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B 1. back adv.回(原处);向后 adj.后面的 n. 背后,后部;背 back and forth 来回,往返; back to back 背靠背 behind one’s back 背后; look back 回顾 put back 放回去; turn one’s back on 避开,不理睬 2. ◎backward adv. backward and forw

ard 来来回回 bend /lean over backward to do 竭尽全力去做… 3. baggage n.行李 a piece of/an article of baggage 4. ◎balance 1) n. ①平衡 keep a balance (between A and B) lose one’s balance disturb the balance of one’s mind ②余额 (常用单数) check your bank balance ③欠款(常用单数)The balance of 500 yuan must be paid within 90 days. 短语 be/ hang in the balance 不明朗的,未定的,悬而未决的 catch / throw sb. off balance 使…失去平衡; 使…不知所措 on balance 总的来说 2)v.①保持平衡 ~(sth)on sth balance on one leg He balanced the cup on her knee. ②同等重视 balance A with/ and B balance home life with career ③比较权衡 balance A against B balance the cost against its benefit balanced adj. be on a balanced diet 5.●ban n.禁令 v. 禁止,取缔 a ban on smoking 禁烟令 place… under ban 对…加以禁止 ban sb. from sth./ doing 禁止 某人做 6. ◎bar 1) n. 条,块 a bar of chocolate / soap 障碍 Being a woman was a bar to promotion. 2) vt. 封堵 All the doors and windows were barred. 阻止 bar sb. from ... bar players from drinking 7.bargain n. (经讨价还价之后)成交的商品;廉价货 Those shoes are a real bargain at such a low price.v. 讨价还价 bargain with sb about /over sth 8. base n. 根据地,基地 v.以...为基地, 把基地设在 1) base sth on/upon sth 以…为基础 His book is based on a true story. 2) be based in 以...为基地,把基地设在 The toy company is based in Guangzhou. basic adj 基本的 basic knowledge/skills basically adv. 9. ◎basis (复数 bases ) 1)基础,要素 form the basis of… 2) 基准,原则 on a regular /permanent basis 以定期的/永久的方式 3) 原因, 缘由 on the basis of… Some videos were banned on

高考英语词汇及解析 B

the basis of violence. 10. bath n.洗澡;浴室;澡盆; have/take a bath bathe v. 洗澡,游泳 be bathed in …沉浸在,沐浴着 (光线) bathroom n. 浴室 11. bear (bore, born/borne) v. 1)承受 (重量) The ice is too thin to bear your weight. 2) 负担, 承担 bear the cost/ burden/responsibility 3)忍受;容忍(常用于疑问句、否定句,与 can, could 连用) bear to do/doing 4) bear…in mind 记住 12. beat v (beat ,beaten) 连续有节奏的敲击 My heart is beating faster than usual. Waves are beating the shore. 击败: He beat me in the game. ※ beat & hit &strike & knock 13. before It will be +段时间+before+ do/does…要过多久才… It was +段时间+before+ did…没过多久就… 14. beg 乞求,请求 beg—begged—begged—begging beg sb. to do 请求、乞求某人做某事 I beg your pardon. 对不起、请原谅(降调)请再讲一遍(降调) 15.begin—began—begun—beginning begin with=start with 以…开始 to begin with=to start with (插入语)首先、第一 I don’t like living here. To begin with, the room is far too small. 16. beginning n.开始,开端 at the beginning of… in the beginning= at first 17. ◎behave v. 表现 He behaved as if nothing had happened. behave badly/well/like a true gentleman behave oneself 表现得体,有礼貌 well / badly behaved children 18. ◎behavior n. 不可数 good/ bad behavior be on your best behavior 尽量表现得体 19. behind drop/ fall behind 落后 leave sb./sth. behind 遗落、 忘带 20. ◎belief n. (不可数) 1)相信,信心 belief in I admire his belief in what he is doing. 2) 看法,信念(不可数) He acted in the belief that he was doing good. There is a general belief that things will soon get better. 3) 信仰(可数 beliefs) religious/ political beliefs 短语 beyond belief 难以置信 to the best of one’s belief 尽其所知 21. believe believe it or not (插入语)信不信由你 It is believed that he is a good teacher. =He is believed to be a good teacher. 22. belong belong to 属于(无被动) The house belonging to her is

