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2012 高考英语模拟试题(全国卷)(并附答案)
一、单选题(单选(20 分)) 1、 telegram A. serious B. athlete C. operate D. collect

2、 explode A. explanation B. exist C. exactly D. excuse

3、 graduate A. huge B. neighbor C. organize D. passenger

4、 shoulder A. loud B. pronounce C. soul D. southern

5、 capital A. imagine B. afford C. blame D. manage

6、 Mike owns ____ larger collection of ____ books than any other students in the class. A. the; / B. a; / C. a ; the D. /; the

7、 Mrs. Green prefers a restaurant in a small town to ____ in so large a city as New York. A. this B. one C. it D. that

8、 The employees have not been paid ____ since the new manager took over this company last month. A. regularly B. commonly C. absolutely D. ordinarily

9、 --I rang you yesterday afternoon. A man answered, but I didn’t recognize the voice. --Oh,it____ my uncle. He was in my room then. A. should have been B. should be C. must have been D. must be

10、 Don’t put the waste on the ground, young man. --Oh, I’m sorry. I ____ the dustbin there. A. didn’t see B. hadn’t seen C. can’t see D. wasn’t seeing

11、 Information has been put forward ____ more measures will be taken to solve the economic problems. A. while B. when C. as D. that

12、 So little ____ about science that the lecture was ____ my understanding. A. I know; over B. knew I; beyond C. did I know; beyond D. did I know; over

13、 --Hi, Lydia. Are you going to the concert on Friday? --I’d like to. But there are so many problems ____. A. remaining to be settled B. remained settling C. remaining to settle D. remained to be settled

14、 --I tried many times, but I still failed in the experiment. --Don’t be discouraged. ____ and the problem will be settled. A. Making a little effort B. There being a little effort C. If you make a bit effort D. A bit more effort

15、 After retiring, he was recommended to ____ gardening as a hobby. A. take up B. take on C. take off D. take away

16、 Mr Smith, may I ask for a few days off? I am worn out. --____. We are too busy. A. Don’t mention B. Forget it C. Don’t worry D. That’s right

17、 On yesterday’s interview, he didn’t make a(an) ____ at all; what was the matter with him? A. apology B. change C. difference D. appearance

18、 My mother ____ for Beijing in a few days. I wonder when the earliest plane ____ on Monday?

A. leaves; takes off C. is leaving; is taking off

B. is leaving; takes off D. leaves; is taking off

19、 The matter has reached to a point ____ the two sides will have to go to court. A. when B. that C. where D. which

20、 These flowers need special care ____ they can live through winter. A. because B. even if C. so that D. as


三、 22、 ----Lovely day, isn’t it? ----Mm, yes, 1 And it’s supposed to get warmer. ----Yes, that’s true. You know, though, I’m always a little worried to see winter go. ----- 2

-----Well, I love skating. In fact, I used to teach skating for a living. -----Oh? That sounds interesting. 3 -----I work at Bank of America. How about you? ----- 4 -----Here? -----No, I’m from Chicago. I’m just visiting here for the wedding. ----Oh, I see. ----By the way, 5 I’m Helen Keller. ----Nice to meet you. My name is John Smith. A. But what do you do now? B. It’s very cold. C. It’s really warm. D. I guess I should introduce myself. E. I’m on the radio station. F. What’ your name? G. Really? 四、

五、作文(书面表达(30 分) ) 25、 假如你是方华,美国一友好学校的负责人 Mr. Smith 来信,询问关于你们两所学校合办一份中学生杂志的事宜。请你代表你 们学校,向 Smith 先生写一封回信,向他说明相关情况。主要内容如下: 1 表示赞成; 2 提出你们喜欢的栏目; 3 简要说明理由。 要求: 1 词数: 100 词左右。 2 参考词汇:栏目 column 3 开头以给出,不计入总词数。

Dear Mr. Smith, I am very excited to learn that we are going to start a magazine together

