had a wider range of useful activities than had been predicted from experiments in animals. ? A.operate B.strengthen ? C.approve D.accumulate

? [解题指导] 句意:临床证据在不断增加, 表明这种新药的用途比先前根据动物实验 所预测的用途更宽泛。考查动词辨析。四 个动词的主要含义:A“操作”;B“加强, 强化”;C“赞成,同意”;D“积累,聚 积”。 ? [正确答案] D

? 2.(2012·福建质检)The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and ________ him of speeding. ? A.charged B.accused ? C.blamed D.warned ? [解题指导] 考查动词短语。下文有介词of, 与accuse组成accuse...of短语。句意:他正驾 车回家,警察拦住了他,指控他超速行驶。 ? [正确答案] B

? 3.(2012· 济南模拟)The officer demanded that such things ________ from happening again. ? A.prevented B.prevent ? C.be prevented D.were prevented ? [解题指导] demand后接宾语从句时,须用 虚拟语气,即用“(should)do”形式,故可首 先排除A、D两项,又根据句意:这位官员 要求这样的事情应该被阻止再次发生,可 知应用被动形式,故选C。 ? [正确答案] C

? 4.(2012·长沙模拟)The majority of people in the town strongly ________ the plan to build a playground for children. ? A.consider B.support ? C.confirm D.submit ? [解题指导] 句意:这个城镇里大多人强烈 支持给孩子们建操场这个计划。本题考查 动词辨析:A.consider考虑;认为B.support 支持,赞成 C.confirm 证实,确定。 D.submit 服从,提交。故答案为B。 ? [正确答案] B

? 5.(2012·南通质检)I guess we've already talked about this before but I'll ask you again just ________. ? A.by nature B.in return ? C.in case D.by chance ? [解题指导] 句意:我想我们以前已经谈论 过这个问题。但是我还是想再问问你以防 万一。本题考查介词短语辨析。A.by nature 天生;本性 B.in return.作为回报 C.in case以防万一 D.by chance偶然;碰巧。 根据语意应选C。

? Ⅰ.重点单词 delight delight ? 1. delighted adj.快乐的→ n.快乐→ vt.快乐→ adj.令人愉快的 delightful ? 2. admirable adj.值得赞扬的;令人钦佩的 admire → vt.钦佩,赞赏 ? 3. unusual adj.不同寻常的;独特的→ usual adj.通常的,寻常的 ? 4. occupation n.职业;专业→ occupational adj.职业的

updated ? 5. update vt.更新;使现代化→ adj. 更新的,使现代化的 ? 6. assess vt.评估;评定→ assessment n.评估 meanwhile ? 7. deliberately adv.其间;同时 ? 8. skeptical adv.故意地 guilt ? 9. guilty adj.怀疑的 ? 10.technicaladj.有罪的;内疚的→ technically n.罪行 ? 11. adj.技术上的;技巧方面的→ adv.技术上;工艺上

thoroughly ? 12. thorough adj.彻底的;详尽的→ adv.详尽地 ? 13. gifted adj.有天赋的→ n.天赋;礼 gift 物 crime criminal ? 14. precise n.罪行;犯罪→ adj.犯 罪的,犯法的 appointment appoint ? 15.concentrate adj.精确的;正确的 concentration ? 16. n.约会;任命→ vt. concentrated 约会 ? 17. vt.集中;聚集→ n.集中→

? 18. submit vt. 递交;呈递 ? 19. inform vt.告知;通知→ informal adj.非 正式的;随便的→ informally adj.非正式地 ? 20. approvevt.赞成;批准→ approval n.赞成,同意→ ? approvable adj.可赞成的

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Ⅱ.重点短语 1. cover a story 采访故事 2. take a photograph of...照相 3.be eager to do/for...渴望?? 4.concentrate on 集中,专注?? 5.inform sb. of sth.告知某人某事 6.keep in mind 记住

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

7.depend on 依靠;依赖 8.accuse sb. of sth.指责/控告某人 9.be skeptical of / about sth.怀疑?? 10.be in a dilemma 处于两难境地 11.defend on...为?辩护 12.ahead of sb.在某人之前 to 13.set do...开始认真工作 make 14. an appointment with sb.与某人约 会

? Ⅲ.重点句型 ? 1. Never will Zhou Yang forget his first assignment at the office of a popular English newspaper.周阳永远 不会忘记他在一家受欢迎的英语报社工作时分配 到的第一项任务。 ? 2.His discussion with his new boss,Hu Xin, was to strongly influence his life as a journalist. ?

? 他与他的新老板胡新的讨论对他的记者生涯会产 生重要影响。 ? 3. interested in photography,but Not only am I I... ? 我不仅对摄影感兴趣,而且我??

