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2015届高考英语(新课标通用)一轮复习讲义:必修3 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note

Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note

1.novel(n.) (adj.) 新奇的;异常的


2.adventure(n.) 3.wander(vi.) 4.stare(vi.) 5.fault(n.) 6.spot(vt.) (n.)

奇遇;冒险 漫游;漫步;漂泊 凝视;盯着看

过错;缺点;故障 发现;认出

斑点;污点;地点 寻找;探索;寻求 反面;对立面

7.seek(vt.& vi.) 8.contrary(n.) (adj.)

相反的;相违的 数量 礼貌;举止;方式 尖声叫

9.amount(n.) 10.manner(n.) 11.scream(vi.) (n.)

尖叫声;喊叫声 鞠躬;弯腰

12.bow(vi.& n.)

13.scene(n.)(戏剧)一场;现场;场面;景色→scenery(n.)风景;景色(总称) 14.permit(vt.& vi.)许可;允许;准许;(n.)通行证;许可证;执照→permission (n.)许可; 批准 15.account(vi.& vt.)认为;说明;总计有;(n.)说明;理由;计算;账目→accountant (n.) 会计 16.patience(n.)耐性;忍耐→patient(adj.& n.)有耐心的;病人 17.unbelievable(adj.)难以置信的→believe(v.)相信;信任→belief(n.)信念;信仰

1.by_accident/chance 2.stare_at 盯着看;凝视


3.account_for 4.in_rags 5.as_for/to 6.bring_up 7.go_ahead

导致;做出解释 衣衫褴褛 关于;至于 抚养;培养;教育;提出 前进;可以;往下说 与此相反;正相反 说实话 冒险 从心底

8.on_the_contrary 9.to_be_honest 10.take_a_chance

11.from_the_bottom_of_one’s _heart 12.take_one’s_order 点菜

1.Well,towards nightfall I found myself carried out to sea by a strong wind.嗯,傍晚时分 我发现自己被一阵大风刮到海上去了。 名师指津:found myself carried out 为“find+宾语+宾补 ”结构。 例句仿写:当我们想穿过树林时,我们发现迷路了。 When we wanted to go through the forest,we found_ourselves_lost. 2.The next morning I’d just about given myself up for lost when I was spotted by a ship. 第二天早上,我正感到绝望的时候,一艘海船发现了我。 名师指津:had just done...when...刚做完??,这时??。 例句仿写:我刚刚写完小说这时停电了。 I had_just_finished writing the novel when the electricity was cut off. 3.Indeed,sir,I hope you’ll come here whenever you like. 真的,先生, 我希望您想来的时候,您就来。 名师指津:whenever=no matter when,在此引导让步状语从句。 例句仿写:无论你何时有困难,不要犹豫,找我好了。 Don’t hesitate to turn to me for help whenever_you_are_in_trouble. 4.Well,it is wellknown that Americans like to eat a lot. 嗯,美国人喜欢吃得多,这是大家都知道的。 名师指津:it is wellknown that...众所周知??,在该句中 it 作形式主语,后面的 that 从句作真正的主语。 例句仿写:众所周知,越来越多的学生对学英语感兴趣了。 It_is_wellknown_that more and more students are interested in learning English.

scene n.(戏剧)一场;现场;场面;景色;(电影,电视的)一个镜头;(事件发生的) 地点 (2013· 天津阅读改编)If you are involved in an accident,you are required to remain at the scene until the officer lets you go. 如果你卷入交通事故中,在警官让你离开前,你应该待在原地。

on the scene 在现场;当场 behind the scenes 在幕后;暗中 the scene of the accident/crime 事故/犯罪的现场 appear/come on the scene 出场;登场

①The_happy_scene_of children playing in the garden disappeared,and it was quiet again. 孩子们在花园里玩得高兴的场面消失后,花园又安静下来。 ②Nine peop le died on the scene and one more person died in hospital in the car crash. 撞车事故中有 9 人当场死亡,还有一人在医院里死亡。 ③They rushed to the_scene_of the traffic accident. 他们火速赶到车祸的现场。 permit v.允许;容许;许可;n.许可证;执照;通行证 (2013· 江苏卷阅读理解)Smoking is permitted in designated areas only.只允许在指定的区 域吸烟。

