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【创新设计】2014-2015学年高中英语同步精练:选修9 Unit 1 Period 1(人教版,课标通用)]

Unit 1 Breaking records Period 1 Warming Up, Prereading & Reading 同步精练(人教版选修 9,课标通 用) 时间:45 分钟
Ⅰ.介、副词填空 1. Recently, Asluita achieved his dream of breaking a record________all seven

continents. 2.Over the last 25 years, he has broken________93 Guinness records. 3. Think________the fine neck adjustments needed to keep a full bottle of milk on your head while you are walking. 4.It takes a lot of concentration and a great sense________balance to stay on it. 5.________, he was fascinated by the Guinness Book of World Records. 6.________this new confidence, Ashrita broke his first Guinness record with 27,000 jumping jacks in 1979. 7.The motivation to keep trying to break records comes________his devotion to Sri Chinmoy. 8.________fact, he often wears a Tshirt with Sri Chinmoy's words on the back. 9.From then________, Ashrita refused to accept any physical limitation. 10.At that moment, he goes deep________himself and connects with his soul and his teacher. 答案 1.in 2.approximately 3.about 8.In 9.on 4.of 5.However

6.With Ⅱ.单词拼写



1.However, he was f________by the Guinness Book of World Records. 2.He had been u________by his spiritual leader to enter the marathon even though he had done no training. 3.As a child he was very u________and was not at all interested in sports. 4.Yet this t________sportsman is not a natural athlete. 5.Think about the fine neck a________needed to keep a full bottle of milk on your

head while you ate walking. 6.So, when he won third place, he came to understand that his body was just an instrument of the spirit and that he seemed to be able to use his spirit to a________anything. 7.The motivation to keep trying to break records comes through his d________to Sri Chinmoy. 8.Somersaulting is a t________event as you have to overcome dizziness, extreme tiredness and pain. 9.You are to p________rest for only five minutes in every hour of rolling but you are allowed to stop briefly to vomit. 10.It takes a lot of c________and a great sense of balance to stay on it. 答案 1.fascinated 8.tough 2.urged 3.unfit 4.talented 5.adjustments 6.accomplish

7.devotion Ⅲ.翻译与仿写



1. Every time Ashrita tries to break a record, he reaches a point where he feels he can't physically do any more. 翻译: ____________________________________________________ 仿写:不要每遇到生词就停下来查字典。 ____________________________________________________________ 2.While these activities might seem childish and cause laughter rather than respect, in reality they require an enormous amount of strength and fitness as well as determination. 翻译:____________________________________________________________ 仿写:虽然我理解你的意思,但我还是不同意。 __________________________________________________________________ 3.However, he was fascinated by the Guinness Book of World Records. 翻译:__________________________________________________________ 仿写:鲍勃参观世博会后,迷上了上海。 __________________________________________________________________ 4.More than twenty of these he still holds, including the record for having the most records.

翻译:_____________________________________________________________ 仿写:他们有很多宠物,其中有三只猫。 __________________________________________________________________ 5.In fact, he often wears a Tshirt with Sri Chinmoy's words on the back. 翻译:_____________________________________________________________ 仿写:其实,我在 25 年前就开始学英语了。 _________________________________________________________________ 答案 1.每一次阿西里塔想打破记录时,他感觉自己的身体达到了极限无法再

度创新。 Don't refer to a dictionary every time you meet a new word. 2.虽然这些活动看起来孩子气且令人发笑而不是让人肃然起敬,但实际上, 这些活动却需要强大的力量、健康的体格和坚定的决心。 While I understand what you say, I can't agree with you. 3.然而,他迷上了《吉尼斯世界纪录》 。 Bob was fascinated by Shanghai after visiting World Expo there. 4.他仍然持有二十多项这样的记录,包括拥有最多的纪录。 They have many pets, including three cats. 5.其实,他经常穿着背后印有斯里琴摩的话的 T 恤。 In fact, I began to study English 25 years ago. Ⅳ.语篇填词 Ashrita Furman is not a____1____athlete. As a child, he was not interested in sports and was____2____. However, the Guinness Book of World Records____3____him. When he was____4____16, he met an Indian meditation teacher and knew it is important for people to develop their bodies as it is to develop their minds, hearts and____5____selves. Since then he has made many records in sports which are not ____6____. ____7____these activities might be childish and cause laughter rather than respect, they need an enormous____8____of strength, ____9____and determination. In reality he is a man who likes____10____. 答案 1.natural 2.unfit 9.fitness 3.fascinated 4.aged 5.spiritual 6.conventional

