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2014高考英语阅读理解限时训练题及答案 (8)

2014 高考英语阅读理解限时训练题及答案(8)
【深圳市 2014 高考英语综合能力测试题(9) 】C Camping without a campfire is not camping at all. Late-night conversations and games around the campfire are essential for a pleasant camping experience. However, you ought to be aware of the fact that camping with a campfire is not all about fun. It needs a certain degree of responsibility. If you are planning to set up a campfire, or if you are planning to cook during camping, you should remember some fir e safety tips. Choose a campsite which has a campfire pit(深坑). This will ensure that you will be capable of controlling your campfire. If there is no fire pit, set up your own. However, you should be careful not to place the fire pit near your camping tent. When you set up a campfire, make sure that you put the campfire materials in the right order. This can help you make sure that there will be no flying debris (碎片) once you light your fire. Put the light materials first such as paper or dry leaves. Then, put the woo d. Finally, make sure that you place stones around the campfire pit. Never bum plastics or other poisonous materials, which will disturb your neighboring campground guests. It will also significantly pollute the air and promote the risk of fire spreads. Do not use petrol every time you attempt to light your campfire. Use {t only when all the other fire-making options fail.

Once your campfire is set up, do not leave the flame unattended. Before you leave your campsite or before you go to bed, make sure that your campfire is completely out. Leaving fire unattended runs high risks of forest fires and the like. 36. The underlined s entence in the first paragraph implies _______. A. camping with a campfire is all about fun B. it is imperfect to go camping without a campfire C. a campfire is the most important thing when camping D. a campfire may light the camp and be used or cooking 37. Paper or dry leaves must be put under wood, so you can _______. A. light a campfire easily B. make wood and dry leaves bum easily

C. have them burnt completely and effectively D. prevent them from flying away from the fire pit 38. What does the underlined word “It” in Paragraph 4 refer to? A. Promoting the risk of fire spreads. B. Burning plastics or other poisonous materials. C. Disturbing your neighboring campground guests. D. Never burning plastics or other poisonous materials. 39. What can we learn from the text? A. You may choose any burning materials you like.

B. A campfire pit can be made anywhere inside the camp. C. Petrol is the last thing to be used to light your campfire. D. Making a campfire is just for the purpose of entertainment. 40. What would be the best title for the text? A. Dangerous campfires. B. Beautiful ca mpfires. C. Fire safety tips during camping. D. Pleasant camping experiences. 【参考答案】36-40 BDBCC 露营时应当有营火, 本文就如何选取营火地址、添加使用营火材料以及防护措施提出了建议。 36. B。推理判断题。根据下句的 are essential for a pleasant camping experience.可知答案。 37. D。推理判断题。根据第三段的 This can help you make sure that there will be no flying debris once you light your fire 可知答案。 38. B。代词指代题。根据第四段前两句内容可知,燃烧塑料制品和有毒物质会严重污染空气 并提升营火蔓延的风险。 39. C。细节理解题。根据第四段的 Do not use petrol...Use it only...可知答案。 40. C。主旨大意题。根据第一段最后一句 you should remember some fire safety tips.可知答案。


The Goldman Environmental Foundation recently recognized a group of individuals (个体) for their efforts to protect the environment. Each year, the American-based group honors environmental activists from six different areas.

The first three winners of the 2012 Goldman Prize are from Kenya, the Philippines and China.

The Goldman Environmental Foundation says Ikal Angelei is a hero to those who live around Lake Turkana. The Kenyan woman received the award because of her efforts to stop a dam project on a river in Ethiopia. Critics say the dam will harm the lake and restrict (限制) the flow of water for people who live nearby.

The Philippine island of Mindoro is home to those who depend on the area’s natural resources for food and jobs. Edwin Gariguez became concerned when a European company announced plans to mine for nickel (镍) on the island. The Roman Catholic minister said waste materials from the mining project would pollute the water and destroy the forests. So he started a campaign to stop the project.

In China, Ma June is working with businesses to clean up their pollution. He formed a group that collects information abou t pollution, and publishes it on the Internet.

The Goldman Prize was also awarded to activists from Argentina, Russia and the United States. Sofia Gatica of Argentina is from a town where farmers commonly use pesticide (杀虫剂) products to protect soybean crops from insects. The town also has a high rate of cancer. Sofia Gatica belie ved that pesticide use was responsible for the death of her baby. She worked with other mothers to get government officials to ban the use of chemicals near populated areas.