六、阅读理解(阅读理解(40 分)) 26、

A. Each Indian tribe had a different language. Many Indians never learned any language except their own. Do you know ho w Indians from different tribes talked to each other? They had two ways to talk without sound. One way was by sign la nguage; the other way by signals. Sign language is a way of talking by using signs. Indians used sign language when they met strangers. In this way, they could find out whether the stranger was a friend or an enemy. In the Indian sign language, signs were made with the ha nds. One sign meant “man”. Another meant “horse”. To tell the time of day when something happened, an Indian pointed to the sky. He showed where the sun had been at the time. Indians usually used signals when they wanted to send messages to someone far away. To make signals, an Indian might use a pony. He might use a blanket. Or he might use smoke, a mirror or fire arrows. To signal that he had seen many animals, an Indian rode his pony in a large circle. Sometimes the Indian gave a signal like this and then went away to hide. This meant that there was danger. The blanket signal was visible from far away. An Indian held the corners of a blanket in his hands. Then he began to s wing the blanket from side to side in front of him. An Indian could send many different signals with his blanket. He could also send many signals with a mirror. He usually used the mirror to warn someone of danger. Or he attempted to get the attention of a person far away. But he also used it to send messages in code. Of course, mirrors could be us ed only when the sun was shining. At night, Indians used fire arrows for signaling. An Indian also sent signals with smoke. He made a small fire of dry wood. Then he put grass or green branches on it. He held a blanket over the fire for a minute. When he removed the blanket from the fire, there was a cloud of smoke. The number of clouds of smoke told his message in code. Now you can see that Indians didn’t need to learn each other’s language. They could talk to one another by using signals or sign language. 1. The whole text is mainly about _______. A. different tribes have different languages B. the Indians had many kinds of languages C. how Indians communicated between different tribes D. why the Indians used many languages

2. An Indian used a mirror to do all the followings EXCEPT _______. A. send messages in code B. get the attention of someone in the distance C. warn someone of danger D. to tell a friend from an enemy

3. Sign language is _______. A. to write one’s signature B. a secret way of talking to some Indian tribes C. a kind of gesture only for Indians

D. a way to express one’s ideas by making gestures

4. Indians didn’t need to learn each other’s language because _______. A. they thought they could easily make themselves understood B. they could use signals or sign language C. different tribes lived far away and never met each other D. they never communicated with one another

B People all over the world today are beginning to hear and learn more and more about the problem of pollution. Pollution is caused either by man's release of completely new and often artificial substances into the environment, or by releasing greatly increased amounts of a natural substance , such as oil tankers into the sea. The whole industrial process which makes many of the goods and machines we need and use in our daily lives, is bou nd to create a number of waste products which upset the environmental balance, or the ecological balance as it is also kn own. Many of these waste products can be prevented or disposed of sensibly, but clearly while more and more new and complex goods are produce there will be new, dangerous wastes to be disposed of, for example, the waste products from nuclear power stations. Many people, therefore, see pollution as only part of a larger and more complex problem, that is, the whole process of industrial production and consumption of goods. Others again see the problem mainly in connection with agriculture, where new methods are helping farmers grow more and more on their land to feed our ever-increasing p opulations. However, the land itself is gradually becoming worn out as it is being used in some cases, too heavily, and a rtificial fertilizer cannot restore the balance. Whatever its underlying reasons, there is no doubt that much of the pollution caused could be controlled if only compa nies, individuals and governments would make more efforts. In the home there is an obvious need to control litter and wa ste. Food comes wrapped up three or four times in packages that all have to be disposed of; drinks are increasingly sold in bottles or tins which cannot be reused. This not only causes a litter problem, but also is a great waste of resources, in term of glass, metals and paper. Advertising has helped this process by persuading many of us not only to buy things w e neither want nor need, but also to throw away much of what we do buy. Pollution and waste combine to be a problem everyone can help to solve by cutting out unnecessary buying ,excess consumption and careless disposal of the products we use in our daily lives. 5. The underlined phrase “disposed of ”in the second paragraph means_______. A. dealt with C. disapproved of B. exposed D. collected

6. In the writer’s view ,the more new goods, _______. A. the less pollution B. the harder pollution can be prevented C. the more pollution there will be D. the more easily pollution can be controlled

7. What can we learn from the last paragraph? A. We can do much to reduce pollution. B. The government is trying hard to stop pollution. C. Individuals know how to get rid of the habit of littering everywhere.

