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【优化指导】2015届高三人教版英语总复习 全国通用活页作业26Word版含解析


一、单项填空 1.—What do you think of our new English teacher? —Oh,he is______easygoing person.It’s______pleasure to work with him. A.a;a C.a;/ B.a;the D.an;a


easygoing 是以元音音素开头,故第一个空用不定冠词 an,表示泛指“一个随和的人”;第二个空也用不定冠词,a pleasure 指“一件令人愉快的 事情”。 答案:D 2.It’s necessary to be prepared for a job interview.______ the answer ready will be of great help. A.To have had C.Have 解析:考查非谓语动词形式。 以排除 A 项和 B 项。 答案:D 3. Professor Zhang left for London for an international conference this morning, his secretary ______ him. A.will join C.to join B.joined in D.joining in B.Having had D.Having 短语作了主语,因为后面的时态是一般将来时,所

解析:考查独立主格结构作状语。根据句意可知,他的秘书“将要去”他那儿,因此用 不定式表示动作发生在“将来”。 答案:C 4.—Shall I give you a ride as you live so far away? —Thank you.______. A.It couldn’t be better C.If you like B.Of course you can D.It’s up to you

解析:It couldn’t be better.意为“太好了!”表示很高兴接受别人的帮忙;而其他选项 显得有些不礼貌:If you like.(要是你愿意的话。);It’s up to you.(由你自己决定。)。 答案:A 5.Many a time ______ not to play with fire,Monica won’t turn a deaf ear to the warnings. A.having told

B.being told


C.to have told

D.having been told

解析:考查非谓语动词。tell 与其逻辑主语 Monica 之间是被动关系,通过 many a time 看出是多次被警告过,因此 D 项符合。 答案:D 6.She can’t help ______ the house because she’s busy making a cake. A.to clean C.cleaned B.cleaning D.being cleaned

解析:考查固定搭配。can’t help to do 表示“不能帮着干某事”。

答案:A 9. What is it about a treeless, dusty, old city like St.Samothene ______ makes people love it so much? A.that C.where B.it D.this

解析:考查强调句。介词短语 about a treeless,dusty,old city like St.Samothene 被放在 了 it 和 that 之间,增加了分析的难度。 答案:A 10.Our teacher has a good knowledge of English,but is not good at ______ his ideas to us. A.getting across C.getting on B.getting over D.getting through

解析:get across“向某人说明,使某人懂”。句意:我们老师的英语不错,但他不能把 他的想法向我们解说明白。 答案:A


11.It was the very place ______ the old soldier fought more than sixty years ago. A.that C.where B.which D.there

解析:考查定语从句。where 引导的是定语从句修饰先行词 the very place。句意:这就 是那位老战士 60 多年前战斗过的地方。此题易看成强调句错选 A 项。 答案:C 12.—Where did you put the car keys? —Oh,I ______ I put them on the chair because the phone rang as I ______ in. A.remembered;come B.remembered;was coming C.remember;come D.remember;was coming 解析:第一个空 remember 用原形表示说话时仍然记得;第二个空 was coming 表示“正 要进来的时候”。答语句意:噢,我现在仍记得我当时把钥匙放在了那把椅子上了,因为当 我就要进来时电话响了。 答案:D 13.After hospitals buy expensive equipment,they must try to ______ the money they have spent. A.reduce C.recover B.remove D.receive

解析:此处的 recover 表示“弥补,补偿”。句意:医院买了昂贵的设备后,他们必须 设法补上他们花费的钱。 答案:C 14.—You mean I can read any book in your study? —Yes,______ interests you. A.whichever C.whoever B.whatever D.wherever

解析:上句中已经给出范围 in your study,因此选 whichever 而不选 whatever。 答案:A 15.His father was determined that he ______ to the key university available. A.should go C.ought to go B.went D.would go

解析:be determined 后的从句用 should do sth.。require,order,demand,recommend 和 be determined 从句中,谓语动词用 should do 形式做谓语,或省去 should,只用动词原形做