Evgenia Chirikova objects to the plans to build a road through a protected forest just outside Moscow. She has demanded th at Russian officials redirect th e road away from the forest. She and her followers have been arrested for their activities. However, their campaign has gained widespread public support.

The sixth winner is American Caroline Cannon—a community leader in Point Hope, Alaska. Miz

Cannon is fighting to keep Arctic waters safe from oil and gas exp loration.

60. We can know from the passage that ______.

A. the dam project has been prevented

B. the first three activists are all from Asia

C. a European company is going to dig for nickel

D. Ma June is trying to stop oil and gas exploration

61. From the 7th paragraph, we can know that ______.


A. pesticide use accounts for a high-rate of cancer

B. Sofia managed to ban the use of chemicals

C. the farmers mainly live on unpolluted products

D. the death of the baby was due to delayed treatment 62. What do we know about Evgenia Chirikova?

A. She plans to build a road to protect the forest.

B. She is in charge of a project far away from the road.

C. She persuaded the government to set her followers free.

D. Her environmental action has been widely acknowledged.

63. What would be the best title for the passage?

A. Six Advanced Individuals for Hard Work

B. Efforts to Create a Clean and Beautiful World

C. Six Environmental Activists Win Goldman Prize

D. The Goldman Environmental Foundation Prize


60-63 CADC

阅读理解 When it comes to friends, I desire those who will share my happiness, who possess wings of their own and who will fly with me. I seek friends whose qualities illuminate(照亮) me and train me up for love. It is for these people that I reserve the glowing hours, too good not to share. When I was in the eighth grade, I had a friend. We were shy and “too serious”about our studies when it was becoming fashionable with our classmates to learn acceptable social behaviors. We said little at school, but she would come to my house and we would sit down with pencils and paper, and one of us would say:“Let’s start with a train whistle today.” We would sit quietly together and write separate poems or stories that grew out of a train whistle. Then we would read them aloud. At the end of that school year, we, too, were changed into social creatures and the stories and poems stopped. When I lived for a time in London, I had a friend. He was in despair(失望) and I was in despair. But our friendship was based on the idea in each of us that we would be sorry later if we did not explore this great city because we had felt bad at the time. We met every Sunday for five weeks and found many excellent things. We walked until our despairs disappeared and then we parted. We gave London to each other. For almost four years I have had a remarkable friend whose imagination illuminates mine. We write long letters in which we often discover our strangest selves. Each of us appears, sometimes in a funny way, in the other’s dreams. She and I agree that, at certain times, we seem to be parts of the same mind. In my most interesting moments. I often think:“Yes, I must tell…”We have never met.

It is such comforting companions I wish to keep. One bright hour with their kind is worth more to me than the lifetime services of a psychologist(心理学家), who will only fill up the healing(愈合的) silence necessary to those darkest moments in which I would rather be my own best friend. 66. In the eighth grade, what the author did before developing proper social behavior was to ______. A. become serious about her study C. learn from her classmates at school B. go to her friend’s house regularly D. share poems and stories with her friend

67.In Paragraph 3,“We game London to each other”probably means__________. A. our exploration of London was a memorable gift to both of us B. we were unwilling to tear ourselves away from London C. our unpleasant feelings about London disappeared D. we parted with each other in London 68. According to Paragraph 4, the author and her friend_______. A. call each other regularly B. have similar personalities

C. enjoy writing to each other D. dream of meeting each other 69. In the darkest moments, the author would prefer to_____. A. seek professional help B. be left alone C. stay with her best friend D. break the silence

70. What is the best title for the passage? A. Unforgettable Experiences C. Lifelong Friendship B. Remarkable Imagination D. Noble Companions



故事类---[201*· 重庆卷] A One of my wonderful memories is about a Christmas gift. Unlike other gifts, it came