7.While 8.amount 10.challenges

Ⅴ.单项填空 1. Mike arrived at the meeting________at ten o'clock—as it was scheduled —not a minute early or late. A.flexibly C.punctually 解析 B.loosely D.approximately

flexibly 可变通地,柔韧地; loosely 松散地,自由地; punctually 准

确无误地,准时地; approximately 大约地,近似地。根据句意应选 C 项。 答案 C

2.________a small number of Australians are bitten by spiders each year, most recover without any medical treatment. A.While 解析 B.Unless C.When D.Because


何医疗就康复了。while 在此表示“虽然,尽管”,引导让步状语从句。 答案 A

3. I've become good friends with several of the students in my school________I met in the English speech contest last year. A.who 解析 B.where C.when D.which

考查定语从句。 several of the students 是定语从句的先行词且从句中缺宾

语 who 引导定语从句。句意:我已经成了我在去年英语演讲比赛中遇到的几个 学生的好朋友。 答案 A

4. A team of nurses________the doctor in performing the operation on the boy wounded in the earthquake. A.supported C.assisted 解析 B.encouraged D.respected


孩做手术。support 支持;encourage 鼓励;assist 协助;respect 尊敬。



5. I'm calling to require about the position________in yesterday's China Daily. A.advertised C.advertising 解析 B.to be advertised D.having advertised


的招聘职位的有关情况。position 与 advertise 之间是被动关系,所以用过去分 词作后置定语。 答案 D

6. It took us quite a long time to get to the amusement park. It was________journey. A.three hour C.a threehour 解析 B.a threehours D.three hours

句意:去游乐园花了我们很长一段时间,是 3 个小时的路程。考查复合

形容词。一段 3 个小时的路程有两种表达方式: a threehour journey; three hours'journey。类似表达 a oneweek event, a twoyear project。 答案 C

7.________I accept that he is not perfect,I do actually like the person. A.While 解析 答案 B.Since C.Before D.Unless

句意:尽管我承认他不完美,但我确实喜欢这个人。while 尽管,虽然。 A

8. Her son, to whom she was so________, went abroad ten years ago. A.loved 解析 了。 答案 C B.cared C.devoted D.affected

考查固定搭配。be devoted to 致力于。句意:她挚爱的儿子十年前出国

9. After she retired, she________most of her time to housework and bringing up her grandchildren. A.spent B.took C.provided D.devoted


句意:退休后,她把大部分时间花在了做家务和抚养孙辈上。spend 用

于 “spend...on sth/(in) doing sth”结构; take 作“花费”解时, 用于 it takes sb some time to do sth 句 型; provide“ 提 供 ” ; devote...to(doing) sth“ 把 …… 用 于……”。 答案 D

10. The book didn't ________children probably because the author employed too many scientific terms in it. A.apply to C.intend to 解析 B.appeal to D.lead to


语。appeal to sb 吸引某人,使某人感兴趣;apply to sb 向某人申请;lead to 导 致,通向;intend to do sth 打算做某事。 答案 B

Ⅵ.完形填空 What a busy day! The three boys were fed, bathed and changed into their nightclothes. Mary had__1__them a story and finally they were asleep. “Babysitting (照看) the three boys aged eight, six and four is extremely__2__,” she thought. “Sleep ,” she considered, “if only I could !” But she had difficult homework to complete. Leaning back, she__3__her feet onto the sofa to get comfortable. Whoever said babysitting was a(n)__4__way to make money obviously hadn't met the three boys, she thought. The television was on, the room was warm, and the lights were dim. Mary's__5__felt heavier and heavier. I mustn't sleep, she thought—which was__6__what she did, of course. Strangely enough, she soon__7__that she was a worldfamous chef (主厨). She made a__8__and wore diamonds and designer clothes. Most days she relaxed by the pool, meeting the rich and famous or__9__—her favorite hobby. She__10__took the leading role in her own TV show. That is, until she became too__11__. “I am definitely the best in the world,”

she thought, as she prepared a tasty chicken dish. But__12__seemed to go right. She spilt the flour, she dropped an egg and she cut her finger. Despite all the troubles, she__13__to get the chicken into the stove. Soon, smoke blanketed the room The chicken was on fire.__14__set in, but Mary could not run—she was__15__to the spot. She tried hard to move, but could not,__16__a sharp sound awoke her. She got shocked and confused—__17__was pouring from the kitchen. Rushing to investigate, she was met by three__18__little faces and some very burnt bread. “Sorry, we were hungry and you were__19__, so we tried to make some bread, explained a boy. Relieved, Mary made them a snack and sent them back to bed. She__20__them never to fall asleep on the job again! 1.A.given 解析 B.written C.told D.taught