谓语。句意:他父亲决心让他尽可能上重点大学。 答案:A 二、阅读理解 A To the Editor, Re Why a Fallen Angel Is a Centerfold(Sunday Review, Nov.6): I first met Lindsay Lohan in 1997 when she was 11 and I was the casting director(挑选演员的人)of the film The Parent Trap.I was struck by her talent, fresh charm and innocence the moment I caught sight of her.She was, and remains,a gifted actress and a good human being. It is not for me to judge Ms Lohan’s choices, or whether fame has been less than kind to her, but I have been greatly saddened by the way the media have chosen,with all gloves off and seemingly going with what could please them, to record her efforts and failures.She is a sentient(能感知事物的)human being,not a thing,not a product,not anything else to be sold. Charles McGrath makes several attractive points in his news analysis about the public demand which is impossible to satisfy,in a 24/7 news cycle forever changed by the Internet,to gossip about,and give nearly complete access to,celebrity or famous persons’ lives.Perhaps people do feel better knowing that wealth and fame do not lead to a perfect life for everyone.Perhaps we admire famous people only to reject them without any pity or mercy when their behavior disappoints us. I find it ironic(讽刺的)that Ms Lohan’s decision to pose for Playboy for a monetary reward is considered to be morally questionable,while journalists and photographers gain profit by writing about and capturing images of her and other famous people. Perhaps when reporting on and reading about famous people who have lost their way, we will remember that those people are also very human people who,like us,make mistakes,endure misfortune and have a chance—in spite of media coverage—to begin a completely new life tomorrow. ILENE STARGER Brooklyn 本文论述了公众与媒体应该对名人的“过失”持什么样的态度。 1.What does Paragraph 1 mainly tell us? A.Lindsay Lohan became an actress at the age of 11. B.Lindsay Lohan is generally a good person. C.Lindsay Lohan used to be a good woman. D.Lindsay Lohan once starred in The Parent Trap. 解析:主旨大意题。根据第一段 I was struck by her talent,fresh charm and innocence the


moment I caught sight of her 可知,答案为 B 项。 答案:B 2.This letter was written mainly to tell the editor that______. A.the public should bear famous people’s mistakes B.the public should be especially strict with famous people C.the media shouldn’t only satisfy the public’s demands

D.nobody can get both wealth and fame at the same time 4.What happened to Lindsay Lohan according to the passage? A.She made Charles McGrath angry as she didn’t respect him. B.She refused the director’s invitation to star in a movie. C.She made money in a way considered to be a little shameful. D.She has not been so innocent or lovely as she was before. 解析: 细节理解题。 根据第四段 I find it ironic that Ms Lohan’s decision to pose for Playboy for monetary reward is considered to be morally questionable...可知,答案为 C 项。 答案:C B A crack has formed in the shelf of floating ice in front of the Pine Island Glacier(PIG).The surface crack in the PIG runs for almost 30 km,is 60 m deep and is growing every day.US space agency(NASA)researchers expect the eventual iceberg to cover about 880 sq km—an area the size of Berlin.It should break away in the near future. The Pine Island Glacier is one of the largest and fastest moving tongues of ice on the White Continent and causes 10% of all the ice to flow out of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet into the ocean. In recent years,satellite and airborne measurements have recorded a marked thinning of the


PIG, which may be related to climate changes.But the team working on NASA’s IceBridge project said this latest birthing of a giant iceberg is part of a natural cycle seen every 10 years or so on the glacier.“The last big birthing event occurred in 2001 so,in general,people have been expecting something like this to happen fairly soon,and for us it is very exciting to see this while it is happening,”said IceBridge project scientist Dr Michael Studinger. An iceberg of the size expected will need to be monitored carefully,not just because it could eventually become a danger to shipping.The biggest icebergs can have a major impact on their surroundings.As they break and melt,they pour millions of tons of freshwater into the local marine environment.Dust and rock fragments(碎片)picked up on land act as nutrients when they fall into the ocean,fuelling life right at the bottom of food webs.But these huge blocks can also put barriers in the way of animals trying to get to familiar feeding grounds. “Eventually,the iceberg will move further north;it will be picked up by wind and ocean currents,”Dr Studinger told BBC News. IceBridge is running a series of instrumented airborne campaigns to measure the thickness of ice in Earth’s polar regions.The“bridge”in its name refers to the data that must be gathered to fill the gap between NASA’s current dead Icesat laser altimeter(激光测高计)spacecraft and the future Icesat2 mission due to come into operation later this decade. 南极的一个冰川伸进海洋的一部分产生了一条巨大的裂痕, 估计很快就会破裂, 届时在 南极西部将诞生又一座冰山。 5.The underlined word“It”in Paragraph 1 refers to“______”. A.The US space agency B.The West Antarctic Ice Sheet C.The Pine Island Glacier D.The White Continent 解析: 文章结构题。 根据第一段 A crack has formed in the shelf of floating ice in front of the Pine Island Glacier 和...the eventual iceberg to cover about 880 sq km 可知,答案为 C 项。 答案:C 6.The surface crack in the PIG will finally lead to______. A.the former iceberg’s disappearance B.the birth of a huge iceberg C.the birth of a new continent D.a river along the PIG




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