D. We can’t stop buying unnecessary things.

8. People can help solve the problem of pollution by _______. A. urging their governments to control litter and waste B. making anti-pollution advertisements C. cutting down the use of oil and other oil products D. reducing unnecessary buying, over-consumption and careless disposal of wastes C Hotel Reservations Welcome to the Kampala Beach Hotel Reservations(预定)System. You can reserve a room or package one of three way s: (a) online, (b) by phone, and(c)by email. Did you know? You can take advantage of special savings by booking direct with us online. A.Online Reservations Enter your travel dates and the number of guests below to book your room online now. Click here to check on an existing online reservation. If you are searching for a specific package, please make sure your check-in and check-out dates allowing for the minimu m number of nights in the package. You may make reservations for a maximum of 4 guests per room. For requests of 10 rooms or more, please refer to Gro up Accommodations. B.Reservations By Phone If you prefer to reserve by phone, please call: Toll Free from the USA, Canada, and Hawaii: +1-800-262-8450 Worldwide Direct: +1-808-661-0011 Hours (Hawaii Standard Time): Monday to Friday: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. C. Reservations By E-mail If you prefer to submit(提交) an e-mail reservations request, click here. Submitting an e-mail request does not guarantee a reservation. For immediate confirmation and booking, please use online reservations engine above. 9. What is the purpose of writing the passage? A.To attract more tourists to the hotel. B.To introduce a new hotel. C.To show the importance of science. D.To make the trip for tourists easier.

10. If you want an immediate booking, you’d better use“ A.Online Reservations B.Reservations By Phone C.Reservations By E-mail D.Did you know?


11. From the passage we may infer the hotel is in __________ . A.Canada B.mainland America



12. If you want to book a package you have to __________ . A.submit an e-mail reservations request B.make sure of your check-in and check-out dates C.refer to Group Accommodations D.wait for further notice


D Chinese President Hu Jintao, on his way to talks with President George W. Bush in Washington, on Tuesday met with Bi ll Gates. After the meeting with Gates, the world's richest man, at Microsoft's headquarters, Hu restated that China would move aga inst software pirates(盗版软件) all the time. At Microsoft Corp.'s campus, Hu said on Tuesday he admired what Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates had achieved. He also sought to reassure Gates that China is serious about protecting intellectual property rights(知识产权). "Because you, Mr. Bill Gates, are a friend of China, I'm a friend of Microsoft," Hu said. "Also, I am dealing with the operating system produced by Microsoft every day," he added, to laughter. Gates responded: "Thank you, it's a fantastic relationship," and then said: "And if you ever need advice on how to use W indows, I'll be glad to help." "China is focused on and has already accomplished much in creating and enforcing laws to protect intellectual property." he said. "We take our promises very seriously." Hu also said he would certainly welcome a further increase in Microsoft's investment in China. "I'd also like to take this opportunity to assure you, Bill Gates, that we will certainly honor our words in protecting intell ectual property rights," Hu said. In his brief visit to the Microsoft campus, Hu, accompanied by Gates and company CEO Steve Ballmer, saw some busine ss technology demonstrations and toured Microsoft's Home of the Future, which features experimental technology that migh t someday be used in people's living spaces. Following the visit at Microsoft, about 100 guests, including former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former Gov. Gary Locke, the first Chinese-American governor, were invited to Gates' $100 million lakeside house on Lake Washington for a dinner. China has recently begun requiring Chinese computer makers to load legal software on their machines. In Seattle's Chinatown, many stores hung Chinese and U.S. flags to welcome Hu, and many in the crowd outside the stat ely Fairmont Hotel on Monday night where Hu was staying were there to support the Chinese president. 13. How many issues are mentioned in President Hu’s visit to Microsoft? A. One. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four.