(1)permit sb.to do sth.允许某人做某事 permit doing sth.允许做某事 (2)without one’s permission 没有获得某人同意 ask for permission 请求允许 (3)a driving permit 驾驶执照

①Passengers are_permitted_to_carry only one piece of hand luggage onto the plane. 乘客只被允许带一件手提行李登机。 ②The rules of the school do not permit_parking near the school gate.学校规定不准在校门 口附近停车。 ③Without a driver’s permit,you are not permitted to drive the car.你若没有驾驶执照,就 不允许开这辆车。 spot vt.发现,认出;n.斑点;污点;地点 (牛津 P1946)He showed me the exact spot where he had asked her to marry him. 他把他当时向她求婚的确切地点指给我看。

?sth./sb.doing发现某事/某人做?? ? (1)spot? ?that...发现?? ?

(2)be spotted with 散布;点缀 (3)on the spot 当场;在现场

①He spotted a man entering the spot where a heated discussion was on.他注意到在激烈讨 论的现场有个人进来了。 ②The bus overturned,leaving seven dead on_the_spot and 29 others injured. 公共汽车翻车了,致使 7 人当场死亡,另有 29 人受伤。 account vi.& vt.认为;说明;总计有;n.说明;理由;计算;账目;报道 I opened a bank account after I made $1,000 by doing a parttime job during the summer vacation. 暑假我做兼职工作挣了 1 000 美元之后,我开了一个银行账户。

(1)account for 说明(原因等);做出解释;占??(比例) on account of由于,因为 ? ? (2)?on no account决不?置于句首时,句子用部分倒装? ? ?on any account无论如何 (3)take...into account=take...into consideration 考虑?? (4)give a full account of 对??做详细的描述

①How do you account_for your absence from school yesterday? 你如何解释你昨天没上学呢? ②On no account must employers make personal telephone calls from the office. =Employees must on no account make personal telephone calls from the office.雇员们决不 允许在办公室打私人电话。 ③His exam results were not very good,but we must take_his_long_illness_into_account. 他的考试成绩不是很好,但我们必须考虑到他曾长期生病。 联想发散 表示“绝不”的短语: ①in no case ②by no means ③at no time ④in no way ⑤under no circumstances

Ⅰ.完成句子 1.He is such a man who is always_____________________________(挑别人毛病). 答案: finding fault with other people 2.I think all of us should_________________ _____(注意自己的行为) in public. 答案: mind our behavior 3 . In Australia , surfing is a popular sport among young people where they can__________________________(寻求刺激和冒险). 答案: seek excitement and adventure 4.I had just sat down to work when I__________________________(看到有东西在动) in the trees. 答案: spotted something moving 5.They had to______________________(考虑各种可能性) when drawing up the plan. 答案: take every possibility into account Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2014· 襄阳统测)Poor Laura was at a loss to________her cousin’s angry behavior,and ignorant of what she had offended him. A.answer for C.allow for B.make for D.account for

解析: 考查动词短语辨析。句意为:可怜的劳拉不知道她的堂兄为什么那么生气,也 没注意到自己已经冒犯了他。answer for 对??负责;make for 促成,使可能;allow for 考

虑到;account for 解释,说明。 答案: D 2.(2014· 盐城二模)Several witnesses gave________of what they had seen,which took the police much time to take them down. A.summaries C.suggestions B.accounts D.reports

解析: 考查名词辨析。句意为:几个目击者描述了他们的所见,这花费了警察大量时 间把它们记下来。summary 意为“摘要,总结”;acc ount 意为“描述,叙述”;suggestion 意为“建议”;report 意为“报道”。根据句意可知 B 项正确。 答案: B 3.Seeing the happy________of children playing in the park,I’m full of joy and confidence in the future of our country. A.sight C.view B.scene D.sign

解析: sight 视力,视野;scene 场面 ,情景,景色;view 观点,(从某一角度看到的) 风景;sign 记号,符号,征兆。 答案: B 4.(2014· 江苏四校第四次考试)The police approached us and asked us to leave because the gathering did not have a________. A.ban C.limit B.benefit D.permit