? 1.concentrate vt. 集中;聚集 ? concentrated adj.集中的;聚集的;浓缩的;全神贯注的 ? concentration n.集中;专心;浓缩;浓度 ? concentrate the/one's mind集中注意力;聚精会神

? concentrate one's effort/attention on sth.集中力量/注意力于
? 某事 ? concentrate on/upon(doing)sth.专注于 ? (做)某事

? ①A driver should concentrate on the road when driving. ? 开车时驾驶员的注意力要集中在路上。 ? ②We should concentrate all our efforts on improving study. ? 我们应该致力于提高学习水平。 ? ③There is a concentration of colleges in this area. ? 这一地区集中了不少大专院 ? 校。

2.inform vt. 告知;通知 ?inform sb.of sth.告诉某人某事;通知某人 ? ?某事 ? ?inform sb.that...通知某人?? ?keep sb.informed使某人随时了解最新情况 ? information n.[U]通知,消息,情报,信息

? ①He informed my wife of my safe arrival. ? 他通知我太太我已平安抵达。 ? ②I'm very pleased to inform you that your application has been accepted. ? 我高兴地通知您,您的申请已被接受。 ? ③Computers keep us informed of fresh developments. ? 计算机随时告诉我们新的发展。

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

3.case n. 情况;病例;案例 in case以免;以防 in any case无论如何,总之 in case of万一??,如果发生?? in no case决不(置于句首,引起倒装) in that case如果那样的话;在那种情况下 as is often the case这是常有的事

? ①In case of fire,phone the police. ? 万一发生火灾,就给警察打电话。 ? ②In no case should you give up.你决不能放 弃。 ? ③Keep the windows closed in case it rains. ? 让窗子关着,以防下雨。 ? ④In some cases,people waited several weeks for an appointment. ? 在某些情况下,人们要等上几周才能约见。

4.demand n. 需求;要求 vt. 强烈要求 ?demand sth.要求某物 ? (1)?demand sth.of/from sb.向某人要求某物 ?demand to do要求做?? ?
?be in ?great? demand ?迫切?需求 ? (2)? ?meet/satisfy one's demands满足某人的需求 ?

? ①He demanded that he have a rest.他要求休 息。 ? ②After school Tom demanded help from/of me.放学后,汤姆要求我帮忙。

? ③She demanded to be informed of everything. ? 她要求所有情况都得向她通报。 ? ④The parents tried their best to meet/satisfy their children's demands. ? 父母亲努力满足孩子的需求。

? 5.approve vt. 批准;通过 vi.同意;赞成 ? approve of (doing) sth.赞同/支持(做)某事 ? approve of sb.(one's) doing sth.赞同/支持某人 做某事 ? approval n.赞同,称许

? ? ? ? ?

①The minister approved the building plan. 部长批准了这项建筑计划。 ②Parents do not approve of his smoking. 父母不赞成他吸烟。 ③By doing well at school he hoped to win his parents' approval.

? 他在学校表现不错,希望以此得到父母的 赞许。

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

6.accuse...of 因??指责/控告 accuse sb.of sth.指控某人做某事,控告 rid sb.of sth.使某人摆脱某事 inform sb.of sth.通知某人某事 cure sb.of sth.治愈?? rob sb.of sth.抢劫?? remind sb.of sth.提醒某人注意某事/使某人 想起某事 ? warn sb.of sth.警告某人某事 ? suspect sb.of sth.怀疑某人

? ①They accused him of taking bribes.他们控 告他受贿。 ? ②He was charged with murder and arson. ? 他被指控杀人放火。 ? ③He accused his boss of having broken his word. ? 他指责老板不守信。

? 1.(2012·泉州质检)The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and ________ him of speeding. ? A.charged B.accused ? C.warned D.deprived ? 解析:accuse sb.of...指责某人某事。 ? 答案:B

? 2.In order to ________ a good knowledge of English,he gave up his job and went to study in an English school. ? A.require B.inquire ? C.acquire D.address ? 解析:acquire获得;得到 require要求; inquire询问;address给??写上地址。 ? 答案:C

? 3.(2011·大同模拟)Although she begged her father over and over again,he still didn't ________ her marriage. ? A.depend on B.put forward ? C.watch out D.approve of ? 解析:approve of支持;赞成??。 ? 答案:D

? 4.As a senior high student,you should ________ your energy on how to master the skills of learning. ? A.impress B.spend ? C.concentrate D.use ? 解析:concentrate...on集中注意力于??。 ? 答案:C

? 5.(2012·宁波模拟)In our childhood,we were often ________ by parents to pay attention to our table manners. ? A.reminded B.allowed ? C.demanded D.commanded ? 解析:remind sb.to do sth.提醒某人干某事, 此题考查其被动形式。 ? 答案:A

? 6.Insurance should be paid ________ disability. ? A.instead of B.in favour of ? C.in spite of D.in case of ? 解析:in case of...以防万一;instead of代替; in favour of支持;赞成;in spite of不管。 ? 答案:D

? His discussion with his new boss,Hu Xin(HX), was to strongly influence his life as a journalist.他 与他的新老板胡新的讨论对他的记者生涯必将产 生重要影响。 ? be to do句型在本句中意为“注定会??,一 定??”。 ? be to do结构有多重含义: ? (1)“注定要发生??” ? (2)预先安排好的计划或约定 ? (3)“应该??” ? (4)用于条件句中表示“想要,设想”

? ①You are to succeed if you work hard. ? 如果你努力,一定会成功的。 ? ②You are to finish your homework before you play computer games. ? 你得先完成作业才能玩电脑游戏。 ? ③If we are to be there on time,we'd better leave now. ? 如果我们想要按时到那儿,最好现在就走。

? In such dry weather the flowers will have to be watered if they ________. ? A.have survived B.are to survive ? C.would survive D.will survive ? 解析:be to do...意为:注定要发生 ? 答案:B

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