14. Put the sentences in correct order. a. Hu had a meeting with President George W. Bush. b. Hu had dinner with many guests in Gates’ lakeside house. c. Hu paid a visit to the Microsoft campus. d. Hu stayed at Fairmont Hotel in Seattle. A. d-c-b-a B. d-b-c-a C. a-d-c-b D. a-c-b-d

15. What measure is not mentioned to protect intellectual property rights?

A. Moving against software pirates B. creating and enforcing laws C. increasing Microsoft's investment in China D. requiring Chinese computer makers to load legal software on their machines

16. What is the best title for the passage? A. Hu Visits Microsoft. B. Protecting Intellectual Property Rights. C. Bill Gate’s, A Friend of China. D. Americans Welcome President Hu. E People often ask me how, as a man, I became so devoted to improving the quality of women’s lives. It wasn’t until age forty that I realized what had started me down my career path. One morning more than thirty-seven years ago, I was awakened by the passing school bus. I was thirteen years old, li ving at home with my two younger brothers and our mother, Doris Joy Heavin. She had just passed her fortieth birthda y. She was a mother of five children and had suffered emotional and physical problems most of her life. Her doctor had tried various treatments on her with little benefit. As I awoke to the sound of the passing school bus, my brother Paul came in and told me that I’d better come quickly b ecause mother was sick. As I knelt beside her bed, I could feel the absence of warmth. I put my arms around her, first to feel for a sign of life, and then as a final hug. I took my younger brothers, aged eight and nine, in my arms and g ently told them that our mother was in heaven. Her death was unnecessary. The high blood pressure causing the blood clot(血栓) that took her life was unnecessary. Rather than medicate the symptoms, she could have dealt with the cause of her high blood pressure: we now know that e xercise and proper nutrition will almost always reduce the causes of high blood pressure and most other chronic(慢性的) diseases. Many years later, while teaching a fitness and weight loss class to a group of about eighty women, I realized I was s ubconsciously(下意识地) searching the crowd for the face of my mother. 17. The underlined part “medicate the symptoms” in Paragraph 4 probably means _______ . A. provide proper nutrition B. take exercise regularly C. give up the treatment D. treat the disease using medicine

18. What made the author devoted to improving the quality of women’s lives. A. His mother’s illness and death. B. The early loss of both his parents. C. His support to the rights of women. D. His knowledge of high blood pressure.

19. From the passage we learn that ________ . A. the author was the oldest child in his family B. the author’s father died long before his mother C. high blood pressure is a kind of chronic disease

D. many women were found with blood clot at the time

20. Why did the author think his mother’s death was unnecessary? A. Because her blood clot wasn’t a deadly disease at the time. B. Because his mother wouldn’t have died if she had a job. C. Because her high blood pressure could have been prevented. D. Because his mother was not treated in the local hospital.

附答案: 一、单选题(单选(20 分))

标准答案: 1--5 DDCCA 6--10 BBACA 二、填空题

11--15 DCADA 16--20 BBCAC

标准答案: 1--5 BCCAB 6--10 CDDAB 三、 标准答案: C,G,A,E,D 四、

11--15 DBACA 16--20 BBCAC

标准答案: 1. volunteer---volunteers 2.in---on 3. 正确 4. late---later 5. help---to help 6. leading---lead 7.在 until 前加 not 8. last---lasted 9. tired---tiring 10.去掉 that 或在 it 后加 was

五、作文(书面表达(30 分) )
标准答案: Writing: Dear Mr. Smith, I am very excited to learn that we are going to start a magazine together. It is indeed a wonderful idea and everyone hopes for its succ ess. I would like the magazine to have three columns: News, Teachers’ Advice and Students’ Voice. From the news column we can learn a bout what is going on in both of our schools. In Teachers’ Advice, our teachers can give us such help as we may not be able to get in t he classroom. Students’ Voice will allow us to freely express our thoughts and feelings about our lives and studies. I believe that this magazine will surely strengthen our ties, and I am looking forward to reading it. Sincerely, Fang Hua 六、阅读理解(阅读理解(40 分)) One possible version:

标准答案: 1---5 CDDBA 6---10 CAD AA 11---15 DB BAC

16---20 A DACC

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