解析: 考查名词。句意为:警察朝我们走来,要求我们离开,因为这场集会没有得到 许可。permit 许可证,符合句意。ban 禁止,禁令;benefit 好处,益处;limit 限度,极限。 答案: D 5. (2014· 长春市第一次调研)I read through the first page of the book and________a spelling mistake. A.stared C.spotted B.stated D.struggl ed

解析: 考查动词辨析。此处表示发现了一个拼写错误,故 C 项正确。stare 盯着看, 凝视,为不及物动词;state 陈述,说明;spot 注意到,发现;struggle 奋斗。 答案: C

bring up 培养;抚养;教育;提出;呕吐 (朗文 P239)Some people laughed at the idea when I first brought it up.我第一次把这想法提 出来时受到一些人的嘲笑。

bring about 引起;产生;导致;带来 bring sth.back 带回某物;使想起 bring down 让??降下来;使倒下 bring in 引入

①(朗文 P239)All of our kids were brought_up_to respect other people.教育我们所有孩子尊 敬他人。 ②He was so sick that he brought up his lunch. 他病得很严重,以至于把吃的午饭都吐了出来。 ③The photographs brought back many pleasant memories. 那些照片给人带来很多美好的回忆。 ④The government has taken measures to bring_down the high prices of daily goods to keep the market stable.政府已采取措施来降低日常生活用品的价格以保持市场的稳 定。 take a chance 冒险;试图做某事;碰运气 (牛津)You should never take a chance/chances when driving a car.开车时,千万别冒险。

(1)take a chance=take one’s chance/take chances 冒险 (2)by chance=by accident 偶然,碰巧 (3)(The) chance is/(The) chances are+that... 有可能?? There is a chance that...可能??

①(牛津 P288)The rope might break but that’s a chance we’ll have to take. 绳子可能会断,但我们只能冒这个险了。 ②The chances are that she’s already heard the news. 可能她已经听到那则消息了。 ③Whether by_chance or by design,it so happened that there were exactly 150 people in the

station. 是偶然还是故意安排,电视台恰巧有 150 人。

Ⅰ.完成句子 1.As a boy,his parents left him and he______________________(被祖父抚养长大). 答案: was brought up by his grandfather 2 . He seems to be giving the impression that he didn’t enjoy himself in Paris.____________________(相反),he had a wonderful time. 答案: On the contrary 3.Children should be taught not __________________(盯着看),or laught at the disabled people. 答案: to stare at 4.—Do you both agree with me about the arrangement of the meeti ng? —He quite agrees with you.________________(至于我),I am not so satisfied with it. 答案: As for me 5.The manager had mercy on the children dressed____________(穿着破旧) and gave them some food. 答案: in rags 6 . Tom told me that it was hard to find a job there.But I finally decided to______________(碰碰运气). 答案: take a chance Ⅱ.单项填空 1.—Is it dangerous? —Yes,but I have to________a chance;after all,this is the last opportunity for me. A.make C.catch B.hold D.take

解析: take a chance 为固定搭配,意为“冒险”。 答案: D 2.When you take________chance,you try to do something although there is________large risk of danger or failure. A.the;/ C.the;a B.a;a D.a;/

解析: take a chance 为固定搭配,意为“冒险,碰运气”;risk 作“风险”讲时,可 作可数名词,其前有形容词修饰时,用不定冠词。 答案: B 3.(2014· 江苏南通学情调研)Many people are beginning to reflect on why we pay so much to study abroad and what kind of consequences it will________. A.bring out C.bring about B.bring down D.bring up

解析: 考查动词短语辨析。句意为:很多人开始反思,我们付出这么多到国外留学是 为了什么?这又会带来什么结果?bring about 导致,引起,符合句意。bring out 出版,使显 现;bring down 降低;bring up 抚养。 答案: C 4 . (2014· 河 北 高 三 教 学 质 量 监 测 )The professor thought that the idea the young engineer________was worth considering. A.brought up C.set up B.made up D.picked up

解析: 考查动词短语。句意为:教授认为那位年轻的工程师提出的想法值得考虑。分 析句子结构可知,“the young engineer________”是定语从句,修饰先行词 the idea,且根据句 意可知,答案为 A 项。bring up 提出;make up 弥补,组成;set up 建立;pick up 捡起,获 得。 答案: A