without wrap(包装). On September 11th, 1958, Mum gave birth to Richard. After she brought him home from hospital, she put him in my lap, saying, “I promised you a gift, and here it is. ”What an honor! I turned four a month earlier and none of my friends had such a baby doll of their own. I played with it day and night. I sang to it. I told it stories. I told it over and over how much I loved it! One morning, however, I found its bed empty. My doll was gone! I cried for it. Mum wept and told me that the poor little thing had been sent to a hospital. It had a fever. For several days, I heard Mum and Dad whispering such words as “hopeless”, “pitiful”, and “dying”, which sounded ominous. Christmas w as coming. “Don't expect any presents this year,” Dad said, pointing at the socks I hung in the living room. “If your baby brother lives, that'll be Christmas enough.” As he spoke, his eyes filled with tears. I'd never seen him cry before. The phone rang early on Christmas morning. Dad jumped out of bed to answer it.From my bedroom I heard him say, “What? He's all right?” He hung up and shouted upstairs. “The hospital said we can bring Richard home!” “Thank God!” I heard Mum cry. From the upstairs window, I watched my parents rush out to the car. I had never seen them so happy. And I was also full of joy. What a wonderful day! My baby doll would be home. I ran downstairs. My socks still hung there flat. But I knew they were not empty; they were filled with love! 56. What happened to the author on September 11th, 1958? A. He got a baby brother. C. He became four years old. A. Impossible. C. Difficult. A. Excitement. C. Sadness. B. Boring. D. Fearful. B. Happiness. D. Disappointm ent. B. Life with a lovely baby. D. Memories of a happy family. B. He got a Christmas gift. D. He received a doll.

57. What does the underlined word “ominous” in Paragraph 3 probably mean?

58. Which word can best describe the feeling of the father when Christmas was coming?

59. What is the passage mainly about? A. A sad Christmas day. C. A special Christmas gift.

【要点综述】“我”四岁时母亲给了“我”一件特殊的圣诞礼物:人娃娃——我可爱 的弟弟 Richard。但后来 Richard 发高烧差点夭折,经医院抢救得生,这使我更加珍爱我的 “人娃娃”。

56. A 细节理解题。虽然表面上是有了一个娃娃,但事实上是有了亲弟弟。 57. D 词义猜测题。从该句前半部分中的 “hopeless”, “pitiful”, and “dying” 可知该词意思是“令人害怕的”。虽然其他三个词均表示消极含义,但只有 fearful 表示 “我”害怕“弟弟”离“我”而去。 58. C 推理判断题。从第四段最后两句 As he spoke, his eyes filled with tears. I’d never seen him cry before.可知父亲感到十分伤心。 59. C 主旨大意题。第一段一开始便定义我的弟弟 Richard 是一件特殊的圣诞礼 物。虽然弟弟 Richard 差点离我们而去,但后来还是得以平安回家,因此圣诞节并不悲惨。 B 和 D 选项外延过大,此段材料只是截取生活中的一个片段,并非整个和 Richard 一起生 活的全部。

(201*·全国 II) For those who study the development of intelligence ( 智 力 ) in the animal world, self-awareness is an important measurement. An animal that is aware(意识)of itself has a high level of intelligence. Awareness can be tested by studying whether the animal recognizes itself in the mirror, that is, its own reflected image(反射出的影像) .Many animals fail this exercise bitterly, paying very little attention to the reflected image. Only humans, and some intelligent animals like apes and dolphins, have been shown to recognize that the image in the mirror is of themselves. Now another animal has joined the club. In the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers report that an Asian elephant has passed the mirror self-reflection test. "We thought that elephants were the next important animal," said Diana Reiss of the Wildlife Conservation Society, an author of the study with Joshua M. Plotnik and Fans B.M. de Waal of Emory University. With their large brains, Reiss said, elephants "seemed like cousins to apes and dolphins." The researchers tested Happy, Maxine and Patty, three elephants at the Bronx Zoo. They put an 8-foot-square mirror on a wall of the animals' play area (out of the sight of zoo visitors) and recorded what happened with cameras, including one built in the mirror.

The elephants used their long noses to find what wa s behind it, and to examine parts of their bodies. Of the three, Happy then passed the test, in which a clear mark was painted on one side of her face. She could tell the mark was there by looking in the mirror, and she used the mirror to touch the mark with her long nose. Diana Reiss said, "We knew elephants were intelligent, but now we can talk about their intelligence in a better way." 45. Wha t can mirror tests tell us about animals? A. Whether they have large brains. B .Whether they have self-awareness. C. Whether they enjoy outdoor exercises. D. Whether they enjoy playing with mirrors. 46. Why does the author mention apes and dolphins in the text? A. They are most familiar to readers. B .They are big favorites with zoo visitors. C. They are included in the study by Reiss. D. They are already known to be intelligent. 47. What made Happy different from Maxine and Patty? A. She used her nose to search behind the mirror. B. She recognized her own image in the mirror. C. She painted a mark on her own face. D. She found the hidden camera.


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