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作文讲解:四篇范文要求背诵(涵盖了 1.事。2.议论。3.说明。 4.人。这四种类型)
Write a passage of at least 60 words on the topic “Something I Will Never Forget”. ( 以“令 我难忘的一件事”为题写一篇不少于 60 个词的短文,标点符号不占格。) Us

e the following points as a reference. (以下提示仅供参考) ? What was the experience that you will never forget? ? Where and when did it take place? (Describe the experience) What effect does this experience have on you still? 可能题目:难忘的经历//难忘的事情//一件小事//改变//我的老师 Something I will never forget(崇明) I will never forget the experience when I was in Junior Two. It was an English lesson. My English teacher gave us a topic "Be confident in yourself". We had only five minutes to prepare. I was a shy girl and I was not good at English as well. But suddenly I found that Mr.Wang. was looking at me. His eyes seemed to tell me that I could be the first volunteer. Of course, I was the first to go onto the platform and gave my classmates a speech. Today I'm still thankful to Mr.Wang. This experience teaches me "Be confident in myself and nothing can beat me."

可能题目:怎么想克服困难//怎么学习英语//怎么改变自己 How As we all know, English is one of the most widely used language all over the world. It's important for us to study English well. But many times, the marks I got in English tests were not as good as those in my Math tests. At last, I decided to change my way of study. From then on, I have began to pay attention to listening. In my spare time, I also often read English magazines and newspapers In addition, I reviewed the English notes after class every day. By doing this, I made great progress in English and got a good mark in the final exam last term.

Write a passage of at least 60 words on the topic "Water Shortage"(以“水资源短缺”为题)Use the following points as a guide : 1. Water is very important in our life. 2. What is the cause of the water shortage? 3. What is the way to solve the problem? 可能的题目:节约用水//保护地球//环保//水资源短缺//水

Water shortage(宝山) As we all know, water is very important in our life. But now, lots of rivers and lakes are seriously polluted. Clean water is less and less. The problem of water shortage is becoming more and more serious. We should take some actions to solve this problem. First, government should make laws to prevent factories from pouring waste water into rivers. Second, we should take a shower instead of taking a bath. Finally, we shouldn't leave the tap running when we are brushing our teeth. If we don't save water, the last drop of water will be a tear-drop of us.

4. 写人的文章 我的母亲
可能的题目:我的母亲//我眼中的的成功人士//我的榜样//爱我的人//我爱戴的人 A successful person in my eyes.My mother is a successful woman in my eyes. She is successful because she has two children and both of them are outstanding whenever in the university or secondary school. Secondly, she is also successful because she is able to run a company by herself. And I learned a lot from her, especially independence and confidence when I was upset and wanted to give up, she always encouraged me 'Where there is a will, there is a way.' So she is a successful person in my eyes.

5. 写旅游,写爱好,写周末的文章可以套用
Trip / unforgettable experience / weekend / Last year, I was lucky enough to visit (地方)with my(谁). Before we went there, we had got a lot of information from the Internet. XXX is a beautiful city and it is famous for XXX. Luckily, when we got there, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing gently. We visited some places in good mood. We also taste a lot of local snacks. What an unforgettable experience it was!

1.As we all know, sth plays an important role in daily life.众所周知, (文 章主题)在生活中扮演了重要的角色 2.As for me, sth is 对我来说,XX 是怎么样的。For one reason, we can 第一个理由是 XX。For another reason, we can 第二个理由是 XX 3.I believe, with the hard work of everyone, sth will 我相信在大家的努力下, XX 会怎么样。Last but not least, I will spare no effort to do something to 我将会不 遗余力地去做某事去 XX 共 40 字 文章共三段 (某人写 20 个字就够,填入其中)

1) 要求论述两个对立的观点并给出自己的看法。 1.有一些人认为。 。 。 2.另一些人认为。 。 。3.我的看法。 。 。 The topic of ①-----------------(主题)is becoming more and more popular recently. There are two sides of opinions of it. They hold their view for the reason of ②-----------------(支持 A 的理由一)What is more, ③-------------理由二). While others think that B is a better choice in the following three reasons. Firstly,-----------------(支持 B 的理由一). Secondly (besides),⑥------------------(理由 二). From my point of view, I think ⑧----------------(我的观点). The reason is that⑨--------------------(原因).

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