Indeed,sir,I hope you’ll come here whenever you like.真的,先生, 我希望您想 来的时候,您就来。 whenever 意为“在任何时候,无论何时”。 (1)whenever, wherever, however 引导让步状语从句, 相当于 no matter when/where/how。 (2)whatever,whoever,whichever,whomever 既可引导名词性从句,也可引导让步状语 从句,在引导让步状语从句时相当于 no matter what/who/which/whom。

①(2012· 上海卷)The map is one of the best tools a man has whenever he goes to a new place. 一个人无论什么时候去一个新的地方,地图是他带在身边的最好的工具之一。 ②However_great_the_difficulties_are, we must complete the task in time.不管困难有多大, 我们都必须及时完成任务。

③Whatever your problems are,you mustn’t lose heart. 不管你面临的是什么问题,都不要失去信心。 ④(浙江高考)Whoever_wants_to_stay in a hotel has to pay their own way.任何一个想住在 旅馆里的人必须支付自己的费用。 Well,towards nightfall I found myself carried out to sea by a strong wind. 嗯,傍晚时分我发现自己被一阵大风刮到海上去了。 find oneself...发现自己处于某种境地,而且含有一种“在不知不觉中??”的意思。 ①When he came to himself,he found himself lying in hospital. 当他醒来时,发现自己躺在医院里。 ②I found myself surrounded by a group of children. 我发现自己被一群孩子围住了。 ③A group of children were found playing on the playground. 有人发现一群孩子正在操场上玩耍。 The next morning I’d just about given myself up for lost whe n I was spotted by a ship. 第二天早上,我正感到绝望的时候,一艘船发现了我。 had just done...when...是一固定句式,意为“刚做完某事,这时??”。其他常用句型还 有:

be doing...when...正在做??这时/突然?? be about to do...when...正要做??这时?? be on the point of doing...when... 正要做??这时??

①He had just gone to bed when the telephone rang. 他刚上床睡觉,这时电话响了。 ②This morning I was walking on the street when I saw that two travelers were reading a map,looking puzzled.今天早晨我正在大街上走,就在这时我看见两个游客正在困惑地看着 地图。 ③I was_about_to_go_out_when an unexpected visitor came. 我正要出门,一位不速之客来访了。


1.她正在街上徘徊,这时忽然看见了一家裁缝店。 She________________________________________she caught sight of a tailor’s shop.[来源: 学科网] 答案: was wandering through the street when 2.他刚上床睡觉,这时电话响了。 He__________________________________the telephone rang. 答案: had just gone to bed when 3.我匆忙地赶到飞机场却发现我的钱包丢了。 I hurriedly got to the airport only to________________________________________. 答案: find my wallet lost Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2014· 银川一中质检)________finishes the task first,he is supposed to win the prize. A.Who C.Anyone B.Whoever D.Those who

解析: 考查状语从句。四个选项中只有 B 项可引导让步状语从句,whoever 等于 no matter who。句意为:不管是谁先完成任务,都应该赢得这个奖品。 答案: B 2.(2014· 青岛一模)You seem to have a readymade answer________I ask you a question. A.whenever C.whichever B.whatever D.whoever

解析: 考查状语从句。句意为:不管我什么时候问你问题,你好像都有现成的答案。 根据句意可知应选 whenever 不管何时。 答案: A 3. As many as five courses are provided, and you are free to choose________suits you best. A.whatever C.whenever B.whichever D.wherever

解析: 考查名词性从句。 句意为: 提供了多达五门课程, 你可以选择最适合你的一门。 在一定范围内选择某一个用 whichever。whichever 引导宾语从句,并在从句中作主语。 答案: B 4 . (2014· 四川省乐山模拟 )The pupils were playing games in the classroom________a gunman entered and began shooting wildly at them. A.while C.as B.when D.before

解析: 考查连词。句意为:学生们正在教室做游戏,这时一名持枪的男子进来并对着 他们开始疯狂扫射。连词 when 意为“这时”,可接短暂性动词。 答案: B 5.Tom was about to close the window________his attention was caught by a bird. A.when C.and B.if D.till