under repair. 23. bend v. 弯曲、弯腰、伏案 bend—bent—bent She was bent over her desk writing a letter. 她正伏案写信。 24. ◎benefit 1) n. 优势, 益处 (不可数) She didn’t get much benefit from her staying abroad. 短语: be of benefit to...=be beneficial to ... to one’s benefit 对 某人有利 for one’s benefit = for the benefit of sb. 为了帮助.../为了某人 的利益 2) vt./ vi. benefit sb./ sth benefit from/ by... beneficial adj. 有益的,有用的 be beneficial to ... 25. best do/ try one’s best to do 尽全力做 make the best of…尽量利用 all the best (书信结语)一切顺利、万事如意 26. better had better do…最好做… 否定:had better not do be better worth reading 更值得读 be better known 更著名的 27. beyond 超出、超过 beyond one’s imagination/description 难 以想象/描述 beyond one’s power 超出能力范围 beyond my wildest dreams 做梦也没想到 28.●bid –bid- bid- bidding v. 出价,投标 n 投标 bid for sth. I bid 2000 dollars for the painting. 我出价 20000 美元买这幅画。 The highest bid for the picture was 20000. 这幅画的最高出价是两万 29. birth n.出生、诞生 at birth 出生时 give birth to 生下、孕 育了 30. biscuit 饼干 c/n some chocolate biscuits 31. bit 1) a bit of+不可数 n.= a little +不可数 n.He can speak a bit of French. 2) a bit/a little +比较级 a bit more slowly 3) not a bit=not at all 一点儿也不、毫不 32. blame 1)be to blame 应该受到责备(主动表被动)2) blame sb. for doing→sb. be blamed for … 33.◎blank 1) n. 空白处,空格 fill in the blanks (记忆中的)空白,遗忘 My mind was a blank and I couldn’t remember her name. 2) adj. 空白的,无装饰的,无图画的 a blank form/ wall 不理解的,没表情的,空虚的 a blank expression Suddenly my mind went blank. 34. be blind to 对…视而不见、熟视无睹 =turn a blind eye to 35. blow v. (blew blown) 吹、刮 blow down 吹倒 blow up 爆炸、炸毁

n. 打击 give sb. a blow 给某人打击 36. board n. 木板、布告牌 v. 登上 on board 在船(车、飞机) board a train 上火车 37. book c/n 书 v. 预定(车、船)票 book a room/ ticket 38. ◎bored adj. be bored with... / to death. boring adj. a boring job /book/man 39. ◎bother vt./vi. 1) 花费时间精力做某事(常用于否定句,疑问句 中) ① bother with/ about sth ---Shall I wait? ---No, don’t bother. It’s not worth bothering with an umbrella. ② bother to do He didn’t even bother to let me know he was coming. ③ bother doing Why bother asking if you are not really interested? 2) 给...造成麻烦,痛苦使...烦恼,担忧 ① bother sb with/ about... I don’t want to bother her with my problems. ---I’m sorry he was rude to you. --- It doesn’t bother me. ② bother sb. that... Does it bother you that she earns more than you? ③ bother sb. to do... It bothers me to think of her alone at home. 3) 打扰插话 bother sb Sorry to bother you, but... be bothered about sb./ sth 认为...重要关心... I’m not bothered about what he thinks. n. 麻烦困难 (不可数) ---Thanks for your help. --- it was no bother. put sb. to bother get sb. /oneself into bother 给某人添麻烦 40. bottom at the bottom of… from the bottom of one’s heart 41. break—broke –broken break out (战争、火灾、疾病等)爆发 break down (车、机器等)坏掉、出故障;分解; (身体)垮掉; break in 打断;闯入 break up 破碎; (关系)破裂 break away from 摆脱、脱离 42. breath n. hold one’s breath take a deep breath out of breath breathe v. 43. bring bring up bring down bring about bring in 44. broken adj. speak in broken English a broken marriage 45. ◎budget n. within / over budget 在预算内/超出预算 on a (tight) budget 缺少钱拮据 vt. ~ sth for ... 将...编入预算 ~$1,000,000 for education spending vi. ~ for 存钱编预算 ~ for a holiday abroad 46. build—built—built v. 建筑;建造 build up 增进、增强 47. burn—burned—burned/--burnt—burnt 燃烧; 晒黑、 伤 burn down 烧毁

burn…to the ground= completely destroyed 夷为平地 get burnt 被晒伤 a burning candle 燃烧的蜡烛 48. burst v. 突然发生 burst—burst—burst burst out laughing/ crying = burst into laughter/ tears 突然大笑起 来/痛哭起来 49. bury v. 埋葬 bury—buried—buried—burying bury one’s face in the hands 手捂着脸 bury oneself in… = be buried in… 50. business n. 生意;职责; (本分)工作 on business do business with sb. Business is business. It’s none of your business. 与你无关。 mind your own business 管好你自己的事 51. busyadj. 忙的;忙碌的 be busy with sth. be busy (in) doing 忙于做 busily adv 52. but conj.但是 prep.除了 not…but… 不是…而是 we have no choice but to wait. 除了等待别无选 择。 We can do nothing but wait. 除了等待什么也 不能做。 but for 要不是、若没有(引导含虚拟语气的句子)But for your help, I would have failed. 53. by by bus/car/plane/air/train/ship… 乘汽车/小汽车/飞机/火车/船

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