根据句意可知玛丽已经给孩子们讲了故事。give 给予;write 写下;tell

讲述;teach 教授,教。 答案 C B.helpful D.surprising

2. A.successful C.tiring 解析

句意:“ 照看这三个分别为八岁、六岁和四岁的男孩是极其累人的工

作,”她想。successful 成功的;helpful 有帮助的:tiring 累人的,使人疲劳的; surprising 令人吃惊的。 答案 C B.put C.bent D.kept

3.A.shook 解析

句意:向后靠着,她把脚放在沙发上以求舒适。shake 晃动,摇晃;put

放,放置;bend 弯曲,弯;keep 保持,保存。由句意可知 B 项正确。 答案 B B.boring D.easy

4. A.difficult C.important 解析

句意: 她想, 任何宣称看护孩子赚钱容易的人显然没有遇到这三个男孩。

difficult 图难的;boring 累人的,令人厌烦的;important 重要的;easy 容易的。

根据句意可知 D 项正确。 答案 5.A.eyes 解析 D B.mind C.heart D.legs

从本段首句 “Sleep,” she considered, “if only I could!”中看出玛丽

打瞌睡,故 A 项正确。 答案 A B.exactly C.curiously D.carelessly

6. A.nicely 解析

句意:她想,我一定不要睡觉——而这当然恰恰是她所做的。nicely 恰

好地;exactly 正好,恰恰;curiously 好奇地;carelessly 粗心大意地。 答案 B B.reminded C.learnt D.dreamt

7. A.realized 解析

结合下句 She made a__8__and wore diamonds and designer clothes 和后

的 awoke her 可知此处是做梦。 realize“实现”; remind“提醒”; learn“学会”。 答案 D B.fortune C.business D.plan

8. A.decision 解析 富”。 答案 B

句意:她发财了,穿戴上了钻石和名牌服装。由句意可知选 fortune“财

9. A.cooking C.running 解析

B.reading D.babysitting

由 she relaxed by the pool 可知她是在水池边放松自己, 故排除 cooking(做

饭);running(跑步);babysitting(看护孩子),只有 B 项 reading 与“放松”最贴 近。 答案 10.A.just B B.ever C.even D.only

解析 答案

句意:她甚至在她自己的电视秀中担当主角。根据句意可知 C 项正确。 C B.proud C.stubborn D.sensitive

11. A.selfish 解析

由 I am definitely the best in the world 可知她此时非常骄傲。 selfish“自私

的”;stubborn“顽固的”;sensitive“敏感的”。 答案 B B.something D.nothing

12. A.everything C.anything 解析


叙述的应是事情朝着错误的方向发展。根据句意可知 D 项正确。 答案 D B.arranged D.prepared

13. A.tried C.managed 解析

句意: 尽管有所有的这些麻烦, 她还是把鸡肉放到了炉子里。 try to do sth

尽力做某事;arrange 安排;manage to do sth 设法做成某事;prepare to do sth 准 备做某事。 答案 C B.Pain C.Noise D.Stress

14.A.Panic 解析

由 Soon, smoke blanketed the room. The chicken was on fire.可知此处是

“慌乱”充斥在周围。panic 慌乱,混乱;pain 痛,伤痛;noise 噪音,喧嚣声; stress 压力。根据句意可知 A 项正确。 答案 A B.dragged C.pushed D.brought

15. A.frozen 解析

玛丽当场愣在那里。frozen 结冰的,(因害怕等)不动,停住,惊呆;drag

拖;push 推,鞭策;bring 带来。这里是指被吓呆而停在那儿。


A B.until C.as D.unless

16. A.because 解析


为 not...until 结构。 答案 B B.light C.water D.fire

17.A.smoke 解析 答案

由上段中的着火和下文中的 burnt bread 可知此处是烟雾。选 A 项。 A B.strange D.confident

18.A.cheerful C.guilty 解析

从下句的 sorry 可知,孩子们是“感到内疚的,感到惭愧的”。cheerful

兴高采烈的, 高兴的; strange 奇怪的; guilty 感到内疚的, 感到惭愧的; confident 有信心的。 答案 C B.hungry D.asleep

19.A.busy C.worried 解析 答案

由上文知玛丽睡着了并且在做梦,因此孩子们才这样说,故 D 项正确。 D B.allowed D.persuaded

20.A.promised C.expected 解析

由上述事件的原因可知,这儿是玛丽给孩子们作出承诺。promise 承诺;

allow 允许;expect 期待,期望;persuade 说服。 答案 A

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