解析: 句意为:汤姆正要关上窗户,这时他的注意力被一只鸟吸引住了。be about to do...when...正要做某事这时??其中 when 作并列连词,意为“这时”。 答案: A 6.I had hardly got to the office________my wife phoned me to go back home at once. A.when C.until B.than D.after

解析: 考查固定结构。句意为:我刚到办公室,我妻子就打电话让我立刻回家。本句 是“hardly...when...”结构,表示 “ 答案: A 7.Even the best writers sometimes find themselves________for words. A.lose C.to lose B.lost D.having lost 刚??就??”。

解析: 考查非谓语动词。此处 lost 是过去分词作 themselves 的宾语补足语。语意表示 “甚至最好的作家有时候也会表达不出来”,所以答案选 B 项。 答案: B 8.He found his son________by letters and papers and________very worried. A.surrounding;looked C.surrounding;looking B.surrounded;looked D.surrounded;looking

解析: 动词的过去分词充当宾补,表示被动;动词的现在分词充当宾补,表示主动。 根据句意应选 D 项。 答案: D

fault n.责任;过错;缺点;vt.对??挑毛病

it’s one’s fault 是某人的错

find fault with 对??不满;挑剔 To be honest,it was Su’s fault but Li was also to blame. 说实在的,这是苏的错,李也应受到责备。 He is such a man who is always finding fault with other people. 他是一个总爱挑别人毛病的人。 seek (sought,sought) vt.& vi.寻找;探索;寻求

seek (for/after) sb./sth.寻找某人/某物 seek to do sth.试图做某事

In Australia,surfing is a popular sport among young people where they can seek excitement and adventure. 在澳大利亚冲浪是年轻人喜欢的一项运动,在运动中他们可以寻求刺激和冒险。 go ahead 前进;(用于祈使句)可以;往下说 —I wonder if I could possibly use your car tonight. ——我今天晚上能不能用你的汽车? —Sure,go ahead.I’m not using it anyhow. ——当然可以,用吧。反正我也不用。

【写作素材】 1.昨天,我在街上溜达时无意中碰见了我的邻居。 2.她开始向我诉说我妈养我有多不容易。 3.说实话,我不想让她继续说下去。 4.不是我不礼貌。 5.相反,我不想回忆起那段痛苦的日子。 提示:黑体部分用本单元词汇表达。 【连句成篇】 Yesterday,I was wandering in the street when I met my neighbor by accident.She began to tell me the great difficulty my mum had bringing me up.To be honest,I didn’t want her to go ahead with the story.It was not because I had rude manners.On the contrary,I didn’t want to recall that painful memory.

定语从句和表语从句 1.(2014· 北京四中高三期中)It is good manners to eat up________is left in your plate. A.that C.which 解析: B.what D.all

考查宾语从句。空格处引导宾语从句并在从句中作主语,因此选 what。句意

为:吃干净你盘子里剩的东西是礼貌的行为。 答案: B 2.(2014· 杭州一检)In the office an electrical engineer is looking through the instructions to know________the heating works before the repair work. A.whether C.how B.why D.that

解析: 考查宾语从句。“________the heating works”为宾语从句,空处表示“如何,怎 样”,故用 how 引导。 答案: C 3.(2014· 南通学情调研)—Sir,I feel it complicated to apply to a university abroad. —Why not read our guide?This is________the relevant information is available. A.what C.where B.how D.why

解析: 考查表语从句。句意为:——先生,我感到申请到国外上大学很复杂。——为 什么不看我们的指导呢?相关的信息可以从我们的指导中获得。 分析句子结构可知, 空处引 导表语从句 ,且在表语从句中作地点状语,故用 where 引导。 答案: C 4.(2014· 石家庄质检)At first he hated the new job but decided to give himself a few months to see________it got any better. A.when C.why B.how D.if

解析: 考查宾语从句。句意为:一开始他不喜欢这份新工作,但决定给自己几个月的 时间看看情况会不会有所好转。根据句意可知,选 D 项。 答案: D 5.(2014· 云南昆明质量检测)The reason for his absence yesterday was________he did have something to do.

A.what C.why

B.that D.because

解析: 考查名词性从句。 句意为: 他昨天缺席的原因是他确实有事情要做。 The reason for...is that.意为“??的原因是??”。 答案: B

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